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Please read these guidelines before you start editing.

Who owns the information?

All content taken directly from video games is copyright its original or current owners and included here under the fair use clause of US copyright law, for the purposes of scholarship and research.

Information contributed to the wiki by its users is published under the Creative Commons Attribution Unported 3.0 (cc-by) license. This means that our contributors continue to own the copyright on their work, but have offered others the opportunity to share and adapt their content for any purpose. In return, the authors must be attributed for their work.

It is important to note that this is a community-based wiki. Anyone can write, fix, change, or contribute to articles. Don't be surprised when other users edit an article you've written to improve its accuracy and clarity, fix grammar, spelling, or formatting issues, or add more information.

If you want to start work on an article, but you aren't ready for other people to edit it, you can put it on a sub-page. Visit User Sub-Pages for more information.

Editing Guidelines


Endeavor to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation at all times. Some mistakes are forgivable, especially if English is not your first language, but please do your best to check over your writing before you save the page!

If you're terrible at spelling and grammar, try pasting the text you write into a word processor or an online spellchecker like SpellCheckPlus before submitting it to the wiki. It will help you fix it up!


Avoid speculation in the articles. Ensure that there is evidence for your assertions.

"Alpha" & "Beta"

The terms "alpha" and "beta" are often misused, so we discourage their use on the wiki. Use "early", "prerelease", or "unused" instead.


Vandalizing any part of the wiki (e.g. replacing valid information with gibberish/irrelevant text, spamming useless pages) will result in an immediate and permanent ban. If you have a problem with something, talk to an administrator; don't take out your aggression on our articles!

Edit Wars

Please don't undo other people's edits unless you feel that they have made a clear mistake. This includes edits that make the text of a page ambiguous or misleading or remove technical details. If you encounter this situation...

  1. Undo the edit.
    • ...But never undo changes made by an admin.
  2. Write your reason for undoing the edit in the article's Edit Summary box.
    • This box can be found underneath the main Edit box.
    • Be polite in your explanation.

Handling Disputes

If you have continuing problems with another user, or you want to discuss an edit, write a civil message on an admin's Talk page explaining the issue. If you don't understand how Talk pages work, visit User Talk Pages for more information.

Getting Banned

If you break the rules, make too many irrelevant edits, or have a nasty attitude, you may find yourself facing a ban. Remember, this wiki is privately run, and it's a privilege to be here, not a right.

Temporary Bans

Sometimes, bans are temporary. That means that they will expire after a set time, and you will be able to edit the wiki again. Think of the ban as a warning, try to understand what you did wrong, and change your behavior, or you may not be so lucky next time.

Permanent Bans

If your ban is permanent, that means you've done something very wrong, or you've been warned in the past but haven't changed your behavior. It's unlikely that a permanent ban will be overturned, but you can try waiting a few months and request a second chance if you can prove that you understand what you did wrong and that you will not make the same mistakes again.

Ban Evasion

Creating new accounts to circumvent a ban is prohibited. This will often result in your IP getting banned. That means you will never be welcome to participate at the wiki again. Don't do this.