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Object 0x00BC
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 01522000 01537230 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 15230
NTSC 1.0 014C3000 014D8230 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 15230
PAL MQ 014B3000 014C8230 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 15230

object_sa is the object file for Saria.

Display Lists

object_sa has 16 display lists in total. They are as follows:

Display List Offset Identification
0x06006BF8 Head
0x06007900 Left Hand
0x06007A40 Right Hand
0x06007B80 Right Hand + Fairy Ocarina
0x06009918 Torso
0x06009AA8 Right Shoulder
0x06009C70 Right Forearm
0x06009DA8 Left Shoulder
0x06009F70 Left Forearm
0x0600A0A8 Waist
0x0600A300 Right Thigh
0x0600A550 Right Shin
0x0600A810 Right Foot
0x0600A9D0 Left Thigh
0x0600AC20 Left Shin
0x0600AEE0 Left Foot


object_sa has 15 limbs in total. They are as follows:

<tree> Hierarchy, 0x0600B1A0 = Root Limb 0, NULL Limb 1, 0x0600A0A8 = Waist Limb 2, 0x0600A9D0 = Left Thigh Limb 3, 0x0600AC20 = Left Shin Limb 4, 0x0600AEE0 = Left Foot Limb 5, 0x0600A300 = Right Thigh Limb 6, 0x0600A550 = Right Shin Limb 7, 0x0600A810 = Right Foot Limb 8, 0x06009918 = Torso Limb 9, 0x06009DA8 = Left Shoulder Limb 10, 0x06009F70 = Left Forearm Limb 11, 0x06007900 = Left Hand Limb 12, 0x06009AA8 = Right Shoulder Limb 13, 0x06009C70 = Right Forearm Limb 14, 0x06007A40 = Right Hand Limb 15, 0x06006BF8 = Head </tree>


object_sa has 22 textures in total. They are as follows:

Texture Offset Size Format Palette Identification
0x060023F0 0x0100 ci8 0x060021F0 Boots
0x060024F0 0x0040 ci8 0x060021F0 Solid Green
0x06002570 0x0100 ci8 0x060021F0 Knee
0x06002670 0x0100 ci8 0x060021F0 Torso
0x06002770 0x0100 ci8 0x060021F0 Belt
0x060029F0 0x0080 ci8 0x060021F0 Sleeve
0x06002EC8 0x0080 ci8 0x06002A70 Hair
0x06002F48 0x0400 ci8 0x06002B00 Open Eye
0x06003348 0x0200 ci8 0x06002CF8 Closed Mouth
0x06003548 0x0040 ci8 0x06002A70 Skin
0x06003548 0x0200 ci8 0x06002CF8 Unused Closed Mouth
0x06003788 0x0040 ci8 0x06002A70 Ear
0x060037C8 0x0040 ci8 0x060021F0 Collar/Headband
0x06003808 0x0040 ci8 0x06002A70 Hand
0x06003848 0x0400 ci8 0x06002B00 Closed Eye
0x06003C48 0x0400 ci8 0x06002B00 Half-Open Eye
0x06004048 0x0400 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Fairy Ocarina
0x06004448 0x0200 ci8 0x06002CF8 Open Smiling Mouth
0x06004648 0x01E0 ci8 0x06002CF8 Frowning Mouth
0x06004848 0x0400 ci8 0x06002B00 Suprised Eye
0x06004C48 0x0200 ci8 0x06002CF8 Open Gasping Mouth
0x06004E48 0x0400 ci8 0x06002B00 Sad Eye


object_sa has 29 animations in total. They are as follows:

Animation Offset OoT3D Filename OoT3D Filename Translation Identification Frames
0x06001334 Anim/km_saria.csab Chamber of Sages - Saria Sealing Ganon 75
0x06001D50 Anim/sa_okarina.csab Ocarina Bringing ocarina to lips 42
0x060021D8 Anim/saria_matteru_wait.csab Waiting - Wait Standing Loop (Arms to Side) 24
0x0600BAEC Anim/sa_okarina_hanasi_wait.csab Ocarina - Talk - Wait Playing ocarina on log, head bobbing 65
0x0600C500 Anim/sa_okarina_hanasi.csab Ocarina - Talk Stops playing ocarina to talk 42
0x0600CFD8 Anim/sa_umai_okarina.csab Great - Ocarina Finishes teaching song to Link 40
0x0600D7E8 Anim/sa_hanasi_modoru.csab Talk - Return Returns to playing ocarina 30
0x0600DF80 Anim/saria_banzai.csab Granting Link the Forest Medallion 30
0x0600E500 Anim/saria_banzai_wait.csab Granting Link the Forest Medallion (wait) 30
0x0600E908 Anim/saria_demo_aogimi.csab Cutscene - Look Up Looks up to wave at Link 11
0x0600EBB0 Anim/saria_demo_run.csab Cutscene - Run Running towards Link's house 14
0x0600F1D4 Anim/saria_demo_yahho.csab Cutscene - Yahoo Waving at Link 20
0x0600F580 Anim/saria_end_modoru.csab Ending - Return Sitting on Darunia's shoulders 19
0x0600FCE0 Anim/saria_end_miorosi.csab Ending - Overlook Sitting on Darunia's shoulders 43
0x0600FFD4 Anim/saria_end_wait.csab Sitting on Darunia's shoulders (wait) 24
0x06010C44 Anim/saria_furikaeru.csab Look Back (Unused?) Suprised, looks over shoulder 40
0x0601113C Anim/saria_hasi_wait.csab Bridge - Wait Waiting on Lost Woods bridge 24
0x06011580 Anim/saria_kihon_to_matteru.csab Normal to Waiting Puts hands behind back 14
0x0601186C Anim/sa_umai.csab Great Oh, wow, a fairy! 9
0x06011C38 Anim/saria_kihon_to_okoru.csab Normal to Angry Puts hands on hips 11
0x06012100 Anim/sa_matsu.csab Wait Hands behind back, tapping foot 24
0x0601291C Anim/saria_kihon_to_odoroki.csab Normal to Surprised Hand clasped to chest 27
0x06013008 Anim/saria_odoroki_wait.csab Surprised - Wait Oh wow, a fairy! Loop 24
0x060135EC Anim/saria_ok_ageru.csab Ocarina - Give Giving Link the Fairy Ocarina 19
0x06013CD8 Anim/saria_ok_ageru_wait.csab Ocarina - Give - Wait Holding out the Fairy Ocarina (wait) 24
0x060140BC Anim/saria_ok_motsu_wait.csab Ocarina - Hold - Wait Holding the Fairy Ocarina (wait) 24
0x06014470 Anim/saria_okoru_wait.csab Angry - Wait Hands on hips (wait) 24
0x06014850 Anim/saria_odoroki_to_kihon.csab Surprised to Normal Oh, wow, a fairy! Similar 13
0x06015220 Anim/saria_uresi.csab Happy Puts hands on face 33