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Utility of Time
Developer(s) cooliscool
Written in Visual Basic / OpenGL
Operating system Windows
Platform Win32 - .NET Framework
Available in English
Type Graphical viewer/editor
License Open Source (As of 12-25-09), previously freeware
Website UoT on Google Code.

Utility of Time is a tool developed by cooliscool that allows users to view and edit Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask object (.zobj) files, map files (.zmap), visually place and change actors (NPCs in most cases, Link as well) in the loaded room, save them, and inject back into the respective ROM, and much more.

After proving its worth, ZAVAP was given the name "Utility of Time" (abbr: UoT) due to its swiss-army knife functionality. Written in VB.NET, it emulates ~90% of the F3DEX2 microcode, and makes use OpenGL 1.1-1.4 technology.