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For more information on textbox data, see Text Format.

Text Ids are used to call up a specific text without needing to specify what language, making it possible to change the game's language on the fly.

Text Id Order

IDs appear to be grouped into the following categories.

00xx Items
01xx Navi / Actor 011B and 0173 Dialogs
0140 C-Up Navi (Quest)
0160 Saria (Saria's Song through Navi)
0180 Mainly dungeon puzzle hints
02xx Talking Doors / Check spots / Actor 0185
03xx Signs
04xx Gossip Stones
06xx Z-Target C-Up Navi
08xx Ocarina dialogs
086D - 087C Ocarina Play Spot
088C - 089F Ocarina Song Text
10xx Forest (Kokiri, Woods, Meadow,
Houses, Forest Temple, Deku Tree)
20xx Hyrule Field, Lon Lon, Kakariko Soldier?
2064 - 0271 Kaebora Gaebora
30xx Death Mountain
3069 - 0371 Fire Temple Gorons
40xx Lake Hylia, Zora's Domain
50xx Kakariko, Graveyard
60xx Gerudo Valley, Desert
70xx Hyrule Castle, Market Town, Temple of Time
71xx Mask Dialogs
7100 - 71A6 Mask dialogs

Id Lists

The following pages list the relationships between id numbers and the contents of their message in English.