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The following text dump is from the English translation of NTSC 1.0. Dialog data may vary between versions.

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Text Id Message
4000 These eyeballs are so delicious!
Tonight I will cook fried eyeballs
for the first time in a long time!
Uhoy hoy hoo houy hoy!

Such great stuff! Please say
thank you to King Zora!
Eh? What?
4001 These are for making Biggoron's
Eye Drops? Oh, how disappointing!
You should have said so in the
first place!
4002 [Link]!
This way! Hoo hoo!I wonder what Saria is doing now?
How about going back to the
forest sometime?
4003 What are you doing? You've come
a long way to get up here...You should look at the Map
Subscreen sometimes.

[Link], this is a beautiful
lake full of pure, clear water.

At the lake bottom there is
a Water Temple used to worship
the water spirits. The Zoras are
guardians of the temple. Hoo hoo.

The Zoras come from Zora's
Domain in northeast Hyrule. An
aquatic race, they are longtime
allies of Hyrule's Royal Family.

I heard that only the Royal Family
of Hyrule can enter Zora's Domain...
Hoo hoo!

I'm on my way back to the castle.
If you want to come with me, hold
on to my talons!
4004 I'm on my way back to the castle.
If you want to come with me, hold
on to my talons!
4005 ...Huh?

It looks like there is something
already inside this bottle.
It's a letter:

"Help me.
I'm waiting for you inside
Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly.

PS: Don't tell my father!"
4006 Who are you?

We are the Zoras, the proud
aquatic people! say you have some
connection with Hyrule's Royal
Well, what do you want from us?
4007 We are good at diving!
How about you?

If you want to be a master diver,
try the diving game at the top
of the waterfall!
Have you tried it already?
4008 Zora's Fountain is the
source of the river.
Lord Jabu-Jabu lives in the
fountain.[goto 4009]
4009 Lord Jabu-Jabu is the patron deity
of the Zoras. Princess Ruto is in
charge of preparing his meals,
morning and night.
400A We Zoras all serve the great
King Zora.
400B The great King Zora should be in
the Royal Chamber.
400C Have you seen Lord Jabu-Jabu?

400D According to the "Legend of Zora,"
the act of offering a fish to Lord
Jabu-Jabu will make you happy.
400E Oh, that's not good.

Everybody who comes around here
should see Lord Jabu-Jabu at
least once!

Zora's Fountain is just beyond
King Zora's throne. That is where
Lord Jabu-Jabu swims. But...

unless you have King Zora's
permission, you can't go to
Zora's Fountain.
400F We haven't found Princess Ruto
even though some of us have
searched as far as Lake Hylia....
4010 If you find any clues to
Princess Ruto's whereabouts,
will you show them to King Zora?
4011 All of the water in Hyrule flows
from Zora's Fountain.

That water flows through Zora's
River, which eventually reaches
Lake Hylia to the south.
4012 Oh--I've come back to life!

Was it you who saved me?
Don't be nervous!

It looks like you have a hard time
breathing underwater.

As an expression of my gratitude,
I grant you this tunic. With this,
you won't choke underwater.
4013 Princess Ruto has gone to the
temple of Lake Hylia and has not
come back... I'm so worried...again!
4014 Ooh...
This is... well... hmmm...
Hmmm... Eye drops...

You might say we have them,
you might say we don't...
We do have the ingredients.

If you take the ingredients to the
doctor at the lake laboratory, he
can make the drops for you.

But you need to deliver them
fresh...[goto 4015]
4015 Can you make it before they
4016 Then you think they'll spoil
before you can get there?
It's not that far if you make the
connection on horseback...
4017 Hoot hoot![Link], you look like
you're getting more comfortable
in your role as adventurer.

I think Princess Zelda is
waiting for you to visit her again.

You already have the Goron's Ruby,
don't you?
4018 Hello there, son. I'm researching
the process of making medicine by
mixing Lake Hylia's water with
various unusual compounds.

Perhaps you've met that old lady
from the potion shop...she is like
a student of mine...
Ho ho ho!
4019 Oh, wow!

I haven't seen an Eyeball Frog
like this since Zora's Domain froze
401A Oh, my dear, sweet Princess Ruto...
Where has she gone?
I'm so worried...
401B Ho, this letter!
It's from Princess Ruto!!

Hmmm...Let's see...
She's inside Lord Jabu-Jabu?
That's not possible!

Our guardian god, Lord Jabu-Jabu,
would never eat my dear Princess

But since that stranger, Ganondorf,
came here, Lord Jabu-Jabu has
been a little green around the

The evidence seems clear.
Of course, you'll go find Ruto.
You can pass through here to the
altar of Lord Jabu-Jabu.

I'll keep this letter. You keep the
bottle it was in. Take it
respectfully![goto 401C]
401C Please find my dear Princess Ruto
immediately... Zora!
401D You can't breathe underwater!
If you start choking, take off
those boots!
401E Ooooh Noooooo!
401F Ohhh, I'm revived...
Was it you who saved me?
Don't be so nervous!

I will give you a Zora Tunic as
a token of my thanks. If you have
this, you can... What?!

You already have one? You're
ready for anything, aren't you!

With my heartfelt
about a KISS?! What? You don't
want it?! Oh well...

If you don't want my rewards, you
can listen to my troubles...[goto 4013]
4020 I am a Zora. Have you seen a
pretty Zora girl around here?
4021 I am a Zora. Have you seen
anything strange in the lake?
The river carries many things
into this lake!
4022 You...You're late!
What took you so long?
You're useless!

I was just lonely, that's all...
Just a little!!
4023 I was scared...
A little! Just a little!!
4024 [Link]!
4025 You!
You looked cool...cooler than I
thought you would, anyway...
Just a little!

Well, anyway, you saved me, so I
guess I'll reward you.

What do you wish? Just tell me...

I want that Spiritual Stone.
Nothing really...
4026 You mean the Spiritual Stone of
Water, Zora's Sapphire, don't you?[goto 4027]
4027 My mother gave it to me and said
I should give it only to the man
who will be my husband. You might
call it the Zora's Engagement Ring!

All right!

I'll give you my most precious
Zora's Sapphire!
4028 Don't tell my father...
4029 Heeheehee... Don't be shy.

I can tell what you're thinking...[goto 4027]
402A I want to buy a fish, but they are
a little too expensive...

I have no choice but to catch one
of the fishes that's swimming
around out there.
402B Oh, [Link]!
So, you saved the Princess, eh?
I really appreciate it!
402C Did my most precious possession
help you in your quest? Heehee!
402D Oh, hi [Link]!
You're all Princess Ruto will talk
about lately!
402E Oh, it's you, [Link]!
Thanks to you, Lord Jabu-Jabu is
back to normal!
402F We Zoras all respect the great
King Zora! He has the dignity of
a king. Oh yeah, he does.

The grand King Zora has a
Princess named Ruto. She's an
only child.

She's also a wild tomboy, and it
seems like she's always causing
the King a lot of trouble![goto 400B]
4030 Here it is.

This medicine doesn't have any
preservatives in it. So it won't
last long at this temperature.

Run as fast as you can to
Death Mountain. You're young--
you can do it!
4031 Hoo hoo! Looks like you've gotten
bigger and stronger already,

Just ahead lies Zora's Domain.
The Zoras serve Hyrule's Royal
Family by protecting this water

Their door will not open for
anyone except those who have
some connection with the Royal

Let them hear the melody of the
Royal Family!
Hooo hoo hoooot!
4032 When you come back next time,
don't forget to bring me a
4033 You found Princess Ruto!
Now King Zora will give you the
Spiritual Stone of Water...
Well, maybe.

4034 Her most precious possession?
You don't know what she's talking
about, but you've collected two
Spiritual Stones! Only one to go!
4035 Her most precious possession?
You don't know what she's talking
about, but you've finally collected
all three Spiritual Stones!!

Go back to see Princess Zelda!
4036 We meet again, [Link]...
4037 This ice is created by an evil
curse... The monster in the Water
Temple is the source of the curse.

Unless you shut off the source,
this ice will never melt....

If you have courage enough to
confront the danger and save
the Zoras, I will teach you the
melody that leads to the temple.
4038 Time passes, people move....
Like a river's flow, it never ends...

A childish mind will turn to
noble ambition... Young love will
become deep affection... The clear
water's surface reflects growth...

Now listen to the Serenade of
Water to reflect upon yourself....
4039 If you came here to meet the
Zoras, you wasted your time...
This is all there is...

With one exception, the Zoras
are now sealed under this thick
ice sheet...

I managed to rescue the Zora
princess from under the ice, but...
she left to head for the Water
403A If you want to buy fish, you need
a container to put them in.
403B You say you want to buy a Zora
Tunic? That tunic is made of the
finest material, and is therefore
exceedingly expensive!

In fact, I'm afraid only that very
rich family in Kakariko Village can
afford this fine garment...
403C 403C
403D 403D
403E If I'm right...

You're [Link], aren't

It's me, your fianc?e, Ruto!
Princess of the Zoras!

I never forgot the vows we
made to each other seven years

You're a terrible man to have
kept me waiting for these seven
long years...

But now is not the time to talk
about love...

I'm sure you've already seen it!
Zora's Domain--totally frozen!

A young man named Sheik saved
me from under the ice...

But my father and the other
Zoras have not...yet...

I want to save them all!
I want to save Zora's Domain!

You! You have to help me!
This is a request from me, the
woman who is going to be your

[Link], you have to
help me destroy the evil monster
in the Temple, OK?!

Inside the Water Temple, there are
three places where you can
change the water level.

I'll lead the way.
Follow me, quickly!!
403F [Link]! Look out!
That isn't normal water over
4040 4040
4041 [Link]...

I would have expected no less
from the man I chose to be my

Zora's Domain and its people
will eventually return to their
original state.
4042 If you see Sheik,
please give him my thanks, OK?
4043 Did Ruto want to thank me?

I see....

We have to return peace to
Hyrule for her sake, too.
Don't we?
4044 4044
4045 Ah, I see...
Princess Ruto went to the Water
4046 As a reward...
I grant my eternal love to you.

Well, that's what I want to say,
but I don't think I can offer that
4047 Princess Zelda... She's alive. I can
sense don't be discouraged.
4048 Keeeyaaaah!
What is this?! An octopus?!
4049 I have to guard the Water
Temple as the Sage of Water...

And you... You're searching for the
princess, Zelda?

You can't hide anything from me!
404A I can tell that nothing will stop
you in your quest for justice and
peace... You must take this
Medallion... Take it respectfully!
404B You! Who are you?!

I am Ruto, Princess of the Zoras.

Are you saying my father asked
you to come here to save me?

I'd never ask anyone to do such a

"Letter in a Bottle?" I have
no idea what you're talking about!

My father is worried about me?

I don't care!

Anyway, I can't go home right now.
And you... Get out of here!
404C Are you still hanging around here?
I told you to go away!

I'm OK. I've been going inside
Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly since I was
little, but...

Lord Jabu-Jabu is very strange

There are electrified jellyfish and
strange holes around...

On top of that, my precious stone
That's none of your business!

You! Go home now!
404D You're that worried about me?

Then I will give you the honor
of carrying me!

However...I won't leave until I
find the thing I'm looking for.
You'd better believe me!
404E How inconsiderate!
How could you leave me behind?!
If you're a man, act like one!
Take responsibility!
404F That's it!
That's what I've been looking for!
Throw me up there!
Onto the platform!
4050 Princess Ruto got the
Spiritual Stone!
But why Princess Ruto?
4051 Oh my goodness!
I finally found...
My mother's stone...

I got very upset when Lord Jabu-
Jabu swallowed it...

While I was feeding him, he
suddenly swallowed me! I was
so surprised I dropped it inside...

But, now that I've found it,
I don't need to be in here
4052 So, take me home, right now!
4053 Diving Game 20 Rupees
Want to play?
4054 OKAY!

Pick up all the Rupees I throw
from here. You have only a limited
amount of time!

When you pick them all up,
come back here! I'll give you
something very nice!
4055 Hey! Congratulations!
I've got something
very nice for you!
Come and get it!
4056 What a graceful dive!
Now, please take this!

This is a "scale" of our kind.
With this, you can dive much
deeper under the water.
4057 As the water rises, the evil
is vanishing from the lake...
[Link], you did it!
4058 I...believe that you are going to
save this world...
4059 Look at that, [Link]...

Together, you and Princess Ruto
destroyed the evil monster!

Once again, the lake is filled with
pure water. All is as it was here.
405B Go over the falls for a shortcut.
405C Take as much as you want for
20 Rupees. Want to play?
405D Hey! Congratulations!!
405E Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
They aren't selling very well...

How about...
10 Rupees for one piece?
405F Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
Well, they're not that popular yet.

How about...
20 Rupees for one piece?
4060 Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
They are getting to be quite

30 Rupees for one piece.
How about it?
4061 Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
They're all the rage!

40 Rupees for one piece.

4062 Chomp chomp chomp...
We have the popular Magic Beans!
You'll regret it if you don't buy
them now!

50 Rupees for one piece.
(Just for now.)
4063 Chomp chomp chomp...
These are the super-popular
Magic Beans! In case you're
wondering, they'll soon be sold out!

Super price!
60 Rupees for one piece!
4064 Chomp chomp chomp...
We have the super-rare
Magic Beans! This could be your
last chance!

Special price!
70 Rupees for one piece!
4065 Chomp chomp chomp...
We have the legendary
Magic Beans! I'll sell them only
to you!

Super price!
80 Rupees for one piece!
4066 Chomp chomp chomp...
Do you want...Magic Beans?!
They aren't cheap, you
still want them?

I can't let them go for less than
90 Rupees apiece!
4067 Chomp chomp chomp...
We have...Magic Beans!
Do you want them...huh? Huh?

100 Rupees for one piece!
4068 Oh well...
Chomp chomp...
4069 You don't have enough money.
I can't sell them to you.
Chomp chomp...
406A Set a bean to [C] and use it on
the dirt right here.
406B Oh, too bad! We're sold out!
Chomp chomp...What?
Oh, these beans are not for sale!
406C If you want to plant beans, go
around and look for soft soil.
Chomp chomp chomp.
406D You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
1 meter just now. But I wouldn't
call that a real dive.
406E You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
2 meters just now. But I wouldn't
call that a real dive.
406F You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
3 meters just now. But I wouldn't
call that a real dive.
4070 You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
4 meters just now. Still not
deep enough!
4071 You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
5 meters just now. Still not
deep enough!
4072 You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
6 meters just now. You should be
able to dive deeper!
4073 You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove
7 meters just now. You should be
able to dive deeper!
4074 You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You touched
the bottom just now. Fantastic!
I'll give this to you!
4075 Your diving is the best in the
world. Why don't you dive to the
bottom of Lake Hylia?
4076 My name is Pierre, the wandering
scarecrow. Actually, I wish I could
wander to look for soul-moving
sounds, but I'm kind of stuck here.
4077 Fantastic tune! It touches my
4078 If you come up with a nice song,
come back and let me hear it!
4079 That song you played for me still
stays in my heart. Let's hear it
407A That song you played for me
stays in my heart!
407B Well, do you want to go fishing
for 20 Rupees?
407C Oh, no! You don't have a Rumble
Pak! With a Rumble Pak, you can
feel the vibrations of a fish on
your hook.

This time, no rumble for you!
407D Wow! You have a Rumble Pak!
Today, you can feel the vibration,
young man!
407E Shucks! You don't have enough
407F OK, listen up!

Walk up to the water's edge and
press [Z] to look at a fish.

While looking at a fish, you can
cast your line with [B]. Press [A]
to brake the line.

When the lure drops into the
water, you can wiggle it with [Control Stick].
If you're a novice, you can also
use [B].

Reel in your lure with [A]. Hold
down [A] and [R] to reel it in

If you feel a hit, press [A] and
[Control Stick] down to set the hook.
After that, reel it in with [A].

Do you understand?

4080 I'm so generous, I'll let you fish
for as long as you want. However,
you can keep only one fish.

The biggest fish ever caught here
weighed pounds.

After you cast, you can change
your view with [Z].

Let's fish!
4081 Wah ha haah!
Did you set the hook by pressing
[A] and [Control Stick] down?
4082 Hey, what happened?
You lost it!
4083 Well,'s about pounds.
Do you want to keep it?
4084 What do you want?
Weigh my fish.
Let's talk about something.
I want to quit.
4085 Passion alone won't catch you
many fish. I'm serious!
4086 WHOA!

This fish is huge! It looks like a
new record! It weighs at least
pounds! Seriously!
OK, here is your prize!
4087 What?
What are you doing to me?!
4088 Hey, young man! Don't you have
anything important you should be

What? Are you saying it's more
fun to play here?

I've seen many people ruin their
lives with that kind of attitude.
I'm serious!
Oh well...
4089 The biggest fish ever caught in
this pond weighed pounds.
The angler: [Link]
408A Do you want to continue fishing?

408B Well, it weighs pounds...
Not bad, but there are bigger
fish in there!
408C Hey, c'mon! You don't have a fish!
408D You want to try another lure?
What are you talking about? Are
you so selfish?

Don't you know the old saying,
"A great fisherman never chooses
his own lure?"
408E What? Do you want to know some
fishing secrets? I can't tell you
any. They are company secrets.
408F What? You want to know if I'm a
good fisherman?

Of course I am! I'm an old pro!
Do you know what a pro is?
I'm telling you the truth!
4090 Rules and Regulations
1. Don't use sinking lures.
2. Don't litter.
3. Walk quietly.

4. Don't cast at anyone.
4091 Wow! This is a real lunker!
Let's weighs

Do you want to keep it?

4092 Come back when you get older!
The fish will be bigger, too...
Well, maybe.
4093 Hey, mister! I remember you!
It's been a long time!

How many years has it been?
Seven years?! What have you
been doing all this time?!

You're my only customer. I'm
almost out of business! Seriously!
On top of that, my hair...

Uh, I mean, never mind...

Well, do you want to go fishing?
It costs only 20 Rupees!
4094 What?

You want to go fishing in a
different fishing pond?!
What are you talking about?

I'll go out of business if you go
somewhere else!
I'm serious!
4095 What?

You want to know why I'm
scratching all the time?
What are you talking about?

Actually, I have no idea.
I'm serious!
4096 What?

Are you trying to tell me you
can't see the fish because the
water is cloudy?

What are you talking about?
This time of day makes for
fishing at its finest!

You can hook a fish out of the
blue, when you least expect it.
Now that's exciting!

I'm serious. Really, I am!
4097 Hey, what are you doing?
I told you not to do that!
You're terrible!

Give me back my hat!

No way
4098 What? Huh? Oh?
I think the fish you already
kept was bigger than this one...

Do you still want to keep it?

No, I don't want it
Yes, I want to keep it anyway
4099 Gosh! That's a strange fish you
caught there! On top of that, it
weighs pounds!

What do you want to do with it?

Keep it anyway
I don't want it
409A Wow!

Is this what I think it is?
You snagged a sinking lure!

What do you want to do with it?

Use it now.
Get rid of it.
409B Well, well...

WOW! What a rare fish!
This is a Hyrule Loach!

For this fish, size doesn't
matter. I'll give you this
409C Recently, the number of these
fish has decreased tremendously,
so I'm going to release this one.
409D Rules and Regulations
1. Don't use sinking lures.
2. Don't litter.
3. Walk quietly.
409E Hey! Hey!
You can't take the rod out of

When you quit fishing, return
the rod to the counter.
I'm serious!
409F Oh my gosh!
This fish is gigantic!!

A fish this big can't even fit
on the screen, and I can't weigh it
accurately, but it looks like it's
about pounds!!

You'll want to keep this one,
Keep it
Don't keep it
40A0 Hey, baby!
I'm Bonooru, the scarecrow!
You've probably heard about my
fantastic memory!

If you have a new tune to play,
blow it!

This is the song you tooted last
time, baby!

Hit it!
40A1 I am Bonooru, the scarecrow
musical genius!
I hear a song once, and I never
forget it, baby!
40A2 Play the usual tune to call
If he's nearby, he'll come out to
help you, baby!
40A3 Hey! Aren't you the fairy buddy I
met a long time ago?
Wow, you grew, dude!

Well, here's your song...


No, I never forget!
You, you're the one who forgot...
aren't you? If you have an
Ocarina, play that song, baby!
40A4 Whoa! You have an ocarina!
Hey, why don't you lay a tune
on me with it, baby?!
40A5 Well...not bad!
I will remember it for you

I don't mean I can remember only
eight notes, but let's just cut it
right there for now, baby!
40A6 Play it like that and you'll
never move this scarecrow's heart,
That's it, that's the tune!!
You rock!! I'm blown away!

Oh, no, no! I didn't forget the
song...I never forget anything!
But I just feel like rewarding
you, baby!

I have a good idea!

My buddy Pierre is wandering
around, so play that tune when
you want to call him!

I'll tell him to help you if he's
nearby and hears that song, baby!
40A8 Hey, it's the Ocarina!
Play that song with it,
40A9 [sound 28E4]Young lad, you play the Ocarina
well... Mmmmm...! That melody is
so fine...ribbit! We all should
practice it, ribbit!

Take Rupees as a souvenir!
If you come up with another nice
melody, please drop by and play
it...Ribbit ribbit!
40AA [sound 28E3]Wow, that melody is so cool!

Siiiiingin' in the raaaaaain,
Oh what a feeling!

Please take this as a token of
our froggish gratitude, ribbit!
All right. See you, ribbit!
40AB [sound 28E4]Look at us, we're all huge frogs!!
We are the world famous Fabulous
Five Froggish Tenors!!

Make us jump so we can eat the
bugs flying above us, ribbit!

Then, ready, set, go!
40AC [sound 28E3]Young boy, you did grrreat!
We are stuffed, ribbit!

Would you take this token of our
40AD Oh well, I don't remember that
song, baby.
Why? That's what I can't tell ya!
Good golly!
40AE The biggest fish ever caught in
this pond weighed pounds.
The angler: the pond owner
40AF What?
Do you want to fish with a
different lure?
...Hey, what's that?

What? You just picked it up?
Usually, the rules says you can't
use one of those. I mean, usually.
But, what the heck...
This is HUGE!! A new record!!
This...this weighs as much as...

Buuuuuuuut! That sinking lure is
in violation of the rules!
So, no prize for you.
Wah ha ha ha ha ha!
40B1 The biggest fish ever caught in
this pond weighed pounds.
The angler: [Link]
(NOTE: With illegal sinking lure.)
40B2 You're a kind-hearted kid!
But don't tell anyone about this.

Why are you doing this to me?
What are you thinking?

I'm not going to let you get off
that easy! You have to pay me a
50-Rupee fine!

50xx Kakariko, Graveyard

Text Id Message
5000 GYAAAH!
You killed me!!
Huh? Oh, it's you.

Did you try to play the
Sun's Song?

Like I told you before, with that
song, you can turn day to night
or night to day whenever you

When you're in darkness, that
song should bring the sun's light
to you. You should try it.
5001 When I dug a hole, I found a
treasure that stretches--BOING!
and shrinks--BOING! It's so fun,
I'll never give it to anybody!
5002 The gravekeeper's diary is here.
Do you want to read it?
5003 Whoever reads this, please enter
my grave. I will let you have my
stretching, shrinking keepsake.

I'm waiting for you.
5004 You decide not to read it...
5005 You defeated Poe the ghost!

Do you want to catch it in
a bottle?
5006 You want to catch it but you
don't have an empty bottle.
5007 You let it go for now.
5008 You caught a Poe!
5009 The rising sun will eventually set,
A newborn's life will fade.

From sun to moon, moon to sun...

Give peaceful rest to
the living dead.

This is an interesting poem...
500A Restless souls wander
where they don't belong,
bring them calm with
the Sun's Song.
500B Something is inscribed on the

It's the secret melody of the
Composer Brothers!
500C Ultimate potion! How about
100 Rupees?
Don't buy
500D If you change your mind, come
back and visit me...
Hee hee hee!
500E You don't have enough Rupees!
Hee hee hee!
YOU KILLED ME...Unbelievable!

Oh, what?
You're not one of Ganondorf's
men, are you?

Because of my role as a ghost, I
had to act like that. I apologize.

Now then, let me introduce myself.
Ahem...[goto 5010]
5010 I am one of the ghostly composer
brothers of Kakariko Village.

All the people in this village are
born to serve the Royal Family of

We brothers also served the Royal
Family, and were assigned to
study the hereditary mystic
powers of the family.

Though we never could figure out
the power of the Triforce,

we had almost completed our
study of controlling time with the
tones of ocarinas.

Uh, I mean...

Actually, we did complete that

We would have been famous, if
that hateful Ganondorf had not
tried to steal our results.

We could never let him reap the
fruits of our research!

That's why we gave our lives to
protect the secret.[goto 5011]
5011 Do you want to hear what I
said again?
What? You again?

Somehow, you remind me of...
Princess Zelda...

Hmm... Since you may have some
connection with the Royal Family, I
will tell you a little more of our

Back then, people called us great
composers because of the many
musical masterpieces we wrote.

But we brothers were not just

We had a mission to analyze the
mysterious powers of Hyrule's
Royal Family.

Our names would be a part of
Hyrule's history if we could
complete our research!

We kept our study extremely
secret until we completed it.[goto 5014]
What? You again?

Somehow, you remind me of
Princess Zelda.

Since you seem to have some
connection with the Royal Family, I
will tell you a little more of our
story.[goto 5014]
5014 To tell the truth, each of us
was studying a different song, one
to summon the sun and another to
summon the moon.

If you were really sent by a
member of the Royal Family, I will
tell you about the results of our

We inscribed it on the royal

As a messenger of the Royal
Family, you should show your
Royal credentials on top of the
Triforce mark...[goto 5011]
5015 Z Z Z...

Malon...doing all right...
Sorry to make you worry...
5016 Ingo took over Lon Lon Ranch and
they call it Ingo Ranch nowadays.

I was kicked out of there, and
look at me now! My girl, Malon,
still works at the ranch...

I'm worried about her...
5017 Did you save Malon? Thanks!
I'm goin' back to the ranch, then!
5018 Hey kid!
Don't mess around with the

I'm Damp? the Gravekeeper!
My face may be scary, but I'm not
a bad guy...

Let me give you an advertisement
for my side business...

Damp? the Gravekeeper's
Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour!

What's gonna come out?!
What's gonna come out?!
When I start digging,
we'll find out![goto 5019]
5019 Do you want me to dig here?
10 Rupees for one hole.
Don't do it
501A Nope, nothing here!
501B Get back, [Link]!
501C [Link]....
A terrible thing has happened!
The evil shadow spirit has
been released!

Impa, the leader of Kakariko
Village, had sealed the evil shadow
spirit in the bottom of the well....

But the force of the evil spirit
got so strong, the seal of the
well broke, and it escaped into the
501D Let me take care of the village!
I'm counting on you,
501E Royal Composer Bros.
Sharp the Elder
501F Royal Composer Bros.
Flat the Younger
5020 Royal Family's Tomb
5021 This poem is dedicated to
the memory of the dearly departed
members of the Royal Family.
5022 The boy with the noble Zelda's
Ocarina...As I expected,
you have come.

I am Impa, one of the Sheikah.
I am Princess Zelda's caretaker,
and I am also the Sage who
guards the Shadow Temple.
5023 Please look out for the Princess!
5024 [Link], the hero!

Finally, all of us, the six Sages,
have been awakened!
The time for the final showdown
with the King of Evil has come!

Before that, though, you should
meet the one who is waiting for

The one who is waiting for you at
the Temple of Time....
5025 We Sheikah have served the
royalty of Hyrule from generation
to generation as attendants.

On that day seven years ago,
Ganondorf suddenly attacked...
and Hyrule Castle surrendered
after a short time.

Ganondorf's target was one of
the keys to the Sacred Realm...the
hidden treasure of the Royal
Family...The Ocarina of Time!

My duty bound me to take Zelda
out of Ganondorf's reach.

When last I saw you, as we made
our escape from the castle, you
were just a lad...

Now I see that you have become
a fine hero...
5026 I have to stay here... You go to
Princess Zelda's side and protect
her on my behalf.

Now I put my power, which should
be helpful to you, into this
5027 How is your Cucco? Is he happy?
Shall I check him out for you?
5028 [sound 6855]I am the boss of the carpenters
that Impa hired to improve this
village and make it into a true

But young men these days don't
have any ambition...
Do you know what I mean, kid?

My workers are just running
aimlessly around the village, and
they're not making any progress
at all...

Even my own son doesn't have a
job, and he just wanders around
all day![goto 5029]
5029 They're all worthless, I tell you!!
502A Look at that poor girl over there.
She works so hard taking care of
her chickens, even though touching
them gives her goose bumps...

What a trooper! I would really
like to help her! I've just been
feeling so charitable these days!
Don't you feel that way, too?
502B There's nothing to worry about...
The Princess is safe now.
502C Soon, you'll meet Princess Zelda
face-to-face, and she will explain

That is when we, the six Wise
Ones, will seal up the Evil King
and return peace to Hyrule.
502D Hehehe, young man...
You were very quick to be able
to keep up with me! Hehehe!

As a reward, I'm going to give
you my treasure. It's called the

Its spring-loaded chain will pull
you to any spot where its hook
sticks. Doesn't that sound cool?
I'm sure it will help you!

I live here now, so come back
again sometime. I'll give you
something cool!

One more thing! Be careful on
your way back!
502E You're back, young man...
Was the present I gave to you
fun and useful?
502F The time of this race was
5030 Looks like you're coming around...
5031 I believe Impa has gone to the
Shadow Temple to seal it again,
but...she will be in danger without
any help!

Impa is one of the six Sages.
Destroy the evil shadow spirit and
save Impa!

There is an entrance to the
Shadow Temple beneath the
graveyard behind this village.

The only thing I can do for you is
teach you the melody that will
lead you to the Shadow Temple...

This is the melody that will draw
you into the infinite darkness
that absorbs even time... Listen to
this, the Nocturne of Shadow!!
5032 Go around! Go around and around
and around! What fun! I'm so

I'm a music man who loves
to go around and around!
Go around and around!!!

I'm trying to come up with a
musical theme inspired by this
windmill...going around and
around and around!!!
5033 Go around, go around, go around...
What? It's going way too fast!
5034 Grrrrrrrrr!

I'll never forget what happened on
that day, seven years ago!

It's all that Ocarina kid's fault!
Next time he comes around here,
I'm gonna mess him up!
5035 What?! You've got an ocarina!!

What the heck!

That reminds me of that time,
seven years ago!

Back then a mean kid came here
and played a strange song. It
messed up this windmill!
5036 What should I do!?
My Cuccos have all flown away!

You, little boy, please!
Please help me bring them back to
this pen!
5037 My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the other
four back to this pen! Please!
5038 My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the other
three back to this pen! Please!
5039 My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the other
two back to this pen! Please!
503A My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the last one
back to this pen! Please!
503B Thank you for finding my Cuccos.
I have allergies, so I get
goose bumps when I touch them.

For helping me, I will give this
to you. It's fine glass, and should
be useful. Please take good
care of it!
503C Hey, what are you doing?!
Now go round them up or pay for
503D Please don't tease my Cuccos!
503E I bred a new type of miniature
Cucco! I call it the Pocket
Cucco! I don't get goose bumps
from this baby.

Cuccos are very good at
getting lazy, late-risers out of bed.
Haven't you heard of them

It makes them very happy to crow:
especially when it wakes up a
very heavy sleeper!

However, my Cucco is not entirely
happy right now...

You look like you're good at
handling Cuccos.

Here, take this egg.
After the Cucco hatches, bring it
back to me after a while, and I'll
check out its mood.[goto 503F]
503F What do you think?
Will you try?
5040 Oh, too bad...were you pecked by
a Cucco when you were little?
5041 Heh heh heh, young man!
Are you fast on your feet?

I may not look like it, but I'm
confident in my speed!
Let's have a race!
Follow me if you dare!
5042 Please make my Cucco happy!
5043 Oh, your Cucco looks pretty
happy! He must have awakened an
extremely lazy guy!

You're a good Cucco Keeper!
I'll give you a rare, valuable
Cucco, if you're interested...

Its name is Cojiro, and it used to
be my brother's Cucco. Its
blue body is quite charming.
It's so cute!

Since my brother has gone,
it's strange, but Cojiro has
stopped crowing.[goto 5044]
5044 Do you want to keep Cojiro?

5045 It looks as if you really like that
other Cucco. OK, you can keep it
for a while.
5046 An old witch runs the Potion Shop
behind this one. You can get to
that shop through the door to the
left of the counter.
5047 My brother must have been very
5048 I heard that the Lost Woods,
where fairies live, is a strange
place with many mysterious smells.

I wish I could just once make
medicine with some of the strange
things I might find there...

I may not be able to see very
well anymore, but my nose still
works fine! Hehehe!
5049 Sniff sniff sniff...

What a mysterious smell...

You must have something!
504A That bum! He had to go into the
.....I see.[goto 504B]
504B Hey, give it to me now!

504C How sad... I just need a little...
504D If you see that fool, give this to
him. It is the strongest medicine
I have ever produced.

However, this potion will not
work on a monster...
504E Hey, kid! If you want to carry
medicine, you need a container to
put it in!
504F They say that there is no
medicine that can cure a fool...
I guess that's true...
5050 I can't get down, so all I can do
is look at Death Mountain.
5051 I can't get down, so all I can do
is look at the stars.
5052 Can you see it from there?
Something is happening on Death
5053 Can you see it from there?
Death Mountain is back to normal!
5054 I don't feel like getting down,
ever! Whatever happens, I'll keep
watching Death Mountain from
up here.
5055 Hey! Good to see you again! I'll
give you this as a memento.
5056 To get a good view, use [C-Up] and
look around with [Control Stick].
5057 Hey! Kid, do you always enter
other people's houses without
permission? Didn't your parents
teach you any manners?

Oh well.

Did you see a lady behind this
house? She's going through hard

Oh well.[goto 5058]
5058 If that lady asks you about
chickens, you should listen to her.
5059 Is visiting other people's houses
at this late hour your idea of
fun? You must not have had a
good upbringing.

Oh well.[goto 505A]
505A That lady takes care of chickens,
but she is, in fact, allergic to

Oh well.
505B Hey! Young man! A grown boy
like you entering a person's house
without permission?! I want to
talk to your parents!

Oh well.

This isn't my house anyway.
This is the great Impa's house!

The great Impa has gone to the
graveyard to seal up the
humongous creature there.

Since Ganondorf appeared, many
monsters have been sighted
around here.

Only the great Impa has kept
peace in our village. You have to
remember that, young man!

Oh well.

Speaking of the great Impa, she
hasn't come back yet. I wonder
what happened to her?[goto 505C]
505C I heard that the ghost of the
gravekeeper often appears in the
graveyard behind this village...

But, no big deal.
505D Hi, boy! Is this the first time
you've visited this village?

A great woman, Impa, opened up
this village to us poor folk.[goto 505E]
505E Well, make yourself at home.
The food isn't ready yet, though.
505F The great Impa is not here. Did
something happen to her?
5060 All people have hardships in
their past that they would
rather no one found out about.[goto 5061]
5061 Look at the bearded man sleeping
over there. I bet even someone
like him has had his share of
troubles in the past...
5062 That bearded guy went back to
the ranch. He looked so happy!
5063 Ding dong, ding dong!
I'm a clock soldier of Kakariko!
The current time is: [World Time].

Hello there, son.
Zelda's attendant, the great Impa,
opened this village to the common

We have only a small population
now, but someday this place will
be as lively as Hyrule Castle
Town! Oh, yes! It will!

Climb up the stairs at the north
end of the village to find the trail
that leads up Death Mountain.

But you need the King's permission
to actually go up the mountain.
5064 Ding dong, ding dong!
The current time is: [World Time].
5065 Ding dong, ding dong!
The current time is: [World Time].
By the way, do you know what
happened in the castle?
5066 Hey, son, what are you doing
wandering around this late at

Oh, I get it. You're testing your
courage, aren't you? You must
want to go to...a graveyard!

Wait a minute! What am I doing
talking to a kid? I've got work to
do! Work! Work![goto 5067]
5067 Ding dong, ding dong!
The current time is: [World Time].

Head east and you'll find a
graveyard. Legends say you can
calm the souls of the dead with
an old song of the Royal Family.
5068 There's a strange guy living in the
Windmill. Have you already met
him, Mr. Hero?
5069 People are disgusting.
My own father and mother are
You must be disgusting, too!
506A All day long, we are working on
many construction projects in the
village. It's going to take awhile
before everything is done.

Our boss works us very hard!
506B I'm starving!
Let's eat dinner, right now!
506C Those guys each do the work of
half a man, but they still want a
full man's portion!
They're lazy slackers, I tell you!
506D Poe 30 Rupees
This is a bottled ghost spirit.
Sell it to someone who is crazy
about weird things like this.
506E Poe 30 Rupees

Don't buy
506F 506f
5070 My Cuccos have run away!
Please catch six more!
5071 [Link]!
This ship is sinking!
Abandon ship!
Get onto a safe platform!
5072 I'm still missing some Cuccos!
Please round up five more!
5073 Don't cause trouble!
I'll tell Damp?!
5074 Look at this, kid! My beautiful,
smooth hands are all worn out
from working. Sob sob...
5075 A job where you can make a lot
of money without much effort...
The only thing I can think of is
thievery... Is that a bad idea?
5076 I heard that our boss's house is
just behind this house. He doesn't
want any of us to know, though.
5077 Have you seen Mr. Damp?, who
lives in the graveyard up ahead?

It's [World Time] right now, so he's
probably asleep in his hut.

Why don't you go out onto the
field and kill some time?
5078 I'm starving!
Isn't dinner ready yet?
It's [World Time] already!
5079 This used to be the great
Impa's house, but she doesn't
live here any longer.

It is now open to all
villagers. You are free to
go on in.[goto 507A]
507A This village used to be a
Shiekah village, but the
great Impa opened it to
507B I tell you, I saw him!

I saw the ghostly figure of Damp?

the gravekeeper sinking into
his grave. It looked like he was
holding some kind of treasure!
507C There he is! It's him!
He's the one who dropped from
the sky surrounded by a blue

Now do you believe me?
507D Nobody believes what I've been
telling them all these past
seven years!
507E The fire almost consumed us all!
But together, we all were able to
put out the fire! Pretty good
work, don't you think?
507F Wah hah hah hah hah hah!

Look at this guy! Ever since
he escaped from Hyrule Castle
Town, he's become even more
5080 Wah hah hah hah hah hah!

He must have been seeing things!
Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
5081 Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
Those are some funny-looking
clothes, man!
5082 Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
When times are tough, laughter is
the best medicine!
That's what my dad always said!
5083 Look at me! I'm on top of the
world! It really bothers me to see
anyone at a higher level than I
am! I have to be on top!
5084 If I fall asleep up here, I'll
surely fall down...
5085 The windmill draws water up from
the depth of the well.

Now the well is dried up, though.
5086 The lady here is really
generous. She even took care of
the carpenters when they were
5087 A long time ago...
There was a man in this very
village who had an eye they said
could see the truth!

Now usually, you have to train
your mind's eye most strenuously
to actually see the truth...

But this fella, no, they say he
had a different way of doing

His house stood where the well is
5088 Folks around here tell of a
fabulously rich family that once
lived in one of the houses in this

But they say that the entire
family was cursed due to their

Who knows what might happen to
those who are consumed by
5089 Heh....

What an annoying person,
interrupting us like this...
Don't you agree, my love?
508A Hee hee...

Violating our personal space!
He must have something better
to do...
Don't you agree, darling?
508B Look at him...the man with the
beard. I think he was fired from
his job at the ranch...[goto 508C]
508C He's always just lazing around,
morning, noon and night.
He's an awfully carefree guy
during such hard times.
508D That lazy man, he kind of
reminded me of my little Richard...

What's that? You say you've
never heard of my little Richard?
He was such a famous puppy! You
seriously haven't heard of him?
508E Oh, no! A storm again!!
You played the Ocarina again,
didn't you!!
508F You caught a Big Poe!
Sell it at the Ghost Shop for a
lot of money!

60xx Gerudo Valley / Desert

Text Id Message
6000 Halt! Stay where you are!
6001 Hey, newcomer!
6002 Hey, newcomer! Wait a second
and I'll open the gate for you.
6003 Don't take us so lightly!
6004 I've seen your fine work. To get
past the guards here, you must
have good thieving skills.

I used to think that all men,
besides the great Ganondorf, were
useless...but now that I've seen
you, I don't think so anymore!

The exalted Nabooru, our leader,
put me in charge of this fortress.

Nabooru is the second-in-command
to the great Ganondorf, King of
the Gerudo Thieves.

Her headquarters are in the Spirit
Temple, which is at the end of the

Say, you must want to become
one of us, eh?
All right, then!
You're in from now on!

Take this. With it, you will
have free access to all areas of
the fortress!
6005 From now on, you're free to come
and go as you please through the
gate to the desert.

You'll find the Spirit Temple,
where the exalted Nabooru lives,
out there in the desert.
6006 Stupid Kid!
Get in there and keep quiet!
6007 I have no idea where you
come from, but you must have a
lot of guts to make it past all
the guards around here!

All of my fellow carpenters
are imprisoned somewhere in here.

If you can get us out of here,
we'll repay the favor somehow!

But be careful! There're sure
to be Gerudo guards somewhere
around here....

Woo! Watch out!
6008 The Entrance to the Past
6009 The Entrance to the Present
600A The Entrance to the Future
600B [sound 38EC]I'll be your guide on your way,
but coming back, I won't play!
I'll show you the only way to go,
so follow me and don't be slow!
600C Past, present, future...

The Master Sword is a ship with
which you can sail upstream and
downstream through time's river...

The port for that ship is in the
Temple of Time...

To restore the Desert Colossus
and enter the Spirit Temple, you
must travel back through time's

Listen to this Requiem of Spirit...
This melody will lead a child back
to the desert.
600D I am the Gerudo master of
horseback archery! On top of
that, I'm the Gerudo master of
horseback riding!

Want to try horseback archery
for 20 Rupees?
600E You have guts--I like you.
Follow me.
600F It's out of the question if you
don't have a horse!
6010 I won't have anything to do with a
coward like you!
6011 Ah, you are not as good as you
claim. Maybe next time.
6012 You did well.

For today, I admit I lost.
It seems I have a lot of room for
6013 This is the Gerudo's Training

Nobody is allowed to enter
without a membership card.
6014 This is the Gerudo's Training

Membership card verified.

One try for 10 Rupees!

Don't try
6015 All right, I'll take your 10 Rupees.
Give it your best shot!
6016 You don't have enough money!
Come back again.
6017 Hey, rookie!

Are you going into the desert?
I'll open this gate for you, but...

You can't cross the desert
unless you pass the two trials.[goto 6018]
6018 The first trial is...the River of
Sand! You can't walk across this
river! After you cross it, follow
the flags we placed there.

The second trial is...the Phantom

Those without eyes that can see
the truth will only find themselves
returning here.

You are going anyway, aren't you?
I won't stop you...
Go ahead!
6019 Why did you come all the
way down here? What? You were
just about to ask me the same
thing?[goto 601A]
601A Well, now that you're down here,
you may as well make the best of
601B Good kid! Thanks!
I'm sorry that I can't give you
something as good in return, but...
take this anyway!
601C 601C
601D I haven't seen you around, kid...

What do you want?
To see the temple
Looking for the Sages
Nothing, really
601E You're just a kid! The temple is
no place for kids!
601F A Sage? I don't know anyone
like that.
6020 You have nothing to do? What
good timing! Can you do me a
favor, kid?

Wait a second, I want to ask you
first--you wouldn't happen to be
one of Ganondorf's...

followers...would you?

What if I am?
I hate Ganondorf!
6021 Wha-ha-ha!
Don't try to act cool, kid.
I was just asking!

A kid like you could never be
one of Ganondorf's followers!

Well, let's cut to the chase...[goto 6023]
6022 Uh-huh!

You've got guts.
I think I like you.[goto 6023]
6023 First of all, let me introduce
myself. I'm Nabooru of the Gerudo.
I'm a lone wolf thief.

But don't get me wrong!

Though we're both thieves, I'm
completely different from

With his followers, he stole
from women and children, and he
even killed people!

A kid like you may not know this,
but the Gerudo race consists only
of women. Only one man is born
every hundred years...

Even though our laws say that
lone male Gerudo must become
King of the Gerudo, I'll never
bow to such an evil man!

By the way, what is your name,


What kind of name is that?
Well...anyway...[goto 6024]
6024 I want to ask you a favor...

Will you go through this tiny hole
and get a treasure that's inside?

The treasure is the Silver
Gauntlets. If you equip them, you
can easily push and pull very
heavy things!

No, no, no, kid! Don't even think
about taking this treasure for

The Silver Gauntlets won't fit a
little kid like you if you try to
equip them! I want you to be a
good boy and give them to me!

Ganondorf and his minions are
using the Spirit Temple as a

Only the Silver Gauntlets will
allow me to sneak deep into the

Once there, I'm going to steal all
the treasure inside and mess up
their plans!

How about it? Will you do it?

6025 Thanks, kid!

You and I, let's give Ganondorf
and his followers a big surprise,
shall we?[goto 6026]
6026 If you can successfully get the
Silver Gauntlets...

I'll do something great for you!
6027 Well, what did I expect?
After all, you're just a kid!
6028 Hey! Where are you taking me?!
6029 Ho ho ho!
Looks like someone is here, Koume.
602A Hee hee hee!
Looks like it, Kotake!
602B What an outrageous fellow he is,
to intrude so boldly into our
Ho ho ho!
602C We should teach this outrageous
fellow a lesson!
Hee hee hee!
602D Oh, loyal minion...
602E Destroy this intruder on
our behalf!
602F Great Ganondorf's...Enemy...
Must die...
6030 Unnnh...
Where am I...?
6031 Well, well...
Looks like she's back to normal...
6032 She's just a little girl,
but she commands a lot of
respect among the Gerudo, Kotake...
6033 Maybe we should make her work
for the great Ganondorf for
a little while longer!
Ho ho ho!
6034 Then we should brainwash her
Hee hee hee!
6035 Kid, let me thank you.
Heheheh...look what the little
kid has become in the past seven
years--a competent swordsman!
6036 If only I knew you would become
such a handsome man...I should have kept the promise
I made back then...
6037 Here, I'll give you this...
It's a very important thing to me.
Let's have a competition later!
6038 [Link]...see you again!
6039 By the way...

I really messed up...

I was brainwashed by those old
witches and used by Ganondorf to
do his evil will...

But isn't it funny? That a person
like me could turn out to be the
Sage of Spirit!

And now, I'm going to fight
them as one of the six Sages!
Heh heh...

I'm going to pay them back for
what they did to me!
603A Kid...

[Link], the Hero of Time!

Instead of keeping the promise I
made back then, I give you this

Take it!
603B Yeearggh! Let me go!!
603C You, you fiends!
Ganondorf's minions!
603D [Link]!
Get out of here! Now!
603E These witches! They're using
black magic on me!
603F Hey, newcomer! This is our
horseback archery field.

After a lot of hard practice and
training, we finally have the skill
to hit the bull's-eye while riding
like the wind!

When you finally learn how to ride
a horse, you should come back
and try it. It's a dangerous sport,
but it's fun!
6040 Hey newcomer, you have a fine

I don't know where you stole
it from, but...

OK, how about challenging this
horseback archery?

Once the horse starts galloping,
shoot the targets with your

Let's see how many points you
can score. You get 20 arrows.

If you can score 1,000 points, I
will give you something good!
6041 Do you want to try again for
20 Rupees?
6042 Hey, rookie!
You're looking good!
Show me your skill again!

You should set a new goal of
1,500 points and try again!
6043 What? Do you want to try again?
Looks like you have some
6044 I'll be darned! You are a true

I will give you an item suitable
for a master.

This quiver is very important to
me. I want you to have it.
Take good care of it, OK?
6045 points...Hmm...
Wha-ha-ha! You have plenty of
room for improvement!
6046 Fantastic!
You are the ultimate master!

I will give you this item.
Once you have this equipment, the
only thing left to improve is
6047 points...
Quite impressive!
6048 Look at that stupid kid!
He came on his own to offer
himself as a sacrifice to the
great Ganondorf...
6049 With my flame, I will burn him to
the bone!
604A With my frost, I will freeze him to
his soul!
604B Shoot, what a fresh kid!
This time, we'll get serious,
right Kotake?
604C What?Hey, Koume, what is that above
your head?
604D I don't know, but you have one
over your head too, Kotake!
604E But I'm only 400 years old!
604F And I'm just 380 years old!
6050 We're twins! Don't try to lie
about your age!
6051 You must have gone senile!
6052 Who are you calling senile?!
Is that how you treat your
older sister?
6053 We are twins!
How can you be older?
6054 Keeeyaaah!!
How heartless you are!
6055 How can you be so ungrateful?
6056 You're heartless!!
6057 You ungrateful...
6058 I'll come back to haunt you!
6059 OK, let's get serious now, Kotake!
605A Oh, OK, Koume.Kotake and Koume's
Double Dynamite Attack!
605B Did you come here to save me?
Oh, that's just swell! I'm Ichiro
the carpenter.

We were really interested in
joining their all-female group, but
they locked us up like this just
because we're men!

We don't care about the Gerudo
anymore! They're so rude!

Three of my fellows have also
been captured, so please help
them escape, too!
605C You're a cute kid! Thank you for
coming to save me! I'm Jiro, the

These women are so scary! I'd
rather work as a carpenter than
join them!

I can't wait to say good-bye to
this place! Two of my buddies
are still being held prisoner. Will
you please get them out, too?
605D Thanks, boy! You're fantastic!
I'm Sabooro, the carpenter.

Have you seen our boss, boy?
He's probably worried about me!
I have to get back to him

One more of our workers is still
a prisoner. Please save him!
605E I was afraid you were going to
forget about me! Now I'm free!
Thanks! I'm Shiro the carpenter.

For rescuing me, I'll tell you
something interesting about the
desert that I overheard the
Gerudos talking about.

They said, "In order to cross the
Haunted Wasteland, you'll need the
'eye of truth.' The Colossus is on
the far side of the wasteland..."

OK, now I'm going back to my
tent near Gerudo Valley, so,
drop by sometime. You may find
something helpful there! Byeee!
605F The leader of the gang of thieves
is Nabooru. She is experimenting
in brainwashing many people at
the ruins in the desert.
6060 Oh, it was Ganondorf the Evil
King who was behind the gang of
6061 When Nabooru was a lone wolf
thief, she never stole from
the weak, but...[goto 6062]
6062 Now, Nabooru's gang of thieves
stands for cruelty and brutality.
She claims to be a chivalrous
robber, way!
6063 Like I suspected, Nabooru was
brainwashed by Ganondorf's
6064 In Gerudo society, those who have
great skill in horseback riding and
archery are well respected.[goto 6065]
6065 How about trying horseback
archery at the Gerudo's Fortress?

If you have a horse, a Gerudo
from the fortress will set up
your challenge.
6066 You did so great, young man!
6067 Now that we're all back together,
building a bridge over the valley
was a piece of cake.
6068 Without the old witches, the gang
of thieves isn't all that scary!
6069 The Gerudo's Fortress is located
beyond this gate. A kid like you
has no business there.
606A [sound 6855]I am a master craftsman. Those
Gerudo thieves...they broke the

I want to fix it, but all of my
workers are gone!

They said working as carpenters
isn't cool, and they went to the
Gerudo's Fortress to become
thieves...[goto 606B]
606B Hey, you! If you're going to the
fortress, would you mind finding
out what my workers are doing
over there?
606C Hey, I heard you saved my men.
When they returned, we built this

Look at this!
Isn't it a fine bridge?

They may be wimpy carpenters,
but once they all got together,
they got the job done.
606D [sound 6855]Hey, that saw! It's mine!

But... I thought I left that saw
with my old lady... Oh well...[goto 606E]
606E My Biggoron tool broke, so I was
going to Goron City to get it

Your coming here is great timing.
Will you give me my saw?
606F What?!
You're a dirty, rotten thief!
6070 This is the Gerudo's Training
Ground. Unqualified persons are
not allowed.
6071 This is the Gerudo's Training
Ground. You're qualified...
C'mon in and hone your skills
as much as you want.
6072 This is the Gerudo's Training
Ground. Even though you're
qualified, don't hog all the
treasure here for yourself!
6073 6073
6074 Oh, that's too bad.

The mark that will lead you to the
Spirit Temple is the flag on
the left outside the shop.

If you change your mind, please
come back again!
6075 Ohh, not enough Rupees.
No discounts, even a Rupee.
6076 Heh heh.
You're already in the middle of
something, aren't you.

If you want to challenge me, you
have to come here with a clear
mind. No other distractions!
6077 Well Come!

I am selling stuff, strange and
rare, from all over the world to
Today's special is...

A dangerous, running object!
I won't tell you what it is until
I see the money....

How about 200 Rupees?

Don't buy
6078 Thank you very much!

What I'm selling is...Bombchu!

The mark that will lead you to
the Spirit Temple is the flag on
the left outside the shop.
Be seeing you!
6079 Hey, what's up, [Link]?
Surprised to see me?

A long time in this world is
almost nothing to you, is it?
How mysterious!

Even I thought that the tales of a
boy who could travel back and
forth through time was merely a

[Link], you have fully
matured as an adult.[goto 607A]
607A From now on, the future of all the
people in Hyrule is on your

Maybe it's not my time anymore.
Here is my last advice.

Two witches inhabit this temple. In
order to destroy them, turn their
own magic power against them.
Hoo hoot![goto 607B]
607B Do you want to hear what I said
607C I will continue to watch you...
Hoo hoo hoo hoot!
607D I'm the wandering running man!
I've run all over this land in
search of true competitive spirit.

I beat all my challengers, man and

You're an athletic guy, and you
look like you might have a true
killer instinct, too.

Now that the bridge over Gerudo
Valley is complete, I'm looking for
a challenger to have a
commemorative race against.[goto 607E]
607E The best time to go from here to
the bridge in the Lost Woods was
[Marathon Time]. That's my record.

Will you challenge my record?

607F Excellent!

You go first.
I'll give you a headstart.

Now! Go ahead.
6080 Heh heh heh.
You'll never discover your
killer instinct with that
kind of attitude.
6081 Well, not perfect, but you
have some guts! Unfortunately,
you never can beat me. Your
record is a thing of the past.

Your time was [Marathon Time], wasn't it?
That was close, but I beat you
by one second!
6082 Heh heh heh.
Please. Go ahead.
6083 Oh, looks like you quit the race.
Heh heh heh. I bet you had almost
rediscovered your killer instinct!
6084 Heh heh.
You don't have enough killer
instinct yet.

Just train harder.
Good-bye, then!
6085 Huff...puff...huff...

You did quite well!

But you couldn't beat me!
Your time was , but I
just beat you by one second!

You'll have to challenge me
again sometime!

Good-bye, then!
6086 I'm the wandering running man!
I've run all over this land in
search of competitors who have a
true killer instinct!

I came here to run through the
Haunted Wasteland, but it doesn't
look like good timing for that.

Though I want to go back to
Hyrule Field, the bridge is...well,
you can see it from here. So I'm
stuck here, inside this tent.

I don't think I can accept your
challenge right now.
Heh heh!
6087 6087
6088 6088
6089 6089
608A 608A
608B 608B
608C 608C
608D 608D
608E 608E
608F 608F