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The following text dump is from the English translation of NTSC 1.0. Dialog data may vary between versions.

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10xx Forest Dialog

Text Id Message
1000 You finally woke up!
I'm Navi the fairy!

The Great Deku Tree asked
me to be your partner from
now on! Nice to meet you!
1001 Yahoo! Hi, [Link]!
1002 Wow! A fairy!!

Finally, a fairy came to you,
[Link]![goto 100F]
1003 I'll wait for you here.
Get going! Go see the Great
Deku Tree!
1004 [A] by the stone, pick it up!
[A] by the stone, pick it up!

Mean old Mido...he made me pick
up the rocks in front of his house.
1005 Oh, you have a fairy now?!
That's great, [Link]!


You've been called by the
Great Deku Tree? What an honor!

He may give you a special gift!
Tee hee!

That's because the Great Deku
Tree is our father, the forest
guardian, and he gave life to all
of us Kokiri!
1006 I wonder if the Great Deku Tree
gave life to everything in the
forest, I mean in addition to us
1007 Hey, let's work on some moves!

To jump sideways while [Z]
Targeting, press [A] as you move
right or left.

To do a backflip while [Z]
Targeting, press [A] as you move

To do a roll attack while [Z]
Targeting, press [A] as you move
forward. While you roll, you can
avoid damage.

If you have your sword ready while
[Z] Targeting, you can do a jump
attack by pressing [A]! A jump
attack does double damage!

You can use [Z] Targeting on the
stone next to me, so let's
1008 You're not allowed to leave the
forest![goto 1009]
1009 The Great Deku Tree said that if
a Kokiri leaves the woods, he or
she will die!
100A That meanie, Mido, made me cut
the grass at Saria's house.

Mido told Saria he would do it so
she would like him, but I'm the one
doing all the work![goto 100B]
100B You and Saria are close friends,
so will you help me cut the

I'll let you keep anything that
you find while cutting it.
100C Yes, yes! That's how you use a

It's so great that you finally have
a fairy partner!

I'll teach you how to talk to
people using your fairy![goto 100D]
100D When a fairy flies near a person
or thing, press [Z] to look in that

If you use [Z] Targeting, you can
talk to people from a distance,
like we're doing now.

When you have nothing that you
can target, you can press [Z] just
to look forward.
Try it!
100E Oh, a fairy finally came to you!

Now you have a lot to learn![goto 1019]
100F [sound 6863]Wow! That's great news!
I'm so happy for you!

Now you're a true Kokiri,
[Link]![goto 1010]
1010 Is that right?
The Great Deku Tree has
summoned you?

It's quite an honor to talk to the
Great Deku Tree![goto 1003]
1011 Oh, you're leaving...
1012 But that's OK, because we'll be
friends forever...
won't we?
1013 I want you to have this Ocarina...
Please take good care of it.
1014 When you play my Ocarina, I hope
you will think of me and come
back to the forest to visit.
1015 Oh... Navi...
Thou hast returned...


Listen carefully to what I, the
Deku Tree, am about to tell thee...

Thy slumber these past moons
must have been restless, and
full of nightmares...

As the servants of evil gain
strength, a vile climate pervades
the land and causes nightmares
to those sensitive to it...

Verily, thou hast felt it...

The time has come to test thy
courage...[goto 1016]
1016 I have been cursed...
I need you to break the curse
with your wisdom and courage.

Dost thou have courage enough
to undertake this task?
1017 Then enter, brave
[Link], and thou too,

Navi the fairy...
Thou must aid [Link]...

And [Link]...When Navi
speaks, use [C-Up] to listen well
to her words of wisdom...
1018 Perhaps you do not yet have
confidence in your abilities...
Return to the Kokiri Forest to
learn the skills of combat...

When thou art ready, return here
and speak with me by using [Z]...
1019 The best place to go to learn
some new skills is in the Forest
Training Center. It's on the hill
just above here.
101A [sound 3882]Ow-ow-ow! Forgive me, master!
If I give you a clue, will you let
me go?

[sound 3880]When you jump off a high cliff,
if you hold [Control Stick] forward, you will
roll on the ground when you land
and won't get hurt from the fall.

[sound 3880]I can't guarantee it will
work, though, if the cliff is really,
really high, heh heh!

[sound 3880]Well, try it if you are feeling
Wah ha hah!
101B Hee hee!
Under that mask...aren't you that
Kokiri kid?
101C Quite an unusual mask you have
there. Hee hee! I like it! It may
make me look a little bit tougher.

Hey, why don't you give it to me?

No way
101D Doh! That's too bad for me...
101E Yowza! I'm gonna wear this
all the time!
101F [sound 4807]He just gave you 10 Rupees for
this 20-Rupee mask! You lost
money on that deal!

Go back to the Mask Shop
and pay 20 Rupees for the
mask. The difference will have to
come out of your own pocket.
1020 My buddies really want this mask!
Hee hee hee!
1021 Oh, you're OK? You didn't leave
the forest after all, did you?
1022 Did you know that if you hold [Triangle]
forward when you jump off a cliff,
you'll roll when you land. This will
absorb the shock of your landing.

If you fall too far, though, you'll
still get hurt...
1023 Saria said she's waiting at the
usual spot.
1024 Well done, [Link]...
1025 You have a cool Slingshot, huh?

You know what's cool about it?
You can aim while holding down
[C] and shoot by releasing the
button! How cool!

If you have the Slingshot ready,
you can use [Z] Targeting to
shoot while moving.... Did you
know that?
1026 No, [Link]...
Thou must know my time is short...
1027 Now...listen carefully...
A wicked man of the desert
cast this dreadful curse upon me...
1028 If you're looking for Saria, she's
in the Lost Woods, as usual.

Don't tell me you don't know
where that is! The entrance is up
on the cliff overlooking the

I know you'll get lost! Don't
worry, you'll just end up back at
the entrance!

1029 Thou must never allow the desert
man in black armor to lay his
hands on the sacred Triforce...

Thou must never suffer that man,
with his evil heart, to enter the
Sacred Realm of legend...

That evil man who cast the death
curse upon me and sapped my

Because of that curse, my end is

Though your valiant efforts to
break the curse were successful,
I was doomed before you started...

Yes, I will pass away soon...
But do not grieve for me...

I have been able to tell you of
these important matters...

This is Hyrule's final hope...
102A The future depends upon thee,
Thou art courageous...

Navi the fairy...
Help [Link] to carry out
my will...

I entreat ye... Navi...
102B Let's go to Hyrule Castle,
102C Good-bye...Great Deku Tree...
102D Too bad...Heh heh!
102E Do you want to play some more?

102F Hey you! "Mr. No Fairy!"
What's your business with the
Great Deku Tree?

Without a fairy, you're not
even a real man![goto 10D0]
1030 If you want to pass through here,
you should at least equip a sword
and shield!

1031 What?!

Mido won't let you go to see
the Great Deku Tree?[goto 10C8]
1032 You can buy a shield at the shop,
but there is only one sword
hidden somewhere in the forest.
1033 If you want to see the
Great Deku Tree, you should at
least equip a sword and shield![goto 10D2]
1034 I, the great Mido, will never
accept you as one of us!

Shoot! How did you get to be the
favorite of Saria and the Great
Deku Tree? Huh?!
1035 I can teach you about the icons
at the top of the screen.
About the yellow icons
About the blue icon
1036 The three yellow icons in the
upper right are called [C] icons.

They display the things you can
use with the [C-Left], [C-Down] and
[C-Right] buttons.

Once you get a [C] Button item,
go into the Select Item Subscreen
and set it to one of the three
[C] Buttons.
1037 The blue icon at the top of the
screen is called the Action Icon.

This Action Icon shows you
what action you will perform
when you press [A].

Stop in many spots to see the
different things you can do.
1038 If you want to learn about the
map and items, just ask me.
But don't ask unless you want
to hear a long explanation.

What do you want to know about?
About the map
About items
Don't ask
1039 There is a map displayed at the
bottom right of the screen.

The yellow arrow shows your
current position and direction you
are facing. The red mark shows
where you entered the area from.

You can turn the map display on
and off with the [L].

If you want to see the name of a
place, press START.

You'll get into the Subscreens.
Select the Map Subscreen.

On the Map Subscreen, you can
see a map of Hyrule.
Did you get all that?
103A There are three kinds of items:
Equipment items, [C] Button items
and Quest items.

Equipment items are things like
the sword, shield and clothes
that are effective when you equip

[C] Button items can be set to
[C-Left], [C-Down], and [C-Right], and
used by pressing those buttons.

Quest items are things you
collect during your adventure. You
just carry them around.

If you want to change equipment
or just check on your inventory,
press START.
You will get into the Subscreens.

Switch to one of the four
different Subscreens with [Z] or
[R] and change or check items as
you please. Take a look around!

When you decide to equip an
Equipment item, press [A]. For
[C] Button items, press [C-Left],
[C-Down] or [C-Right].

That was a pretty long explanation.
Did you understand everything?
103B Well, just remember this. If you
want to save, press START to get
into the Subscreens, then press
103C My sister took some Rupees and
went shopping at the store
that has a red roof.
Tee hee!

Speaking of Rupees, a green one
is worth one, a blue one is worth
five and a red one is worth
twenty. Hee hee!
103D This shop...It sells things you
can get in the forest for free!
Tee hee!

Do you know how to use the
Deku Shield? Tee hee!

When you get the shield, press
START to get into the Subscreens.
Select the Equipment Subscreen
with [Z] or [R].

On the Equipment Subscreen,
choose the item you want to equip
and press [A] to equip that item.

Once you equip it, hold it up
with [R] and change its angle
with [Control Stick]. Tee hee!
103E Do you want to know how to use
the [C-Up] Button?
103F If you press [C-Up], you can
change your view.

In a place like this, it will switch
to a top-down view. Outdoors, in
a field for example, it will switch
to a first-person perspective.

Also, when "Navi" is displayed in
the upper right of your screen,
Navi the fairy wants to talk to
you. Use [C-Up] to listen to her!
1040 Well, if you play around with it,
you'll figure it out.
1041 That's not quite Saria's Song...
1042 Mido is very upset!
Did something happen to him?
1043 What? Where are you going?!

To the castle?
Where is the castle?
1044 We Kokiri will die if we leave the

You're not going to try to leave
the forest, are you?!
1045 Hey, [Link]!
What did you do?!

The Great Deku Tree...did he...

How could you do a thing like
that?! It's all your fault!!
1046 Hey!!
What are you doing in my house?!
1047 [Link], you're safe![goto 1048]
1048 Saria and [Link] will be
friends forever.
1049 Did something happen to the
Great Deku Tree?
104A Somehow, it seems that the air in
the forest has changed.
104B [Link], are you going
to go away?
104C If you lose your shield, will
you come back?
104D [sound 3880]All of the young Deku Scrub
brothers look exactly
like our sacred forest totem!

[sound 3880]As an offering from us, please
accept these Deku Sticks.
We will also enhance your
carrying skills!


[sound 3880]Alakazaaaam!
104E Since the Great Deku Tree
withered...more meanies have
been appearing in the forest...
I'm scared!
104F An evil wind is blowing from the
direction of the Forest Temple.

Saria left, saying,
"I have to do something
about it!"[goto 1050]
1050 The Forest Temple is located
in the Sacred Forest Meadow in
the far side of the Lost Woods.
1051 Saria went to the temple and
hasn't come back...
1052 Hi, mister! You can't use a
Deku Shield! It's only for
1053 Where's Saria?
Do you know Saria, mister?
That's weird...[goto 1054]
1054 Where has Mido gone during such
an emergency?
1055 I see. You didn't have any
problems entering the forest,

Did the meanies out there bother
you much? Before the Great Deku
Tree died, you wouldn't see things
like that around here....[goto 1056]
1056 Since it's dangerous outside, I
always stay inside my house.
But I'm bored to death in here!
1057 You can buy arrows at a shop
only if you have a bow. Have you
got one, mister?
1058 Have you been travelling around
much, mister?
Have you ever met a boy named

Mido said that the Great Deku
Tree withered because that boy
did something wrong to it...

Only Saria defended
[Link]--until she left.[goto 1059]
1059 Maybe we misunderstood....
105A Haven't I seen you somewhere
before, mister?
105B Mister, do you know a boy
named [Link]?

He left the forest and never
came back...[goto 105C]
105C I wonder if [Link] will
ever return?
105D It would be awesome to be big
like you, mister! I really want to
be big like you!

I want to be big and strong and
beat up the Deku Scrubs, but...[goto 105E]
105E We Kokiri won't ever get bigger
for the rest of our lives...
What a bummer!
105F Why is that fairy following you
around? You're not one of us!
1060 What are you? Though you wear
Kokirish clothing, you can't
fool me![goto 1061]
1061 I promised Saria I would never
let anybody go through here.
1062 Hi there! I'm the Deku Tree

Because you and Saria broke the
curse on the Forest Temple, I
can grow and flourish!

Thanks a lot!
1063 Hey, have you seen your old
friends? None of them recognized
you with your grown-up body, did

That's because the Kokiri never
grow up! Even after seven years,
they're still kids!
1064 You must be wondering why only
you have grown up!

Well, as you might have already
guessed, you are not a Kokiri!
You are actually a Hylian!

I am happy to finally reveal this
secret to you!
1065 Some time ago, before the King of
Hyrule unified this country, there
was a fierce war in our world.One day, to escape from the fires
of the war, a Hylian mother and
her baby boy entered this
forbidden forest.The mother was gravely injured...
Her only choice was to entrust
the child to the Deku Tree, the
guardian spirit of the forest.The Deku Tree could sense that
this was a child of destiny, whose
fate would affect the entire world,
so he took him into the forest.After the mother passed away,
the baby was raised as a Kokiri.
And now, finally, the day of
destiny has come!
1066 You are a Hylian, and were
always bound to leave this forest.

And now...
You have learned your own
So you know what you must do...

That's right...
You must save the land of

Now, [Link], break the
curses on all of the Temples,
and return peace to Hyrule!!
1067 That melody?!

Saria plays that song all the
You...Do you know Saria?

That song...

Saria taught that song only
to her friends...[goto 106F]
1068 When I see you...
I don't know why, but I remember...
1069 I have you now!
In this gap between dreams and
reality, soon all that will remain
of you will be your dead body!
106A Thank you...
Because of you, I could awaken as
a Sage...

I am Saria.
The Sage of the Forest Temple...
106B Saria will always be...
your friend...
106C The flow of time is always cruel...
Its speed seems different for
each person, but no one can
change it...

A thing that doesn't change with
time is a memory of younger days...

In order to come back here again,
play the Minuet of Forest.
106D [Link]...
I'll see you again...
106E Saria hasn't come back yet...
But I know she'll return someday...
106F OK...
I trust you.[goto 1068]
1070 Oh...I see...

Saria won't ever come back...

But...I...I made a promise to

If [Link] came back, I
would be sure to tell him that
Saria had been waiting for him...

Because Saria...really...
liked...[goto 1071]
1071 Hey, you.

If you see him somewhere, please
let him know...[goto 10D6]
1072 Teach me some fancy fencing!
All I've ever done is tap [B] all
my life!
1073 I still think you really look like
somebody I've seen before, mister.
1074 You're such a big, strong guy!
I really want to be like you
someday even though I'll always be
1075 [Link]... I wonder if he
will come back...
1076 I feel like I've known you for a
long time, mister!
1077 Now that the Deku Tree's sprout
is growing in the Great Deku
Tree's meadow, the forest has
returned to normal!
1078 We'll all work together to protect
the forest!
1079 Somehow, a fair wind has begun
to blow recently.
107A Since a fair wind started to
blow, I'm sure [Link]
will come back!
107B I wonder if Saria will come back...
107C I'm sure [Link] will
return someday!
107D Great Deku Tree...
I'm back!
107E This evil man ceaselessly uses
his vile, sorcerous powers in his
search for the Sacred Realm that
is connected to Hyrule...

For it is in that Sacred Realm
that one will find the divine
relic, the Triforce, which contains
the essence of the gods...
107F Before time began, before spirits
and life existed...
1080 Three golden goddesses descended
upon the chaos that was Hyrule...
1081 Din, the goddess of power...
1082 Nayru, the goddess of wisdom...
1083 Farore, the goddess of courage...
1084 Din...
1085 With her strong flaming arms, she
cultivated the land and created
the red earth.
1086 Nayru...
1087 Poured her wisdom onto the earth
and gave the spirit of law to
the world.
1088 Farore...
1089 With her rich soul, produced all
life forms who would uphold
the law.
108A The three great goddesses,
their labors completed,
departed for the heavens.
108B And golden sacred triangles
remained at the point where the
goddesses left the world.
108C Since then, the sacred triangles
have become the basis of our
world's providence.
108D And, the resting place of the
triangles has become the
Sacred Realm.
108E Hey kid, you did quite well...
It looks like you may be gaining
some slight skill...But you have defeated only my
When you fight the real me, it
won't be so easy!What a worthless creation that
ghost was! I will banish it to
the gap between dimensions!!
108F I always believed that you would
come. Because I know you...

No...You don't have to explain
it to me...

Because it is destiny that you
and I can't live in the same world.
1090 I will stay here as the Forest
Sage and help you...

Now, please take this
1091 Thou hast verily demonstrated
thy courage...

I knew that thou wouldst be able
to carry out my wishes...
1092 Now, I have yet more to tell ye,
wouldst thou listen...
1093 [Link]...
Go now to Hyrule Castle...

There, thou will surely meet
the Princess of Destiny...

Take this stone with you.
The stone that man wanted so
much, that he cast the curse on
1094 I knew...
that you would leave the forest...
someday, [Link]...

Because you are different from
me and my friends....
1095 [sound 6844]Hello, [Link]!
Wake up!

The Great Deku Tree wants
to talk to you!
[Link], get up!
1096 [sound 685F]Hey! C'mon!

Can Hyrule's destiny really depend
on such a lazy boy?
1097 Jumping is going out of style now.
I'm crazy about doing backflips!
Can you do one?
1098 The Great Deku Tree
has summoned you!
So let's get going, right now!
1099 Navi...
Navi, where art thou?
Come hither....
109A Oh, Navi the fairy...
Listen to my words, the words of
the Deku Tree...

Dost thou sense it?
The climate of evil descending
upon this realm...

Malevolent forces even now are
mustering to attack our land
of Hyrule...

For so long, the Kokiri Forest, the
source of life, has stood as a
barrier, deterring outsiders and
maintaining the order of the world...

But...before this tremendous evil
power, even my power is as

It seems the time has come for
the boy without a fairy to begin
his journey...

The youth whose destiny it is to
lead Hyrule to the path of
justice and truth...

Navi...go now! Find our young
friend and guide him to me...

I do not have much time left.

Fly, Navi, fly! The fate of the
forest, nay, the world, depends
upon thee!
109B [sound 3882]Please forgive me, master! I'll
never do it again! If you spare
me, I'll teach you something cool.

[sound 3880]You will never beat my brothers
up ahead unless you punish them
in the proper order.

[sound 3880]The order is...2 3 1
Twenty-three is number one!
[sound 3880]Do you think I'm a traitor?
109C [sound 3882]How did you know our secret?!
How irritating!

[sound 3880]It's so annoying that I'm going to
reveal the secret of Queen Gohma
to you!

[sound 3880]In order to administer the coup de
grace to Queen Gohma, strike
with your sword while she's

Oh, Queenie...

[sound 3880]Sorry about that!
109D In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule...Long have I served as the
guardian spirit...
I am known as the Deku Tree...
109E The children of the forest, the
Kokiri, live here with me.Each Kokiri has his or her own
guardian fairy.
109F However, there is one boy who
does not have a fairy...
10A0 [sound 3882]I surrender! In return, I will sell
you Deku Nuts!
5 pieces 20 Rupees they are![goto 10A3]
10A1 [sound 3882]All right! You win! In return,
I will sell you Deku Sticks!
1 piece 15 Rupees they are![goto 10A3]
10A2 [sound 3882]All right! You win! In return for
sparing me, I will sell you a
Piece of Heart!
1 piece 10 Rupees it is![goto 10A3]
10A3 [sound 3880]Let's make a deal!

No way
10A4 [sound 3882]YIKES!!
I'm going home then!
10A5 [sound 3882]Not enough Rupees!
Come back again!
10A6 [sound 3882]You can't have this now!
Come back again!
10A7 [sound 3880]Thank you very much!
10A8 I've been waiting for you,

This is the Sacred Forest Meadow.
It's my secret place!
I feel...

This place will be very
important for both of us someday.
That's what I feel.

If you play the Ocarina here, you
can talk with the spirits in the
forest.[goto 10A9]
10A9 Would you like to play the
Ocarina with me?
Don't do it
10AA OK, try to follow along with the
melody I will play.
Are you ready?
10AB Huh?!
How boring!
C'mon! Play along!
10AC [sound 6863]Great! Great!

Please don't forget this song!
Do you promise?[goto 10AD]
10AD When you want to hear my voice,
play Saria's Song. You can talk
with me anytime...
10AE Are you taking good care of
my Ocarina?
10AF [sound 3880]Cool!
You're great! You scored
three perfect bull's-eyes!

[sound 3880]I have to give a neat present
to such a wonderful person!
Please take it!
10B0 Mido might know something about
Saria's whereabouts.

I think Mido is sulking in one of
the houses around here.
10B1 ??
No response. He's sleeping.
10B2 Cojiro? Why?
Normally only a nice guy like me
can tame you...

Which means...

You... You must be a nice guy!
Must be!
You must be!!
Please Mr. Nice Guy! Please!

Deliver this stuff to the old
hag in the potion shop in Kakariko
10B3 This will disappear if you take
too long, so you gotta hurry!
I can't
10B4 Oh, yeah. That's it!
You aren't a nice guy after all!!
Get away from me!
10B5 Saria wanted to see you...
Did she find you already?
10B6 Hurry up, nice guy!
Before it disappears, deliver it
to that old wench....
10B7 That guy isn't here anymore.

Anybody who comes into the
forest will be lost.

Everybody will become a Stalfos.
Everybody, Stalfos.
So, he's not here anymore.
Only his saw is left. Hee hee.[goto 10B8]
10B8 That medicine is made of
forest mushrooms. Give it back!
10B9 Heh heh heh.
Are you going to be... too?
Heh heh!
10BA We sell shields, but not swords!
10BB You know Saria's Song! We should
be friends! Here, take this!
10BC Hi! Do you think my face is kind
of plain?
It's just not very unusual...
10BD Let's play again sometime!
10BE Follow along with our song on
your Ocarina. We'll lead you
into it.
10BF That was quite a nice session.
As a token of our friendship,
please take this.
10C0 Hey, over here!
Hoo hoo![Link]...Good to see you
again! Listen to this!
Hoot hoot....[goto 10C1]
10C1 After going through the Lost
Woods, you will come upon the
Sacred Forest Meadow.

That is a sacred place where few
people have ever walked.

Shhhh...What's that?
I can hear a mysterious tune...

You should listen for that tune
Hoo hoo ho!
10C2 Do you want to hear what I said
10C3 If you are courageous, you
will make it through the forest
just fine...

Just follow your ears and listen
to the sounds coming from the
Hoot hoot!
10C4 Hoo hoo!Did you learn an Ocarina song
from Saria?

That melody seems to have some
mysterious power.

There may be some other
mysterious songs like this that
you can learn in Hyrule.[goto 10C5]
10C5 If you hold the Ocarina with [C]
where a melody is necessary, a
musical staff will appear.

I recommend that you play a song
you know.

I also suggest that you play even
when a score is not displayed.
Just like this:
Hoo hoo hoo hoot hoot hoot!
10C6 Do you want to hear what I
said again?
10C7 Melodies you have learned
will be recorded on the Quest
Status Subscreen. You should
memorize those melodies.
10C8 Ohh...That bum! I don't know why
he's always so mean to everyone!

What he said is true, though.[goto 10C9]
10C9 The forest...strange things have
been happening here lately...

You need to be ready for anything.
You'd better find a weapon![goto 1032]
10CA [sound 3882]All right! You win! In return,
I will sell you Deku Seeds!
30 pieces 40 Rupees they are![goto 10A3]
10CB [sound 3882]I give up! If you let me go,
I will sell you a Deku Shield! It's
50 Rupees![goto 10A3]
10CC [sound 3882]I quit! If you let me go, I'll sell
you some Bombs!
5 pieces 40 Rupees they are![goto 10A3]
10CD [sound 3882]Knock it off! Leave me alone, and
I will sell you Arrows!
30 pieces 70 Rupees they are![goto 10A3]
10CE [sound 3882]All right! You win! If you spare
me, I will sell you a Red Potion
for 40 Rupees![goto 10A3]
10CF [sound 3882]All right! You win! Spare me, and
I will sell you a Green Potion for
40 Rupees![goto 10A3]
10D0 What?! You've got a fairy?!
Say what? The Great Deku Tree
actually summoned you?[goto 10D1]
10D1 Whaaaaaaat?!

Why would he summon you and not
the great Mido?

This isn't funny...

I don't believe it!
You aren't even fully equipped

How do you think you're going to
help the Great Deku Tree without
both a sword and shield ready?

What? You're right, I don't have
my equipment ready, but...[goto 1030]
10D2 Eh, what's that?!

Oh, you have a Deku Shield...

And what's THAT?!

Is that the Kokiri Sword?!

GOOD GRIEF!![goto 10D3]
10D3 Well, even with all that stuff,
a wimp is still a wimp, huh?[goto 1034]
10D4 [sound 3882]I lost! Now I'll sell you a Deku
Stick for 15 Rupees.[goto 10A3]
10D5 [sound 3882]I lost! Now I'll sell you Deku
Nuts if you leave me alone.
5 pieces 20 Rupees they are.[goto 10A3]
10D6 And also...

I'm sorry for being mean to him.

Tell him that, too.
10D7 Hee hee hee!
You came all the way up here?
You're a real man![goto 10D8]
10D8 Look! Isn't this view pretty?
Change your viewpoint with [C-Up],
so you can look around the forest
with [Control Stick].
10D9 What did you do to the Great
Deku Tree?
10DA If you want to go to the Lost
Woods, you'd better equip the
right gear!
Hee hee!
10DB [sound 3882]All my young Deku Scrub brothers
You have a horrible face!

[sound 3882]But don't worry! We will reward
you with many Deku Nuts.

[sound 3882]Of course, we will also enable
you to carry more of them!


[sound 3880]Alakazaaaam!!
10DC [sound 3882]I surrender!

[sound 3880]To make your quest easier,
I can enable you to pick up more
Deku Sticks!
But, it'll cost you 40 Rupees![goto 10A3]
10DD [sound 3882]I surrender!

[sound 3880]To make your quest easier, I can
enable you to pick up more Deku
But, it'll cost you 40 Rupees![goto 10A3]
10DE [sound 3882]So sorry!
You can't buy that right now!
10DF That guy isn't here anymore.

Anybody who comes into the
forest will be lost.

Everybody will become a Stalfos.
Everybody, Stalfos.
So, he's not here anymore.


Text Id Message
2000 Thank you very much for the
other day... I haven't even asked
you your name yet...



That's what I thought!
You're the fairy boy from the
forest! That was years ago!
Do you remember me?

You do? I was sure it was you
because Epona remembered you!

Oh, I have to tell you about
Mr. Ingo...

He was afraid that the Evil King
might find out that Epona had
been taken away...It really upset

But one day, all of a sudden, he
went back to being a normal, nice

Now my dad is coming back...I
can't believe it, but peace is
returning to this ranch!

It's all because of you! I
owe you so much!

Thank you! Thank you,
2001 How is Epona doing?

If you play Epona's Song with
your Ocarina, she will surely
come to you.

Please come back to the ranch
whenever you want to train
2002 Epona looks great!
It looks like you were able
to tame her, too![goto 2003]
2003 How about trying your skill with
Epona on an obstacle course?

I'll time you for two laps.
It's pretty challenging. If you
miss jumping a fence in the
proper order, you'll fail.

How about it?
Do you want to try?
Let's go
Don't do it
2004 Well, your time was .
You have to train harder!

Remember, you don't need to
accelerate to jump over low
fences, but you do need to go
fast to jump the high fences!
2005 [Link]...can you hear me?
It's me, Zelda...
2006 [sound 28DF]Moooooooooo!

What a nice song...
It reminds me of the pasture...

That song makes me feel so good,
I can produce a lot of milk!
2007 Have some of my refreshing and
nutritious milk!
2008 [Link], when you hold
this Ocarina in your hand...I won't be around anymore...I wanted to wait for you, but I
couldn't delay any longer...At least I could leave you the
Ocarina and this melody...
2009 Now, [Link].
Play this melody in front of the
altar in the Temple of Time.
You must protect the Triforce!
200A Wha-ha-ha-hah! Do you think
you're in disguise, Mr. Hero?


Is that a "Kee...something..."
character mask? I heard he's
very popular recently?

He's my boy's favorite. That
"Kee...something..." mask...
If you don't mind...[goto 200B]
200B Will you sell it to me?

No way
200C I won't give up! I have plenty of
patience. I have to for this
job! Hah hah hah!
200D Mmmm...mumble...mumble...
Huh? Yeah, I'm awake!


Hey, it's you! Welcome!

Awww... That was rough!
Malon yelled at me for a long

You took care of us, so I'm proud
to give you this milk! You can
keep the bottle for yourself.
200E The road is closed beyond this
Can't you read the sign over

Eh? Oh, I see. You're just a kid,
and you can't read yet.
Ha ha hah!
200F I don't want that!
2010 Oh, this is...
This is surely Princess Zelda's
handwriting! Well, let's see...
Hmmm... OK...

"This is [Link]...
He is under my orders to save

Wah ha ha ha hah!
What kind of funny game has our
Princess come up with now?!

OK, OK, all right. You can go
now... Just be careful, Mr. Hero!
Wah hah ha ha hah!
2011 Oh, Mr. Hero!
Thanks for all your hard work!
Wah ha ha hah!!
2012 Wow! Great!
Your time was !
You and Epona are a great
2013 Oh, that's too bad.
If you had something to put it in,
I could give some to you...
2014 I am Ingo--Mr. Ingo to you.
I take care of these horses.
You're in my way, so scram,
2015 By the way, Mr. Hero...

If you're going to climb
Death Mountain, you should equip
a proper shield! It is an active
volcano, after all!

If you go back to Hyrule Castle
Town Market, you should check
out the Bazaar. They sell the
shield you need there.

Tell 'em I sent you and they
should give you a special

If you think you're good to go
already, don't worry about it.

Now, I'd like to ask a favor of
you. No, I don't expect you to do
it just because of the great tip I
just gave you! I'm just asking!

Have you been to the Happy
Mask Shop that just opened in
the Hyrule Castle Town Market?
Everyone is talking about it!

My little boy pesters me for a
popular mask, but I don't have
time to go there...

So, could you go and get the
mask for me next time you are in
the Market? If you don't feel like
it, that's OK, but...

Well, I have no choice, this is my

2016 I wish I could go to the mask
shop in town to buy a present for
my kid...

2017 Oh no... He's not breathing...
2018 [Link]!?
2019 Arrrrgh! I lost her!
201A You, over there!
Little kid!
201B Heh heh heh...
You want a piece of me?!
Very funny!
I like your attitude!
201C Pathetic little fool!
Do you realize who you are
dealing with?!
201D I am Ganondorf!
And soon, I will rule the world!
201E You must have seen the white
horse gallop past just now...
Which way did it go?!
Answer me!!
201F Tsk tsk...When your time is
up, I'll kick you out of here.
2020 My boy will be very happy with
this! You really are Mr. Hero!
Wha ha ha hah!
2021 [sound 4807]You sold the 10-Rupee mask for
15 Rupees. You earned a little

Let's go to the Mask Shop and
pay back the mask price of
10 Rupees.
2022 Little kids can't go on the
"Heart-Pounding Gravedigging
Tour" described on the sign.

Since I can't do that, I'm just
imitating Damp? the gravekeeper
all day.

But with my cute face, I'm not
heart-pounding at all, am I?
2023 Gyaah! It's Damp? the


Oh, it's just a mask. I get a
different kind of fright from that
mask than I get from Damp?...

Will you give that mask to me?

No way
2024 I really do have some money, you
2025 Hey! Time's up, young man!
You only paid 10 Rupees!
You've played around long enough!
2026 With this mask, I'll be just like
Here's my money!
2027 [sound 4807]You sold the 30-Rupee mask to a
kid for full price?!
And he didn't mind paying at all!

Let's go back to the mask shop to
pay 30 Rupees for the mask.
You can get the new mask
model, too.
2028 I'm gonna dig and dig!
Just like Damp?!!
2029 In old times, I heard there were
many wild rabbits in the land
of Hyrule. Not anymore, though,
because of excessive hunting.

I want to become a rabbit...
Listen to the wind with
those ears, hop across the ground
with those legs...

Even if I can only pretend.
202A I bet with those long ears you
can hear the voices...
Oh, these are genuine rabbit
ears from the animal of legend![goto 202B]
202B I don't care how expensive it is!
Please sell it to me!
No way
202C That's not the answer I wanted to
202D My long time dream! Returning to
the wild life! Finally, the actor,
stage and prop have been united!
202E [sound 4807]It's a 50-Rupee mask, but he paid
you a crazy amount of money for
it--more money than you can

Go back to the Mask Shop and
pay back just 50 Rupees of this
202F So, you think you can protect
them from me...
You've got guts, kid.
2030 There are some people in Kakariko
spreading rumors that I cheated
Talon out of the ranch, but...

Don't be ridiculous!

That guy Talon was weak!
I, the hard-working Ingo, poured
so much energy into this place!

I don't want any strangers like
you saying anything bad about me!

Listen. The great Ganondorf
recognized my obvious talents and
gave the ranch to me!

I will raise a fine horse and
win recognition from the great

Say, young man, do you want
to ride one of my fine horses?[goto 2031]
2031 Pay me 10 Rupees and you can
Don't ride
2032 All right then, scram
ya little punk!
2033 You don't have enough!
Save your change and
come back again!
2034 Do you want to hear how to ride?

Don't listen
2035 Approach the horse quietly and
stand by its side. Press [A] to
mount up.

Use the [Control Stick] to make it run.
Once it starts running, press
[A] to tap it with the whip.
It will speed up!

When you want to jump over a
fence, accelerate and hit it
head on!

If you try to jump over a fence
at an angle, the horse won't like
it, and it won't jump.

After the horse comes to a
complete stop, press [A] to
dismount. Now, have fun!
2036 If you use [Z] Targeting, you can
talk to me from horseback.

Are you ready to go home so
No, I want to ride.
Yes, I'm done.
2037 When you want to dismount, stop
and press [A].

Hey young man!
Do I know you? I just felt as
though I've seen you
somewhere before...[goto 2036]
2038 You're getting better!
How about a little race with me?
One lap around the corral with
that horse.

Let's make a little wager, say
50 Rupees?
Do it
Don't do it
2039 Hey hey... What's the matter?
Don't you have even 50 Rupees?!
I don't want to race with someone
so poor!
203A Sh-shoooot!

If the great Ganondorf found out
about this humiliation...
Hey, you!! How about another
race! If you win...

You can keep...the horse!!
203B What's up with that horse?!
Is that Epona?

How did you tame that wild horse
right under my nose?!

I was going to present that horse
to the great Ganondorf... But I bet
it on the race and lost! Shooot!
203C Hah ha hah!

As I promised, I'll give the
horse to you...


I'll never let you leave this ranch!
203D Hee hee hee... Too bad for you!
I get your 50 Rupees.
203E Wah ha hah!
You're just a kid, after all!
Well, come back any time and we'll
have some more fun...
203F What? What are you doing
hanging around here?
You little weirdo!

I am Ingo and I mind the ranch.

I've been working at this ranch
for a long time for that lazy
bum, Talon.

Today, for example, he's gone
somewhere for a delivery and he
hasn't come back yet!

So, I'm doing all the work around
here.[goto 2040]
2040 Oh well...It's tough to be a
working man.
2041 Hey, your clothes! They're...
You're not from around here,
are you?


Ohh... You're a fairy boy from
the forest! My name is Malon!
My dad owns Lon Lon Ranch![goto 2042]
2042 Dad went to the castle to deliver
some milk, and he hasn't come
back yet...
2043 Are you going to the castle,
fairy boy?
Would you mind finding my dad?

[sound 686D]He must have fallen asleep
somewhere around the castle.
What a thing for an adult to do!
Tee hee!

Oh yeah, if you'll look for him, I'll
give this to you.

I've been incubating this
egg very carefully...
Tee hee!
2044 Set the egg to [C] to incubate it.
Hee hee!

My dad is really troublesome,
for an adult, isn't he?!
Hee hee!
2045 I can't believe that I, the great
Ingo, am working on this dump of
a ranch!

Because the owner is so lazy, I
always have to do all the work
around here![goto 2046]
2046 I, the hard-working Ingo, should be
in charge, not that lazy bum,
2047 Oh, it's the fairy boy again!

I heard that you found my dad!
How did you like the castle? Did
you see the Princess? Hee hee!

[sound 686D]Dad came home in a hurry after
you found him. Hee hee!

Oh yeah, I have to introduce you
to my friend, fairy boy!

She's this horse. Her name is
Epona. Isn't she cute?
2048 It seems like Epona is afraid of
you, fairy boy...
2049 My mother composed this song.
Isn't it nice? Let's sing together.
204A Oh, Epona! She's grown fond of
you, fairy boy.
204B Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z...
204C Oh...a visitor!
It's been a long time since we've
had a visitor here...
Where did you come from?

Since Ganondorf came, people in
the Castle Town have gone, places
have been ruined, and monsters
are wandering everywhere.

Mr. Ingo is just using the ranch
to gain Ganondorf's favor...

Everyone seems to be turning evil...

But Dad...
He was kicked out of the ranch
by Mr. Ingo...

If I disobey Mr. Ingo, he will treat
the horses so badly...

There's nothing I can do...
204D I bet nobody is faster than I am
now! But, I don't know if I
should be happy or sad....
204E Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z...
S-stop that song...I...I...
Mumble... mumble...
204F Take a good look at that
mountain. That is Death Mountain,
home of the Gorons. They hold
the Spiritual Stone of Fire.
2050 Please keep it secret from
Mr. Ingo that I sing this song...
2051 You...
Do you know my mother's song?

Everyone really liked that song...
My dad... Even Mr. Ingo...

But...since Ganondorf appeared,
Mr. Ingo has changed completely.

I can remember the good old days
only while I sing the song. Also...[goto 2052]
2052 Epona really liked that song...
Only I could tame that horse...
Even Mr. Ingo had a hard time...

Hee hee hee!
2053 This statue's one-eyed gaze
pierces into your mind...
2054 Responding to your mask, this
strange stone statue talks to

I overheard this...
2055 I'm gonna turn over a new leaf
and work real hard from now on.
2056 Mr. Ingo... He must have been
tempted by evil powers.
He's not really a bad person
at all...
2057 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z...
Mumble... It's not easy to
be a working man...
2058 It's been a while...
Do you want to race?
2059 If you change your mind,
come back anytime!
205A All right then! Scram,
ya little punk!
205B Heh heh... Are you mad because
you lost? If you're that upset,
how about another race?

Bet 50 Rupees and race again?

Don't race
205C Thank you so much. Heh heh!
205D If I give ya more free of charge,
Ingo will get mad at me. So I'd
better sell it to you for the
normal price.
205E Wanna buy milk for 30 Rupees?

Don't buy
205F Hi there, how are you?
I am Ingo. I feel so honored
to be allowed to work here.
2060 You brave lad...
We must protect this beautiful
land of Hyrule!
2061 Oh, cute ocarina!
Are you going to play this song
with that ocarina?
2062 At the foot of Death Mountain
you will find my village, Kakariko.
That is where I was born and

You should talk to some of the
villagers there before you go up
Death Mountain.
2063 The song I just taught you has
some mysterious power. Only
Royal Family members are allowed
to learn this song.

Remember, it will help to prove
your connection with the Royal

The Princess is waiting for you to
return to the castle with the
stones. All right. We're counting
on you!
2064 Hoo hoot!
Look up here!It appears that the time has
finally come for you to start your

You will encounter many hardships
ahead... That is your fate. Don't
feel discouraged, even during the
toughest times![goto 2065]
2065 Go straight this way and you will
see Hyrule Castle.

You will meet a princess there...

If you are lost and don't know
which way to go, look at the

The areas you have explored will
be shown on the Map. Press
START to enter the Subscreens
and [Z] or [R] to find the Map.

On the Map Subscreen, you will
also see a flashing dot showing
you which way you should go next.[goto 2066]
2066 Did you get all that?

2067 All right then, I'll see you around!
Hoot hoot hoot ho!
2068 Hey, [Link]! This way!The princess is inside the castle
just ahead. Be careful not to get
caught by the guards!
Ho ho ho hoot!
2069 On this ground, time flows

But time stands still while you
are in Lon Lon Ranch or in a town.

If you want time to pass normally,
you'll need to leave town.

Well, well, which way are you
going to go now?
Hoo hoo hoot!
206A Do you want to hear what I said
206B Hoooo. You're a smart kid.
Good luck, then. Hoo hoo.
206C Hey, [Link]!
Wait a second, friend!

Beyond this point you'll find
Kakariko Village. Have you seen
the Princess of Hyrule? If not,
I suggest you go to the castle.
206D Hey, [Link]!
Look over here!Beyond this point you'll find
Kakariko Village. Watch your step!
Hoot hoo!
206E [Link], you're the only
one who can complete the quest
You must do your best! Hoo!
206F [Link]! Wait up, buddy!
Hoo hoo!Head south from here to reach
Lake Hylia's full, rich waters.

If you go west, you'll find
Gerudo Valley. There's a hideout
of a gang of thieves on the other
side of the valley.

Well, you're free to go anywhere
you want!
Ho ho ho...hooo!
2070 No matter how hard it is, just
don't get discouraged. Ho Ho Hoo!
2071 Beyond this point lies Lake Hylia.
It is full of deep, pure water.The Zoras, who live all the
way upstream, guard the sunken
temple at the lake's bottom, as
well as Zora's Fountain.

If you want to confirm its location
on the map, press START to
switch to the Subscreens and [Z]
or [R] to find the Map.

All the places you have visited
will be shown on the map.
Ho hoo hoot!
2072 OK, be careful and go!
2073 What is your name?
2074 .....

[Link]... sounds somehow...
2075 OK then, [Link]...

I'm going to tell you the secret of
the Sacred Realm that has been
passed down by the Royal Family
of Hyrule.
2076 The Ocarina of Time!
2077 Did you understand well the story
I just told you?
2078 I was spying through this window
just now...

The other element from my
dream...the dark clouds...
I believe they symbolize...
that man in there!

Will you look through the window
at him?
2079 ........Yes.

I told my father about my dream...

However, he didn't believe it was
a prophecy...

But...I can sense that man's evil
207A What Ganondorf is after must be
nothing less than the Triforce
of the Sacred Realm.

He must have come to Hyrule to
obtain it!

And, he wants to conquer Hyrule...
no, the entire world!
207B [Link], we are the
only ones who can protect Hyrule!
207C We must not let Ganondorf get
the Triforce!

I will protect the Ocarina of Time
with all my power!
He shall not have it!

You go find the other two
Spiritual Stones!

Let's get the Triforce before
Ganondorf does, and then defeat
207D One more thing...
Take this letter...
I'm sure it will be helpful to you.
207E Mumble...mumble...
Huh? I'm awake already!


Well I'll be! If it ain't the forest
kid from the other day!
By the way, thanks a lot for
waking me up!

It took some doing, but I finally
got Malon back in a good mood.

So, what are you up to today?
Got some free time on your hands
you say?
Well how about a little game?

These three Cuccos I have here
are special Super Cuccos!

I'm going to throw these Cuccos
into that there gaggle of normal

If you can pick out these three
special birds from among the
normal Cuccos within the time
limit, I'll give you something good.

If you can't find them, I win.
It'll be 10 Rupees... Want to play?
207F Mumble...mumble...
I'm up! I'm up!


Hey, forest kid!
Got some free time?
Then c'mon and play!

I'm going to throw these three
Super Cuccos into that gaggle of
normal Cuccos.

If you can pick out these three
special birds from among the
normal Cuccos within the time
limit, I'll give you something good.

If you can't find them, I win.
It'll be 10 Rupees... Want to play?
2080 You have 30 seconds!
All righty then, get ready.
Here go the Super Cuccos!

2081 Time's up!
Too baaaaad!!

These are some great Cuccos
aren't they!
They're raking in money for me!

Come back to me, my babies!
2082 That's one of 'em!
Keep it up! Keep it up!
Two more to find!
2083 There's another!
All right, now, the moment of
truth! One more to find!
2084 Golly! I'll be darned!
It's plum incredible!

That's the last one!
You've found them all!
Come on over here!
2085 Want to try again?

A young man like you must have
a real fire in your belly!
Find three of them within
30 seconds.

Try again for 5 Rupees?

2086 Hey, you!
You've got the talent to be one of
the world's best cowboys!

How'd you like to marry Malon?
2087 Haw haw! I was just kidding!
Just kidding! I think you're a little
young for that, aren't you?
Haw haw haw!

Oh...! I'm proud to present to
you a sample of our very own Lon
Lon Milk. You'll be energized
the moment you drink it!

After you drink it, you can
bring back the bottle and buy a
refill, anytime you want!
2088 Hey pardner, you have an honest

When you grow up, why don't you
come to work here, on this
ranch? That's a standing offer!
I'll be waiting for you.
2089 Here you go! Take this super
fresh Lon Lon Milk!
208A Here you are! Take some super
fresh milk...

Oh? Too baaaaad!!
You don't have an empty bottle,
do you?
208B Mumble...mumble...
I'm awake!


Hey, [Link]!
If you're lookin' for Malon,
she's right outside. Did you
come here to play?

Well then, how about playing the
Super Cucco-findin' game with me?
Or, do you want to buy some
Lon Lon Milk?

What'll it be?
Lon Lon Milk - 30 Rupees
Cucco-findin' game - 10 Rupees
208C You failed!
You have to jump over all the
208D One more lap!
208E Are you making sure to approach
the fences head on? If you
approach at an angle, the horse
won't jump!

If you want to try again, mount
Epona and get ready!
208F You did it!
is the new course record!

I have to give you a present to
commemorate your new record!

The present is a little too heavy
to give to you here, so I'll have it
delivered to your house. Bet you
can't wait to see it! Hee hee!
2090 The record so far is 50 seconds.
Your best time is [Horse Race Time].

If you can beat the record, I'll
give you a present.
Give it your best shot, OK?

Let's get going!
2091 Your best time is [Horse Race Time]!
How fast can you go?!
C'mon, let's get started!
2092 The current record is 50 seconds.
First, try to beat this record!

If you can beat the record, I'll
give you a present!
Give it your best shot, OK?

All right, let's get started!
2093 2093
2094 2094
2095 2095
2096 2096
2097 2097
2098 2098
2099 2099
209A 209A
209B 209B
209C 209C
209D 209D
209E 209E
209F 209F


Text Id Message
3000 You don't know what he means by
"Sworn Brothers," but you've
collected two Spiritual Stones!
You have one more to find!
3001 You don't know what he means by
"Sworn Brothers," but you've
finally collected all three Stones!
Go back to see Princess Zelda!
3002 I maaaade thissss...
Trrrrade for claimmm checkkk...
3003 I giiiive thissss to yoooou forrr
a souvenirrrrr.
3004 Kid, I like you!

How's about you and I become
Sworn Brothers?!

No, there's no big ceremony
involved! Just take this as a
token of our friendship!
3005 You did great!
3006 How 'bout a big Goron hug,
3007 Oh!Oh-oh!C'mon!Come on! Come on! Come on!HOT!!What a hot beat!WHOOOOAH!YEEEEAH!YAHOOO!!
3008 I am one of the Gorons,
the stone-eating people who live
on Death Mountain.

Look at that huge boulder over

It blocks the entrance to the
Dodongo's Cavern, which was once
a very important place for us

But one day, many Dodongos
suddenly appeared inside the
cavern. It became a very
dangerous place!

On top of that, a Gerudo in black
armor used his magic to seal the
entrance with that boulder![goto 302A]
3009 I wish I could roll down the
mountain like a rock, with a
Bomb Flower and...


If I could do that with a Bomb
Flower, I could become a real man.
300A I'm standing here to shade the
Bomb Flowers from the sun.

Do you have a question for me?

Ask about Bomb Flowers
Ask about Dodongo's Cavern
300B Those plants growing over there
are Bomb Flowers. They are
"mining plants" that grow only on
this mountain.

The flower's fruit is the raw
material for bombs.

But a non-Goron amateur should
never pick the Bomb Flowers'

They usually grow only in dark
places, so Bomb Flowers that grow
in a place like this are extremely
300C Those plants growing over there
are Bomb Flowers. They are
"mining plants" that grow only on
this mountain.

They usually grow only in dark
places, like caves, so Bomb
Flowers that grow in a place like
this are extremely rare.

If you have the Goron's Bracelet,
even a little kid like you could
easily pick it with [A].
300D Did you see the cavern on your
way here? That is the Dodongo's

Because the light inside is very
dim, the Bomb Flowers, a plant
unique to this mountain, grow like
crazy in there!
300E Oh?

We don't get many visitors way
up here. Where are you from?

The forest?

What's a "forest"?


It's where a lot of "trees" and
"plants" grow?

Now I'm even more confused!
Nothing grows around here besides
the Bomb Flowers...

We don't have "seeds" or "nuts"
around here either.

Even Deku Sticks are very scarce
around here![goto 3022]
300F I sealed the entrance because I
don't have much merchandise to
sell. But you're quite a persistent
customer, aren't you.
3010 I'm sorry...
That Bomb is just for display.
I'm sold out of real ones.
3011 Why did you stop me?
Don't stop me here!

You can't stop my wild rolling!

This wild rolling is the only way
to relieve my stress!

Now stand in awe of my wild, wild
3012 All right! I'll give you this
in praise of your courage!
3013 Thank you! Let me express my joy
with more wild rolling!
3014 Oh...I'm so hungry...

Everyone feels faint from hunger
because of the food shortage in
this town. We are in danger of

It's all because we can't enter
our quarry, the Dodongo's Cavern.

We Gorons live on a diet of

And the most delicious and
nutritious rocks around are found
in the Dodongo's Cavern! But that
seems like ancient history now...

We've become such gourmets that
we can't stand to eat rocks from
anywhere else![goto 3015]
3015 Sigh... I want to eat the top
sirloin rocks from the Dodongo's
3016 Hey!

It's dangerous for a little kid like
you to come out here. You might
fall down!

If I'm not mistaken, you came out
here to eat the red stone!
Well, too bad! It's not here!

What? That's not why you're

You're looking for a "Spiritual
Stone?" You must mean that
delicious-looking red stone
that was once displayed here!

I was so hungry that I thought
it would be OK to just give it one
tiny little I snuck out
here. But, it was already gone!

I think Big Brother took it away.

He always says that everyone
is after that red stone![goto 3017]
3017 Big Brother has shut himself up in
his room saying,
"I will wait in here for the
Royal Family's messenger!"
3018 I'm so hungry that I can't think
about anything but food!

Ask Big Brother about complicated

If he's in a bad mood, he'll
probably get mad at
can be pretty scary. But...

I know his SECRET.

He may not look like the type,
but Big Brother loves to dance!
If he gets in a rhythm, he'll surely...[goto 3019]
3019 I remember Big Brother used to
always listen to the music that
comes from the forest...

Ah yes, the good old days...
That music makes me feel
nostalgic, too...[goto 302C]
301A What the heck! Who are you?!

When I heard the song of the
Royal Family, I expected their
messenger had arrived, but...
you're just a little kid!

Has Darunia, the big boss of
the Gorons, really lost so much
status to be treated like this
by his Sworn Brother, the King?

Now, I'm REALLY angry!
Get out of my face, now!

Are you asking why I'm in such a
bad mood right now?

Ancient creatures have
infested the Dodongo's Cavern!

We've had a poor harvest of our
special crop, Bomb Flowers!

Starvation and hunger because
of the rock shortage!

But...[goto 301B]
301B This is a Goron problem!

We don't need any help from
301C Heeey!! What a nice tune!

Just like that, my depression is
all gone! Something just came
over me! I suddenly wanted to
dance like crazy!

I am Darunia!

I'm the big boss of the Gorons!
Was there something you wanted
to ask me about?


You want the Spiritual Stone of
Fire, too?

The Spiritual Stone of Fire, also
known as the Goron's Ruby, is our
race's hidden treasure....

But hold on--I'm not going to give
it to you that easily.
If you want it so badly...

Why don't you go destroy the
monsters inside of the Dodongo's
Cavern and prove you're a real man?

That way, everybody will be
happy again! If you do it, I
will give you anything you want,
even the Spiritual Stone!

I have something for you. I'm not
really giving you this in
return for anything, but take it

If you wear this, even a little
fella like you can pick a Bomb
Flower using [A].
301D Destroy the monsters in the
Dodongo's Cavern and become a
real man! Then, we can talk about
the Spiritual Stone!
301E Hey, Brother, play that tune
again sometime soon!
301F No matter how many times I hear
that song, it doesn't get old!
3020 Well, that's not quite what I
was looking for...

I wanted to hear...a tune... outside
the mountains...something...

That's the kind of music I want
to hear...
3021 Oh, now we can enter the cavern.
You're so smart!
3022 I know a trick to conserve sticks!
If you light a stick on fire, it will
burn to ashes. Press [A] to put it
away before it completely burns!

By the way, I hid a stick
3023 It's me, Darunia!
Well done!

Thanks to you, we can once again
eat the delicious rocks from the
Dodongo's Cavern until our
stomachs burst!
3024 I'm so hungry that I can't think
about anything but food!

"Spiritual Stone?"
That red stone that was lighting
up our city?

Big Brother Darunia took it
away. Then, he shut himself up in
his room and won't come out.

Since then, it feels like all
the lights in the city have gone
out... Everyone seems so...
depressed...[goto 3025]
3025 I want you to bring fire from Big
Brother's room back here.
3026 Oh, I see...
We should have thrown the
Bomb from the cliff...
3027 You are incredible, destroying
the Dodongos! Do you mind if I
call you Big Brother?
3028 Thanks to you, we're all OK!
Why don't you buy some Bombs
3029 You know, I'm so grateful to you.
When I have a kid, I will name it
after you!
302A If you want to hear more Goron
gossip, head up to our city!

Goron City is just a little
way up the trail. It won't take
much longer to get there, even
on foot.
302B You pick the Bomb Flowers with
[A]. Press [A] again to set it.
302C When all the torches on this floor
are lit, Goron City is really lively!
302D Are you going to clear out the
Dodongos? It's a Goron problem,
though. You're a nosey little kid,
aren't you?!

Well, of course we'll be happy if
you fix it so we can get all the
Bombs we want, like we used to...

Just let me warn you, though...
Dodongos are scary creatures!
They'll eat ANYTHING!!

So watch yourself, and don't
get eaten!
302E I already told you!
We're out of Bombs!
Ohhh... I'm so hungry!
302F How was Big Brother?
I see...

By the way, do you know the
music coming from deep inside of
this tunnel? We all like this music!
3030 I won't let you get me!
You probably work for Ganondorf!
3031 How could you do this to me?
You, you're Ganondorf's servant!

Hear my name and tremble!

I am [Link]!
Hero of the Gorons!
3032 What?

Your name is also

Then you must be the legendary
Dodongo Buster and Hero,

My dad is Darunia...
Do you remember him?

Dad named me [Link]
after you, because you're so

It's a cool name!
I really like it!

[Link], you're a hero to
us Gorons!
I'm so glad to meet you!

Please give me your autograph!
Sign it:
"To my friend,
[Link] of the Gorons"


I guess it's not a good time
to ask you for this...
Please help everyone!

My dad, Darunia, went to the Fire
Temple. A dragon is inside!

If we don't hurry up, even my dad
will be eaten by the dragon!![goto 3033]
3033 B-b-b-boooo hooooo!
3034 You'd better try to calm him down
if you can...
Maybe he will calm down if you
talk to him?

What do you want to ask him?

About the dragon
About the Gorons
3035 A long time ago there was an
evil dragon named Volvagia living
in this mountain.

That dragon was very scary!
He ate Gorons!

Using a huge hammer, the hero of
the Gorons... BOOOM!

Destroyed it just like that. This is
a myth from long ago, but it's

I know, because my dad is a
descendant of the hero![goto 3033]
3036 Everybody was taken to the
Fire Temple...

While my dad was out...
Ganondorf's followers came and
took them all away!

All of them will be eaten by

Dad said that Ganondorf has
revived Volvagia...

As a warning to those who might
oppose him, Ganondorf is going to
feed them all to Volvagia!

Dad went to the Fire Temple all
by himself to try to save

Please help, [Link]!
I'll give you this heat-resistant
3037 Dad told me not to let anybody
follow him to the temple, but...

Only you, [Link], can
save everyone!

I'm sure that the shop owner, who
is hiding somewhere right now, will
also help you!

Now, I'll tell you about the secret
passage to the Fire Temple![goto 3038]
3038 Try to move the statue inside
Dad's room!
3039 Who's there? Is that you,

Oh, it really is [Link]!

You've grown so big since I last
saw you!

I want to have a man-to-man talk
with you, but now's not the time.

Ganondorf is causing trouble on
Death Mountain again!
He has revived the evil, ancient
dragon Volvagia!

On top of that, he is going to
feed my people to that evil dragon
as a warning to other races that
might resist him...

If that fire-breathing dragon
escapes from the mountain, all of
Hyrule will become a burning

I will go on ahead to try to seal
up the evil dragon...

I'm concerned, though, because I
don't have the legendary hammer...
But I have no choice.

[Link]...I'm asking you to
do this as my Sworn Brother...

While I'm trying to deal with the
dragon, please save my people!

The prisoners' cells are in the
opposite direction.
I'm counting on you,
303A I'm saved!
Thank you!
Here, take this!
303B [Link]...Can't hold...
anymore...I can't hold
it any longer...

Get out of here!!
303C Thank you, Brother!
I really appreciate what you
did. I thank you on behalf of
the entire Goron race!

You turned out to be a real man,
just as I thought you would!
303D Don't forget...
Now you and I are true Brothers!
303E It is something that grows over
time... a true friendship.
A feeling in the heart that
becomes even stronger over time...

The passion of friendship will
soon blossom into a righteous
power and through it, you will
know which way to go...

This song is dedicated to the
power of the heart...
Listen to the Bolero of Fire...
303F [Link]...See you again...
3040 [Link], it's so hot in
here! We can't stay here for
3041 Brother [Link]!
Everybody has come back!

Dad and you destroyed the dragon
together, didn't you![goto 3042]
3042 When I grow up, I want to be a
strong man like you,
3043 Thank you, [Link]!!
3044 Thank you very much for
saving us!
3045 By the way, I, the wild Darunia,
turned out to be the great
Sage of Fire...

Isn't that funny, Brother?
Well, this must be what they call

Nothing has made me happier
than helping you seal the evil
3046 Hey, Brother, take this!
This is a Medallion that contains
the power of the fire spirits--and
my friendship.
3047 Big problem!
Everybody is gone!
But I'll keep my business open!
3048 What a wild adventure! It will
make an incredible story...

I can't believe that the Dodongos
suddenly appeared in such great

And that big rock blocking the

All this trouble must have been
caused by that Gerudo thief,

He said,
"Give me the Spiritual Stone!
Only then will I open the cave
for you!"

You, on the other hand, risked
your life for us...
3049 Tight fit...
304A I'm working on something really
cool right now! But I think it's
going to take a while...[goto 304B]
304B If you can wait five or six years,
it should be ready. OK?
304C I just completed a small weapon.
How about it...[goto 304F]
304D How do you like the feel of it?
304E It looks like there is a problem
with its durability...
But still...[goto 304F]
304F How about buying this knife for
200 Rupees?
Don't buy
3050 All right. Come back again.
3051 Please...Don't...Eat me...
If you eat something like me,
you'll get a stomach ache!

You'll be sorry!!
3052 Oh, I see. Big Brother Darunia
asked you to rescue me.
I owe you big time!

Please help Big Brother!
3053 My Brotherrrr...
Opened a new storrrre...
It's Medigoron's Blade

I am betterrrrrr at making

Hylian carpenterrrrrs praise
me forrrrrr my skillssssss.
I'm not lyinnnnng...
3054 That broken knife is surely my
I really want to repairrrrr it, but...

But because of yesterrrrrday's
errrrruption, my eyes are

There are fine eyedrops in Zora's
Domain... You will find them if you
go to see Kinnnnnng Zorrrrrra...[goto 3055]
3055 Please go get the eyedrrrrrrops...

3056 Awww nooooo... I'm finished...
My eyes arrrrrre so itchy...
3057 Oh, no! Everybody's gone!
Only I was left behind!
3058 I've been waiting forrrrr you,
with tearrrrrrs in my eyes...
Please say hello to Kinnng Zorrra!
3059 Rrrrreally? You brrrrought the eye
drops? I'm so rrrrrelieved! I'm
going to use them rrrrrright now!
305A Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

This is stimulating! It's
worrrrrking grrrrreat!

Now I can get back to my blade
business! My worrrrrk is not
verrrry consistent, so I'll give this
to you so you won't forrrrrget.[goto 305C]
305B Everybody has come back!
It's business as usual!
305C Afterrrr a few days...
Please returrrrrrn...
Wait, just wait patiently...
305D Not yet...
Hey you...
You arrrre impatient...
305E That sworrrrd is my finest
305F Your shield is gone!
3060 The tunic you were wearing is
3061 Your shield is gone!
The tunic you were wearing has
also been taken!
3062 You've done well to come all the
way up here, [Link].
This is the summit of the sacred
Death Mountain! Hoot!

It is said that the clouds
surrounding this peak reflect the
condition of Death Mountain. When
they look normal, it is at peace.

Climbing all the way up here
just proves how smart you are!
Now I want to see you make
another smart move...

The Great Fairy lives on this
mountaintop, and she will give
you a new skill! She is the leader
of the fairies, you know. Hoo!

I will perch here and wait for you.
When you're ready to go back
down, I can help you!
Now, get going!
3063 Hoo hoot!
Well, it looks like you've grown
up a little from the Great Fairy's

But you still don't really look like
the hero who will save Hyrule. At
least not yet!

If you are going back down the
mountain, I can lend you a wing.
Come here and grab my talons!
And hold on tight! Hoo hooooooot!
3064 They say that a beautiful fairy
lives on top of Death Mountain!

Don't you want to see her?
3065 They say that a fairy lives on top
of Death Mountain.

If you want to make it to the top,
you'd better take a big shield
with you...
3066 Look! A chicken hatched from
the egg you were incubating!
It's the miracle of life!
3067 Did you get the red stone?
Let me get one little lick!

No? Booooo!
3068 Brother! You'll keep brushing up
on your skills as you travel,
won't you?

You should go see the Great Fairy
on top of Death Mountain! She
will power you up!

Hey, everybody! Let's see off our
3069 I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!

In this temple, there are doors
that fall down when you try to
open them. When one of these
doors starts to fall, move!

If you use a sample of the
Goron "special crop," you can
break it...
306A Let me tell you a secret as
a reward for releasing me!

When you are on fire, you can put
it out by swinging your sword, or
by rolling forward... Did you know
306B Here's a tip for rescuing me!

Somewhere in this temple, you're
sure to meet up with some
creatures that dance as they
attack. Arrows won't hurt them!

Looks like you might need some of
the Goron "special crop!" That's
all I have to tell you!
306C I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!

There are switches in this temple
that you have to cut to activate.
But, you can also use the Goron
"special crop" to do the job.
306D I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!

If you find a place that you can
see on the map, but can't reach,
try playing your Ocarina!
306E I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!

In order to get into the room
where Darunia went, you have to
do something about the pillar
stuck in the ceiling.

Find a path that leads to a room
above the ceiling right away!
306F I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!

A door is hidden inside the statue
at the entrance to this temple.

But, the Goron "special crop" won't
work on it... Don't you have
anything stronger?
3070 Here's a secret for saving me!

A wall that you can destroy with
the Goron's "special crop" will
sound different than a regular
wall if you hit it with your sword.
3071 Are you releasing me?
Am I free to go?
3072 3072
3073 3073