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Actor 0x0084
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00EC9930 00ECD3F0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 3AC0
NTSC 1.0 00CBEFA0 00CC2960 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 39C0
PAL MQ 00E632F0 00E66CB0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 39C0

ovl_En_Ta is the actor for Talon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. He also manages the minigame known as the Super Cucco Game.

Debug Rom Notes

ROM: 0xECBD9C - (24060050) - Buy Lon Lon Milk for 30 Rupees
ROM: 0xECBE5C - (24060014) - Receive Lon-Lon Milk Bottle

ROM: 0xECBFA4 - (24060050) - Receive Lon Lon Milk (Super Cucco Game)
ROM: 0xECC34C - (24060050) - As above?

ROM: 0xECAC78 - (29C1001E) - The Check to see if you have 30 Rupees to buy Milk.
ROM: 0xECBF88 - (2404FFE2) - The Price of Lon Lon Milk (30 Rupees)

ROM: 0xECBFC0 - (2B01000A) - The Check to see if you have 10 Rupees to play the game.
ROM: 0xECBFF8 - (2404FFF6) - The Price to play Cucco-findin' Game (10 Rupees)
ROM: 0xECBA0C - (2404006C) - Music Played during mini-game.
ROM: 0xECBA04 - (2404001E) - Time given to play the mini-game (1E=30 Second)

ROM: 0xECAF60 - (24010019) - Actor Number that needs to be *presumably* picked up in order to count as a "Super Cucco".

ROM: 0xECB178 - (24A50004) - Worth of a Super Cucco
ROM: 0xECB170 - (2402000C) - The Total Amount needed to win the mini-game. (4*3 in Hex is 0C)

Console Output Strings

Original Text Translation
[36m 追放タロン [m [36m TALON IN EXILE [m
[36m 出戻りタロン [m [36m TALON RETURNS [m
[36m 夜はいない [m [36m EVENING ABSENCE [m
[36m その他のタロン [m [36m TALON ETC. [m
[36m ロンロン牧場の倉庫 の タロン[m [36m LON LON RANCH STOREHOUSE TALON[m
../z_en_ta.c ../z_en_ta.c
../z_en_ta.c ../z_en_ta.c