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Object Table
NTSC 1.00E7F5000B6EF5000B6FBE8800F8FF0800F9C88
PAL MQ0E4F5000B6CF5000B6DBE8800F5E50800F6AE8

The Object Table assigns an identifier to object files.


The table appears to start with the following variables:

/*0x00*/ short AdultLinkObjectNumber; //Object number for Adult Link's model
/*0x02*/ short ChildLinkObjectNumber; //Object number for Child Link's model
/*0x04*/ int NumberOfObjects = 0x192; //402 records in the table

Following that is the table itself:

FileAddress ObjectAddresses[NumberOfObjects];

struct FileAddress
    /*0x00*/ uint ObjectStart; //VRom Address
    /*0x04*/ uint ObjectEnd;   //VRom Address