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Object 0x0003
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00FC3000 00FDAAF0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 17AF0
NTSC 1.0 00F6D000 00F84AF0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 17AF0
PAL MQ 00F54000 00F6BAF0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 17AF0

gameplay_dangeon_keep is an object file that contains models and textures used globally within the game's dungeons. Its contents are identical in both NTSC 1.0 and the Debug ROM.

Start End Type Identification Ref. Notes Type Size
00000000 Texture Candle Flame [?] i8 16x32
00000200 Texture i8 16x32
00000440 D. List [Freeze] Calls textures from 0x0000 and 0x0200.
00000500 D. List Nothing [?] Calls texture from 0x05C0.
000005C0 Texture rgb5a1 16x16
000007C0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
00001100 D. List Door Lock
000011F0 D. List Door Chain
00001280 Texture Door Lock - Silver rgb5a1 32x32
00001A80 Texture Door Lock - Gold rgb5a1 32x32
00002280 Texture Door Chain rgb5a1 16x128
000032C0 D. List Item Drop - Bomb Bag [Early] Nothing [?]
00003350 Texture Gerudo Pushblock I i4 64x64
00003B50 Texture Gerudo Pushblock II i4 64x64
00004350 Texture Gerudo Pushblock III i4 64x64
00004CD0 D. List Cube with glitched, animated textures.
00005050 D. List Wooden Bridge
00005290 D. List Wooden Crate - Intact
00005380 D. List Wooden Crate - Fragment
00005450 D. List Item Drop - Kokiri Sword [Early]
00005520 D. List Item Drop - Small Magic Jar [Early]
000055F0 D. List Item Drop - Slingshot [Early]
00005800 D. List Floor Switch - Gold
00005AD0 D. List Floor Switch - Rusted
00005D50 D. List Floor Switch - Blue
00006170 D. List Floor Switch - Red
000063F0 D. List Hammer Switch [Early]
00006610 D. List Eye Switch - Gold Textures are screwed up.
00006810 D. List Eye Switch - Silver Textures are screwed up.
00006D10 D. List Switch - Base - Dark Grey [Freeze]
00006E60 D. List Switch - Crystal I
00007340 D. List Switch - Base - Light Grey [Freeze]
00007488 D. List Switch - Crystal II
000077B0 D. List Switch - Base & Crystal - Rainbow
000078A0 Texture Switch Base - Gerudo Design i8 32x32
00007CA0 Texture Switch Base - Plain i8 32x32
000080A0 Texture Hammer Switch - Square rgb5a1 32x32
000088A0 Texture Hammer Switch - Plain rgb5a1 32x32
000090A0 Texture Eye Switch - Gold & Closed rgb5a1 32x32
000098A0 Texture Eye Switch - Gold & Opening rgb5a1 32x32
0000A0A0 Texture Eye Switch - Gold & Closing rgb5a1 32x32
0000A8A0 Texture Eye Switch - Gold & Open rgb5a1 32x32
0000B0A0 Texture Eye Switch - Silver & Open rgb5a1 32x32
0000B8A0 Texture Eye Switch - Silver & Half-Open rgb5a1 32x32
0000C0A0 Texture Eye Switch - Silver & Closed rgb5a1 32x32
0000C8A0 Texture Floor Switch - Bronze - Gerudo Design rgb5a1 32x32
0000D0A0 Texture Floor Switch - Bronze - Plain rgb5a1 32x32
0000D8A0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
0000E0A0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
0000E8A0 Texture i8 32x32
0000ECA0 Texture i8 32x32
0000F0A0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
0000F8A0 Texture Wooden Bridge rgb5a1 64x32
000108A0 Texture Pot - Intact - Side rgb5a1 32x64
000118A0 Texture Pot - Intact - Mouth rgb5a1 16x16
00011AA0 Texture Pot - Fragment rgb5a1 16x16
00011CA0 Texture Wooden Crate - Intact rgb5a1 32x64
00012CA0 Texture Wooden Crate - Fragment rgb5a1 64x16
000134A0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
00013CA0 Texture ia16 4x4
00013CB0 Texture i4 64x64
000144B0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
00014CB0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
000154B0 Texture Item Drop - Kokiri Sword [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
00015CB0 Texture Item Drop - Small Magic Jar Early] rgb5a1 32x32
000164B0 Texture Item Drop - Bomb Bag [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
00016CB0 Texture Item Drop - Slingshot [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
00017870 D. List Pot - Intact Referenced by Obj_Kibako (Wooden Crate) for some reason...
00017A60 D. List Nothing [?] Referenced by Obj_Kibako (Wooden Crate) for some reason...