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VRAM ROM & VROM Entity Size
Start End Start End
80000000 80000460 00000000 00001060 makerom 1060
80000460 80012370 00001060 00012F70 boot 11F10
80012370 80012390 [?] 20
80012390 OSThread idle
80016DA0 8001CE60 00012F70 00019030 dmadata 60C0
8001CE60 80157D90 00A94000 00BCEF30 code 13AF30
80157D90 80157DA8 [?] 18
80157DA8 8015826C Unknown Particle 1 4C4
8015826C 80158730 Unknown Particle 2 4C4
80158730 [?]
8015E660 8015FA90 * * Save Context 1430
8015FA90 [?]
801666D8 OSThread sched
801668C0 Input Context
80166940 OSThread padmgr
80166D28 [?]
80166DC0 OSThread irqmgr
OSThread graph
graph Thread Stack
80168688 Graphics Context
sched Thread Stack
audio Thread Stack
padmgr Thread Stack
irqmgr Thread Stack
OSThread audio
OSThread fault
Audio Context
801759C0 8019B1C0 Z-Buffer 25800
801B41C0 801C65D0 Frame 0 Display List Buffer 12410
801C65D0 801D89E0 Frame 1 Display List Buffer 12410
801D89E0 [?]

System Heap (Arena)


VRAM ROM & VROM Entity Size
Start End Start End
802109E0 80211FF0 Static Context 1610
80211FF0 80212020 z_debug.c [?] 30
80212020 [?] Global Context 12518
80224540 80224570 game.c [?] 30
80224570 803F8D10 Gameplay Game State's Heap 1D47A0
803F8D10 * Game Heap (Arena)
* * Object Space FA000*
* [?] Scene File
803CE1D0 803D01B0 Particles 1FE0
803D01B0 803D23B0 Textbox Texture 2200
803D23B0 803F8D10 Player & Pause Overlays 26960
803F8D10 [?] [?]
80400E80 80426680 Colour Framebuffer 1 25800
80426680 8044BE80 Colour Framebuffer 2 25800
8044BEB0 80600000 Debug Heap (Arena) 1B4150

Debug Heap (Arena)

80400E80 to 80600000

VRAM ROM & VROM Filename Size
Start End Start End
8044BEB0 80600000 Debug Heap (Arena) 1B4150

Virtual RAM


VRAM ROM & VROM Filename Size
Start End Start End
80800000 80800B90 00BCEF30 00BCFAC0 ovl_title B90
80800B90 80803BF0 00BCFAC0 00BD2B20 ovl_select 3060
80803BF0 80803D40 00BD2B20 00BD2C70 ovl_opening 150
80803D40 80813820 00BD2C70 00BE2730 ovl_file_choose FAC0
80813820 80832210 00BE2730 00C010B0 ovl_kaleido_scope 1E980
80832210 80858B70 00C010B0 00C27940 ovl_player_actor 26890
80858B70 8085F650 00C27940 00C2E420 ovl_map_mark_data 6AE0
8085F650 80864F00 00C2E420 00C33CD0 ovl_En_Test 58B0
80864F00 80865D10 00C33CD0 00C34AE0 ovl_Arms_Hook E10
80865D10 80867CD0 00C34AE0 00C36AA0 ovl_Arrow_Fire 1FC0
80867CD0 80869CB0 00C36AA0 00C38A80 ovl_Arrow_Ice 1FE0
80869CB0 8086BCA0 00C38A80 00C3AA70 ovl_Arrow_Light 1FF0
8086BCA0 8086D010 00C3AA70 00C3BDE0 ovl_Bg_Bdan_Objects 1370
8086D010 8086E550 00C3BDE0 00C3D320 ovl_Bg_Bdan_Switch 1540
8086E550 8086E7D0 00C3D320 00C3D5A0 ovl_Bg_Bom_Guard 280
8086E7D0 8086F160 00C3D5A0 00C3DF30 ovl_Bg_Bombwall 990
8086F160 8086FBE0 00C3DF30 00C3E9B0 ovl_Bg_Bowl_Wall A80
8086FBE0 80870AB0 00C3E9B0 00C3F880 ovl_Bg_Breakwall ED0
80870AB0 808710F0 00C3F880 00C3FEC0 ovl_Bg_Ddan_Jd 640
808710F0 80871A00 00C3FEC0 00C407D0 ovl_Bg_Ddan_Kd 910
80871A00 80872830 00C407D0 00C41590 ovl_Bg_Dodoago DC0
80872830 80875920 00C41590 00C44680 ovl_Bg_Dy_Yoseizo 30F0
80875920 80878160 00C44680 00C46EC0 ovl_Bg_Ganon_Otyuka 2840
80878160 808786C0 00C46EC0 00C47420 ovl_Bg_Gate_Shutter 560
808786C0 80878C30 00C47420 00C47990 ovl_Bg_Gjyo_Bridge 570
80878C30 808794C0 00C47990 00C48220 ovl_Bg_Gnd_Darkmeiro 890
808794C0 80879AA0 00C48220 00C48800 ovl_Bg_Gnd_Firemeiro 5E0
80879AA0 8087AC50 00C48800 00C499A0 ovl_Bg_Gnd_Iceblock 11A0
8087AC50 8087ADC0 00C499A0 00C49B10 ovl_Bg_Gnd_Nisekabe 170
8087ADC0 8087B6B0 00C49B10 00C4A400 ovl_Bg_Gnd_Soulmeiro 8F0
8087B6B0 8087BDF0 00C4A400 00C4AB40 ovl_Bg_Haka 740
8087BDF0 8087CFC0 00C4AB40 00C4BD00 ovl_Bg_Haka_Gate 11C0
8087CFC0 8087DA40 00C4BD00 00C4C780 ovl_Bg_Haka_Huta A80
8087DA40 8087DE30 00C4C780 00C4CB70 ovl_Bg_Haka_Megane 3F0
8087DE30 8087E4E0 00C4CB70 00C4D220 ovl_Bg_Haka_MeganeBG 6B0
8087E4E0 8087F100 00C4D220 00C4DE40 ovl_Bg_Haka_Sgami C20
8087F100 8087FCA0 00C4DE40 00C4E9E0 ovl_Bg_Haka_Ship BA0
8087FCA0 80881250 00C4E9E0 00C4FF90 ovl_Bg_Haka_Trap 15B0
80881250 80881D00 00C4FF90 00C50A40 ovl_Bg_Haka_Tubo AB0
80881D00 808825C0 00C50A40 00C51300 ovl_Bg_Haka_Water 8C0
808825C0 80883790 00C51300 00C524D0 ovl_Bg_Haka_Zou 11D0
80883790 808851A0 00C524D0 00C53EE0 ovl_Bg_Heavy_Block 1A10
808851A0 80885E20 00C53EE0 00C54B60 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Curtain C80
80885E20 80886660 00C54B60 00C553A0 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Dalm 840
80886660 80886E40 00C553A0 00C55B80 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Firewall 7E0
80886E40 808872F0 00C55B80 00C56030 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Fslift 4B0
808872F0 80888040 00C56030 00C56D80 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Fwbig D50
80888040 80889130 00C56D80 00C57E70 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Hamstep 10F0
80889130 80889960 00C57E70 00C586A0 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Hrock 830
80889960 8088A020 00C586A0 00C58D60 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Kousi 6C0
8088A020 8088B080 00C58D60 00C59DC0 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Kowarerukabe 1060
8088B080 8088C200 00C59DC0 00C5AF40 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Rock 1180
8088C200 8088CEC0 00C5AF40 00C5BC00 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Rsekizou CC0
8088CEC0 8088E3D0 00C5BC00 00C5D110 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Sekizou 1510
8088E3D0 8088F3C0 00C5D110 00C5E100 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Sima FF0
8088F3C0 8088F810 00C5E100 00C5E550 ovl_Bg_Hidan_Syoku 450
8088F810 80890740 00C5E550 00C5F480 ovl_Bg_Ice_Objects F30
80890740 80891AC0 00C5F480 00C60800 ovl_Bg_Ice_Shelter 1380
80891AC0 80891F20 00C60800 00C60C60 ovl_Bg_Ice_Shutter 460
80891F20 80892740 00C60C60 00C61480 ovl_Bg_Ice_Turara 820
80892740 80892B60 00C61480 00C618A0 ovl_Bg_Ingate 420
80892B60 808932C0 00C618A0 00C62000 ovl_Bg_Jya_1flift 760
808932C0 808936E0 00C62000 00C62420 ovl_Bg_Jya_Amishutter 420
808936E0 808941A0 00C62420 00C62EE0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Bigmirror AC0
808941A0 808944A0 00C62EE0 00C631E0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Block 300
808944A0 808951A0 00C631E0 00C63EE0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Bombchuiwa D00
808951A0 808958F0 00C63EE0 00C64630 ovl_Bg_Jya_Bombiwa 750
808958F0 80897970 00C64630 00C666B0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Cobra 2080
80897970 808980C0 00C666B0 00C66E00 ovl_Bg_Jya_Goroiwa 750
808980C0 808988A0 00C66E00 00C675E0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Haheniron 7E0
808988A0 80899740 00C675E0 00C68480 ovl_Bg_Jya_Ironobj EA0
80899740 80899BA0 00C68480 00C688E0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Kanaami 460
80899BA0 8089A130 00C688E0 00C68E70 ovl_Bg_Jya_Lift 590
8089A130 8089B440 00C68E70 00C6A180 ovl_Bg_Jya_Megami 1310
8089B440 8089BC70 00C6A180 00C6A9B0 ovl_Bg_Jya_Zurerukabe 830
8089BC70 8089C1B0 00C6A9B0 00C6AEE0 ovl_Bg_Menkuri_Eye 530
8089C1B0 8089C330 00C6AEE0 00C6B060 ovl_Bg_Menkuri_Kaiten 180
8089C330 8089C480 00C6B060 00C6B1B0 ovl_Bg_Menkuri_Nisekabe 150
8089C480 8089DC30 00C6B1B0 00C6C960 ovl_Bg_Mizu_Bwall 17B0
8089DC30 8089EE50 00C6C960 00C6DB70 ovl_Bg_Mizu_Movebg 1210
8089EE50 8089F6E0 00C6DB70 00C6E400 ovl_Bg_Mizu_Shutter 890
8089F6E0 8089F8B0 00C6E400 00C6E5D0 ovl_Bg_Mizu_Uzu 1D0
8089F8B0 808A0780 00C6E5D0 00C6F4A0 ovl_Bg_Mizu_Water ED0
808A0780 808A0BC0 00C6F4A0 00C6F8E0 ovl_Bg_Mjin 440
808A0BC0 808A1800 00C6F8E0 00C70520 ovl_Bg_Mori_Bigst C40
808A1800 808A2560 00C70520 00C71280 ovl_Bg_Mori_Elevator D60
808A2560 808A3060 00C71280 00C71D80 ovl_Bg_Mori_Hashigo B00
808A3060 808A37D0 00C71D80 00C724E0 ovl_Bg_Mori_Hashira4 760
808A37D0 808A4640 00C724E0 00C73350 ovl_Bg_Mori_Hineri E70
808A4640 808A4DC0 00C73350 00C73AD0 ovl_Bg_Mori_Idomizu 780
808A4DC0 808A5570 00C73AD0 00C74280 ovl_Bg_Mori_Kaitenkabe 7B0
808A5570 808A6210 00C74280 00C74F20 ovl_Bg_Mori_Rakkatenjo CA0
808A6210 808A80B0 00C74F20 00C76DB0 ovl_Bg_Po_Event 1E90
808A80B0 808A8AE0 00C76DB0 00C777E0 ovl_Bg_Po_Syokudai A30
808A8AE0 808A8E50 00C777E0 00C77B50 ovl_Bg_Pushbox 370
808A8E50 808A95E0 00C77B50 00C782E0 ovl_Bg_Relay_Objects 790
808A95E0 808A9780 00C782E0 00C78480 ovl_Bg_Spot00_Break 1A0
808A9780 808AA9C0 00C78480 00C796C0 ovl_Bg_Spot00_Hanebasi 1240
808AA9C0 808AACE0 00C796C0 00C799E0 ovl_Bg_Spot01_Fusya 320
808AACE0 808ABAE0 00C799E0 00C7A7E0 ovl_Bg_Spot01_Idohashira E00
808ABAE0 808ABE80 00C7A7E0 00C7AB80 ovl_Bg_Spot01_Idomizu 3A0
808ABE80 808AC140 00C7AB80 00C7AE40 ovl_Bg_Spot01_Idosoko 2C0
808AC140 808AC660 00C7AE40 00C7B360 ovl_Bg_Spot01_Objects2 520
808AC660 808ADAE0 00C7B360 00C7C7E0 ovl_Bg_Spot02_Objects 1480
808ADAE0 808AE470 00C7C7E0 00C7D170 ovl_Bg_Spot03_Taki 990
808AE470 808AE780 00C7D170 00C7D480 ovl_Bg_Spot05_Soko 310
808AE780 808AFC30 00C7D480 00C7E930 ovl_Bg_Spot06_Objects 14B0
808AFC30 808B02D0 00C7E930 00C7EFD0 ovl_Bg_Spot07_Taki 6A0
808B02D0 808B0960 00C7EFD0 00C7F660 ovl_Bg_Spot08_Bakudankabe 690
808B0960 808B1AE0 00C7F660 00C807E0 ovl_Bg_Spot08_Iceblock 1180
808B1AE0 808B2180 00C807E0 00C80E80 ovl_Bg_Spot09_Obj 6A0
808B2180 808B27F0 00C80E80 00C814F0 ovl_Bg_Spot11_Bakudankabe 670
808B27F0 808B2F90 00C814F0 00C81C90 ovl_Bg_Spot11_Oasis 7A0
808B2F90 808B3420 00C81C90 00C82120 ovl_Bg_Spot12_Gate 490
808B3420 808B3960 00C82120 00C82660 ovl_Bg_Spot12_Saku 540
808B3960 808B4850 00C82660 00C83550 ovl_Bg_Spot15_Rrbox EF0
808B4850 808B4C30 00C83550 00C83930 ovl_Bg_Spot15_Saku 3E0
808B4C30 808B6440 00C83930 00C85140 ovl_Bg_Spot16_Bombstone 1810
808B6440 808B6BC0 00C85140 00C858C0 ovl_Bg_Spot16_Doughnut 780
808B6BC0 808B7400 00C858C0 00C86100 ovl_Bg_Spot17_Bakudankabe 840
808B7400 808B7710 00C86100 00C86410 ovl_Bg_Spot17_Funen 310
808B7710 808B8780 00C86410 00C87480 ovl_Bg_Spot18_Basket 1070
808B8780 808B8910 00C87480 00C87610 ovl_Bg_Spot18_Futa 190
808B8910 808B93D0 00C87610 00C880D0 ovl_Bg_Spot18_Obj AC0
808B93D0 808B9910 00C880D0 00C88610 ovl_Bg_Spot18_Shutter 540
808B9910 808B9F00 00C88610 00C88C00 ovl_Bg_Sst_Floor 5F0
808B9F00 808BAE40 00C88C00 00C89B40 ovl_Bg_Toki_Hikari F40
808BAE40 808BC500 00C89B40 00C8B200 ovl_Bg_Toki_Swd 16C0
808BC500 808BDBE0 00C8B200 00C8C8E0 ovl_Bg_Treemouth 16E0
808BDBE0 808BDD60 00C8C8E0 00C8CA60 ovl_Bg_Umajump 180
808BDD60 808BE500 00C8CA60 00C8D200 ovl_Bg_Vb_Sima 7A0
808BE500 808BED40 00C8D200 00C8DA40 ovl_Bg_Ydan_Hasi 840
808BED40 808BF410 00C8DA40 00C8E110 ovl_Bg_Ydan_Maruta 6D0
808BF410 808C0C20 00C8E110 00C8F920 ovl_Bg_Ydan_Sp 1810
808C0C20 808C1190 00C8F920 00C8FE90 ovl_Bg_Zg 570
808C1190 808CADC0 00C8FE90 00C99AC0 ovl_Boss_Dodongo 9C30
808CADC0 808D2670 00C99AC0 00CA1370 ovl_Boss_Fd 78B0
808D2670 808D6870 00CA1370 00CA5570 ovl_Boss_Fd2 4200
808D6870 808FCF40 00CA5570 00CC80C0 ovl_Boss_Ganon 22B50
808FCF40 80910640 00CC80C0 00CD9CA0 ovl_Boss_Ganon2 11BE0
80910640 80915A10 00CD9CA0 00CDF070 ovl_Boss_Ganondrof 53D0
80915A10 8091BB00 00CDF070 00CE5160 ovl_Boss_Goma 60F0
8091BB00 8092C5D0 00CE5160 00CF1120 ovl_Boss_Mo BFC0
8092C5D0 80938CD0 00CF1120 00CFD7E0 ovl_Boss_Sst C6C0
80938CD0 8094F2C0 00CFD7E0 00D11350 ovl_Boss_Tw 13B70
8094F2C0 80966950 00D11350 00D1FFE0 ovl_Boss_Va EC90
80966950 80969AD0 00D1FFE0 00D23160 ovl_Demo_6K 3180
80969AD0 8096D4B0 00D23160 00D26B40 ovl_Demo_Du 39E0
8096D4B0 80970F50 00D26B40 00D2A5E0 ovl_Demo_Ec 3AA0
80970F50 80977390 00D2A5E0 00D30A20 ovl_Demo_Effect 6440
80977390 80977E40 00D30A20 00D314D0 ovl_Demo_Ext AB0
80977E40 80978930 00D314D0 00D31FC0 ovl_Demo_Geff AF0
80978930 8097C870 00D31FC0 00D35F00 ovl_Demo_Gj 3F40
8097C870 8097D670 00D35F00 00D36D00 ovl_Demo_Go E00
8097D670 80983300 00D36D00 00D3C990 ovl_Demo_Gt 5C90
80983300 80984BE0 00D3C990 00D3E270 ovl_Demo_Ik 18E0
80984BE0 80988E80 00D3E270 00D42510 ovl_Demo_Im 42A0
80988E80 8098CFD0 00D42510 00D46610 ovl_Demo_Kankyo 4100
8098CFD0 8098E460 00D46610 00D47AA0 ovl_Demo_Kekkai 1490
8098E460 80991230 00D47AA0 00D4A870 ovl_Demo_Sa 2DD0
80991230 809936C0 00D4A870 00D4CD00 ovl_Demo_Shd 2490
809936C0 80993EF0 00D4CD00 00D4D530 ovl_Demo_Tre_Lgt 830
80993EF0 809945E0 00D4D530 00D4DC20 ovl_Door_Ana 6F0
809945E0 80994C50 00D4DC20 00D4E290 ovl_Door_Gerudo 670
80994C50 809962A0 00D4E290 00D4F8E0 ovl_Door_Killer 1650
809962A0 80998620 00D4F8E0 00D51C60 ovl_Door_Shutter 2380
80998620 80998780 00D51C60 00D51DC0 ovl_Door_Toki 160
80998780 8099CCB0 00D51DC0 00D562E0 ovl_Door_Warp1 4520
8099CCB0 8099D8D0 00D562E0 00D56F00 ovl_Efc_Erupc C20
8099D8D0 8099EDB0 00D56F00 00D583E0 ovl_Eff_Dust 14E0
8099EDB0 8099F1B0 00D583E0 00D587E0 ovl_Effect_Ss_Blast 400
8099F1B0 8099F650 00D587E0 00D58C80 ovl_Effect_Ss_Bomb 4A0
8099F650 809A0040 00D58C80 00D59670 ovl_Effect_Ss_Bomb2 9F0
809A0040 809A0550 00D59670 00D59B80 ovl_Effect_Ss_Bubble 510
809A0550 809A0AA0 00D59B80 00D5A0D0 ovl_Effect_Ss_D_Fire 550
809A0AA0 809A0FE0 00D5A0D0 00D5A610 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Db 540
809A0FE0 809A1610 00D5A610 00D5AC40 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Dd 630
809A1610 809A1B30 00D5AC40 00D5B160 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Ds 520
809A1B30 809A1CB0 00D5B160 00D5B2E0 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Sound 180
809A1CB0 809A22D0 00D5B2E0 00D5B900 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dt_Bubble 620
809A22D0 809A2B60 00D5B900 00D5C190 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dust 890
809A2B60 809A3330 00D5C190 00D5C960 ovl_Effect_Ss_En_Fire 7D0
809A3330 809A3CC0 00D5C960 00D5D2F0 ovl_Effect_Ss_En_Ice 990
809A3CC0 809A4120 00D5D2F0 00D5D750 ovl_Effect_Ss_Extra 460
809A4120 809A4660 00D5D750 00D5DC90 ovl_Effect_Ss_Fcircle 540
809A4660 809A5740 00D5DC90 00D5ED70 ovl_Effect_Ss_Fhg_Flash 10E0
809A5740 809A5ED0 00D5ED70 00D5F500 ovl_Effect_Ss_Fire_Tail 790
809A5ED0 809A6150 00D5F500 00D5F780 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Fire 280
809A6150 809A63A0 00D5F780 00D5F9D0 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Magma 250
809A63A0 809A6960 00D5F9D0 00D5FF90 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Magma2 5C0
809A6960 809A6F30 00D5FF90 00D60560 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Ripple 5D0
809A6F30 809A7540 00D60560 00D60B70 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Spk 610
809A7540 809A79F0 00D60B70 00D61020 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Splash 4B0
809A79F0 809A8150 00D61020 00D61780 ovl_Effect_Ss_Hahen 760
809A8150 809A8700 00D61780 00D61D30 ovl_Effect_Ss_HitMark 5B0
809A8700 809A8BF0 00D61D30 00D62220 ovl_Effect_Ss_Ice_Piece 4F0
809A8BF0 809A91B0 00D62220 00D627E0 ovl_Effect_Ss_Ice_Smoke 5C0
809A91B0 809A9680 00D627E0 00D62CB0 ovl_Effect_Ss_K_Fire 4D0
809A9680 809AA810 00D62CB0 00D63E40 ovl_Effect_Ss_Kakera 1190
809AA810 809AAEF0 00D63E40 00D64520 ovl_Effect_Ss_KiraKira 6E0
809AAEF0 809AB630 00D64520 00D64C60 ovl_Effect_Ss_Lightning 740
809AB630 809ABD60 00D64C60 00D65390 ovl_Effect_Ss_Sibuki 730
809ABD60 809AC130 00D65390 00D65760 ovl_Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 3D0
809AC130 809AC2D0 00D65760 00D65900 ovl_Effect_Ss_Solder_Srch_Ball 1A0
809AC2D0 809AC700 00D65900 00D65D30 ovl_Effect_Ss_Stick 430
809AC700 809ACB20 00D65D30 00D66150 ovl_Effect_Ss_Stone1 420
809ACB20 809AD700 00D66150 00D66D30 ovl_Elf_Msg BE0
809AD700 809ADF20 00D66D30 00D67550 ovl_Elf_Msg2 820
809ADF20 809B0370 00D67550 00D699A0 ovl_En_Am 2450
809B0370 809B1120 00D699A0 00D6A750 ovl_En_Ani DB0
809B1120 809B25A0 00D6A750 00D6BBD0 ovl_En_Anubice 1480
809B25A0 809B3400 00D6BBD0 00D6CA30 ovl_En_Anubice_Fire E60
809B3400 809B37D0 00D6CA30 00D6CE00 ovl_En_Anubice_Tag 3D0
809B37D0 809B3920 00D6CE00 00D6CF50 ovl_En_Arow_Trap 150
809B3920 809B5100 00D6CF50 00D6E730 ovl_En_Arrow 17E0
809B5100 809B6350 00D6E730 00D6F980 ovl_En_Attack_Niw 1250
809B6350 809B82E0 00D6F980 00D71910 ovl_En_Ba 1F90
809B82E0 809BC030 00D71910 00D75660 ovl_En_Bb 3D50
809BC030 809BCC60 00D75660 00D76290 ovl_En_Bdfire C30
809BCC60 809BF8A0 00D76290 00D78ED0 ovl_En_Bigokuta 2C40
809BF8A0 809C1BB0 00D78ED0 00D7B1E0 ovl_En_Bili 2310
809C1BB0 809C2060 00D7B1E0 00D7B690 ovl_En_Bird 4B0
809C2060 809C26D0 00D7B690 00D7BD00 ovl_En_Blkobj 670
809C26D0 809C3630 00D7BD00 00D7CC60 ovl_En_Bom F60
809C3630 809C4E40 00D7CC60 00D7E470 ovl_En_Bom_Bowl_Man 1810
809C4E40 809C5830 00D7E470 00D7EE60 ovl_En_Bom_Bowl_Pit 9F0
809C5830 809C6F60 00D7EE60 00D80590 ovl_En_Bom_Chu 1730
809C6F60 809C8480 00D80590 00D81AB0 ovl_En_Bombf 1520
809C8480 809C8DC0 00D81AB0 00D823F0 ovl_En_Boom 940
809C8DC0 809CAB10 00D823F0 00D84130 ovl_En_Box 1D40
809CAB10 809CBC00 00D84130 00D85220 ovl_En_Brob 10F0
809CBC00 809CD070 00D85220 00D86690 ovl_En_Bubble 1470
809CD070 809CE6E0 00D86690 00D87D00 ovl_En_Butte 1670
809CE6E0 809D1AE0 00D87D00 00D8B100 ovl_En_Bw 3400
809D1AE0 809D2690 00D8B100 00D8BCB0 ovl_En_Bx BB0
809D2690 809D35B0 00D8BCB0 00D8CBD0 ovl_En_Changer F20
809D35B0 809DEE00 00D8CBD0 00D959F0 ovl_En_Clear_Tag 8E20
809DEE00 809E0240 00D959F0 00D96E30 ovl_En_Cow 1440
809E0240 809E18B0 00D96E30 00D984A0 ovl_En_Crow 1670
809E18B0 809E2B30 00D984A0 00D99720 ovl_En_Cs 1280
809E2B30 809E4320 00D99720 00D9AF10 ovl_En_Daiku 17F0
809E4320 809E57D0 00D9AF10 00D9C3C0 ovl_En_Daiku_Kakariko 14B0
809E57D0 809E9560 00D9C3C0 00DA0150 ovl_En_Dekubaba 3D90
809E9560 809EAD40 00DA0150 00DA1930 ovl_En_Dekunuts 17E0
809EAD40 809EC880 00DA1930 00DA3470 ovl_En_Dh 1B40
809EC880 809ED870 00DA3470 00DA4460 ovl_En_Dha FF0
809ED870 809EF350 00DA4460 00DA5F40 ovl_En_Diving_Game 1AE0
809EF350 809F08E0 00DA5F40 00DA74D0 ovl_En_Dns 1590
809F08E0 809F1AE0 00DA74D0 00DA86D0 ovl_En_Dnt_Demo 1200
809F1AE0 809F32C0 00DA86D0 00DA9EB0 ovl_En_Dnt_Jiji 17E0
809F32C0 809F63C0 00DA9EB0 00DACFB0 ovl_En_Dnt_Nomal 3100
809F63C0 809F8250 00DACFB0 00DAEE40 ovl_En_Dodojr 1E90
809F8250 809FAFD0 00DAEE40 00DB1BC0 ovl_En_Dodongo 2D80
809FAFD0 809FC1D0 00DB1BC0 00DB2DC0 ovl_En_Dog 1200
809FC1D0 809FD030 00DB2DC0 00DB3C20 ovl_En_Door E60
809FD030 809FDC30 00DB3C20 00DB4820 ovl_En_Ds C00
809FDC30 809FF6F0 00DB4820 00DB62E0 ovl_En_Du 1AC0
809FF6F0 809FFD90 00DB62E0 00DB6980 ovl_En_Dy_Extra 6A0
809FFD90 809FFFA0 00DB6980 00DB6B90 ovl_En_Eg 210
809FFFA0 80A01C30 00DB6B90 00DB8820 ovl_En_Eiyer 1C90
80A01C30 80A06720 00DB8820 00DBD310 ovl_En_Elf 4AF0
80A06720 80A07990 00DBD310 00DBE580 ovl_En_Encount1 1270
80A07990 80A08EA0 00DBE580 00DBFA90 ovl_En_Encount2 1510
80A08EA0 80A0A410 00DBFA90 00DC1000 ovl_En_Ex_Item 1570
80A0A410 80A0B6C0 00DC1000 00DC22B0 ovl_En_Ex_Ruppy 12B0
80A0B6C0 80A0E4B0 00DC22B0 00DC50A0 ovl_En_Fd 2DF0
80A0E4B0 80A0F260 00DC50A0 00DC5E50 ovl_En_Fd_Fire DB0
80A0F260 80A11C20 00DC5E50 00DC8810 ovl_En_Fhg_Fire 29C0
80A11C20 80A13070 00DC8810 00DC9C60 ovl_En_Fire_Rock 1450
80A13070 80A15280 00DC9C60 00DCBE70 ovl_En_Firefly 2210
80A15280 80A17510 00DCBE70 00DCE100 ovl_En_Fish 2290
80A17510 80A1A9A0 00DCE100 00DD1590 ovl_En_Floormas 3490
80A1A9A0 80A1D810 00DD1590 00DD4400 ovl_En_Fr 2E70
80A1D810 80A1E5A0 00DD4400 00DD5180 ovl_En_Fu D80
80A1E5A0 80A1FDC0 00DD5180 00DD69A0 ovl_En_Fw 1820
80A1FDC0 80A21EC0 00DD69A0 00DD8AA0 ovl_En_Fz 2100
80A21EC0 80A23D60 00DD8AA0 00DDA940 ovl_En_G_Switch 1EA0
80A23D60 80A28000 00DDA940 00DDEBE0 ovl_En_Ganon_Mant 42A0
80A28000 80A2F180 00DDEBE0 00DE5D60 ovl_En_Ganon_Organ 7180
80A2F180 80A30970 00DE5D60 00DE7550 ovl_En_Gb 17F0
80A30970 80A32BD0 00DE7550 00DE97B0 ovl_En_Ge1 2260
80A32BD0 80A34620 00DE97B0 00DEB200 ovl_En_Ge2 1A50
80A34620 80A35310 00DEB200 00DEBEF0 ovl_En_Ge3 CF0
80A35310 80A3A750 00DEBEF0 00DF1330 ovl_En_GeldB 5440
80A3A750 80A3D6E0 00DF1330 00DF42C0 ovl_En_GirlA 2F90
80A3D6E0 80A3E570 00DF42C0 00DF5150 ovl_En_Gm E90
80A3E570 80A42D30 00DF5150 00DF9910 ovl_En_Go 47C0
80A42D30 80A48EC0 00DF9910 00DFFAA0 ovl_En_Go2 6190
80A48EC0 80A4BCA0 00DFFAA0 00E02880 ovl_En_Goma 2DE0
80A4BCA0 80A4E320 00E02880 00E04F00 ovl_En_Goroiwa 2680
80A4E320 80A50220 00E04F00 00E06E00 ovl_En_Gs 1F00
80A50220 80A50D50 00E06E00 00E07930 ovl_En_Guest B30
80A50D50 80A512D0 00E07930 00E07EB0 ovl_En_Hata 580
80A512D0 80A52EA0 00E07EB0 00E09A80 ovl_En_Heishi1 1BD0
80A52EA0 80A55640 00E09A80 00E0C220 ovl_En_Heishi2 27A0
80A55640 80A560D0 00E0C220 00E0CCB0 ovl_En_Heishi3 A90
80A560D0 80A57200 00E0CCB0 00E0DDE0 ovl_En_Heishi4 1130
80A57200 80A58C10 00E0DDE0 00E0F7F0 ovl_En_Hintnuts 1A10
80A58C10 80A59C30 00E0F7F0 00E10810 ovl_En_Holl 1020
80A59C30 80A5B2F0 00E10810 00E11ED0 ovl_En_Honotrap 16C0
80A5B2F0 80A67550 00E11ED0 00E1E130 ovl_En_Horse C260
80A67550 80A68660 00E1E130 00E1F240 ovl_En_Horse_Game_Check 1110
80A68660 80A693D0 00E1F240 00E1FFB0 ovl_En_Horse_Ganon D70
80A693D0 80A6B250 00E1FFB0 00E21E30 ovl_En_Horse_Link_Child 1E80
80A6B250 80A6D8D0 00E21E30 00E244B0 ovl_En_Horse_Normal 2680
80A6D8D0 80A6E3A0 00E244B0 00E24F80 ovl_En_Horse_Zelda AD0
80A6E3A0 80A6EFA0 00E24F80 00E25B80 ovl_En_Hs C00
80A6EFA0 80A6F5B0 00E25B80 00E26190 ovl_En_Hs2 610
80A6F5B0 80A72FF0 00E26190 00E29BD0 ovl_En_Hy 3A40
80A72FF0 80A74310 00E29BD0 00E2AEF0 ovl_En_Ice_Hono 1320
80A74310 80A78FB0 00E2AEF0 00E2FB80 ovl_En_Ik 4C90
80A78FB0 80A7BE20 00E2FB80 00E329F0 ovl_En_In 2E70
80A7BE20 80A7E460 00E329F0 00E35030 ovl_En_Insect 2640
80A7E460 80A87680 00E35030 00E3E250 ovl_En_Ishi 9220
80A87680 80A87800 00E3E250 00E3E3D0 ovl_En_It 180
80A87800 80A88E10 00E3E3D0 00E3F9E0 ovl_En_Jj 1610
80A88E10 80A897A0 00E3F9E0 00E40370 ovl_En_Js 990
80A897A0 80A8F170 00E40370 00E451E0 ovl_En_Jsjutan 4E70
80A8F170 80A90010 00E451E0 00E46080 ovl_En_Kakasi EA0
80A90010 80A90D20 00E46080 00E46D90 ovl_En_Kakasi2 D10
80A90D20 80A91FA0 00E46D90 00E48010 ovl_En_Kakasi3 1280
80A91FA0 80A95350 00E48010 00E4B3C0 ovl_En_Kanban 33B0
80A95350 80A96DB0 00E4B3C0 00E4CE20 ovl_En_Karebaba 1A60
80A96DB0 80A9AFA0 00E4CE20 00E51010 ovl_En_Ko 41F0
80A9AFA0 80A9C550 00E51010 00E525C0 ovl_En_Kusa 15B0
80A9C550 80A9DB40 00E525C0 00E53BB0 ovl_En_Kz 15F0
80A9DB40 80A9E9D0 00E53BB0 00E54A40 ovl_En_Light E90
80A9E9D0 80A9EE40 00E54A40 00E54EB0 ovl_En_Lightbox 470
80A9EE40 80A9EFE0 00E54EB0 00E55050 ovl_En_M_Fire1 1A0
80A9EFE0 80AA0690 00E55050 00E56700 ovl_En_M_Thunder 16B0
80AA0690 80AA19A0 00E56700 00E57A10 ovl_En_Ma1 1310
80AA19A0 80AA2AA0 00E57A10 00E58B10 ovl_En_Ma2 1100
80AA2AA0 80AA3B00 00E58B10 00E59B70 ovl_En_Ma3 1060
80AA3B00 80AA6050 00E59B70 00E5C0C0 ovl_En_Mag 2550
80AA6050 80AAA250 00E5C0C0 00E602C0 ovl_En_Mb 4200
80AAA250 80AAC900 00E602C0 00E62970 ovl_En_Md 26B0
80AAC900 80AAD770 00E62970 00E637E0 ovl_En_Mk E70
80AAD770 80AAEE50 00E637E0 00E64EC0 ovl_En_Mm 16E0
80AAEE50 80AAFD20 00E64EC0 00E65D90 ovl_En_Mm2 ED0
80AAFD20 80AB0420 00E65D90 00E66490 ovl_En_Ms 700
80AB0420 80AB0D90 00E66490 00E66E00 ovl_En_Mu 970
80AB0D90 80AB5780 00E66E00 00E6B7F0 ovl_En_Nb 49F0
80AB5780 80AB8F80 00E6B7F0 00E6EFF0 ovl_En_Niw 3800
80AB8F80 80AB9C40 00E6EFF0 00E6FCB0 ovl_En_Niw_Girl CC0
80AB9C40 80ABBA50 00E6FCB0 00E71AC0 ovl_En_Niw_Lady 1E10
80ABBA50 80ABC0E0 00E71AC0 00E72150 ovl_En_Nutsball 690
80ABC0E0 80ABCBB0 00E72150 00E72C20 ovl_En_Nwc AD0
80ABCBB0 80ABE6A0 00E72C20 00E74710 ovl_En_Ny 1AF0
80ABE6A0 80ABE760 00E74710 00E747D0 ovl_En_OE2 C0
80ABE760 80ABED20 00E747D0 00E74D90 ovl_En_Okarina_Effect 5C0
80ABED20 80AC0660 00E74D90 00E766D0 ovl_En_Okarina_Tag 1940
80AC0660 80AC2CA0 00E766D0 00E78D10 ovl_En_Okuta 2640
80AC2CA0 80AC9F20 00E78D10 00E7FF90 ovl_En_Ossan 7280
80AC9F20 80ACDDD0 00E7FF90 00E83E40 ovl_En_Owl 3EB0
80ACDDD0 80ACF4A0 00E83E40 00E85510 ovl_En_Part 16D0
80ACF4A0 80AD2CB0 00E85510 00E88D20 ovl_En_Peehat 3810
80AD2CB0 80AD3B00 00E88D20 00E89B70 ovl_En_Po_Desert E50
80AD3B00 80AD7740 00E89B70 00E8D720 ovl_En_Po_Field 3BB0
80AD7740 80AD8F90 00E8D720 00E8EF70 ovl_En_Po_Relay 1850
80AD8F90 80ADDD50 00E8EF70 00E93D30 ovl_En_Po_Sisters 4DC0
80ADDD50 80AE20C0 00E93D30 00E980A0 ovl_En_Poh 4370
80AE20C0 80AE2400 00E980A0 00E983E0 ovl_En_Pu_box 340
80AE2400 80AE4CD0 00E983E0 00E9ACB0 ovl_En_Rd 28D0
80AE4CD0 80AE6930 00E9ACB0 00E9C910 ovl_En_Reeba 1C60
80AE6930 80AE72B0 00E9C910 00E9D290 ovl_En_River_Sound 980
80AE72B0 80AE8440 00E9D290 00E9E420 ovl_En_Rl 1190
80AE8440 80AEAC10 00E9E420 00EA0BF0 ovl_En_Rr 27D0
80AEAC10 80AF2550 00EA0BF0 00EA8530 ovl_En_Ru1 7940
80AF2550 80AF5560 00EA8530 00EAB540 ovl_En_Ru2 3010
80AF5560 80AF77F0 00EAB540 00EAD7D0 ovl_En_Sa 2290
80AF77F0 80AF8C70 00EAD7D0 00EAEC50 ovl_En_Sb 1480
80AF8C70 80AF8E20 00EAEC50 00EAEE00 ovl_En_Scene_Change 1B0
80AF8E20 80AFA720 00EAEE00 00EB0640 ovl_En_Sda 1840
80AFA720 80AFB690 00EB0640 00EB15B0 ovl_En_Shopnuts F70
80AFB690 80AFBB80 00EB15B0 00EB1AA0 ovl_En_Si 4F0
80AFBB80 80AFC9A0 00EB1AA0 00EB28C0 ovl_En_Siofuki E20
80AFC9A0 80AFE2B0 00EB28C0 00EB41D0 ovl_En_Skb 1910
80AFE2B0 80B01EB0 00EB41D0 00EB7DC0 ovl_En_Skj 3BF0
80B01EB0 80B02270 00EB7DC0 00EB8180 ovl_En_Skjneedle 3C0
80B02270 80B04890 00EB8180 00EBA7A0 ovl_En_Ssh 2620
80B04890 80B07540 00EBA7A0 00EBD450 ovl_En_St 2CB0
80B07540 80B0B7A0 00EBD450 00EC16B0 ovl_En_Sth 4260
80B0B7A0 80B0BDB0 00EC16B0 00EC1CC0 ovl_En_Stream 610
80B0BDB0 80B0F6B0 00EC1CC0 00EC5540 ovl_En_Sw 3880
80B0F6B0 80B10870 00EC5540 00EC6700 ovl_En_Syateki_Itm 11C0
80B10870 80B118F0 00EC6700 00EC7780 ovl_En_Syateki_Man 1080
80B118F0 80B13AA0 00EC7780 00EC9930 ovl_En_Syateki_Niw 21B0
80B13AA0 80B17560 00EC9930 00ECD3F0 ovl_En_Ta 3AC0
80B17560 80B17F30 00ECD3F0 00ECDDC0 ovl_En_Takara_Man 9D0
80B17F30 80B18360 00ECDDC0 00ECE1F0 ovl_En_Tana 430
80B18360 80B18A80 00ECE1F0 00ECE910 ovl_En_Tg 720
80B18A80 80B1B900 00ECE910 00ED1790 ovl_En_Tite 2E80
80B1B900 80B1D890 00ED1790 00ED3720 ovl_En_Tk 1F90
80B1D890 80B1D980 00ED3720 00ED3810 ovl_En_Torch F0
80B1D980 80B20170 00ED3810 00ED5FC0 ovl_En_Torch2 27B0
80B20170 80B20DE0 00ED5FC0 00ED6C30 ovl_En_Toryo C70
80B20DE0 80B22CF0 00ED6C30 00ED8B40 ovl_En_Tp 1F10
80B22CF0 80B24660 00ED8B40 00EDA4B0 ovl_En_Tr 1970
80B24660 80B258F0 00EDA4B0 00EDB740 ovl_En_Trap 1290
80B258F0 80B266B0 00EDB740 00EDC500 ovl_En_Tubo_Trap DC0
80B266B0 80B28EB0 00EDC500 00EDED00 ovl_En_Vali 2800
80B28EB0 80B28FA0 00EDED00 00EDEDF0 ovl_En_Vase F0
80B28FA0 80B2A200 00EDEDF0 00EE0050 ovl_En_Vb_Ball 1260
80B2A200 80B2D460 00EE0050 00EE3290 ovl_En_Viewer 3240
80B2D460 80B2EDF0 00EE3290 00EE4C20 ovl_En_Vm 1990
80B2EDF0 80B2F520 00EE4C20 00EE5350 ovl_En_Wall_Tubo 730
80B2F520 80B31020 00EE5350 00EE6E50 ovl_En_Wallmas 1B00
80B31020 80B32290 00EE6E50 00EE80C0 ovl_En_Weather_Tag 1270
80B32290 80B33CB0 00EE80C0 00EE9AE0 ovl_En_Weiyer 1A20
80B33CB0 80B38060 00EE9AE0 00EEDE90 ovl_En_Wf 43B0
80B38060 80B390F0 00EEDE90 00EEEE40 ovl_En_Wonder_Item FB0
80B390F0 80B39ED0 00EEEE40 00EEFC20 ovl_En_Wonder_Talk DE0
80B39ED0 80B3AF70 00EEFC20 00EF0CC0 ovl_En_Wonder_Talk2 10A0
80B3AF70 80B3C1E0 00EF0CC0 00EF1F20 ovl_En_Wood02 1260
80B3C1E0 80B42DC0 00EF1F20 00EF8AD0 ovl_En_Xc 6BB0
80B42DC0 80B439C0 00EF8AD0 00EF96D0 ovl_En_Yabusame_Mark C00
80B439C0 80B44050 00EF96D0 00EF9D60 ovl_En_Yukabyun 690
80B44050 80B4AB40 00EF9D60 00F00840 ovl_En_Zf 6AE0
80B4AB40 80B4E990 00F00840 00F04690 ovl_En_Zl1 3E50
80B4E990 80B533B0 00F04690 00F090B0 ovl_En_Zl2 4A20
80B533B0 80B5B7B0 00F090B0 00F114B0 ovl_En_Zl3 8400
80B5B7B0 80B60220 00F114B0 00F15F20 ovl_En_Zl4 4A70
80B60220 80B629C0 00F15F20 00F186C0 ovl_En_Zo 27A0
80B629C0 80B65720 00F186C0 00F1B420 ovl_En_fHG 2D60
80B65720 80B699A0 00F1B420 00F1F6A0 ovl_End_Title 4280
80B699A0 80B85150 00F1F6A0 00F33D70 ovl_Fishing 146D0
80B85150 80B855F0 00F33D70 00F34210 ovl_Item_B_Heart 4A0
80B855F0 80B85FE0 00F34210 00F34C00 ovl_Item_Etcetera 9F0
80B85FE0 80B86130 00F34C00 00F34D50 ovl_Item_Inbox 150
80B86130 80B86920 00F34D50 00F35540 ovl_Item_Ocarina 7F0
80B86920 80B873D0 00F35540 00F35FF0 ovl_Item_Shield AB0
80B873D0 80B88D70 00F35FF0 00F37990 ovl_Magic_Dark 19A0
80B88D70 80B8B100 00F37990 00F39D20 ovl_Magic_Fire 2390
80B8B100 80B8D050 00F39D20 00F3BC70 ovl_Magic_Wind 1F50
80B8D050 80B8EA80 00F3BC70 00F3D6A0 ovl_Mir_Ray 1A30
80B8EA80 80B91460 00F3D6A0 00F40080 ovl_Obj_Bean 29E0
80B91460 80B915F0 00F40080 00F40210 ovl_Obj_Blockstop 190
80B915F0 80B91B60 00F40210 00F40780 ovl_Obj_Bombiwa 570
80B91B60 80B92420 00F40780 00F41040 ovl_Obj_Comb 8C0
80B92420 80B92B00 00F41040 00F41720 ovl_Obj_Dekujr 6E0
80B92B00 80B92F90 00F41720 00F41BB0 ovl_Obj_Elevator 490
80B92F90 80B93860 00F41BB0 00F42480 ovl_Obj_Hamishi 8D0
80B93860 80B93B60 00F42480 00F42780 ovl_Obj_Hana 300
80B93B60 80B94260 00F42780 00F42E80 ovl_Obj_Hsblock 700
80B94260 80B94CA0 00F42E80 00F438C0 ovl_Obj_Ice_Poly A40
80B94CA0 80B959D0 00F438C0 00F445F0 ovl_Obj_Kibako D30
80B959D0 80B960D0 00F445F0 00F44CF0 ovl_Obj_Kibako2 700
80B960D0 80B96BA0 00F44CF0 00F457C0 ovl_Obj_Lift AD0
80B96BA0 80B98270 00F457C0 00F46E90 ovl_Obj_Lightswitch 16D0
80B98270 80B98510 00F46E90 00F47130 ovl_Obj_Makekinsuta 2A0
80B98510 80B98AA0 00F47130 00F476C0 ovl_Obj_Makeoshihiki 590
80B98AA0 80B99F40 00F476C0 00F48B60 ovl_Obj_Mure 14A0
80B99F40 80B9A9D0 00F48B60 00F495F0 ovl_Obj_Mure2 A90
80B9A9D0 80B9B180 00F495F0 00F49DA0 ovl_Obj_Mure3 7B0
80B9B180 80B9CFD0 00F49DA0 00F4BBF0 ovl_Obj_Oshihiki 1E50
80B9CFD0 80B9D210 00F4BBF0 00F4BE30 ovl_Obj_Roomtimer 240
80B9D210 80B9F2B0 00F4BE30 00F4DED0 ovl_Obj_Switch 20A0
80B9F2B0 80B9FFA0 00F4DED0 00F4EBB0 ovl_Obj_Syokudai CE0
80B9FFA0 80BA0D60 00F4EBB0 00F4F970 ovl_Obj_Timeblock DC0
80BA0D60 80BA1DF0 00F4F970 00F50A00 ovl_Obj_Tsubo 1090
80BA1DF0 80BA2AA0 00F50A00 00F516B0 ovl_Obj_Warp2block CB0
80BA2AA0 80BA6070 00F516B0 00F54C80 ovl_Object_Kankyo 35D0
80BA6070 80BA70E0 00F54C80 00F55CF0 ovl_Oceff_Spot 1070
80BA70E0 80BA8D90 00F55CF0 00F579A0 ovl_Oceff_Storm 1CB0
80BA8D90 80BA9BB0 00F579A0 00F587C0 ovl_Oceff_Wipe E20
80BA9BB0 80BAB3F0 00F587C0 00F5A000 ovl_Oceff_Wipe2 1840
80BAB3F0 80BACC10 00F5A000 00F5B820 ovl_Oceff_Wipe3 1820
80BACC10 80BADCC0 00F5B820 00F5C8D0 ovl_Oceff_Wipe4 10B0
80BADCC0 80BAE400 00F5C8D0 00F5D010 ovl_Shot_Sun 740