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SM64 to Z64
Original author(s) xdaniel
Developer(s) xdaniel, spinout
Written in C
Operating system Cross platform
Available in English
Type CLI tool
License Open Source
Website sm64toz64 at ozmav's google code page.
Applicable game(s) MQ Debug, other Z64 games indirectly

SM64 to Z64 is a CLI tool to convert areas from Super Mario 64 to areas in Zelda 64. It works by translating the display lists, collision, and (to an extent) NPC/actor data from SM64's format to Zelda 64's format. Older versions relied upon [the freeware] collision_fixer.exe from JSA's ZLE, which hindered cross-platform-ness, and forced system() to be called. The latest versions, however, calculate collision normals without collision_fixer.exe.


SM64 to Z64 is a command line tool requiring multiple arguments.

  1. Put a "decompressed" SM64 ROM and a Master Quest Debug ROM in the folder containing sm64toz64.
  2. If you haven't done so already, open up a command line. In Windows, Start->Run->"cmd" will do the trick.
  3. Change the directory to that of sm64toz64. Remember that if there are any spaces in the path of the folder, you must use quotes. Ex:
    cd "C:/Zelda Hacking!/sm64toz64/"
  4. Invoke SM64toZ64:
    sm64toz64.exe SM64.z64 area_test 7 0 -i ZELOOTMA.z64 109
     Each of the arguments are:
    The filename of the decompressed Super Mario 64 ROM.
    The name of the map and scene pair generated. It doesn't really matter what it is, just use whatever makes sense to you
    The level ID. See below for valid values. Use Hexadecimal (0x optional).
    The level area. Usually 0, but some levels have other pieces which are only converted using 1 or 2. Use Hexadecimal (0x optional).
    -i ZELOOTMA.z64 109 
    This tells sm64toz64 to insert the converted level into the Master Quest Debug ROM ("ZELOOTMA.z64" in this example as scene 109. Valid scene values can be found here. Do note that the scene number must be decimal.
  5. You are done.

Level IDs

0x00Haunted HouseMultiple level areas
0x01Cool Cool Mountain
0x02Inside CastleToo large for OoT
0x03Hazy Maze Cave
0x04Shifting Sand Land
0x05Bob-Omb's Battlefield
0x06Snow Man's land
0x07Wet Dry WorldMultiple level areas
0x08Jolly Roger Bay
0x09Tiny Huge Island
0x0ATick Tock Clock
0x0BRainbow Road
0x0CCastle Grounds
0x0DBowser 1 Course
0x0EVanish Cap
0x0FBowser's Fire Sea
0x10Secret Aquarium
0x11Bowser 3 Course
0x12Lethal Lava Land
0x13Dire Dire Docks
0x14Whomp's Fortress
0x15Thank You cake picture at the end
0x16Castle Courtyard
0x17Peach's Secret Slide
0x18Metal Cap
0x19Wing Cap
0x1ABowser 1 Battle PlatformNothing to convert
0x1BRainbow Clouds BonusNothing to convert
0x1CBowser 2 Battle PlatformNothing to convert
0x1DBowser 3 Battle PlatformNothing to convert
0x1ETall Tall Mountain