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Object 0x00E0
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 01620000 01628D80 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 8D80
NTSC 1.0 015C0000 015C8D80 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 8D80
PAL MQ 015B1000 015B9D80 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 8D80

object_ma1 is the object file that contains the graphical data for Child Malon.


VROM Start Type ID Notes
0244 Animation
0820 Animation Idle
0830 Texture Palette
0A30 Texture Dress Palette: 0830
0AB0 Texture Fingers
0CB0 Texture Bowser Brooch
10B0 Texture Scarf Palette: 0830
10F0 Texture Boots Palette: 0830
14F0 Texture Palette
15B0 Texture Palette
1718 Texture Arms, Leg, Neck, Part of Face
1798 Texture Part of Face
1818 Texture Ears
1A18 Texture Hair Palette: 14F0
1B18 Texture Eyes: Open Palette: 15B0
1F18 Texture Mouth: Closed
2318 Texture Eyes: Semi-Closed Palette: 15B0
2718 Texture Eyes: Closed Palette: 15B0
2B18 Texture Mouth: Open
2F18 Texture Mouth: Lips Pursed(?)
4148 Display List Head Limb 14
6C68 Display List Lower Skirt(?) Limb 17
6DD8 Display List Upper Skirt(?) Limb 16
6F10 Display List Torso Limb 7
7360 Display List Right Shoulder Limb 11
7518 Display List Right Forearm Limb 12
7628 Display List Right Hand Limb 13
77D0 Display List Left Shoulder Limb 8
7988 Display List Left Forearm Limb 9
7A98 Display List Left Hand Limb 10
7C40 Display List Waist Limb 0
7D40 Display List Right Thigh Limb 4
7D98 Display List Right Shin Limb 5
7EF8 Display List Right Foot Limb 6
8040 Display List Left Thigh Limb 1
8098 Display List Left Shin Limb 2
81F8 Display List Left Foot Limb 3
8460 File Offsets Hierarchy Start 18 Limbs, 17 Display Lists
8D64 Animation Singing