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For the location and structure of this table, see Object Table.


  • ID: Object's 4 digit hex ID. (Not included in the actual table.)
  • Filename: Actor's filename. (Not included in the actual table.)
  • VROM: Start and end address of object file in VROM.


VROM # Filename Identification Used
Start End
00000000 00000000 0000 [Unset]
00F5E000 00FB47B0 0001 gameplay_keep Global Gameplay Objects
00FB5000 00FC2330 0002 gameplay_field_keep Global Field Objects
00FC3000 00FDAAF0 0003 gameplay_dangeon_keep Global Dungeon Objects
00000000 00000000 0004 [Removed]
00000000 00000000 0005 [Removed]
01047000 0105A180 0006 object_human Aria
0105B000 0105EC80 0007 object_okuta Octorok
019C7000 019C80D0 0008 object_crow Guay
0105F000 010640E0 0009 object_poh Poe
01070000 0108D530 000A object_dy_obj Great Fairy
01065000 0106F070 000B object_wallmaster Floormaster & Wallmaster
01090000 01099940 000C object_dodongo Dodongo
0108E000 0108F8C0 000D object_firefly Keese
01041000 01047000 000E object_box Treasure Chest
0109A000 0109E0A0 000F object_fire Dancing Flame
00000000 00000000 0010 [Removed]
00000000 00000000 0011 [Removed]
0113A000 0113B0C0 0012 object_bubble Shabom
0109F000 010A1540 0013 object_niw Cucco
00FDC000 01013800 0014 object_link_boy Adult Link
01014000 01040F80 0015 object_link_child Child Link
010A2000 010A5A30 0016 object_tite Tektites
010A6000 010A7EF0 0017 object_reeba Leever
010A8000 010A9C90 0018 object_peehat Peahat
010AA000 010DACE0 0019 object_kingdodongo King Dodongo
010DB000 010E8F10 001A object_horse Epona
010E9000 010FF3A0 001B object_zf Lizalfos & Dinolfos
01100000 0111F600 001C object_goma Gohma
01120000 011343C0 001D object_zl1 Child Zelda
01135000 01139220 001E object_gol Gohma Larva
0113C000 0113E0F0 001F object_dodojr Baby Dodongo
0113F000 01143770 0020 object_torch2 Dark Link
01144000 01149850 0021 object_bl Biri
0114A000 0114BCF0 0022 object_tp Tailpasaran
0114C000 01150710 0023 object_oA1 Kakariko Rooftop Man
01151000 01156BB0 0024 object_st Skulltulas
01157000 01159260 0025 object_bw Torch Slug
0115A000 0115D420 0026 object_ei Stingers
0115E000 01167FC0 0027 object_horse_normal Generic Horse
01168000 0116E6B0 0028 object_ob1 Bazaar Proprietor
0116F000 01171150 0029 object_o_anime NPC Animations I
01172000 011736C0 002A object_spot04_objects Kokiri Forest Objects
01174000 0117C760 002B object_ddan_objects Dodongo's Cavern Objects
0117D000 01194D20 002C object_hidan_objects Fire Temple Objects
01195000 011A1090 002D object_horse_ganon Ganondorf's Horse
011A2000 011A76D0 002E object_oA2 Zora [Early]
011A8000 011A9C10 002F object_spot00_objects Hyrule Field Objects (Child)
011AA000 011BE1A0 0030 object_mb Moblins
011BF000 011C0A00 0031 object_bombf Bomb Flower
011C1000 011CF800 0032 object_sk2 Stalfos
011D0000 011D6810 0033 object_oE1 Mido I [Early]
011D7000 011DC060 0034 object_oE_anime NPC Animations II
011DD000 011E2A70 0035 object_oE2 Red-Haired Kokiri Girl [Early]
011E3000 011EC080 0036 object_ydan_objects Inside the Deku Tree Objects
011ED000 01200000 0037 object_gnd Phantom Ganon
01200000 01205B50 0038 object_am Armos
01206000 012099C0 0039 object_dekubaba Deku Babas
00000000 00000000 003A [Removed]
0120A000 0120C130 003B object_oA3 Impa's Masked Head [Early]
0120D000 0120E730 003C object_oA4 Laughing Man [Early]
0120F000 012106B0 003D object_oA5 Hylian Woman in Purple Dress
01211000 01212A00 003E object_oA6 Hylian Man in Blue Shirt & Orange Pants
01213000 01214550 003F object_oA7 Hylian Woman in White Shirt & Orange Pants
01215000 01220AC0 0040 object_jj Jabu-Jabu
01221000 012227B0 0041 object_oA8 Old Hylian Man [Early]
01223000 01223520 0042 object_oA9 Old Hylian Man's Head [Early]
01224000 012280E0 0043 object_ob2 Hylian Man in Purple Shirt & Green Pants
01229000 0122D490 0044 object_ob3 Carpenter Boss's Wife [Early]
0122E000 0122F870 0045 object_ob4 Hylian Woman in Blue Shirt & White Dress
01230000 01237160 0046 object_horse_zelda Zelda's Horse
01238000 0123D060 0047 object_opening_demo1 Opening Cutscene Animations
0123E000 01240CB0 0048 object_warp1 Warp Circle & Rupee Prism
01241000 01241640 0049 object_b_heart Heart Container [Early]
01242000 01245660 004A object_dekunuts Mad Scrub
01246000 0124D120 004B object_oE3 Saria [Early]
0124E000 01252FD0 004C object_oE4 Red-Haired Kokiri Boy I [Early]
01253000 0125BB10 004D object_menkuri_objects Gerudo Training Ground Objects
0125C000 012615C0 004E object_oE5 Fado [Early]
01262000 01264E50 004F object_oE6 Kokiri Girl in Brown Band's Head
01265000 01267A60 0050 object_oE7 Kokiri Boy in Green Cap's Head
01268000 0126B3D0 0051 object_oE8 Kokiri Girl in Green Band's Head
0126C000 0126EF10 0052 object_oE9 Kokiri Boy in Mint Cap's Head
0126F000 012719D0 0053 object_oE10 Kokiri Shop Proprietor's Head [Early]
01272000 012751F0 0054 object_oE11 Kokiri Girl in Green Cap's Head
01276000 012797C0 0055 object_oE12 Fado's Head [Early]
0127A000 0127E850 0056 object_vali Bari
0127F000 01281EB0 0057 object_oA10 Soldier [Early]
01282000 012835C0 0058 object_oA11 Soldier (Courtyard) [Early]
01284000 0128F320 0059 object_mizu_objects Water Temple Objects
01290000 012A21E0 005A object_fhg Phantom Ganon's Horse & Objects
012A3000 012ACB50 005B object_ossan Shooting Gallery & Bazaar Proprietors
012AD000 012B24F0 005C object_mori_hineri1 Forest Temple Room 13 (Twisted)
012B3000 012B4A40 005D object_Bb Bubbles
012B5000 012BD450 005E object_toki_objects Temple of Time Objects
012BE000 012BF4F0 005F object_yukabyun Flying Floor Tile
012C0000 012D0D80 0060 object_zl2 Adult Zelda
012D1000 012D2290 0061 object_mjin Warp Pad Base
012D3000 012D4000 0062 object_mjin_flash Light Warp Pad
012D4000 012D5000 0063 object_mjin_dark Shadow Warp Pad
012D5000 012D6000 0064 object_mjin_flame Fire Warp Pad
012D6000 012D7000 0065 object_mjin_ice Water Warp Pad
012D7000 012D8000 0066 object_mjin_soul Spirit Warp Pad
012D8000 012D9000 0067 object_mjin_wind Forest Warp Pad
012D9000 012DAB60 0068 object_mjin_oka Ocarina Pedestal
012DB000 012F86B0 0069 object_haka_objects Shadow Temple Objects
012F9000 012FBDA0 006A object_spot06_objects Lake Hylia Objects
012FC000 01304D50 006B object_ice_objects Ice Cavern Objects
01305000 01308630 006C object_relay_objects Dampé's Relay Race Objects
01931000 01937A40 006D object_po_field Big Poe & Poe Guide
01985000 0198BFA0 006E object_po_composer Sharp & Flat
01309000 0130C4C0 006F object_mori_hineri1a Forest Temple Room 13 (Straight)
0130D000 01311400 0070 object_mori_hineri2 Forest Temple Room 14 (Straight)
01312000 013180B0 0071 object_mori_hineri2a Forest Temple Room 14 (Twisted)
01319000 01321A10 0072 object_mori_objects Forest Temple Objects
01322000 0132BE00 0073 object_mori_tex Forest Temple Textures
0132C000 01331600 0074 object_spot08_obj Zora's Fountain Objects
01332000 01332010 0075 object_warp2 [Blank]
01333000 01335FE0 0076 object_hata Flagpole
01336000 013381A0 0077 object_bird Brown Bird
00000000 00000000 0078 [Removed]
00000000 00000000 0079 [Removed]
00000000 00000000 007A [Removed]
00000000 00000000 007B [Removed]
01339000 013417D0 007C object_wood02 Bushes & Trees
00000000 00000000 007D [Removed]
00000000 00000000 007E [Removed]
00000000 00000000 007F [Removed]
00000000 00000000 0080 [Removed]
01342000 01343F40 0081 object_lightbox Rectangular Stone Blocks (Light Grey)
01344000 01345600 0082 object_pu_box Rectangular Stone Blocks (Dark Grey)
00000000 00000000 0083 [Removed]
00000000 00000000 0084 [Removed]
01346000 013483E0 0085 object_trap Blade Trap
01349000 0134A590 0086 object_vase Orange Pot
0134B000 0135D230 0087 object_im Impa
0135E000 0136C3F0 0088 object_ta Talon
0136D000 01378E50 0089 object_tk Dampé & Ghost
01379000 01395100 008A object_xc Sheik
01396000 01399F70 008B object_vm Beamos
0139A000 013B91B0 008C object_bv Barinade
013BA000 013C0AF0 008D object_hakach_objects Bottom of the Well Objects
013C1000 013C1AA0 008E object_efc_crystal_light [?]  ?
013C2000 013C2D00 008F object_efc_fire_ball Goddesses' Flame of Creation
013C3000 013C3010 0090 object_efc_flash [Blank]
013C4000 013C52D0 0091 object_efc_lgt_shower Goddess Light Dome
013C6000 013C77D0 0092 object_efc_star_field Light Beam & Rubble
013C8000 013CC350 0093 object_god_lgt Golden Goddesses
013CD000 013CE280 0094 object_light_ring Jagged-Edged Light Ring
013CF000 013D1910 0095 object_triforce_spot Triforce & Beam of Light
013D8000 013E4D10 0096 object_bdan_objects Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Objects
013E5000 013F16E0 0097 object_sd Soldiers
013F2000 01400FF0 0098 object_rd Redead & Gibdo
01401000 0140F3C0 0099 object_po_sisters Poe Sisters & Objects
01410000 01411AE0 009A object_heavy_object Golden Gauntlets Boulder
01412000 01423A00 009B object_gndd Ganondorf (Cutscenes)
01424000 01435670 009C object_fd Volvagia (Flying)
01436000 01448030 009D object_du Darunia
01449000 01450DE0 009E object_fw Flare Dancer
013D2000 013D7140 009F object_medal Medallions [Early]
01451000 01459B20 00A0 object_horse_link_child Child Epona
0145A000 01470620 00A1 object_spot02_objects Graveyard Objects
01471000 01472460 00A2 object_haka Gravestone
01473000 01486A80 00A3 object_ru1 Child Ruto
01487000 0148AC90 00A4 object_syokudai Torches
0148B000 0149CA90 00A5 object_fd2 Volvagia (Whack-a-Mole)
0149D000 014A60C0 00A6 object_dh Dead Hand & Hands
014A7000 014AEB50 00A7 object_rl Rauru
014AF000 014B02F0 00A8 object_efc_tw Time Block Disappearance Effect
014B1000 014B1010 00A9 object_demo_tre_lgt [Blank]
014B2000 014B2A20 00AA object_gi_key Item Model - Small Key
014B3000 014B4D00 00AB object_mir_ray Mirror Shield's Light Reflection
014B5000 014B6AA0 00AC object_brob Jelly Platform
014B7000 014BA680 00AD object_gi_jewel Item Model - Spiritual Stones
014BB000 014D3890 00AE object_spot09_obj Gerudo Valley Objects
014D4000 014E0A10 00AF object_spot18_obj Goron City Objects
014E1000 014E85C0 00B0 object_bdoor Boss Doors
014E9000 014EA830 00B1 object_spot17_obj Death Mountain Crater Objects
014EB000 014EEA20 00B2 object_shop_dungen Shop Shelves
014EF000 015071E0 00B3 object_nb Nabooru
01508000 01511070 00B4 object_mo Morpha
01512000 01514CA0 00B5 object_sb Shellblade
01515000 01515D20 00B6 object_gi_melody Item Model - Music Notes
01516000 015161F0 00B7 object_gi_heart Item Model - Recovery Heart
01517000 01517D10 00B8 object_gi_compass Item Model - Compass
01518000 01519010 00B9 object_gi_bosskey Item Model - Big Key
0151A000 0151F370 00BA object_gi_medal Item Model - Medallions
01520000 015211C0 00BB object_gi_nuts Item Model - Deku Nut
01522000 01537230 00BC object_sa Saria
01538000 015397B0 00BD object_gi_hearts Item Model - Heart Container & Piece of Heart
0153A000 0153ACB0 00BE object_gi_arrowcase Item Model - Quivers
0153B000 0153BE60 00BF object_gi_bombpouch Item Model - Bomb Bags
0153C000 01554C50 00C0 object_in Ingo
01555000 01567E30 00C1 object_tr Kotake & Koume
01568000 01569500 00C2 object_spot16_obj Death Mountain Trail Objects
0156A000 01570560 00C3 object_oE1s Mido II [Early]
01571000 01575E00 00C4 object_oE4s Red-Haired Kokiri Boy II [Early]
01576000 01580640 00C5 object_os_anime NPC Animations III
01581000 015818F0 00C6 object_gi_bottle Item Model - Empty Bottle
01582000 015826C0 00C7 object_gi_stick Item Model - Deku Stick
01583000 01584160 00C8 object_gi_map Item Model - Dungeon Map & Stone of Agony
01585000 015955A0 00C9 object_oF1d_map Goron, Medigoron, Biggoron
01596000 015A58D0 00CA object_ru2 Adult Ruto
015A6000 015A6D50 00CB object_gi_shield_1 Item Model - Deku Shield
015A7000 015AA510 00CC object_dekujr Deku Tree Sprout
015AB000 015AC1D0 00CD object_gi_magicpot Item Model - Magic Jars
015AD000 015ADCB0 00CE object_gi_bomb_1 Item Model - Bomb
015AE000 015B68A0 00CF object_oF1s Goron [Early]
015B7000 015C0EF0 00D0 object_ma2 Adult Malon
015C1000 015C2B70 00D1 object_gi_purse Item Model - Wallets
015C3000 015CDF70 00D2 object_hni Ingo's Horse & Archery Range Horse
015CE000 01608FB0 00D3 object_tw Twinrova
01609000 01609E00 00D4 object_rr Like Like
0160A000 0160CBF0 00D5 object_bxa Parasitic Tentacle & Tentacle Obstruction
0160D000 016109A0 00D6 object_anubice Anubis & Fire Trap
01611000 01612340 00D7 object_gi_gerudo Item Model - Gerudo Card
01613000 01614B10 00D8 object_gi_arrow Item Model - Arrows
01615000 016156A0 00D9 object_gi_bomb_2 Item Model - Bombchu
01616000 01617320 00DA object_gi_egg Item Model - Pocket & Weird Eggs
01618000 01618DF0 00DB object_gi_scale Item Model - Silver & Golden Scales
01619000 0161A070 00DC object_gi_shield_2 Item Model - Hylian Shield
0161B000 0161C560 00DD object_gi_hookshot Item Model - Hookshot & Longshot
0161D000 0161DBB0 00DE object_gi_ocarina Item Model - Ocarina of Time
0161E000 0161F470 00DF object_gi_milk Item Model - Lon Lon Milk
01620000 01628D80 00E0 object_ma1 Child Malon
01629000 0163A500 00E1 object_ganon Ganondorf (Boss)
0163B000 01655BB0 00E2 object_sst Bongo Bongo
01656000 01656000 00E3 object_ny Spike Trap [Duplicate]
00000000 00000000 00E4 [Removed]
01656000 01658170 00E5 object_ny Spike Trap
01659000 016644B0 00E6 object_fr Frog
01665000 01665C60 00E7 object_gi_pachinko Item Model - Fairy Slingshot
01666000 01666DA0 00E8 object_gi_boomerang Item Model - Boomerang
01667000 01667D30 00E9 object_gi_bow Item Model - Fairy Bow
01668000 01669180 00EA object_gi_glasses Item Model - Lens of Truth
0166A000 0166B8D0 00EB object_gi_liquid Item Model - Potions
0166C000 01673700 00EC object_ani Kakariko Rooftop Man
01674000 01677BA0 00ED object_demo_6k Chamber of the Sages Cutscene Objects
01678000 016792C0 00EE object_gi_shield_3 Item Model - Mirror Shield
0167A000 0167AE00 00EF object_gi_letter Item Model - Zelda's Letter
0167B000 0167CD00 00F0 object_spot15_obj Hyrule Castle Objects
0167D000 01699140 00F1 object_jya_obj Spirit Temple Objects
0169A000 0169B860 00F2 object_gi_clothes Item Model - Tunics
0169C000 0169C8C0 00F3 object_gi_bean Item Model - Magic Bean
0169D000 0169D950 00F4 object_gi_fish Item Model - Fish
0169E000 0169EB80 00F5 object_gi_saw Item Model - Poacher's Saw
0169F000 0169FCC0 00F6 object_gi_hammer Item Model - Megaton Hammer
016A0000 016A0C10 00F7 object_gi_grass Item Model - Reed Whistle
016A1000 016A18C0 00F8 object_gi_longsword Item Model - Giant's Knife & Biggoron's Sword
016A2000 016A4490 00F9 object_spot01_objects Kakariko Village Objects (Shared)
016A5000 016A5000 00FA object_md Mido [Duplicate]
016A5000 016AF150 00FB object_md Mido
016B0000 016B59C0 00FC object_km1 Red-Haired Kokiri Boy
016B6000 016BC8E0 00FD object_kw1 Red-Haired Kokiri Girl
016BD000 016C9040 00FE object_zo Zora
016CA000 016D26E0 00FF object_kz King Zora
016D3000 016D4470 0100 object_umajump Horse-Jumping Fence
016D5000 016D54C0 0101 object_masterkokiri Kokiri Shop Proprietor Animations
016D6000 016D8CA0 0102 object_masterkokirihead Kokiri Shop Proprietor's Head
016D9000 016D9110 0103 object_mastergolon Goron Shop Proprietor Animations
016DA000 016DA7A0 0104 object_masterzoora Zora Shop Proprietor Animations
016DB000 016E06B0 0105 object_aob Dog Lady
016E1000 017015D0 0106 object_ik Iron Knuckle
01702000 017079B0 0107 object_ahg Hylian Men I
01708000 0170A9D0 0108 object_cne Young Hylian Women
0170B000 0170C9F0 0109 object_gi_niwatori Item Model - Cuccos
0170D000 01715E30 010A object_skj Skull Kid
01716000 01716C80 010B object_gi_bottle_letter Item Model - Ruto's Letter
01717000 0171B190 010C object_bji Old Hylian Men
0171C000 01720290 010D object_bba Old Hylian Woman
01721000 01721C10 010E object_gi_ocarina_0 Item Model - Fairy Ocarina
01722000 01726780 010F object_ds Potion Shop Granny
01727000 0172DFB0 0110 object_ane Cucco Lady
0172E000 01733CC0 0111 object_boj Hylian Men II
01734000 01735660 0112 object_spot03_object Zora's River Objects
01736000 0173CD30 0113 object_spot07_object Zora's Domain Objects
0173D000 017404D0 0114 object_fz Freezard
01741000 01745F20 0115 object_bob Carpenter Boss's Wife
01746000 017504B0 0116 object_ge1 Gerudo in White
01751000 01751E50 0117 object_yabusame_point Minigame Points
01752000 01753BC0 0118 object_gi_boots_2 Item Model - Iron Boots
01754000 01754AC0 0119 object_gi_seed Item Model - Deku Seeds
01755000 01756280 011A object_gnd_magic Ganondorf's Magic Blast
01757000 01758390 011B object_d_elevator Stone Elevator Pillar
01759000 0175A760 011C object_d_hsblock Hookshot Pillar & Wall Target
0175B000 0175C800 011D object_d_lift Stone Moving Deku Tree Platform
0175D000 0175F6E0 011E object_mamenoki Magic Bean Objects
01760000 017618A0 011F object_goroiwa Rolling Boulder
00000000 00000000 0120 [Removed]
01762000 01769160 0121 object_toryo Carpenter Boss
0176A000 01772870 0122 object_daiku Carpenters
00000000 00000000 0123 [Removed]
01773000 01773DA0 0124 object_nwc Cucco Chick
01774000 01787890 0125 object_blkobj Dark Link's Illusion Room
01788000 017882D0 0126 object_gm Medigoron Animations
01789000 0178CDD0 0127 object_ms Magic Bean Seller
0178D000 01793270 0128 object_hs Carpenter Boss's Son
01794000 017951F0 0129 object_ingate Ingo's Ranch Gate
01796000 01798420 012A object_lightswitch Sun Switch
01799000 01799380 012B object_kusa Grass
0179A000 0179B9F0 012C object_tsubo Pot
0179C000 0179D960 012D object_gi_gloves Item Model - Silver & Golden Gauntlets
0179E000 0179E850 012E object_gi_coin Item Model - N Coins
0179F000 017A07B0 012F object_kanban Square Signpost
017A1000 017A25F0 0130 object_gjyo_objects Ganon's Castle Exterior Objects
017A3000 017B30C0 0131 object_owl Kaepora Gaebora
017B4000 017B9E00 0132 object_mk Lake Scientist
017BA000 017C0CA0 0133 object_fu Windmill Man
017C1000 017C1DF0 0134 object_gi_ki_tan_mask Item Model - Keaton Mask
017C2000 017C2A90 0135 object_gi_redead_mask Item Model - Redead Mask
017C3000 017C3CE0 0136 object_gi_skj_mask Item Model - Spooky Mask
017C4000 017C4F00 0137 object_gi_rabit_mask Item Model - Bunny Hood
017C5000 017C6860 0138 object_gi_truth_mask Item Model - Mask of Truth
017C7000 017C8170 0139 object_ganon_objects Ganon's Tower Objects
017C9000 017C9DB0 013A object_siofuki Water Spout (Small)
017CA000 017CAA80 013B object_stream Water Spout (Large)
017CB000 017D3070 013C object_mm Running Man
017D4000 017D7B90 013D object_fa Fado
017D8000 017DC670 013E object_os Happy Mask Salesman
017DD000 017DD970 013F object_gi_eye_lotion Item Model - Eyedrops
017DE000 017DEB80 0140 object_gi_powder Item Model - Odd Potion
017DF000 017DFCD0 0141 object_gi_mushroom Item Model - Odd Mushroom
017E0000 017E12A0 0142 object_gi_ticketstone Item Model - Claim Check
017E2000 017E2990 0143 object_gi_brokensword Item Model - Broken Goron's Sword & Giant's Knife
017E3000 017E8F30 0144 object_js Carpet Merchant
017E9000 017F1550 0145 object_cs Graveyard Boy
017F2000 017F2C20 0146 object_gi_prescription Item Model - Prescription
017F3000 017F3BF0 0147 object_gi_bracelet Item Model - Goron Bracelet
017F4000 017F44D0 0148 object_gi_soldout Item Model - SOLD OUT
017F5000 017F6110 0149 object_gi_frog Item Model - Eyeball Frog
017F7000 0181C940 014A object_mag Title Logo
0181D000 0181D9A0 014B object_door_gerudo Thieves' Hideout Cell Door
0181E000 018315F0 014C object_gt Ganon's Tower Exterior (Collapsing) Objects
01832000 018348F0 014D object_efc_erupc Death Mountain Eruption Effects
01835000 01840610 014E object_zl2_anime1 Adult Zelda Animations I
01841000 0184BAE0 014F object_zl2_anime2 Adult Zelda Animations II
0184C000 0184D7B0 0150 object_gi_golonmask Item Model - Goron Mask
0184E000 0184F630 0151 object_gi_zoramask Item Model - Zora Mask
01850000 01851400 0152 object_gi_gerudomask Item Model - Gerudo Mask
01852000 01887BF0 0153 object_ganon2 Ganon
01888000 0188E7C0 0154 object_ka Pierre & Bonooru
0188F000 01893FF0 0155 object_ts Treasure Chest Shop Proprietor
01894000 01895200 0156 object_zg Ganon's Tower Door Bars
01896000 01897E70 0157 object_gi_hoverboots Item Model - Hover Boots
01898000 01898E80 0158 object_gi_m_arrow Item Model - Magic Arrows
01899000 0189D270 0159 object_ds2 Potion Shop Proprietor
0189E000 018AA930 015A object_ec Ending Cutscene Animations
018AB000 018C05F0 015B object_fish Fishing Pond Objects
018C1000 018C1650 015C object_gi_sutaru Item Model - Gold Skulltula Token
018C2000 018C2C50 015D object_gi_goddess Item Model - Goddess Spells
018C3000 018C8C00 015E object_ssh Skulltula House Residents
018C9000 018CFBD0 015F object_bigokuta Big Octo
018D0000 018D72C0 0160 object_bg Bombchu Bowling Employee
018D8000 018D92F0 0161 object_spot05_objects Sacred Forest Meadow Objects
018DA000 018DC3C0 0162 object_spot12_obj Gerudo's Fortress Objects
018DD000 018DDB00 0163 object_bombiwa Bombable Boulder
018DE000 018E1140 0164 object_hintnuts Hint-Giving Deku Scrub
018E2000 018E6880 0165 object_rs Bombchu Shop Proprietor
018E7000 018E8E20 0166 object_spot00_break Hyrule Field Objects (Adult)
018E9000 018F2EF0 0167 object_gla Gerudo in Purple
018F3000 018F7590 0168 object_shopnuts Business Scrub
018F8000 019036F0 0169 object_geldb Gerudo Fighter & Second-in-Command
01904000 0190DC90 016A object_gr Cucco-Chasing Girl
0190E000 019152A0 016B object_dog Dog
01916000 01918660 016C object_jya_iron Destructable Iron Knuckle Objects
01919000 0191B280 016D object_jya_door Spirit Temple Door & Iron Bars
00000000 00000000 016E [Removed]
0191D000 0191EA90 016F object_spot11_obj Desert Colossus Objects
0191F000 019200C0 0170 object_kibako2 Large Wooden Crate
01921000 019247D0 0171 object_dns Forest Stage Judge
01925000 01927E30 0172 object_dnk Forest Stage Patron
01928000 01928FE0 0173 object_gi_fire Item Model - Blue Fire
01929000 01929BF0 0174 object_gi_insect Item Model - Bug
0192A000 0192ABD0 0175 object_gi_butterfly Item Model - Butterfly
0192B000 0192BDB0 0176 object_gi_ghost Item Model - Poe Soul
0192C000 0192CFB0 0177 object_gi_soul Item Model - Fairy's Spirit
0192D000 019304F0 0178 object_bowl Bombchu Bowling Alley Barriers
01938000 01946D10 0179 object_demo_kekkai Inside Ganon's Castle Objects
01947000 01948050 017A object_efc_doughnut Death Mountain Cloud Rings
01949000 0194A050 017B object_gi_dekupouch Item Model - Bullet Bags
0194B000 01956C40 017C object_ganon_anime1 Ganondorf Animations I
01957000 01967530 017D object_ganon_anime2 Ganondorf Animations II
01968000 0197C7F0 017E object_ganon_anime3 Ganondorf Animations III
0197D000 0197D800 017F object_gi_rupy Item Model - Rupees
0197E000 01981C90 0180 object_spot01_matoya Kakariko Village Objects (Adult)
01982000 019841E0 0181 object_spot01_matoyab Kakariko Village Objects (Child)
0198C000 01996E50 0182 object_mu Honey & Darling, Haggling Townspeople
01997000 019A1500 0183 object_wf Wolfos
019A2000 019A6810 0184 object_skb Stalchild
019A7000 019B1720 0185 object_gj Ganon's Lair Destructable Rubble
019B2000 019B2FB0 0186 object_geff Ganon's Lair Destructable Rubble Fragment
019B3000 019B6970 0187 object_haka_door Shadow Temple Door & Shutter
019B7000 019B7A80 0188 object_gs Gossip Stone
019B8000 019C4900 0189 object_ps Poe Collector
019C5000 019C6150 018A object_bwall Dodongo's Cavern Bombable Wall
019C9000 019CDEB0 018B object_cow Cow
019CE000 019D0210 018C object_cob Fat Woman in Blue & Yellow Vest
019D1000 019D1D20 018D object_gi_sword_1 Item Model - Kokiri Sword
019D2000 019D3BE0 018E object_door_killer Door Mimic
019D4000 019D4970 018F object_ouke_haka Royal Family's Tomb Door
019D5000 019D5B60 0190 object_timeblock Time Block
019D6000 019F2E20 0191 object_zl4 Child Zelda