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Everything you need to know about editing.


For elements that have a lot of content (i.e., animation contained inside actor files), you can create a separate sub-page for the category so the main article doesn't get too full. First, you will need to create a section for sub-pages, as above. (Visit Sections for more information.) Then, add this code below the section name:

{{subpage|Sub-Page Name|image=IMAGE_NAME.png|width=80|text=A brief description of the sub-page, with a relevant image.}}

You will also need to add a thumbnail image that is relevant to your sub-page. The result will look like this:

The name of the sub-page will be a red link. Click the name to start editing the sub-page, making sure to start the subpage with {{subpage}}


You can divide an article's content into sections. If you have 3 or more sections, an index will be automatically created at the top of the page. The section you are reading is called "Sections".

==Section Name==


Sections can be divided into subsections by using sub-headers.

===Sub-Header Name===



It's easy!

Text Formatting

A guide to basic text formatting on the wiki.


To bold text, place three apostrophes before and after the text that you want to be bolded.

Code: Result:
'''Bold''' Bold

Always use bold text for controller buttons and D-Pad/joystick movements:

  • Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to make your vehicle explode.


To italicize text, place two apostrophes before and after the text that you want to be italicized.

Code: Result:
''Italics'' Italics

Always italicize game titles:

  • This spiritual successor to Vehicle Race Excellent was developed entirely on a ZX Spectrum, in only three weeks' time, on a budget of exactly three cans of SpaghettiOs.

Bold + Italics

To bold and italicize text, place five apostrophes before and after the text that you want to be bolded and italicized.

Code: Result:
'''''Bold + Italics''''' Bold + Italics

Always bold and italicize a game title when it appears in its own article description:

  • Jalopy Run Wonderful is a futuristic 3D racing game, and a prime example of what happens when you simply don't give a crap.

Hex Values & Codes

Use the code below when writing hexadecimal values (ROM addresses, Gameshark codes, etc.) in your article:

Code: Result:
{{hex|22160484 00000000}} 22160484 00000000

Don't forget to note which version of the game your code is for, if there is more than one version.


To create a link, place square brackets around the URL. Try not to add red links to pages.

Code: Result:
[] [1]

Adding Links to Text:

To add links to text, use the following code:

Code: Result:
[ The Cutting Room Floor] The Cutting Room Floor

Linking to Wiki Pages:

When you want to link to other pages or files on the wiki, use this code:

Code: [[Page Name|Link Text]]


Code: Result:
[[Help:Contents|Help Pages]] Help Pages

Linking Categories:

When you want to link to categories, use this code:

Code: [[:Category:Category_Name|Link Text]]


Code: Result:
[[:Category:GameShark_Codes|Gameshark Codes]] Gameshark Codes


To create a table, use the following code:

{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: left;"

!Column Header 1
!Column Header 2
|Row A, Column 1
|Row A, Column 2
|Row B, Column 1
|Row B, Column 2
|Row C, Column 1
|Row C, Column 2


Column Header 1 Column Header 2
Row A, Column 1 Row A, Column 2
Row B, Column 1 Row B, Column 2
Row C, Column 1 Row C, Column 2


To create a list, use #:

Code: Result:
# Apples

# Grapes
# Kiwis

  1. Apples
  2. Grapes
  3. Kiwis

To add subpoints to your lists, use *:

Code: Result:
# Apples

#* Red
# Grapes
#* Purple
# Kiwis
#* Green

  1. Apples
    • Red
  2. Grapes
    • Purple
  3. Kiwis
    • Green


Create boxes around your text with <pre> </pre> tags:

Code: Result:
<pre>This is an example.</pre>
This is an example.

Line Breaks

Use a <br> tag to insert a line break in your text.

Code: Result:
I like line breaks.<br>Don't you? I like line breaks.
Don't you?

Horizontal Lines

Use four hyphens to manually insert a horizontal line across the page, like so:



Citing Sources

If your information is from other websites or users, you can credit them with the {{source}} tag:

Code: Result:
{{source|Person A (Code), Person B (Screenshot)}}
(Source: Person A (Code), Person B (Screenshot))

You can also link sources.

Code: Result:
{{source|1=[ TCRF] & [ The GCN]}}
(Source: TCRF & The GCN)

Adding Categories

If you need to add a page to more than one category, use this code:

Code: [[Category:Actors]]