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Actor 0x0029
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00F00840 00F04690 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 3E50
NTSC 1.0 00C4ABB0 00C4E9B0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 3E00
PAL MQ 00E96CA0 00E9AAB0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 3E10

ovl_En_Zl1 is one of the Child Zelda actors. This actor an "unused" near copy of ovl_En_Zl4 (01D3, Child Zelda).

This actor is notable for having an unused cutscene embedded into it's file.

Debug Rom Notes

ROM: 0xF01D34 (2406000B) Letter from Zelda?
ROM: 0xF01DD0 (2406000B) Letter from Zelda?