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Actor 0x010F
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00F34210 00F34C00 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 9F0
NTSC 1.0 00DE0A00 00DE12D0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 8D0
PAL MQ 00EC88F0 00EC91C0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 8D0

ovl_Item_Etcetera is the actor used to spawn a subset of the "Get Item" collectibles.

Debug Notes

GI Object References

This table lists what object is needed to load a given item

Rom Object Filename
0xF34940 00C6 object_gi_bottle
0xF34942 010B object_gi_bottle_letter
0xF34944 00DC object_gi_shield_2
0xF34946 00BE object_gi_arrowcase
0xF34948 00DB object_gi_scale
0xF3494A 00DB object_gi_scale
0xF3494C 00AA object_gi_key
0xF3494E 0158 object_gi_m_arrow
0xF34950 017F object_gi_rupy
0xF34952 017F object_gi_rupy
0xF34954 017F object_gi_rupy
0xF34956 017F object_gi_rupy
0xF34958 00BD object_gi_hearts
0xF3495A 00AA object_gi_key

Shader References

Shader numbers for use with the above table. Shader number values within the table are 1 less than the ones used in ovl_player_actor for some reason (ex. 0000 is 0001 in ovl_player_actor). Thanks to JSA!

Rom Shader Use
0xF3495C 0000 Bottle
0xF3495E 0044 Letter in Bottle
0xF34960 002B Hylian Shield
0xF34962 0015 Big Quiver
0xF34964 0029 Silver Scale
0xF34966 002A Gold Scale
0xF34968 0001 Small Key
0xF3496A 005F Fire Arrows
0xF3496C 006C Green Rupee
0xF3496E 006D Blue Rupee
0xF34970 006E Red Rupee
0xF34972 0070 Purple Rupee
0xF34974 0013 Gi_Hearts
0xF34976 0001 Small Key

GI Item Action

Rom Action Item Actor
0xF34978 000F Empty Bottle 00 00C6
0xF3497A 0015 Letter in Bottle 01 010B
0xF3497C 002A Hylian Shield 02 00DC
0xF3497E 0030 Big Quiver 03 00BE
0xF34980 0037 Silver Scale 04 00DB
0xF34982 0038 Golden Scale 05 00DB
0xF34984 0042 Small Key 06 00AA
0xF34986 0058 Fire Arrow 07 0158

Console Output Strings

Original Text Translation
no = %d no = %d
bank_ID = %d bank_ID = %d
0 0
../z_item_etcetera.c ../z_item_etcetera.c
../z_item_etcetera.c ../z_item_etcetera.c
(game_play->demo_play.npcdemopnt[0]->dousa) = %d (game_play->demo_play.npcdemopnt[0]->operation) = %d
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