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You can add a variety of tags to articles in order to alert readers about things that need to be done. A full list of templates can be found here.

Work in Progress

Indicates that an article is a work in progress.

This tag shows that someone is still actively working on an article. However, it does not prevent others from contributing. Anyone is free to edit articles on the wiki, even if they are still under construction. If you are not ready for other users to contribute to your article, put it on a sub-page in your user space until you are ready to move it to the main wiki. For more information, visit User Sub-Pages.


To Do

Indicates what needs to be done.

Code: {{todo|Describe what needs to be done.}}


Indicates that an article or section needs more information.

Code: {{stub|Describe what information needs expansion.}}


Indicates that something needs more investigation.

Code: {{investigate|Describe what needs to be investigated.}}

Elaborate Further

Indicates that something does not have enough detail and needs elaboration.

Code: {{elaborate|Describe what needs elaboration.}}

Add Images

Indicates that pictures should be added.

Code: {{needsimages}}


Indicates that something needs to be translated.

Code: {{translate}}


Indicates that an article or section needs to be updated to reflect current information.

Code: {{update}}


Indicates that an article or section needs to be fixed. This should only be used for information or articles that are inaccurate, unclear, or badly-written.

Code: {{fix|Describe what needs to be improved.}}


Indicates that a file or article should be deleted.

Code: {{delete|Describe why you think this article or file should be deleted.}}