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This is a sub-page of Notes.

Here will eventually a list of all of my notes and tutorials accumulated over the years that haven't been posted yet to the wiki in a decent-ish format. Note that all of my... notes are for the Debug Rom.


Heart Container

005F ovl_Item_B_Heart (Heart Container)

Deku Scrub Bullet Bag

0168 ovl_En_Ex_Item

GI Collectables

010F ovl_Item_Etcetera Various GI Items (+ GI References)

Master Sword

006C ovl_Bg_Toki_Swd Master Sword

Golden Skulltula Token

019C ovl_En_Si Golden Skulltula Token

Ocarina of Time

00F1 ovl_Item_Ocarina Ocarina of Time (River)

Deku Shield

0000 (0029) Deku Shield.

00EE ovl_Item_Shield ?Only Deku Shield?

Blue Warp

0093 ovl_Door_Warp1 Blue Warp


0021 ovl_En_Fish Fish in Water or released from Bottle

ROM: 0xDCD9B8 (2406007E) Nothing again, might this be related to bottled items somehow?


0020 Ovl_En_Insect Bugs that can be caught and released.

ROM: 0xE349D0 (2406007E) Nothing once more. It seems directly related to bottles then since all instances have been with bottled items. I expect Blue Fire to show up as well.



000D ovl_En_Poh Poe

ROM: 0xE96168 (24050020) Poe in Bottle (Receiving Poe Item from dead Poes)

Field Poe

ovl_En_Po_Field (0175, Big Poe)

Big Poe

Business Scrub

011A ovl_En_Dns (Deku Scrub Salesman)



0004 ovl_En_GirlA Shops


013D ovl_En_Gm (Medigoron)


0084 ovl_En_Ta (Talon) * * *


0163 ovl_En_Cow (Cow)


ROM: 0xD963AA (24060050) Receive Item (Lon-Lon Milk) when you play Epona's Song to a Cow.

Carpet Salesman

016A ovl_En_Js (Carpet Salesmen)

Poe Salesman

01B8 ovl_En_Gb (Poe Salesman)

Cucco Lady (Anju)

013C ovl_En_Niw_Lady (Anju)


0018 ovl_En_Elf Fairies

ROM: 0xDBA108 (2406007E) ...Nothing? That's what my attempts showed. Also whenever did a Fairy in OoT give you any items?

Diving Game Zora

0124 ovl_En_Diving_Game (Diving Game Zora)

Skulltula Family

0189 ovl_En_Sth (Freed Skulltula Family)

Potion Shop Woman

0149 ovl_En_Ds (Potion Shop Lady)

ROM: 0xDB3EC0 - (24060020) Receive Odd Potion from Potion Shop Lady ROM: 0xDB3F3C - (24060020) If failed the first time? ROM: 0xDB4250 - (24060012) Buying Blue Potion for 100 Rupees ROM: 0xDB4358 - (24060012) As above?

Purple Gerudo Guard

0186 ovl_En_Ge2 (Purple Gerudo Guard)

Membership Giving Gerudo

01D0 Ovl_En_Ge3 (Gerudo who gives you Membership Card)


0163 ovl_En_Ko (Kokiri)

ROM: 0xE4F5B0 - (24060021) Receiving the Poacher's Saw from Fado in the Lost Woods.

Young Malon

00E7 ovl_En_Ma1 (Child Malon)

Lakeside Professor

014A ovl_En_Mk (Lakeside Professor)

Bean Seller

013E ovl_En_Ms (Bean Seller)

ROM: 0xE660B8 ROM: 0xE6618C (24060016) Buying a Bean for X amount of Rupees.

Treasure Chest Game Owner

017C ovl_En_Takara_Man (Treasure Chest Game Owner)

Kakariko Rooftop Man

0167 ovl_En_Ani (Kakariko Rooftop Man)

ROM: 0xD69C04 (2406003E) Talking to the Rooftop Man while on the same roof as he,

ROM: 0xD69C60 As above?

Beta Young Zelda

Young Zelda

Bombchu Bowling

014C ovl_En_Bom_Bowl_Pit Bombchu Bowling (and prizes?)

Shooting Gallery Owner

0193 ovl_En_Syateki_Man Shooting Gallery Keeper

Carpenter Bosses' Son

013F ovl_en_Hs Carpenter's Son

ROM: 0xE25370 (2406001F) Receiving the Odd Mushroom from Carpenter's Son. ROM: 0xE25424 (2406001F) As above?

Carpenter Boss

0132 ovl_En_Toryo Carpenter Boss

ROM: 0xED6690 (24060022) Receiving Broken Goron's Sword

All "Normal" Gorons

01AE ovl_En_Go2 All normal Gorons?

King Zora

0164 ovl_En_Kz King Zora


0098 ovl_En_Du Darunia

Deku Stage Judge

01A2 ovl_En_Dnt_Jiji Deku Judge at Mask Panel

Horseback Game Gerudo

ovl_En_Ge1 Gerudo in White

Woman Searching for Dog


0115 ovl_En_Skj Skullkid

Fishing Game

00FE ovl_En_Fishing Fishing Game

Great Fairy

000A ovl_Bg_Dy_Yoseizo Great Fairy

Adult Zelda

0077 ovl_En_Zl2 Zelda (Adult, Temple of Time)


00A4 ovl_En_Rl Rauru

Windmill Man

0153 ovl_En_Fu Windmill Man


0146 ovl_En_Sa Saria


00A9 ovl_Demo_Im Impa

Sage Saria

00C9 ovl_Demo_Sa Sage Saria


0048 ovl_En_Xc Shiek


An older version of Child Zelda used during the Learning Zelda's Lullaby cutscene.


( ) ovl_En_Zl1

01D3 ovl_En_Zl4 Child Zelda


Anim/anim_matsu.csab - anim_wait Anim/demo_furimuki.csab - cutscene_turnaround Anim/demo_furimuki_wait.csab - cutscene_turnaround_wait Anim/demo_kasige.csab - cutscene_lean Anim/demo_kasige_wait.csab - cutscene_lean_wait Anim/demo_nozoki_wait.csab - cutscene_peer_wait Anim/demo_slide.csab - cutscene_slide Anim/demo_slide_wait.csab - cutscene_slide_wait Anim/demo_tesage.csab - cutscene_lowerhands Anim/demo_tetataki_1.csab - cutscene_claphands_1 Anim/demo_tetataki_2.csab - cutscene_claphands_2 Anim/demo_tetataki_wait.csab - cutscene_claphands_wait

Cutscene File?

demo/nakaniwa_demo_0.qdb - innergarden_cutscene_0

Graveyard Boy

ovl_En_Cs (016C, Graveyard Boy)

Hyrulean Guard

00B3 ovl_En_Heishi2 Hyrulean Guard

Running Man

0162 ovl_En_Mm Running Man


00C3 ovl_En_Nb Nabooru

Adult Ruto

00D2 ovl_En_Ru2 Adult Ruto


0000 ovl_player_actor Player Link

Hylian Npcs

016E ovl_En_Hy Hylian NPC's

Sword Swing Collision

In RAM at...

13E94C - Location of Broken Giant's Knife Swing

126080 - Pointer to Slashes

1260E4 - 457A0000 - Master Sword Slashes

1260E8 - 453B8000 - Kokiri Sword Slashes

1260EC - 45ABE000 - Giant's Knife Slashes

1260F0 - 00000000 - ???

1260F4 - 451C4000 - Megaton Hammer

In Rom at...

BB5AEC - 44BB8000 - Location of Broken Giant's Knife Swing

3BD284 - 457A0000 - Master Sword Slashes

3BD288 - 453B8000 - Kokiri Sword Slashes

3BD28C - 45ABE000 - Giant's Knife Slashes

3BD290 - 00000000 - ???

3BD294 - 451C4000 - Megaton Hammer

Deku Sticks, as per fkualol's findings would show, are special and their length is the actual length of their swing.