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Thanks and Credit goes to Flotonic and Twilight for making this.


Filename Identification Limb Count (Hex)
object_link_child Child Link 15
object_link_boy Adult Link 15


Filename Description Limbs (Hex)
object_jj Jabu Jabu 15
object_im Impa 10
object_ta Talon 10
object_tk Dampé 11
object_xc Shiek 10
object_sd Hylian Guard 10
object_du Darunia 11
object_ru1 Child Ruto 10
object_rl Rauru 0A
object_nb Nabooru 12
object_sa Saria 10
object_in Ingo 13
object_oF1d_map Goron 11
object_ru2 Adult Ruto 16
object_ma2 Adult Malon 12
object_ma1 Child Malon 12
object_fr Singing Frogs 17
object_md Mido 10
object_km1 Kokiri Guys 0F
object_kw1 Kokiri Twins 0F
object_zo Zora 13
object_kz King Zora 0B
object_dekujr Deku Tree Junior NONE
object_ani Guy on Roof 0F
object_masterkokirihead Kokiri Shopkeeper Head NONE
object_aob Puppy Woman 0F
object_ahg Bearded Man in White Shirt 0F
object_cne Blue-Dress Woman in Market 0F
object_skj Skull Kid (is also an enemy) 12
object_bji Old Man in Hyrule Market 0F
object_bba Old Lady in Hyrule Market 0F
object_ds Witch with Tiger 05
object_ane Anju 0F
object_boj Laughing Men/Sakon/Beggar 0F
object_ge1 Gerudo Guard (at gates) 0F
object_toryo Carpenter Boss 10
object_daiku Carpenters 10
object_ms Magic Bean Seller 08
object_hs Carpenter's Son 0F
object_owl Kaepora Gaebora (Mr. Owl) 14, 0F
object_mk Lakeside Laboratory Guy 0C
object_fu Windmill Hut Guy (Guru-Guru) 0F
object_mm Running Man 0F
object_fa Fado's Head NONE
object_os Happy Mask Salesman 08
object_js Carpet Merchant 0C
object_cs Graveyard Kid 0F
object_ka Scarecrows 1B
object_ts Treasure Chest Shop Man 08
object_ds2 Potion Shop Owner 08
object_rs Bomb Shop Guy 08
object_gla Gerudo Fortress Guard 15
object_gr Girl Chasing Cucco 10
object_dns Deku Mask Competition Judge 0C
object_dnk Deku Mask Competition Fan 0A
object_ps Poe Collector 0B
object_cob Castle Town NPC Woman 0F
object_zl4 Child Zelda v2 11
object_zl1 Child Zelda v1 11
object_zl2 Adult Zelda 0E
object_ossan Bazaar Man 08
object_dy_obj Great Fairy + Beta Blue Fairy 1B
object_bg Bombchu Bowling Alley Lady 0A
object_mu Shopping People in Market 0F, 14
object_ssh Skulltula Family (Skulltula form) 1D

Beta NPCs

Limb Count (Hex)
object_human Aria
object_oA1 Beta Man on Roof 26
object_oB1 Beta Bazaar Shopkeeper 26
object_oA2 Beta Zora 26
object_oE1 Beta Mido v1 26
object_oE2 Beta Kokiri Girl v1 26
object_oA4 Beta Laughing Man (resembles object_boj) 26
object_oA5 Beta NPC Woman (resembles object_cne) 26
object_oA6 Beta NPC (Blue Shirt with Orange Shoes) 26
object_oA7 Beta NPC (Female?) (Dressed funky.) 26
object_oA8 Beta Old Man (resembles object_bji) 26
object_oA9 Beta Man Head in Hood NONE
object_oB2 Beta Bearded Man 26
object_oB3 Beta NPC Woman 26
object_oB4 Beta NPC (resembles object_cob) 26
object_oE3 Beta Saria 26
object_oE4 Beta Kokiri Boy v1 26
object_oE5 Beta Fado 26
object_oE6 Beta Kokiri Girl Head (Shorter Hair) NONE
object_oE7 Beta Kokiri Guy Head (Shocked Face) NONE
object_oE8 Beta Kokiri Girl Head (Orange Hair) NONE
object_oE9 Beta Kokiri Guy Head (Longer Hair) NONE
object_oE10 Beta Kokiri Guy Head (Fatter) NONE
object_oE11 Beta Kokiri Guy Head (Slimmer) NONE
object_oE12 Fado's Head (more prerelease) NONE
object_oA10 Beta Hylian Guard 26
object_oA11 Beta Hylian Guard (corrupt version of above) 26
object_oE1s Beta Mido v2 26
object_oE4s Beta Kokiri Boy v2 26
object_bob HIDEOUS Female NPC (Beta?) 26
object_oF1s Prerelease/Beta Goron 26
object_oA3 Prerelease Impa's Head


Filename Description Limbs (Hex)
object_okuta Octorok 25
object_poh Poe 14
object_wallmaster Wallmaster/Floormaster 18
object_firefly Keese 1B
object_dodongo Dodongo 1E
object_tite Tektite 18
object_reeba Leever 11
object_peehat Peahat 17
object_zf Lizalfols and Dinolfols 30, 30
object_gol Ghoma Larva 17
object_torch2 Dark Link 15
object_bubble Shabom (Bubble Enemy) NONE
object_dodojr Baby Dodongo 0E
object_bl Biri 04
object_tp Tailpasaran NONE
object_st Skulltula 1D
object_bw Fireslug 0B
object_ei Stinger 12
object_mb Moblin 1B, 1B
object_sk2 Stalfos 3C
object_am Armos Statue 0D
object_dekubaba Deku Baba 07
object_dekunuts Mad Scrub (Deku Scrub) 18
object_vali Bari 1C
object_Bb Bubble (flying skull) 0F
object_trap Spike Trap NONE
object_vm Beamos 0A
object_rd Redead + Gibdo 19, 19
object_po_sisters Poe Sisters 0B
object_sb ShellBlade (Clam) 08
object_rr Like Like NONE
object_anubice Anubis 0F
object_ny Spiky Ball (Spike) NONE
object_ik Iron Knuckle 1D, 1D
object_fz Freezard NONE
object_bigokuta Giant Octorok 13
object_hintnuts Hint-giving Deku Scrub 18
object_shopnuts Deku Salesman 11
object_geldb Gerudo Fighter 17
object_po_composer Poe Composer Brothers 0B
object_wf Wolfos 15, 15
object_skb Stalchild 13
object_crow Guay 08
object_goroiwa Rolling Boulder NONE
object_door_killer Fake door 08
object_fw Flare Dancer 1A, 0A
object_po_field Field Poe 09


Filename Identification Limb Count (Hex)
object_kingdodongo King Dodongo 30
object_goma Ghoma 55
object_gnd Phantom Ganon (Broken?)
object_fhg Phantom Ganon 35
object_gndd Ganondorf 17
object_fd2 Volvagia 24
object_dh Dead Hand 03, 0F
object_mo Morpha NONE
object_tr Kotake + Koume 1A, 1A
object_tw Twinrova 1A, 1A, 2B
object_ganon Transforming Ganondorf 19
object_sst Bongo Bongo 1A, 1A, 2C
object_ganon2 Ganon 2E
object_bv Barinade 04, 3F, 0C, 0A, 08, 07

GI Objects

object_b_heart = GI Heart Piece
object_gi_key = GI Small Key
object_gi_jewel = GI Spiritual Stones
object_gi_heart = GI Recovery Heart (restores a full heart)
object_gi_compass = GI Compass
object_gi_bosskey = GI Boss Key
object_gi_medal = GI Medallions
object_gi_nuts = GI Deku Nut
object_gi_hearts = GI Heart Container
object_gi_arrowcase = GI Quiver
object_gi_bombpouch = GI Bomb Bag
object_gi_bottle = GI Bottle
object_gi_stick = GI Deku Stick
object_gi_map = GI Stone of Agony + GI Dungeon Map
object_gi_shield_1 = GI Deku Shield
object_gi_magicpot = GI Magic Pot/Vase
object_gi_bomb_1 = GI Bomb
object_gi_purse = GI Rupee Bags
object_gi_gerudo = GI Gerudo's Card
object_gi_arrow = GI Arrows
object_gi_bomb_2 = GI Bombchu
object_gi_egg = GI Egg
object_gi_scale = GI Golden/Silver Scale
object_gi_shield_2 = GI Hylian Shield
object_gi_hookshot = GI Hookshot + GI Longshot
object_gi_ocarina = GI Ocarina of Time
object_gi_milk = GI Lon Lon Milk
object_gi_pachinko = GI Fairy Slingshot
object_gi_boomerang = GI Boomerang
object_gi_bow = GI Fairy Bow
object_gi_glasses = GI Lens of Truth
object_gi_liquid = GI Potions
object_gi_shield_3 = GI Mirror Shield
object_gi_letter = GI Zelda's Letter
object_gi_clothes = GI Tunics
object_gi_bean = GI Magic Beans
object_gi_fish = GI Fish
object_gi_saw = GI Carpenter's Saw
object_gi_hammer = GI Megaton Hammer
object_gi_grass = GI Beta Reed Whistle
object_gi_longsword = GI Biggoron's Sword/Giant's Knife
object_gi_niwatori = GI Cucco
object_gi_bottle_letter = GI Bottled Letter
object_gi_ocarina_0 = GI Fairy Ocarina
object_gi_boots_2 = GI Iron Boots
object_gi_seed = GI Deku Seeds
object_gi_gloves = GI Gauntlets
object_gi_ki_tan_mask = GI Keaton Mask
object_gi_redead_mask = GI Redead Mask
object_gi_skj_mask = GI Skull Mask
object_gi_rabit_mask = GI Bunny Hood
object_gi_truth_mask = GI Mask of Truth
object_gi_eye_lotion = GI Eye Drops
object_gi_powder = GI Magic Powder
object_gi_mushroom = GI Magic Mushroom
object_gi_ticketstone = GI Biggoron Sword Deed
object_gi_brokensword = GI Broken Giant's Knife
object_gi_prescription = GI Eye Drops Prescription
object_gi_bracelet = GI Goron Bracelet
object_gi_frog = GI Eyeball Frog
object_gi_golonmask = GI Goron Mask
object_gi_zoramask = GI Zora Mask
object_gi_gerudomask = GI Gerudo Mask
object_gi_hoverboots = GI Hover Boots
object_gi_m_arrow = GI Magic Arrow
object_gi_sutaru = GI Golden Skulltula Medallion
object_gi_goddess = GI Goddess Spell
object_gi_fire = GI Blue Fire
object_gi_insect = GI Bug
object_gi_ghost = GI Poe
object_gi_soul = GI Fairy
object_gi_dekupouch = GI Deku Pouch
object_gi_rupy = GI Rupee
object_gi_sword_1 = GI Kokiri Sword

Beta GI Objects

object_medal = GI Beta Medallions
object_gi_melody = GI Music Note
object_gi_coin = GI N Coin
object_gi_butterfly = GI Butterfly


object_horse = Epona
object_horse_normal = Normal Horses
object_horse_ganon = Ganondorf's Horse
object_horse_zelda = Zelda's White Horse
object_horse_link_child = Child Epona
object_hni = Ingo's Horse


object_niw = Cucco
object_dog = Dog
object_fish = Fish
object_cow = Cow (05, 05 Limbs)
object_nwc = Baby Cucco (unused)

Map Object Sets

object_bowl = Bowling Alley Actors
object_demo_kekkai = Ganon's Castle Actor Models
object_efc_doughnut = Circular Clouds above Death Mountain
object_spot01_objects = Kakariko Village Actor Models
object_spot01_matoya = Some Kakariko Village Actor Models
object_spot01_matoyab = More Kakariko Village Actor Models
object_gj = Ganon's Tower Rubble (after descruction)
object_geff = Rock (falls at Ganon's Tower?)
object_haka_door = Under the Well/Shadow Temple Door
object_ouke_haka = Wall Engravings (used in Royal Family Tomb)
object_jya_iron = Iron Knuckle Room Actor Models
object_jya_door = Spirit Temple Door
object_spot11_obj = Desert Colossus
object_spot05_objects = Sacred Forest Meadow Actor Models
object_spot12_obj = Gerudo Fortress Actor Models
object_spot00_break = Some Hyrule Field Actor Models
object_gt = Ganon's Falling Castle
object_blkobj = Dark Link Room
object_d_lift = Platform used in Spirit Temple
object_spot03_object = Frozen Waterfall Bit (Zora's River)
object_spot07_object = Zora's Domain Actor Models
object_demo_6k = "Sages Combining" cutscene Actor Models
object_spot15_obj = Outside Hyrule Castle Actor Models
object_jya_obj = Spirit Temple Actor Models
object_spot16_obj = Death Mountain Trail Actor Models
object_spot09_obj = Gerudo Valley Actor Models
object_spot18_obj = Goron City Actor Models
object_bdoor = Boss Door
object_spot17_obj = Death Mountain Crater Actor Models
object_shop_dungen = Shop Actor Models
object_fd = Volvagia Room Parts and a more incomplete Volvagia
object_spot02_objects = Graveyard Actor Models
object_brob = Jiggly Platforms inside Jabu Jabu's Belly
object_bdan_objects = Jabu Jabu's Belly Actor Models
object_haka_objects = Shadow Temple Actor Models
object_spot06_objects = Lake Hylia Actor Models
object_ice_objects = Ice Cavern Actor Models
object_relay_objects = Dampé Race + Windmill Hut Actor Models
object_mori_hineri1a = Untwisted Version of Below
object_mori_hineri1 = Twisted Corridor in Forest Temple (1)
object_mori_hineri2 = Untwisted Version of Below
object_mori_hineri2a = Twisted Corridor in Forest Temple (2)
object_mori_objects = Spinning Room in Forest Temple
object_spot08_obj = Zora's Fountain Actor Models (Glaciers)
object_menkuri_objects = Gerudo Training Center Actor Models
object_mizu_objects = Water Temple Actor Models
object_toki_objects = Temple of Time Actor Models
object_ydan_objects = Deku Tree Actor Models
object_spot04_objects = Kokiri Forest Actor Models
object_ddan_objects = Dodongo's Cavern Actor Models
object_hidan_objects = Fire Temple Actor Models
objecgt_hakach_objects = Under the Well Actor Models
object_spot00_objects = Some Hyrule Field Actor Models
object_ganon_objects = Doors in Ganon's Castle

Warp Pads

object_mjin = Warp Platforms
object_mjin_flash = Light Medallion Warp Platform Texture
object_mjin_dark = Shadow Medallion Warp Platform Texture
object_mjin_flame = Fire Medallion Warp Platform Texture
object_mjin_ice = Water Medallion Warp Platform Texture
object_mjin_soul = Spirit Medallion Warp Platform Texture
object_mjin_wind = Forest Medallion Warp Platform Texture
object_mjin_oka = Beta Ocarina Pedestal


object_efc_crystal_light = Triforce Spot Light Effect (?)
object_efc_fire_ball = Square
object_efc_flash = Blank (Screen Effect?)
object_efc_lgt_shower = Goddess Effect: Light Shower
object_efc_star_field = Goddess Effect: Boulder
object_god_lgt = Goddesses + Goddess Flying Effect
object_light_ring = Spot of Light
object_triforce_spot = Triforce Spot
object_warp1 = Warping Link Effect
object_warp2 = Blank? (Warping Effect?)
object_efc_tw = Light from Platforms in Chamber of Sages (?)
object_demo_tre_lgt = Blank (Maybe nulled Deku Tree lighting?)
object_efc_erupc = Eruption Effect

Animation files

object_o_anime = Animation File
object_oE_anime = Animation File
object_os_anime = Animation File
object_masterkokiri = Kokiri Animation File?
object_mastergolon = Goron Animation File?
object_masterzoora = Zora Animation File?
object_zl2_anime1 = Zelda Animation File 1
object_zl2_anime2 = Zelda Animation File 2
object_ganon_anime1 = Ganon/Ganondorf Animation File 1
object_ganon_anime2 = Ganon/Ganondorf Animation File 1
object_ganon_anime3 = Ganon/Ganondorf Animation File 1


object_box = Treasure Chest
object_wood02 = Greenery (Trees, Bushes, etc.)
object_heavy_object = Black Rock (Golden Gauntlets allow move)
object_haka = Gravestone
object_umajump = Jumpable Epona Fence
object_gnd_magic = Ganondorf Magic
object_d_elevator = Elevator
object_d_hsblock = Hookshottable Actor Models
object_mamenoki = Magic Bean Plant
object_ingate = Ingo Gate
object_lightswitch = Sun Switch
object_kusa = Regrowable Grass Clump
object_tsubo = Pot/Vase
object_kanban = Cuttable Signpost
object_giyo_objects = Rainbow Bridge
object_gi_soldout = Sold Out Icon/Texture
object_gs = Gossip Stone
object_bwall = Bombable Wall
object_timeblock = Song of Time Block
object_kibako2 = Crate
object_bombiwa = Bombable Rock
object_syokudai = Torches
object_mir_ray = Light Reflecting from Mirror Shield
object_hata = Wooden Post with Red Flag
object_bombf = Bomb Flower
object_zg = Metal Bars over Doors
object_door_gerudo = Crossing Bars (over Gerudo doors)
object_siofuki = Water Blast
object_stream = Bigger Water Blast


object_vase = Beta Pot/Vase
object_bird = Beta Brown Bird
object_lightbox = Same as Below (White Textures) (Unused?)
object_pu_box = Same as Above (Stone Textures) (Unused?)


object_bxa = Corrupt Blob Thing (Crashes older model viewers.)
object_yukabyun = Placeholder Pot/Vase (?)
object_yabusame_point = White Square (Horse Race Something?)
object_fire = White Square (fire effect animation?)
object_mori_tex = Blank?
object_opening_demo1 = Blank (Intro Data?)
object_mag = Title Screen Data (?)
object_spot01_objects2 = Nulled Kakariko Village Actor Models?
object_gm = Blank (?)
object_ec = Blank (?)