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Object 0x0006
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 01047000 0105A180 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 13180
NTSC 1.0 00FF1000 01004180 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 13180
PAL MQ 00FD8000 00FEB180 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 13180
This is a sub-page of Object human.
3 Different NPC girls, screenshot from Nintendo Power vol 103 1997.


This model also most commonly known as the fan-given name "Aria" is a NPC dating back from the first developmental period of Zelda 64 when it was still being developed for the 64DD. Not much information is really known about this girl. From Nintendo Power's first pictures of Zelda 64 to its change over to Ocarina of Time there has been NO MENTION of this NPC's name, role in the game, except that she appears in a screenshot at the mythical Zola Lake infront of a house. According the text under the screenshot showing 3 different girls, it is shown that they were NPC's with a similar design that needed help with something, as like a side quest or gave information to help link further his quest.

Zola Lake

File:Zola lake.jpg
Miyamoto mentions Zola Lake as a location in Zelda 64 in Nintendo Power vol 100 1997.

Stated by Miyamoto that the game was going to have several different regions, including a Zola Lake. In which you can see directly in the screenshot with the beta NPC. Impressive reflections can be seen in the background reflecting a structure


Object_human was first discovered by cooliscool at ZSO in which he had attempted to load her up by the same method he used to load up the Beta Blue Fairy by replacing all the trees in Hyrule with Aria's head. During the time, It was conceived that she was extremely broken/corrupted since her face was not showing up correctly and was missing the facial textures. Dark_Link-77 was the second person to load her up by doing a display list port over Malon, though it led to her head being rotated oddly and the rest of her face still not showing up correctly. A third attempt was made by ZethAlkar64 at restoring her and yet it led to the same result, broken facial textures and head rotation being off. Again the restoration was very incomplete as not much was known about the structure of models, as both ZethAlkar64 and Dark_Link-77 used Malon as a base for restoring the model. Malon's animations are completely different from the Beta NPC's animations which led to weird rotations that could not be used. On top of that, the beta NPC's facial textures are not corrupted but not pointed to since the actor handles all texture animations for models and since the NPC did not have an actor of its own anymore, it could not load them up correctly. Upon figuring out the animation format, spinout used Malon as a base again, yet was able to fix her head and the animated textures that were used on her face.

True Restoration

As of currently there is no TRUE Restoration of the NPC since the hierarchy for that NPC is complicated compared to other ingame models. object_human actually has several animations that are located within the model itself which is a great discovery. Until late November 2010, there was no way to view it properly since the tools up until then (UoT, OZMAV/ZSaten and ZViewer) did display her correctly or even read her hierarchy. Furthermore, there is currently not a custom actor that will load her up correctly with her animations.

In late November 2010, spinout deciphered the hierarchy and animation format, and implemented viewing of object_human in ZSaten. The format can be found on the animation format page. Theoretically, one could convert object_human's hierarchy and animations to the form used for other objects in game, as the formats work the same way, they just provide data differently.

Notes on Textures

All these offsets are 0x9EF0 too high. Whoops.

0x009EF0 - Eye (open)
0x00A2F0 - Eye (closing)
0x00A6F0 - Eye (closed)
0x00AAF0 - Eye (looking left if eye is right eye)
0x00AEF0 - Eye (same, squinting)
0x00B2F0 - Eye (looking right if eye is right eye)
0x00B6F0 - Eye (same, squinting)
0x00BAF0 - Eye looking up
0x00BEF0 - Eye ?
0x00C2F0 - Eye Brow
0x00C4F0 - Eye Brow (raised)
0x00C6F0 - Eye Brow (frowning)
0x00F2F0 - Nostrils
0x00F4F0 - mouth (closed)
0x00F8F0 - mouth (open)
0x00FCF0 - mouth (open-er?)
0x0100F0 - mouth (narrow, open)
0x010CF0 - mouth (normal)
0x0114F0 - mouth (super wide/open)

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