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Actor 0x019C
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00EB15B0 00EB1AA0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 4F0
NTSC 1.0 00EC6730 00EC6C30 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 500
PAL MQ 00E4BEF0 00E4C3F0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 500

ovl_En_Si is the Skulltula Token actor, the item dropped by Gold Skulltulas.

Debug Rom Notes

ROM: 0xEB173C (24050071) Golden Skulltula Token (You don't say...) Can be changed to another item. Unsure at this time if they still count towards a Skulltula counter.

ROM: 0xEB1828 (24050071) Repeat? I'm not sure what it could do.