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This wiki aims to document the multitude of formats found throughout The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in one place. At this point in time, we intend to transfer and expand upon the information from a wiki written mainly by Gamma/Sage of Mirrors on a repo of WindEditor written by LordNed to this wiki.

File Formats


Extension Description
AAF  ?
AFC Audio stream
AW Instrument sample bank
BMS Sequenced music
TBL  ?


Maps are analogous to scenes in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. They contain rooms and resources that are independent of rooms, such as door models, the event_list.dat file, and the skybox.

Extension Description
event_list.dat Scene events
DZB Collision mesh
DZR Room object layout
DZS Scene object layout

Visual Assets

Extension Description
BCK Bone animation
BDL Model with FIFO instructions
BMD Model
BMT Alternate material
BRK TEV register animation
BTI Texture image
BTK Texture animation
BTP Facial animation


Extension Description
ARC RARC archive
BFN Font data
BLO UI layout
BMC Font colors
BMG Text bank
DDS Pictobox image
JPC Particle bank
STB Cut scene layout

Named Files

These files have generic extensions, so they are referred to by name here.

Name Description
ActorDat.bin Enemy item drop settings
item_table.bin Grass/pot item drop settings
FmapDat.bin  ?
Menu1.dat Debug map select layout


Name Description
Item ID Table Key for matching IDs to actual items
List of Chunk Types Listing of chunk types that can be found in DZR and DZS files