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The following text dump is from the English translation of NTSC 1.0. Dialog data may vary between versions.

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70xx Hyrule Castle / Market Town / Temple of Time

Text Id Message
7000 I can't catch that Cucco!
7001 Huff huff!
I'm late! I'm late!
For a very important date!
7002 Welcome to Hyrule Castle Town.
It's a peaceful, prosperous town.
7003 Kids shouldn't be wandering around
town at nighttime! Stay indoors
until morning!
7004 Man, I am SO bored...
Things would sure be more
interesting if there were more...
troubles in the world...

Hey, that's just between you and
me, OK?

Anyway, maybe we can let off
some steam by breaking these

Stand near a jar and press [A] to
lift it. Press [A] again to toss it!
7005 That's great!

I forgot to tell you...
7006 There's a lot going on in the
castle right now. I can't allow
even a dog to get into the
7007 Unnngh...are you the boy from
the forest...?

I-I-I've finally met you...
I-I-I have something to t-t-tell

Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of
Thieves, betrayed our King...

Zelda's nanny, Impa, sensed danger
and escaped from the castle with
our Princess...

I tried to stop Ganondorf's men
from chasing them...but...

The Princess was...waiting for a
boy from the forest...that's you...
She wanted to give something to
the boy...

If you received it from the
Princess, the Temple of
7008 He's not moving anymore....
7009 Can you see the man with the
evil eyes?

That is Ganondorf, the leader of
the Gerudos. They hail from the
desert far to the west.

Though he swears allegiance to my
father, I am sure he is not

The dark clouds that covered
Hyrule in my dream...
They must symbolize that man!
700A Geh heh heh! Excellent work!As I thought, you held the keys
to the Door of Time!You have led me to the gates of
the Sacred Realm...Yes, I owe it all to you, kid!
700B Please! If you don't hurry,
he'll be gone!
700C Please...with [C]...
Please sell me the contents of a
Please...with [C]...
700D What a strange shop!
I wonder when it'll be open for
business. I read the sign there,
but it still seems weird!
700E It seems like it's taking forever
for dawn to come...

The view of Hyrule Castle in
the morning sun is so fantastic!
700F To save the forest girl, you need
another skill...
Head to Kakariko Village!
7010 It looks like you have the
skills you need...
The forest girl is waiting for your
7011 If you want potions, you'd better
bring an empty bottle. Understand,
young man?
7012 I'm sorry, but this is just a model.
Because of the crisis in Goron
City, we haven't received any
shipments lately and we're out.
7013 If you plan on scaling Death
Mountain, buy a Hylian Shield.
You can defend yourself against
falling rocks with that shield.

But it might be a little bit
big for a kid....
7014 I'm not dancing, you know...
My back itches!
Ooh! Aaah! Ooh!
7015 They say we Hylians have big ears
in order to hear the voices of the
gods...but I've never heard them!
7016 Kid, have you been to
Lon Lon Ranch?

Their milk is delicious!
There are many horses there, and
the young daughter of the ranch
owner is cute![goto 7017]
7017 To get to Lon Lon Ranch, after
you leave town, head due south
across the field. You should visit
the ranch at least once!
7018 I wanted to see Princess Zelda!

I avoided the guards...

Swam through the moat...

I was almost there when they
caught me![goto 7019]
7019 I found a small drain hole on the
right side of the castle that I
thought I could sneak into, but I
got stuck there.
701A Ahem! Hrrrm!

This beard is my pride and joy!
Doesn't it look luxuriant, kid?!
701B Ahem! Hrrrm!

This beard is my pride and joy!
Doesn't it look luxuriant, kid?!


You're looking for the guy from
Lon Lon Ranch?

Hmm, maybe...[goto 701C]
701C I saw a guy with a shabby-looking
beard delivering some boxes to
the castle.
701D Do you know about the Temple
of Time that we have in the
northeast part of town?[goto 701E]
701E Legends say that the Temple of
Time is the entrance to the
Sacred Realm...

Did you know that?
701F Wha-ha-ha! What a crazy guy!

Can you believe this guy was
crazy enough to try to sneak into
the castle to see Princess Zelda?[goto 7020]
7020 All because of this idiot, they've
tightened security at the castle.
7021 I made a lot of money!

Maybe I should go look for
more things to sell![goto 7022]
7022 I know! I should go to Lake Hylia!
Many things float down the river
and end up there!
Hah hah!
7023 Hey, forest boy! This is the city
of Hyrule! Take your time and
enjoy the sights![goto 7024]
7024 If you came here to see Hyrule
Castle, take the street on your

If you want to see the back
alleys of the town, take the
street to the left.
7025 Ohh...

You handsome...

Just like the King of Hyrule...

Hee hee...
7026 Ohh...

You are...

more beautiful...

than Princess Zelda...

7027 Have you heard the legend of the
"Shadow Folk"?

They are the Sheikah...the shadows
of the Hylians.

They say they swore allegiance to
the King of Hyrule and guarded
the Royal Family.

But with the long peace, no one
has seen a Sheikah around here
for a long time.
However...[goto 7028]
7028 I heard there is one Sheikah
woman living in the castle...
7029 So you say you want to see
Princess Zelda, eh?

You probably heard about her in
town and decided you had to meet
her... Well...

Go home! Get out of here!
The Princess would never grant an
audience to the likes of you!
702A Z Z Z Z Z....

Mumble mumble...

Welcome...our ranch is so fun...

C'mon and look around...
702B What in tarnation?

Can't a person get a little shut-
eye around here?
702C Hello, and who might you be?

Yep, I'm Talon, the owner of Lon
Lon Ranch.

I went to the castle to deliver
some milk, but I sat down here to
rest, and I guess I fell asleep...

[sound 6852]What?!
Malon was looking for me?
I'm gonna catch it from her now!

I messed up bad, leaving Malon
behind to wait for me!

She's really gonna let me have it!
702D Hey you! Stop!
You, kid, over there!
702E !Who?!
702F Who are you?

How did you get past the guards?
7030 Do you have it?

7031 Well, that's odd...
I thought you might be the one
from my dream...
You really don't have it?

Tell me the truth...
7032 Just as I thought!
7033 Please keep this a secret from
7034 C'mon...don't be a blabber-mouth!
7035 The legend goes like this...
7036 The three goddesses hid the
Triforce containing the power of
the gods somewhere in Hyrule.The power
to grant the wish of the one who
holds the Triforce in his hands.If someone with a righteous heart
makes a wish, it will lead Hyrule
to a golden age of prosperity....If someone with an evil mind has
his wish granted, the world will
be consumed by evil...That is what
has been told....So, the ancient Sages built
the Temple of Time to protect the
Triforce from evil ones.
7037 That's right... The Temple of Time
is the entrance through which you
can enter the Sacred Realm from
our world.

But the entrance is sealed with
a stone wall called the
Door of Time.

And, in order to open the door,
it is said that you need to collect
three Spiritual Stones.

And another thing you
the treasure that the Royal Family
keeps along with this legend...
7038 Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not very good at storytelling...
7039 What happened? Did he see you?

Don't worry.

He doesn't have any idea what
we're planning...yet!
703A Please!

I don't believe you.
703B Thank you!
703C My attendant will guide you out of
the castle. Don't be afraid to talk
to her.
703D The Spiritual Stone...
You finally found it!

It is said that the races that hold
the Spiritual Stones open their
minds only to one who knows the
melody of the Royal Family.

But you already know that, don't
703E Hey, have you heard that
Princess Zelda sees prophetic
visions in her dreams?
703F Huh? What? Shoo, kid! Shoo!
7040 There are three hollows and
an inscription here....

Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones
Stand with the Ocarina of Time
And play the Song of Time

That is how the inscription reads.
7041 C'mon, can't you make it any
7042 Hey, let go! It's mine!
I found it first!
7043 Hey, who bumped me?!
7044 We don't see a lot of Gerudos in
these parts...
Something fishy is going on!
7045 Wasn't that Princess Zelda riding
on the white horse?!
7046 I almost got kicked by that
black horse!
7047 That guy riding on the black horse
must have been Ganondorf, who is
renowned as the Gerudo King of
7048 What happened?!
7049 Look at that guy--he's so scared!
What a wimp!
Ha ha hah!
704A I have a feeling something
terrible is going to happen...
Maybe I should leave town soon.
704B Something happened in the castle!
Kid, you'd better be careful!
704C With that key, proceed to the
room ahead. Go, go!
704D The one riding on the white horse
holding the little girl...
Wasn't that a legendary Sheikah?
704E [Link]...

Wake up...
[Link], the chosen one...
704F I am Rauru, one of the ancient

Ages ago, we ancient Sages
built the Temple of Time to
protect the entrance to the
Sacred Realm...

This is the Chamber of Sages,
inside the Temple of Light...

The Temple of Light, situated in
the very center of the Sacred
Realm, is the last stronghold
against Ganondorf's evil forces.

The Master Sword--the evil-
destroying sword that you pulled
out of the Pedestal of Time--was
the final key to the Sacred Realm.

Don't be alarmed...
Look at yourself...!
7050 Look [Link]!
You're big now!!
You've grown up!
7051 The Master Sword is a sacred
blade which evil ones may never

Only one worthy of the title of
"Hero of Time" can pull it from
the Pedestal of Time....

However, you were too young to
be the Hero of Time....

Therefore, your spirit was
sealed here for seven years.

And now that you are old enough,
the time has come for you to
awaken as the Hero of Time!

Well, do you understand your
7052 Right, it looks like you are
confused... Let me tell you
again, from the beginning.[goto 7051]
7053 But, remember...

Though you opened the Door of
Time in the name of peace...

Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of
Thieves, used it to enter this
forbidden Sacred Realm!

He obtained the Triforce from
the Temple of Light, and with its
power, he became the King of Evil...

His evil power radiated from the
temples of Hyrule, and in seven
short years, it transformed Hyrule
into a world of monsters.

My power now has only little
influence, even in this Sacred

Namely, this Chamber of Sages.

But there is still hope...

The power of the Sages remains.

When the power of all the Sages
is awakened...

The Sages' Seals will contain
all the evil power in the void of
the Realm...

I, Rauru, am one of the Sages...

Your power to fight together with
the Sages makes you the
Hero of Time!

The Hero of Time, chosen by the
Master Sword!

Keep my spirit with you...
And, find the power of the other
Sages and add their might to your
7054 [Link]...we're back in the
Temple of Time...
But have seven years really

It looks like you won't be
able to use some of the weapons
you found as a kid anymore...

Let's get out of here!
7055 Heyyy, what...?
What's wrong with loitering
around all day?

Huh, kid?
7056 I've been waiting for you,
Hero of Time...
7057 When evil rules all, an awakening
voice from the Sacred Realm will
call those destined to be Sages,
who dwell in the five temples.

One in a deep forest...

One on a high mountain...

One under a vast lake...

One within the house of the dead...

One inside a goddess of the sand...

Together with the Hero of Time,
the awakened ones will bind the
evil and return the light of peace
to the world...

This is the legend of the temples
passed down by my people, the
7058 Oh, I'm sorry.
We're not open for business yet.
Please come back soon!
7059 Use the Master Sword!
Destroy Ganon with the sacred
705A I have been waiting for you,
705B [Link], the Hero of Time...

You have overcome many
hardships and awakened six Sages.

And now you have a final
challenge, a showdown with
Ganondorf, the King of Evil....
705C If you would seek the sacred
triangle, listen well...The resting place of the sacred
triangle, the Sacred Realm, is a
mirror that reflects what is
in the heart...the heart of one who enters it...
If an evil heart, the Realm will
become full of evil; if pure,
the Realm will become a paradise.The Triforce...the sacred triangle...
it is a balance that weighs the
three forces:
Power, Wisdom and Courage.If the heart of the one who holds
the sacred triangle has all three
forces in balance, that one will
gain the True Force to govern all.But, if that one's heart is not in
balance, the Triforce will separate
into three parts:
Power, Wisdom and Courage.Only one part will remain for the
one who touched the Triforce...the
part representing the force that
one most believes in.If that one seeks the True Force,
that one must acquire the two
lost parts.Those two parts will be held
within others chosen by destiny,
who will bear the Triforce mark
on the backs of their hands.
705D Seven years ago, Ganondorf, the
King of Thieves, used the door
you opened in the Temple of Time
and entered the Sacred Realm.

But when he laid his hands on the
Triforce, the legend came true.
705E The one who holds the Triforce
of Courage is...
You, [Link]!
705F And the other, who holds the
Triforce of Wisdom...

is the seventh Sage, who is
destined to be the leader of
them all...
7060 It is I, the Princess of Hyrule,
7061 I apologize for meeting you in
disguise, but it was necessary to
hide from the King of Evil.
Please forgive me...
7062 I saw you as I was escaping
from the castle with my
attendant, Impa.
7063 As long as you had the Ocarina
in your possession, I thought
Ganondorf could never enter the
Sacred Realm, but...

something I could never expect
7064 That rumbling...It can't be!?
7065 Princess foolish

I commend you for avoiding my
pursuit for seven long years.
7066 If you want to rescue Zelda,
come to my castle!
7067 [Link]...can you hear me?
It's Rauru, the Sage.

We six will gather our power to
create a bridge to the castle
where Ganondorf dwells...

The castle's keep, which is
known as Ganon's Tower, is
protected by six evil barriers.

Bring down the six barriers and
save Princess Zelda!!
7068 7068
7069 7069
706A 706a
706B 706b
706C Ancient Creators of Hyrule!Now, open the sealed door
and send the Evil Incarnation of
Darkness into the void of the
Evil Realm!!
706D [Link]!
Finish him off with the sword of
time, the Master Sword!
706E Oh sealed door opened by the
Sages... Close forever with
the Evil Incarnation of Darkness
706F Thank you, [Link]...

Thanks to you, Ganondorf has
been sealed inside the Evil Realm!

Thus, peace will once again
reign in this world...for a time.
7070 Thank you...
7071 Do you really want to go through
this gate that much? Let me think
about it... OK, but in return...[goto 7072]
7072 Give me 10 Rupees...

7073 Please believe me....
My prophecies have never been
7074 You destroyed the wicked
creatures that haunted the temple
and awakened the Sage...

But there are still other Sages
who need your help.

In order to awaken all the other
Sages, you must become even
more powerful.

You must travel over

under water...

and even through time...
7075 As long as you hold the Ocarina
of Time and the Master Sword,

you hold time itself in your

[Link], we shall meet
7076 This is a new type of bomb!
It's available only in limited
quantities, and when I'm sold
out, that's it!
7077 I am Sheik.
Survivor of the Sheikahs...
7078 As I see you standing there
holding the mythical Master
Sword, you really do look like the
legendary Hero of Time...
7079 If you believe the legend, you
have no choice. You must look for
the five temples and awaken the
five Sages....
707A One Sage is waiting for the time
of awakening in the Forest Temple.
The Sage is a girl I am sure you

Because of the evil power in the
temple, she cannot hear the
awakening call from the Sacred

Unfortunately, equipped as you
currently are, you cannot even
enter the temple...

But, if you believe what I'm saying,
you should head to Kakariko

Do you understand,
707B I thought I should entrust the
Ocarina to you... I thought that
would be our best chance...
707C Before that...I have things I want
to tell only to you. Please listen.

Another unknown legend of the
Triforce passed down by the
shadow folk, the Sheikahs....
707D The Triforce separated into three
parts. Only the Triforce of Power
remained in Ganondorf's hand.
707E The strength of the Triforce of
Power enabled him to become a
mighty, evil king, but his dark
ambitions were not satisfied.
707F To gain complete mastery of the
world, Ganondorf started looking
for those chosen by destiny to
hold the two other Triforce parts.
7080 On that day, seven years ago,
Ganondorf attacked Hyrule Castle.
7081 After you opened the door of
time, the Master Sword sealed you
away in the Sacred Realm...
7082 Your spirit remained in the Sacred
Realm...and then the Triforce fell
into Ganondorf's hands. He went
on to invade the Sacred Realm...

Ganondorf had become the Evil
King, and the Sacred Realm
became a world of evil. All of
this is an unfortunate coincidence.

I passed myself off as a Sheikah
and hoped that you would return.
I waited for seven years...
7083 you are back. The
dark age ruled by Ganondorf the
Evil King will end!
7084 The six Sages will open the sealed
door and lure Ganondorf back into
the Sacred Realm.

I will then seal the door to the
Sacred Realm from this world.

Thus, Ganondorf the Evil King will
vanish from Hyrule.

In order to do this, I need your
courage again. Please protect me
while I do my part.

And here is a weapon that can
penetrate the Evil King's defenses...
The power given to the chosen

The sacred Arrow of Light!!!
7085 But you let your guard down...
I knew you would appear if I let
this kid wander around!
7086 My only mistake was to slightly
underestimate the power of this
7087 No...
It was not the kid's power I
misjudged, it was the power of
the Triforce of Courage!

But, with the Triforce of Wisdom
that Zelda has...
When I obtain these two Triforces...

Then, I will become the true
ruler of the world!!
7088 The Ocarina of Time opened the
door. The Hero of Time, with the
Master Sword, descended here.
7089 It seems strange that packs of
dogs roam our streets at night...
Doesn't that seem weird to you?
708A Hey, sonny, I'll tell you something

I heard there is a mysterious
fountain somewhere near the
708B If you want to return to your
original time, return the Master
Sword to the Pedestal of Time.

By doing this, you will travel back
in time seven years....
708C The time will come when you will
have to return here quickly...
I will teach this to you for when
that time comes...

The song to return you to the
Temple of Time...
The Prelude of Light...
708D I am Impa of the Sheikahs.
I am responsible for protecting
Princess Zelda. Everything is
exactly as the Princess foretold.
708E If the castle soldiers find you,
there will be trouble. Let me
lead you out of the castle.
708F Hey you! Don't cause any trouble!
7090 You are a courageous boy...
You are heading out on a big, new
adventure, aren't you?

My role in the Princess's dream
was to teach a melody to the one
from the forest.

This is an ancient melody passed
down by the Royal Family.

I have played this song for
Princess Zelda as a lullaby ever
since she was a baby...

There is mysterious power in
these notes.

Now listen carefully...
7091 All the tragedy that has befallen
Hyrule was my doing...

I was so young...I could not
comprehend the consequences of
trying to control the Sacred Realm.

I dragged you into it, too.
Now it is time for me to make up
for my mistakes...

You must lay the Master Sword to
rest and close the Door of Time...
7092 However, by doing this, the road
between times will be closed...
7093 [Link],
give the Ocarina to me...

As a Sage, I can return you
to your original time with it.
7094 When peace returns to Hyrule...

It will be time for us to say
7095 Now, go home, [Link].
Regain your lost time!

where you are supposed to be...
the way you are supposed to be...
7096 Tsk Tsk.
7097 Well, maybe that's too much
for a kid to pay.
7098 OK, I'll let you pass,
709A Man, I am SO tired!

The night watch is so boring!
I wish some ghosts would come
out or something...

Hey, I'm really interested in

Studying them is a hobby of mine,
but you never know...the time
might come when that kind of
knowledge might be useful!
709B My precious little puppy's fur coat
is very special compared to the
other mutts around here!
709C My precious puppy can run faster
than any of the other mutts
around here!
709D I can't find my puppy anywhere!
I need you to look for it! Please!
709E Arrrgh!
That is not my dog!
How could you mix up my puppy
with a mutt like that?!
709F Richard!

This is my little Richard!
Thank you! Thank you!
I'll give this to you as a
70A0 At night it's dangerous to go out
with all the wild dogs around...
No, I wasn't warning you!
I'm worried about my puppy!
70A1 Hiyeee!
Welcome to the Happy Mask Shop!
We deal in masks that bring
happiness to everyone!

How would you like to be a
happiness salesman? I'll lend you
a mask. You sell the mask and
bring the money back here.

If you want to read the fine
print, take a look at the sign
right over there.

After you've sold all the masks,
you will become happy yourself!

Have faith...
70A2 Select a mask with left or right
on [Control Stick].
Talk to the shop owner.
Don't borrow
70A3 A mask is a [C] Button item. Set
it to [C] and press [C] to wear it.

If you talk to someone with a
mask on, you might get a reaction.

If anyone is interested in the
mask, he or she will ask you
about it. Someone may want the

Somewhere in the world, somebody
is waiting for these masks.

Just have faith...
70A4 I might have seen a cute little
girl around here...
Maybe she went to the castle?
Who knows?
70A5 Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay back 10 Rupees for
the Keaton Mask now.
70A6 Oh! You haven't sold the newest
mask yet. Just have faith... Keep
trying a little longer.
70A7 Payment received!
70A8 What?!
You don't have my money?!

How dare you!

You'd better bring me my money...
or else!
70A9 Oh yeah!

Very well done!
All the masks are sold out.

I knew I could trust you!
70AA As a reward...
I will lend you this special mask.

This is the Mask of Truth. It is a
mysterious mask passed down by
the Sheikah.

With this mask you can see into
other people's minds...
It's useful, but scary!

Why is it scary?

You may find out as you grow
older and discover the true
meaning of life...

Ho ho ho!
70AB From now on you can borrow any
mask you want.
Just have faith...
70AC Welcome!
Which mask can I lend to you?
70AD Choose a mask with left or right
on [Control Stick].
Ask about Mask of Truth
Don't borrow a mask
70AE This is the Mask of Truth. It is a
mysterious mask passed down by
the Sheikah.

With this mask you can see into
other people's minds. It's useful,
but scary!

Why is it scary?

You'll find out as you grow older!

Ho ho ho!
70AF Mask of Truth -- Not for Sale
This mask has special powers.
70B0 Skull Mask -- Price 20 Rupees
A horned skull mask.
70B1 Spooky Mask -- Price 30 Rupees
A sad, wooden mask.
70B2 Keaton Mask -- Price 10 Rupees
Keaton stuff is hot, hot, hot!
70B3 Bunny Hood -- Price 50 Rupees
With swinging rabbit ears!
70B4 Skull Mask -- Free to Borrow
A horned skull mask.
70B5 Spooky Mask -- Free to Borrow
A sad, wooden mask.
70B6 Keaton Mask -- Free to Borrow
Keaton stuff is hot, hot, hot!
70B7 Bunny Hood -- Free to Borrow
With swinging rabbit ears!
70B8 Goron Mask -- Free to Borrow
This round face makes you
a little happier!
70B9 Zora Mask -- Free to Borrow
You'll look cool while you're
swimming if you wear this mask!
70BA Gerudo Mask -- Free to Borrow
With its charming eyes, it makes
a great lady's disguise.
70BB Mask of Truth -- Free to Borrow
Mysterious mask to see into other
people's minds.
70BC Do you want to borrow the Skull
70BD Do you want to borrow the
Spooky Mask?
70BE Do you want to borrow the
Keaton Mask?
70BF Do you want to borrow the
Bunny Hood?
70C0 Do you want to borrow the
Goron Mask?
70C1 Do you want to borrow the
Zora Mask?
70C2 Do you want to borrow the
Gerudo Mask?
70C3 Do you want to borrow the
Mask of Truth?
70C4 Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay me back 20 Rupees
for the Skull Mask now.
70C5 Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay me back 30 Rupees
for the Spooky Mask now.
70C6 Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay me back 50 Rupees
for the Bunny Hood now.
70C7 Oh! You haven't sold the mask
yet. Just have faith for a
little while longer.

Or, do you want to trade it
for another mask?
70C8 The Triforce parts are resonating...
They are combining into one again...
70C9 The two Triforce parts that I
could not capture on that day
seven years ago...

I didn't expect they would be
hidden within you two!
70CA And now, finally, all the Triforce
parts have gathered here!
70CB These toys are too much for you!
70CC I command you to return them
to me!
70CD [sound 685F][Link]!
I can't help you!
Because of the waves of
darkness, I can't get close!

I'm sorry, [Link]!
70CE The Great Evil King Ganondorf...
beaten by this kid?!
70CF [Link]....!
70D0 Ganondorf...pitiful man...

Without a strong, righteous mind,
he could not control the power of
the gods...and...
70D1 [Link], listen to me!
This tower will collapse soon!

With his last breath, Ganondorf is
trying to crush us in the ruins of
the tower! We need to hurry and
70D2 Please follow me!
70D3 It's's finally over...
70D4 [Link]...
I'm sorry I couldn't help you in the
battle before!
70D5 What is that sound?
70D6 [sound 685F]There's no way he's going to hold
me back again!
This time, we fight together!
70D7 [Link]! The Master
Sword is here!
Hurry up!!
70D8 I'm using my power to hold the
Evil King! You use your sword and
deliver the final blow!
70D9 Six Sages...
70DA YOU...
70DC CURSE YOU...[Link]!
70DD Someday...
When this seal is broken....That is when I will exterminate
your descendants!!
70DE As long as the Triforce of Power
is in my hand....
70DF You...who are you?
70E0 The Forest Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up, [Link]!
70E1 The Fire Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up, brother!
70E2 The Water Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up!
70E3 The Shadow Barrier is dispelled!
Please save the Princess!
70E4 The Spirit Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up, kid!
70E5 The Light Barrier is dispelled!
70E6 [Link], isn't that...?!
70E7 It's that legendary blade...
70E8 The Master Sword!!
70E9 Find the other Sages
and save Hyrule!
70EA That scary-looking man took
off out of here really fast!
70EB Oh so scary...
Oh so scary...
70EC Hey, what do you want?
I don't have time to talk
to you!
70ED Please...with [C]...
Please sell me something...
Please...with [C]...
70EE No...
That's not what I want...
I want something inside a bottle...
I didn't mean that thing...
70EF No...
I can't take that...
That's not what I want to buy...
70F0 Oh, that's Blue Fire!
I'll buy it for 150 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?
70F1 Oh, a Fish!
I'll buy it for 100 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?
70F2 Oh, it's a cute little Bug!
I'll buy it for 50 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?
70F3 Oh, a darling little Fairy!
I'll buy it for 25 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?
70F4 are quite an energetic
young man. You're brave and
handsome, too.

Heh heh heh...your name is
[Link], isn't it.

Heh heh he...don't be surprised.
I can read people's minds.

If I looked as good as you, I
could run a different kind of
business...heh he heh...

My shop is the only Ghost Shop
in Hyrule.

Because of the great Ganondorf,
it is a fine time for a business
like this...heh heh heh...

Oh...I can only hope the world
gets even worse!

The ghosts, called Poes, are
spirits of concentrated hatred
that appear in the fields and
graveyard. They hate the world!

Young man, if you catch a Poe, I
will pay a lot of money for it...
Heh heh hee!
70F5 Hey, young man. What's happening
today? If you have a Poe, I will
buy it.

Your card now has [!?] points.
Come back again!
Heh heh heh!
70F6 Oh, you brought a Poe today!



This is a normal Poe.
Here are your 10 Rupees.
Take them.

Heh heh.
70F7 Oh, you brought a Poe today!


Very interesting!
This is a Big Poe!

I'll buy it for 50 Rupees.

On top of that, I'll put 100
points on your card.

If you earn 1,000 points, you'll
be a happy man! Heh heh.
70F8 Wait a minute! WOW!

You have earned 1,000 points!

Young man, you are a genuine
Ghost Hunter!

Is that what you expected me to
say? Heh heh heh!

Because of you, I have extra
inventory of Big Poes, so this will
be the last time I can buy a

You're thinking about what I
promised would happen when you
earned 1,000 points. Heh heh.

Don't worry, I didn't forget.
Just take this.
70F9 Oh? What's that?

Is that...
70FA a fairy?!

Then, are you...
Are you from the forest?
70FB wouldn't happen to
have...the Spiritual Stone of the
Forest, would you?! That green
and shining stone...
70FC I had a dream...In the dream,
dark storm clouds were billowing
over the land of Hyrule...

But suddenly, a ray of light shot
out of the forest, parted the
clouds and lit up the ground...

The light turned into a figure
holding a green and shining stone,
followed by a fairy...
70FD I know this is a prophecy that
someone would come from the

Yes, I thought you might
be the one...
70FE Oh, I'm sorry!

I got carried away with my story
and didn't even properly introduce
70FF I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.

71xx Mask dialogs

Text Id Message
7100 What? Have we met before?
7101 Awww... That's so cute!
Could you tell me where you
found it?
7102 Yeeeah!
Help me!
7103 Uh...yeah? So what?
7104 I hate foxes!
7105 How irritating!
7106 Hey, you look good!
7107 YEEEAH! What's your problem?!
7108 that a Zora?
Those cool eyes are really
7109 Oh no! You're scary!
Don't come any closer!
710A nostalgic! That
reminds me of when I was a
little kid.
710B That's kind of
makes me laugh!
Hee hee!
710C Uh-oh! I'm sorry, mom!
Oh...hey, it's you!
Don't scare me like
710D What a big head you have!
710E Oh, don't do that!
I'm shy...
710F Is there a mask competition
going on?
I'm going to vote for you!
7110 Oh! A rabbit!
Speaking of rabbits, I saw a
strange man chasing rabbits
7111 Oooh, what a pretty lady!
But you're kind of short,
aren't you?
7112 Well...I can't think of anything
funny to say...sorry, kid!
7113 A mask... When I was a little
kid, I also wore masks around...
What? You say you can't imagine
me doing that?
7114 Ohhhh...I see...
It's an illusion...
7115 Hey, kid, don't grow up to be
like me...

Wha-? A mask?
Why do you have a mask
like that?!
7117 Sorry, I'm busy right now.
7118 Oh wow! It's Keaton!
Hi, Keaton!
7119 How spooky!
There's a boy in Kakariko
Village who was looking for a
mask like that!
711A Hmm...well...don't you have any
other masks?
711B What a strange mask!
Hee hah haa!
711C Hey kid! Can't you see we're
busy?! Leave us alone!
711D I'm sorry. I don't even want to
look at any other woman!
711E Hee hee.
Don't pay any attention to that
kid, my dear... Just pretend we're
in our own, private little world...
711F Oh, please!
Go bother someone
7120 There's a rumor going around that
there is a Potion Shop that can
make the ultimate medicine!
7121 I heard a rumor that there is a
monster that eats Hylian Shields
somewhere out there in the world.
Have you ever seen it?
7122 I came here to sell bombs...
Please buy some!
7123 I...I am afraid...
I have a feeling that man is going
to destroy Hyrule.

He has such terrifying power!

But it's fortunate that you have
7124 What? If you want something,
just make it clear!
7125 I'm busy! Get out of my way,
you bum!
7126 Hey, you have some good,
quality wood there, kid!
7127 Hrrrrm!
Get out of my face!
You good for nothin'...
Whoops, I shouldn't scream like
that or the boss will yell at me!
7129 Oh, sorry boss!
I didn't mean to slack off!
I'll get busy!

Oh, that's not you, boss?
712A Gerudos are beautiful and brave...
They are just so fascinating!
712B Someday, when I have more skill,
I'll carve a mask like that one!
712C Oh, that's the mask
everyone is talking about!
Looks kind of strange...
712D Wa-ha-hah!
How's business,
Mr. Hero?
Hah hah hah!
712E I'm on duty.
712F Hmm, well, I don't really know
what to say about that one...
7130 Oh wow! Cute!
But Cuccos are much cuter!
7131 Eh, what?
Are you sad?
I really can't tell...
7132 I'm sorry, I'm not really
interested in that.
7133 The little kid playing in the
graveyard was saying something
about his face...
7134 I really am a good man.
Don't you believe me?
7135 WHAAAA--!
I thought you were that old hag!
Don't scare me like that!
7136 I remember my father talking
about a swordsmith...but that
doesn't really matter to me
7137 I'm not afraid of any forest
monsters! Are you trying to
make fun of me?
7138 What is that? I can't see it
very well from here...
7139 Hi again! How are you today?
713A Everything's fine today!
713B Tired...I'm so tired...
713C I don't care about any
713D That's irritating!
It bothers my eyes!
713E That looks quite handsome!
713F Waaaaaaah!
What is wrong with you?
Do you have a bad attitude?
7140 You idiot!
When you talk to someone, you
should make eye contact!
7141 You idiot!
When you talk to someone, you
shouldn't stare!
7142 You idiot!
When you talk to someone, you
should take off your mask!
7143 You idiot!
I don't know why I'm calling
you that, are one!
7144 Where did you get that?
It's a mask?
7145 Uh, leave me alone...
Can't you see I'm in a groove
right now?
7146 A mask is just like a musical
instrument--it reflects the
character of its owner. I like
your originality, kid!
7147 What a big head!
How'd you fit through that door?!
7148 I HATE foxes, sonny!
7149 Now if that isn't the most
irritating face I've seen in
all my days, I don't know what
714A Hey, that's a fine face
you got there, sonny!
714B Have you got any complaints?
Speak up, then!
714C Please quit playing around
and dispel our curse!
714D If I wore something like that...
I'd be a real Skulltula...
714E Please understand if I don't
laugh... It's hard to be happy
in this condition...
Being cursed and all...
714F [sound 6867]Hyaaaaah!
That's scary!
I know I'm scary,!
That's really scary!
7150 Huh?! Wha--!

Oh, it's just a kid.
Don't scare me like that!
I may not look like it, but I'm a
very sensitive guy!
7151 Well, will you lookit the noggin on
this kid! It's HUGE!
Mine is huge too, though...
7152 Do you know what kind of
mask you're wearing...?
And you're still wearing it?
7153 I'm on duty now...
If you want me to dig, don't
bother me.
7154 What is that? It's something
that hops around in a field...
I forgot what those things are
7155 Hey! It's a Keaton Mask!!
I asked my daddy to get me one,
7156 That's not very different from
Mr. Damp?, is it?
7157 That doesn't look anything like
Mr. Damp?, huh?
7158 [sound 6863]Hey, cool mask...but a little
scary, don't you think?
7159 Hey! That looks familiar...
I think I saw something like it
in the Lost Woods, no?
715A [sound 6863]That makes me feel...happy...
715B Oh...uh...sniff...
That mask...
It makes me feel...sad...
715C Hah! That mask won't do you any
good! You're just afraid of me,
the great Mido...aren't you?!
715D Waaaaah! What?
Hey, I'm not scared of you!
Just don't come any closer,
715E Hey, that's a cool mask.
I want it!
I don't want that stupid mask!
715F Wah hah ha hah!
That really suits you!
7160 Waaaah!
I-I'm gonna tell Mido about
7161 Yeeeeah!
I-I'm gonna tell Mido to beat
you up!
7162 Whooooah!
Are you some kind of forest
7163 That's so cool!
Uh...don't tell Mido I said that!
7164 What?!
You came back!
I can tell who you are, even
with that mask on!
7165 I wonder what Mido would say if
he saw that?
I really would like to see his
7166 I see...
You're going to scare Mido with
that mask, aren't you?!
7167 Hah hah hah!
What a funny face!
I bet Saria would think it's
pretty funny, too!
7168 Tee hee hee!
A mask made of wood?
It looks like you're wearing
a shield on your face!
7169 What a weird face!

Speaking of weird faces, one of
the forest kids was complaining
about his face...
716A What an enormous head you have!
716B Tee hee!
Where did you get that?
Outside the forest?
No way! I don't believe it!
716C Hee hee!
Kind of funny, but it's not
really my style...
716D Right on!
Wearing this mask makes me feel
really tough and scary!
Hee hee!
716E Hee hee!
There sure are a lot of different
people in the world!
716F Hee hee!
I don't need a new one...
I like the one I have, thanks!
7170 [sound 686D]Wow, that makes your head
look huge!
Hee hee!
7171 [sound 686B]What a cute little mouse!
Oh, it's not a mouse?
7172 [sound 686C]What are those floppy things
on your head?
Ears? That mask makes you look
like you have four ears!
7173 [sound 6869]It must be exciting to sneak
past the guards while wearing
that mask!
7174 Hi, fairy boy!
You think you're in disguise?
But it's so obvious who you are!
7175 Wow!
What big eyes you have!
Gorons are so cute, aren't they!
7176 Oh, I know that character!
It's Keaton!
He's very hot in Hyrule Castle
Town right now!
7177 Oh, brother!
Boys will be boys!
7178 Wait...wait...
I know who ya are...
Yer... Kin-ton!
Ain't that right?!
7179 That's a scary one, ain't it?
Almost as scary as...Ingo!
717A Hey, that reminds me of my wife...
On second thought, it doesn't...
It doesn't look like her at all!
I'm kinda tired right now...
Show it to me later...
717C Scram, kid!
Can't you see I'm busy?!
717D Humph!
It's fine to play like that when
you're a kid, but just wait until
you grow up! Work, work, work!
717E YEOW!
Humph. It's just a mask...
Scram, kid! Get out of here!
717F Heh heh heh...
Well, that cheered me up a little,
7180 Hmmm... Let's see...
Yes, I'm quite sure of it...
That was manufactured from a
plank from a coffin. Yes, it was!
7181 Ahhh...yes. Let's see...
Very fine craftsmanship.
But I don't think it would make
a good ingredient for my medicine.
7182 Very interesting! A Goron!
Speaking of Gorons, I wonder
how my old friend, Biggoron of
Death Mountain, is doing?
7183 Very unusual construction...
I don't think it's water soluble,
so it wouldn't make a good
ingredient for my medicines...
7184 Chomp chomp chomp...
OK, OK, a mask.
Do you want to buy some beans?
7185 Chomp chomp chomp...
Nope, I don't want to buy it.
7186 Chomp chomp chomp...
Nope, it's not my style.
7187 Chomp chomp chomp..., I don't think I
want it.
7188 What do you want?
7189 You don't look like you can
swim very well...
718A Red hair...tan skin...
I've seen people like that before...
718B Yeah, right.
You look a little small for a
718C Ho ho ho!
You are such silly
718D That gives me the chills...
718E Talk about a nostalgia trip!
That reminds me of my childhood
friend, Biggoron!
718F I don't think that's funny at all.
Are you mocking me?
7190 You're a funny guy!
7191 Your head--it's gigantic!
7192 Don't do that...
It's embarrassing me!
7193 All right! You actually decided
to become a Zora!
Are you actually ready to marry
me now?
7194 WHOA!
My heart...started to beat
so fast!
7195 That's an unpleasant mask...
7196 Hrrrrm...
I don't know what to say.
7197 You shouldn't be so picky about
what you eat! Do you eat all your
green rocks? If you don't, you
won't grow up big and strong!
7198 Leave me alone!
7199 Are you trying to make me laugh?
Well, that's not that funny...
719A You're making me mad!
719B I hate Gerudos!!
719C Quit pestering me!
Go away!
719D Wah hah hah!
Do you think you're in disguise?
How funny!
719E Out of my way!
Get out of here!
You're asking for it, aren't you?
719F Hey, kid, you've got guts coming
around here wearing that!
Still, you can't fool us that
71A0 What is that?
What does it have to do with
71A1 Ha ha hah!
You've got guts to spare, don't
you kid?
I like you!
71A2 C'mon! It's time to get serious!
71A3 That's kind of looks like
No...not really. Not at all,
if you look at it closely.
71A4 Hmm. No, no, no!
The ears aren't right at all!
They should be, you know, longer!
71A5 Aren't you kind of scared,
walking around in the middle of
the night looking like that?
71A6 Ha ha hah!
You really like those things,
don't you?!
71A7 I think I've seen a stone that
looks like that somewhere...
Now where was that?
71A8 Hurry up, [Link]!
Any second now, the tower is
going to collapse!!
71A9 Watch out for falling rubble!
71AA [Link]!
Help me!
71AB [Link]!
The exit is just over there!
71AC Thank you, [Link].
Now, let's hurry!
71AD Too bad!

Practice hard and come back!
71AE Almost!!

Well...all right!
I'll let you try one more time for
This time, you gotta do it!
71AF Wonderful!!!

Here's a fantastic present!
71B0 Oh, no! Time's up!
The thing you were going to
deliver has spoiled!
Let's try again!
The current time is: [World Time]!
71B2 You heard about us from the
guard at Death Mountain gate?
Well, I have to give
you a good deal then!