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Actor 0x011A
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00DA5F40 00DA74D0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 1590
NTSC 1.0 00DF75A0 00DF8930 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 1390
PAL MQ 00D4C7B0 00D4DB40 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 1390

ovl_En_Dns (Business Scrub (NPC)) is the NPC version of ovl_En_Shopnuts (0195, Business Scrub (Enemy)). It is spawned by ovl_En_Shopnuts after it's been defeated.

NTSC 1.0 Notes

Instance Variables

Offset Type Description
0x02B0 ptr points to shop keeper data within the scrub salesman ovl


DF866C Shopkeeper Dialog Table, 0x0A records, s16 each. Corresponds to table below.

DF8684 Shopkeeper Table. 0x0A records:

 0x00 s16 // Rupee Cost
 0x02 s16 // Quantity
 0x04 s32 // Get Item Index, not always used?
 0x08 func_ptr //Executed when selecting to make a purchase
 0x0C func_ptr //Executed when closing the collect item dialog
Id Sold Item Cost Quantity Get Item Index Purchase Accept Item Dialog Close
00 Deku Nuts 0014 0005 00000063 80A74E88 80A75320
01 Deku Sticks 000F 0001 00000007 80A74F40 80A752EC
02 Piece of Heart 000A 0001 0000003E 80A74FF8 80A75354
03 Deku Seeds 0028 001E 00000069 80A75028 80A752EC
04 Deku Shield 0032 0001 00000029 80A750F0 80A752EC
05 Bombs 0028 0005 00000001 80A75144 80A7539C
06 Deku Seeds 0046 0014 0000004B 80A751E4 80A753D0
07 Red Potion 0028 0001 00000010 80A75294 80A752EC
08 Green Potion 0028 0001 00000011 80A75294 80A752EC
09 Deku Stick Upgrade 0028 0001 00000077 80A74FF8 80A75404
0A Deku Nut Upgrade 0028 0001 00000079 80A74FF8 80A7544C

Debug Rom Notes

(These are points of study as they did not follow the normal patterns! Keep that in mind!)

(Addendum: Are they not following the normal patterns because this is how the game looks to see if you have the prior upgrade to give you the proper upgrade?)

ROM: 0xDA6A00 - (24060078) Buying Deku Stick Upgrade (30) if you already have Deku Stick Upgrade (20).

ROM: 0xDA6A0E (24060077) Buying Deku Stick Upgrade (20)

ROM: 0xDA6A74 (2406007A) Buying Deku Nut Upgrade (30) if you already have Deku Nut Upgrade (20).

ROM: 0xDA6A80 (24060079) Buying Deku Nut Upgrade (20)

Deku Salesman Data Sheet

ROM: 0xDA7000 (0014) Price of 5 Deku Nuts
ROM: 0xDA7044 (00000063) Buying 5 Deku Nuts

ROM: 0xDA7050 (000F) Price of 1 Deku Stick
ROM: 0xDA7054 (00000007) Buying a Deku Stick

ROM: 0xDA7060 (000A) Price of Heart Piece
ROM: 0xDA7064 (0000003E) Buying a Heart Piece

ROM: 0xDA7070 (0028) Price of Deku Seeds
ROM: 0xDA7074 (00000069) Buying Deku Seeds

ROM: 0xDA7080 (0032) Price of Deku Shield
ROM: 0xDA7084 (00000029) Buying Deku Shield

ROM: 0xDA7090 (0028) Price of Five Bombs
ROM: 0xDA7094 (00000001) Buying Five Bombs

ROM: 0xDA70A0 (0046) Price of Thirty Arrows
ROM: 0xDA70A4 (0000004B) Buying Thirty Arrows

ROM: 0xDA70B0 (0028) Price of Red Potion
ROM: 0xDA70B4 (00000010) Buying Red Potion

ROM: 0xDA70C0 (0028) Price of Green Potion
ROM: 0xDA70C4 (00000011) Buying Green Potion

ROM: 0xDA70D0 (0028) Price of Deku Stick Upgrade
ROM: 0xDA70D4 (00000077) Buying Deku Stick Upgrade (20)

ROM: 0xDA70E0 (0028) Price of Deku Nut Upgrade
ROM: 0xDA70E4 (00000079) Buying Deku Nut Upgrade (30)

Console Output Strings

Original Text Translation
デクの実売り Selling Deku Nuts
デクの棒売り Selling Deku Sticks
ハートの欠片売り Selling Heart Piece
デクの種売り Selling Deku Seeds
デクの盾売り Selling Deku Shield
バクダン売り Selling Bombs
矢売り Selling Arrows
赤のくすり売り Selling Red Potion
緑のくすり売り Selling Green Potion
デクの棒持てる数を増やす Increase Amount of Deku Sticks You Can Carry
デクの実持てる数を増やす Increase Amount of Deku Nuts You Can Carry
[31m引数エラー(売りナッツ)[ arg_data = %d ][m [31mFUNCTION ERROR (DEKU SALESMAN) [ arg_data = %d ][m
[32m◆◆◆ 売りナッツ『%s』 ◆◆◆[m [32m◆◆◆ DEKU SALESMAN『%s』 ◆◆◆[m