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Hi! I'm just someone who likes documenting stuff, and making things understandable :) . Not experienced in modding OoT or anything of the sort, just able to poke at the internals and see how various things work.

Organizing the Wikis

(just scratch/notes, don't take as final)

Basic Points

  • Organize layout by subject area, where a subject area is a big "subsystem" of the game (e.g. models, actors, sounds, maps, ...)
  • Each subject area has at least one introductory page, serving as a high-level overview of that subsystem.
  • Info that's not Zelda-specific but is useful anyway should be in a supplementary namespace (e.g. Notes:MIPS).
  • Templatize/modularize simple data about the game, primarily filesystem info (file names, offsets, and so on).
    • This involves getting a grip on all the numerous "X list" pages as well.

Example Possible OoT Layout

  • Ocarina N64
    • Introduction (things like explaining it has a filesystem of its own)
    • Filesystem
      • List of files (one page for all or one per version)
    • Code (assembler-related stuff)
      • Actors
    • Models
      • Objects
      • Maps
      • Collision
    • Images (textures etc.)
    • Scenes/Rooms
    • Audio
      • Sound Effects
      • Music
      • Environmental Audio (???)
    • Other data (item stats, enemy HP, and the like)
  • Debug ROM (A user's guide for using the debug ROM, basically)
  • Ocarina 3DS
    • Intro(?)
    • Differences from N64 (not every last thing, but the notable and not-obvious stuff)
    • [other subject areas which I can't make up atm]
  • N64 Notes
  • 3DS Notes