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code (File)
Scene Table
NTSC 1.00EA44000B7144000B71C24800FB4E0800FBCC4
NTSC 1.10EA60000B7160000B71DE4800FB6A0800FBE84
NTSC 1.20EA45000B7145000B71C34800FBB30800FC314
PAL 1.00E7D6000B70D6000B71544800F9440800F9C24
PAL 1.10E7DA000B70DA000B71584800F9480800F9C64
PAL MQ0E744000B6F44000B6FC24800F8340800F8B24

The scene table sets the internal numeric ordering for scenes, and defines certain graphical effects.


There are 109 entries in the scene table in the Debug ROM, and 101 in all commercial releases.

/* 0x00 */ s32 //Scene VRom Start
/* 0x04 */ s32 //Scene VRom End
/* 0x08 */ s32 Title Card Texture VRom Start
/* 0x0C */ s32 Title Card Texture VRom End
/* 0x10 */ s8 //unknown (is either 0x01 or 0x02 for some dungeons, otherwise 0x00)
/* 0x11 */ s8 //Scene Render Init Function ID
/* 0x12 */ s8 //unknown (is unique value between 0x02 and 0x0A for some dungeons)

Scene Render Initialization Function

The Scene Render Initialization Function is used to pre-compute dynamic elements needed to render a scene/room, like camera effects, or dynamic/animated textures. For example, Deku Tree's function generates a display list for animated water textures every frame, and assigns it to segment offset 09. Valid values are 0x00-0x34.

# Functionality Used By
00 [Various]
01 Spot 00 - Hyrule Field
02 Spot 01 - Kakariko Village
03 Spot 03 - Zora's River
04 Spot 04 - Kokiri Forest
05 Spot 06 - Lake Hylia
06 Spot 07 - Zora's Domain
07 Spot 08 - Zora's Fountain
08 Spot 09 - Gerudo Valley
09 Spot 10 - Lost Woods
0A Spot 11 - Desert Colossus
0B Spot 12 - Gerudo's Fortress
0C Spot 13 - Haunted Wasteland
0D Spot 15 - Hyrule Castle
0E Spot 16 - Death Mountain Trail
0F Spot 17 - Death Mountain Crater
10 Spot 18 - Goron City
11 Spot 20 - Lon Lon Ranch
12 Fire Temple
12 Volvagia's Lair
13 Inside the Deku Tree
14 Dodongo's Cavern
15 Screen Pulses Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
15 Screen Pulses Barinade's Lair
16 Forest Temple
17 Water Temple
18 Shadow Temple
18 Bottom of the Well
18 Bongo Bongo's Lair
19 Spirit Temple
1A Inside Ganon's Castle
1B Gerudo Training Ground
1C Gohma's Lair
1D Morpha's Lair
1E Temple of Time
1F Grottos
20 Chamber of the Sages
21 Great Fairy's Fountain (Upgrades)
21 Great Fairy's Fountain (Spells)
22 Shooting Gallery
23 Castle Hedge Maze (Day)
23 Castle Hedge Maze (Night)
23 Castle Hedge Maze (Early)
24 Screen Shakes Ganon's Tower Collapse & Battle Arena
24 Screen Shakes Ganon's Castle Exterior
25 Ice Cavern
26 Tower Collapse Exterior
27 Fairy's Fountain
27 Grave (Fairy's Fountain)
28 Thieves' Hideout
29 Bombchu Bowling Alley
2A Royal Family's Tomb
2B Lakeside Laboratory
2C Ranch House & Silo
2D Guard House
2E Granny's Potion Shop
2F Castle Courtyard
2F Spot 05 - Sacred Forest Meadow
2F Jungle Gym
30 Grave (Redead)
30 Dampé's Grave & Windmill
31 Ganondorf Test Room
32 Fishing Pond
33 Ganon's Tower (Collapsing)
34 Inside Ganon's Castle (Collapsing)

Scene Configuration Jump Table

code (File)
Scene Configuration Jump Table
NTSC 1.00EAC7800B71C7800B71D4C800FBD18800FBDEC

"Scene configuration" is used as an index to this table