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Actor 0x0057
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00E55050 00E56700 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 16B0
NTSC 1.0 00C9C880 00C9DE70 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 15F0
PAL MQ 00DF3DD0 00DF53D0 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 1600

ovl_En_M_Thunder is the actor used to create the spin attack effect.

The ROM addresses for the spin attacks, and the spin attack tube, in the debug rom/ntsc 1.0 retail cartridge have 5 locations and they all seem to be located in Ovl_En_M_Thunder:

Spin Attack Notes

0xE55F96/0xE55FB6 and 0xC9D7B1/0xC9D7CD are the locations for both parts of the orange spin attack. 0xE5609A/0xE560BA and 0xC9D8B5/C9D8D1 are the locations for both parts of the blue spin attack. Lastily, 0xE5641A/0xC9DC25 are the locations for the spin attack tube. This gives us about 10 options to choose from (just as a side note there are more):

Spin Attack Display Lists

gameplay_keep Display List Offsets
Animation Debug Rom NTSC 1.0
Flat Orange 12AF0 12F90
Regular Orange 12C10 130B0
Flat Blue 12570 12A10
Regular Blue 12690 12B30
Blade Beam 149C0 14E60
Spin Attack Tube 13610 13AB0

Spin Attack Modifiers

ovl_En_M_Thunder Values for Spin Attacks
Animation Debug Rom NTSC 1.0
Flat Orange 2AF0 2F90
Regular Orange 2C10 30B0
Flat Blue 2570 2A10
Regular Blue 2690 2B30
Blade Beam 49C0 4E60
Spin Attack Tube 3610 3AB0

In the above table when you go to the offsets mentioned earlier, in a hex editing program, you'll see the values displayed in 2 bytes as represented in this table.

At E560A6/E560BE (Debug Rom) and C9D8BA/C9D8D6 (NTSC) the two values are 2570/2690 (Debug Rom) and 2A10/2B30 (NTSC) and at E55FA2/E55FBA (Debug Rom) and C9D7B6/C9D7D2 (NTSC) the two values are 2AF0/2C10 (Debug Rom) and 2F90/30B0 (NTSC), which correlate to the appearance of the gameplay_keep display lists at 12570/12A10, 12690/12B30, 12AF0/12F90, and 12C10/130B0. Another thing is that at E5641E (Debug ROM) and C9DC2A (NTSC) The Spin Attack Tube display list (located at 13610 (Debug Rom)/13AB0 (NTSC) in gameplay_keep) can be modified at those locations.

Ovl_En_M_Thunder ROM Offsets (Debug Rom/NTSC)

0xF46/0xF32 Flat Orange
0xF66/0F4E Regular Orange
0x104A/0x1036 Flat Blue
0x106A/0x1052 Regular Blue
0x13CA/0x13A6 Spin Attack Tube