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Everything you need to know about editing.


For elements that have a lot of content (i.e., animation contained inside actor files), you can create a separate sub-page for the category so the main article doesn't get too full. First, you will need to create a section for sub-pages, as above. (Visit Sections for more information.) Then, add this code below the section name:

{{subpage|Sub-Page Name|image=IMAGE_NAME.png|width=80|text=A brief description of the sub-page, with a relevant image.}}

You will also need to add a thumbnail image that is relevant to your sub-page. The result will look like this:

The name of the sub-page will be a red link. Click the name to start editing the sub-page, making sure to start the subpage with {{subpage}}


You can divide an article's content into sections. If you have 3 or more sections, an index will be automatically created at the top of the page. The section you are reading is called "Sections".

==Section Name==


Sections can be divided into subsections by using sub-headers.

===Sub-Header Name===



It's easy!

Text Formatting

A guide to basic text formatting on the wiki.


To bold text, place three apostrophes before and after the text that you want to be bolded.

Code: Result:
'''Bold''' Bold

Always use bold text for controller buttons and D-Pad/joystick movements:

  • Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to make your vehicle explode.


To italicize text, place two apostrophes before and after the text that you want to be italicized.

Code: Result:
''Italics'' Italics

Always italicize game titles:

  • This spiritual successor to Vehicle Race Excellent was developed entirely on a ZX Spectrum, in only three weeks' time, on a budget of exactly three cans of SpaghettiOs.

Bold + Italics

To bold and italicize text, place five apostrophes before and after the text that you want to be bolded and italicized.

Code: Result:
'''''Bold + Italics''''' Bold + Italics

Always bold and italicize a game title when it appears in its own article description:

  • Jalopy Run Wonderful is a futuristic 3D racing game, and a prime example of what happens when you simply don't give a crap.

Hex Values & Codes

Use the code below when writing hexadecimal values (ROM addresses, Gameshark codes, etc.) in your article:

Code: Result:
{{hex|22160484 00000000}} 22160484 00000000

Don't forget to note which version of the game your code is for, if there is more than one version.


To create a link, place square brackets around the URL. Try not to add red links to pages.

Code: Result:
[] [1]

Adding Links to Text:

To add links to text, use the following code:

Code: Result:
[ The Cutting Room Floor] The Cutting Room Floor

Linking to Wiki Pages:

When you want to link to other pages or files on the wiki, use this code:

Code: [[Page Name|Link Text]]


Code: Result:
[[Help:Contents|Help Pages]] Help Pages

Linking Categories:

When you want to link to categories, use this code:

Code: [[:Category:Category_Name|Link Text]]


Code: Result:
[[:Category:GameShark_Codes|Gameshark Codes]] Gameshark Codes


To create a table, use the following code:

{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: left;"

!Column Header 1
!Column Header 2
|Row A, Column 1
|Row A, Column 2
|Row B, Column 1
|Row B, Column 2
|Row C, Column 1
|Row C, Column 2


Column Header 1 Column Header 2
Row A, Column 1 Row A, Column 2
Row B, Column 1 Row B, Column 2
Row C, Column 1 Row C, Column 2

When coloring table cells/rows it is important to make sure that it looks good in both Light and Dark mode of the CloudTheme skin.
Due to the difficulty in picking colors that fit both modes it is recommended that you instead use one of many premade CSS classes.
These colors all serve a purpose and should not be used randomly to make tables "pretty".
The color itself may differ between the CloudTheme Light/Dark mode. The colors may also change.



To create a list, use #:

Code: Result:
# Apples

# Grapes
# Kiwis

  1. Apples
  2. Grapes
  3. Kiwis

To add subpoints to your lists, use *:

Code: Result:
# Apples

#* Red
# Grapes
#* Purple
# Kiwis
#* Green

  1. Apples
    • Red
  2. Grapes
    • Purple
  3. Kiwis
    • Green


Create boxes around your text with <pre> </pre> tags:

Code: Result:
<pre>This is an example.</pre>
This is an example.

Line Breaks

Use a <br> tag to insert a line break in your text.

Code: Result:
I like line breaks.<br>Don't you? I like line breaks.
Don't you?

Horizontal Lines

Use four hyphens to manually insert a horizontal line across the page, like so:



Citing Sources

If your information is from other websites or users, you can credit them with the {{source}} tag:

Code: Result:
{{source|Person A (Code), Person B (Screenshot)}}
(Source: Person A (Code), Person B (Screenshot))

You can also link sources.

Code: Result:
{{source|1=[ TCRF] & [ The GCN]}}
(Source: TCRF & The GCN)

Adding Categories

If you need to add a page to more than one category, use this code:

Code: [[Category:Actors]]