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Object 0x00D0
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 015B7000 015C0EF0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 9EF0
NTSC 1.0 01558000 01561EF0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 9EF0
PAL MQ 01548000 01551EF0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 9EF0

object_ma2 is the object file that contains the graphical data for Adult Malon.


VROM Start Type ID Notes
07D4 Animation Idle
07F0 Texture Palette
09F0 Texture Fingers
0BF0 Texture Blouse Palette: 07F0
0CF0 Texture Sleeves Palette: 07F0
0D70 Texture Scarf Palette: 07F0
0DB0 Texture Bowser Brooch
11B0 Texture Skirt Palette: 07F0
12B0 Texture Apron
16B0 Texture Skirt Edges Palette: 07F0
18B0 Texture Boots Palette: 07F0
1CB0 Texture Belt Palette: 07F0
1EB0 Texture Palette
1F70 Texture Palette
2170 Texture Arms, Neck, Chin, Nose Bridge
21F0 Texture Head
2270 Texture Ears
2470 Texture Hair Palette: 1EB0
2570 Texture Eyes: Open Palette: 1F70
2970 Texture Mouth: Smiling Palette: 1F70
2B70 Texture Bucket Exterior
2C70 Texture Eyes: Semi-Closed Palette: 1F70
3070 Texture Eyes: Closed Palette: 1F70
3470 Texture Bucket Contents
3570 Texture Mouth: Frown Palette: 1F70
3770 Texture Mouth: Open Palette: 1F70
4BE0 Display List Head Limb 17
5420 Display List Bucket
7568 Display List Torso Limb 10
7980 Display List Right Shoulder Limb 14
7BB0 Display List Right Forearm Limb 15
7CA8 Display List Right Hand Limb 16
7E40 Display List Left Shoulder Limb 11
8070 Display List Left Forearm Limb 12
8168 Display List Left Hand Limb 13
8300 Display List Skirt Limb 9
8530 Display List Waist Limb 8
87A0 Display List Right Thigh Limb 5
87F8 Display List Right Shin Limb 6
88E8 Display List Right Foot Limb 7
8A08 Display List Left Thigh Limb 2
8A60 Display List Left Shin Limb 3
8B50 Display List Left Foot Limb 4
8D90 File Offsets Hierarchy Start 18 Limbs, 16 Display Lists
92F0 Animation Singing to Idle Transition
93BC Animation Holding Bucket(?)
9EE0 Animation Singing