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Object 0x0032
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 011C1000 011CF800 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} E800
NTSC 1.0 01169000 01177800 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} E800
PAL MQ 01152000 01160800 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} E800

object_sk2 is the object file for Stalfos.

Display Lists

object_sk2 has 24 display lists in total. They are as follows:

Display List Offset Identification
0x060053D0 Head
0x06005720 Third Vertebrae (From the Top)
0x060057B8 Right Shoulder (Bone)
0x06005890 Fourth Vertebrae (From the Top)
0x06005970 Right Thigh
0x06005A18 Right Fist
0x06005AD8 Torso
0x06005B90 Jaw
0x06005C78 First Vertebrae (From the Top)
0x06005D08 Second Vertebrae (From the Top)
0x06005DA0 Shield
0x06005EA0 Waist
0x06005FA8 Right Shin
0x06006110 Right Forearm
0x06006208 Right Foot
0x06006308 Right Shoulder (Armor)
0x060063D8 Left Shoulder (Bone)
0x060064B0 Left Shoulder (Armor)
0x06006580 Left Foot
0x06006680 Left Forearm
0x06006778 Left Shin
0x060068E0 Left Thigh
0x06006988 Left Fist
0x06006A48 Sword


object_sk2 has 59 limbs in total. They are as follows:

Hierarchy, 0x06007C28 = Root
	Limb 0, NULL
		Limb 1, NULL
			Limb 2, NULL
				Limb 3, NULL
					Limb 4, NULL
						Limb 5, NULL
							Limb 6, NULL
								Limb 7, NULL
									Limb 8, NULL
										Limb 9, 0x06005B90 = Jaw
							Limb 10, 0x060053D0 = Head
							Limb 11, 0x06005C78 = First Vertebrae (From the Top)
						Limb 12, 0x06005D08 = Second Vertebrae (From the Top)
					Limb 13, 0x06005720 = Third Vertebrae (From the Top)
					Limb 14, 0x06005AD8 = Torso
					Limb 15, NULL
						Limb 16, NULL
							Limb 17, 0x06006308 = Right Shoulder (Armor)
					Limb 18, NULL
						Limb 19, NULL
							Limb 20, 0x060064B0 = Left Shoulder (Armor)
					Limb 21, NULL
						Limb 22, NULL
							Limb 23, NULL
								Limb 24, NULL
									Limb 25, 0x06006988 = Left Fist
									Limb 26, 0x06005DA0 = Shield
								Limb 27, 0x06006680 = Left Forearm
							Limb 28, 0x060063D8 = Left Shoulder (Bone)
					Limb 29, NULL
						Limb 30, NULL
							Limb 31, NULL
								Limb 32, NULL
									Limb 33, 0x06006A48 = Sword
									Limb 34, 0x06005A18 = Right Fist
								Limb 35, 0x06006110 = Right Forearm
							Limb 36, 0x060057B8 = Right Shoulder (Bone)
				Limb 37, 0x06005890 = Fourth Vertebrae (From the Top)
		Limb 38, NULL
			Limb 39, NULL
				Limb 40, NULL
					Limb 41, NULL
						Limb 42, NULL
							Limb 43, NULL
								Limb 44, NULL
									Limb 45, NULL
										Limb 46, NULL
											Limb 47, 0x06006580 = Left Foot
								Limb 48, 0x06006778 = Left Shin
							Limb 49, 0x060068E0 = Left Thigh
					Limb 50, NULL
						Limb 51, NULL
							Limb 52, NULL
								Limb 53, NULL
									Limb 54, NULL
										Limb 55, NULL
											Limb 56, 0x06006208 = Right Foot
								Limb 57, 0x06005FA8 = Right Shin
							Limb 58, 0x06005970 = Right Thigh
				Limb 59, 0x06005EA0 = Waist


object_sk2 has 12 textures in total. They are as follows:

Texture Offset Size Format Palette Identification
0x06006BA8 0x0200 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Eye Socket
0x06006DA8 0x0080 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Eye
0x06006E28 0x0020 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Bone Fade to Black
0x06006E48 0x0080 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Nostrils
0x06006EC8 0x0080 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Bone
0x06006F48 0x0200 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Ribcage
0x06007148 0x0200 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Ripped Cloth
0x06007348 0x0200 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Shield/Sword Hilt/Armor
0x06007548 0x0200 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Wrinkled Cloth
0x06007748 0x0080 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Shield Back
0x060077C8 0x0020 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Sword Reflection
0x060077E8 0x0080 rgba16/rgb5a1 NULL Top of Waist


object_sk2 has 21 animations in total. They are as follows:

Animation Offset OoT3D Filename OoT3D Filename Translation Identification Frames
0x06000444 Anim/skelton_back_damage.csab Damaged from Back 8
0x06001420 Anim/skelton_back_down.csab Died, Knocked onto Back 33
0x06001978 Anim/skelton_back_jump.csab Jumping Backwards 10
0x06001C30 Anim/skelton_defend.csab Putting Up Shield 3
0x06002188 Standing Upright 10
0x060026D4 Anim/skelton_fighting_run.csab Running Forward 10
0x0600316C Anim/skelton_fighting_wait.csab Waiting 27
0x060081B4 Anim/skelton_fighting_walk.csab Walking Forward 13
0x06008604 Anim/skelton_front_damage.csab Damaged from Front 9
0x06009A90 Anim/skelton_front_down.csab Died, Falls Forward onto Knees 41
0x06009E50 Anim/skelton_jump.csab Falling into battle 6
0x0600A324 Anim/skelton_jump_kiru.csab Jump Cut Jump Attack (Draw Back) 8
0x0600A99C Anim/skelton_jump_kiru_end.csab Jump Cut End Jump Attack (Slash) 12
0x0600B00C Anim/skelton_kiru.csab Cut Slash 12
0x0600B4E4 Anim/skelton_kiru_end.csab Cut End Stab 8
0x0600BE4C Anim/skelton_kiru_finsh.csab Cut Finish Stab and Draw Back (Slash) 19
0x0600C438 Anim/skelton_landing.csab Landing 12
0x0600C8A0 Anim/skelton_laugh.csab Laughing 13
0x0600DCF0 Anim/skelton_fight_wait2wait.csab Looking Around 53
0x0600E2B0 Anim/skelton_side_walk.csab Side Walking 15
0x0600E7E4 Returning to Battle Stance from Standing Upright 10


Start End Description
0x0000 0x02D4 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x0444)
0x02D4 0x0444 Rotation/Translation index
0x0444 0x0454 Animation header (0x0000-0x02D4)
0x0450 0x0460 empty/unused
0x0460 0x12B0 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x1420)
0x12B0 0x1420 Rotation/Translation index
0x1420 0x1430 Animation header (0x0460-0x12B0)
0x1430 0x1808 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x1978)
0x1808 0x1978 Rotation/Translation index
0x1978 0x1988 Animation header (0x1430-0x1808)
0x1988 0x1990 empty/unused
0x1990 0x1AB0 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x1C20)
0x1AB0 0x1C20 Rotation/Translation index
0x1C20 0x1C30 Animation header (0x1990-0x1AB0)
0x1C30 0x2018 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x2188)
0x2018 0x2188 Rotation/Translation index
0x2188 0x2198 Animation header (0x1C30-0x2018)
0x2198 0x21A0 empty/unused
0x21A0 0x2564 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x26D4)
0x2564 0x26D4 Rotation/Translation index
0x26D4 0x26E4 Animation header (0x21A0-0x2564)
0x26E4 0x26F0 empty/unused
0x26F0 0x2FFC Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x316C)
0x2FFC 0x316C Rotation/Translation index
0x316C 0x317C Animation header (0x26F0-0x2FFC)
0x3180 0x53CF Mesh vertecies
0x53D0 0x5720 Skull model data
0x5720 0x57B8 Bone A model data
0x57B8 0x5890 Bone B model data
0x5890 0x5970 Bone C model data
0x5970 0x5A18 Bone D model data
0x5A18 0x5AD8 Unknown model data
0x5AD8 0x5B90 Ribs model data
0x5B90 0x5C78 Jaw model data
0x5C78 0x5D08 Bone E model data
0x5D08 0x5DA0 Bone F model data
0x5DA0 0x5EA0 Sheild model data
0x5EA0 0x5FA8 Skirt model data?
0x5FA8 0x6110 Bone + clothes(?) model data
0x6110 0x6208 Clothes(?) model data
0x6208 0x6308 Shoe(?) model data
0x6308 0x63D8 Unknown model data
0x63D8 0x64B0 Bone G model data
0x64B0 0x6580 Unknown model data
0x6580 0x6680 Shoe(?) model data
0x6680 0x6778 Clothes(?) model data
0x6778 0x68E0 Bone + clothes(?) model data
0x68E0 0x6988 Bone H model data
0x6988 0x6A48 Unknown model data
0x6A48 0x6BA8 Sword model data
0x6BA8 0x6DA8 16x16 16-bit rgba texture
0x6DA8 0x6E28 8x8 16-bit rgba texture
0x6E28 0x6E48 4x4 16-bit rgba texture
0x6E48 0x6EC8 8x8 16-bit rgba texture
0x6EC8 0x6F48 8x8 16-bit rgba texture
0x6F48 0x7148 16x16 16-bit rgba texture
0x7148 0x7348 16x16 16-bit rgba texture
0x7348 0x7548 16x16 16-bit rgba texture
0x7548 0x7748 16x16 16-bit rgba texture
0x7748 0x77C8 8x8 16-bit rgba texture
0x77C8 0x77E8 4x4 16-bit rgba texture
0x77E8 0x7868 8x8 16-bit rgba texture
0x7868 0x7B3C Limb data
0x7B3C 0x7C30 Limb data pointers
0x7C30 0x8044 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x81B0)
0x8044 0x81B0 Rotation/Translation index
0x81B0 0x81C4 Animation header (0x7C30-0x8044)
0x81C4 0x81D0 empty/unused
0x81D0 0x8494 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x8604)
0x8494 0x8604 Rotation/Translation index
0x8604 0x8614 Animation header (0x81D0-0x8494)
0x8614 0x8620 empty/unused
0x8620 0x9920 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x9A90)
0x9920 0x9A90 Rotation/Translation index
0x9A90 0x9AA0 Animation header (0x8620-0x9920)
0x9AA0 0x9CE0 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0x9E50)
0x9CE0 0x9E50 Rotation/Translation index
0x9E50 0x9E60 Animation header (0x9AA0-0x9CE0)
0x9E60 0xA1B4 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xA324)
0xA1B4 0xA324 Rotation/Translation index
0xA324 0xA334 Animation header (0x9E60-0xA1B4)
0xA334 0xA340 empty/unused
0xA340 0xA82C Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xA99C)
0xA82C 0xA99C Rotation/Translation index
0xA99C 0xA9AC Animation header (0xA340-0xA82C)
0xA9AC 0xA9B0 empty/unused
0xA9B0 0xAE9C Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xB00C)
0xAE9C 0xB00C Rotation/Translation index
0xB00C 0xB01C Animation header (0xA9B0-0xAE9C)
0xB01C 0xB020 empty/unused
0xB020 0xB374 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xB4E4)
0xB374 0xB4E4 Rotation/Translation index
0xB4E0 0xB4F4 Animation header (0xB020-0xB374)
0xB4F4 0xB500 empty/unused
0xB500 0xBCDC Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xBE4C)
0xBCDC 0xBE4C Rotation/Translation index
0xBE4C 0xBE5C Animation header (0xB500-0xBCDC)
0xBE5C 0xBE60 empty/unused
0xBE60 0xC2C8 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xC438)
0xC2C8 0xC438 Rotation/Translation index
0xC438 0xC448 Animation header (0xBE60-0xC2C8)
0xC448 0xC450 empty/unused
0xC450 0xC730 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xC8A0)
0xC730 0xC8A0 Rotation/Translation index
0xC8A0 0xC8B0 Animation header (0xC450-0xC730)
0xC8B0 0xDB80 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xDCF0)
0xDB80 0xDCF0 Rotation/Translation index
0xDCF0 0xDD00 Animation header (0xC8B0-0xDB80)
0xDD00 0xE140 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xE2B0)
0xE140 0xE2B0 Rotation/Translation index
0xE2B0 0xE2C0 Animation header (0xDD00-0xE140)
0xE2C0 0xE674 Rotation/Translation variables (for animation 0xE7E4)
0xE674 0xE7E4 Rotation/Translation index
0xE7E4 0xE7F4 Animation header (0xE2C0-0xE674)
0xE7F4 0xE800 empty/unused