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For more information on textbox data, see Text Format.

Text IDs are used to call up a specific text without needing to specify what language, making it possible to change the game's language on the fly. These IDs came from the debug ROM, they might differ in other versions.

Text ID Order

IDs appear to be grouped into the following categories:

00xx Items, getting and using.
01xx Area names.
02xx Tatl. (comparatively short)
03xx Signs / ??? / Shooting Gallery Men
04xx Shop Keepers
0408 Last shooting gallery guy message.
044C - 047E Banker Messages
04B0 - 04F1 Keaton and his quiz.
05xx Guards / Fairies / Astronomer
0515 - 0573 Guard stopping you from leaving town.
0578 - 05AA Stray fairy & great fairy reunited messages.
05DC - 05F8 Astronomer
06xx Business Scrubs / Construction Workers / Bomb Salespersons
060E - 062A Scrub that wants the moon tear.
062B - 062C First cycle hints about tower from construction worker.
0640 - 068A Bomb shop messages, including son, mom, and goron + mask reactions.
06A4 - 06DE Trading post messages, both itchy and lazy guy.
07xx Bombers / Maze Game Lady / A Monkey
0708 - 075A Bombers. All of 'em.
076C - 077D Maze Game Lady that lives in a big chest.
07D0 - 07DE Monkey from the swamp.
08xx Royal Scrubs / Hags / Captured Monkey
0800 - 0811 Deku Butler
0820 - 0833 Royal Scrubs (the tall ones)
0834 - 0850 Kotake
0851 Empty.
0852 - 087F Koume, injured and swamp minigame.
0880 - 0890 Kotake is back to talk about Blue Potions and mushrooms.
0898 - 08A5 Deku King
08CA - 08EC Captured Monkey
09xx Man-Spiders / Bean-Men / Princesses / Shameful Son Havers
0910 - 091E Swamp Man-Spider & His Little Dog, Too
092E - 0938 Bean Salesman
0960 - 0972 Deku Princess
09C4 - 09EF Pictograph Man, including boat cruise text.
0Axx Swamp Shooting Gallery
0A28 - 0A3A Swamp Shooting Gallery Man
0Bxx Goron With Store-a / Kaepora Gaebora
0BB8 - 0BD7 Goron Shopkeep
0BEA - 0BFF Kaepora Gaebora, all dialog.
0C/Dxx Stone Kaepora Gaebora / Zubora & Gabora / The Entirety Of Snowhead
0C00 - 0C04 Owl Statues
0C1D - 0C58 Zubora and Gabora
0C1D - 0C94 Big Goron
0CE4 - 0CF1 Darmini's Ghost
0CF2 - 0CF8 Darmini's Grave
0CF9 - 0D21 Misc Gorons
0D48 - 0D4F Goron That Opens The Door
0D5E - 0D75 Hungry Goron
0D76 - 0D8B Frog Choir, and ???
0DAC - 0D?? Goron Elder
???  ???
0E74	0E79	Goron Kid

0FA0	0FBF	Marine Scientist
1004	103C	Mikau, Lulu, Turtle
1068	10A9	Seahorse, Fisherman
10CE	1109	Beaver

157C	15A8	Pamela & Father
15E0	1638	Business & Grotto Scrubs
1644	1661	Scarecrows

1FA4	2007	Happy Mask Salesman

20B0	2116	Gossip Stones
2134	2174	Bombers' Notebook

21FC	222B	Moon Child

2710	274F	Swordsman

3458	34B3	Gorman Bros.
3520	354C	Mamamu Yan & Race Dog

ID Lists

The following pages list the relationships between id numbers and the contents of their message in English.