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Actor 0x0015
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00000000 00000000 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 0000
NTSC 1.0 00000000 00000000 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 0000
PAL MQ 00000000 00000000 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 0000

En_Item00 is the file name for the Collectible Items actor. Unlike most actors, En_Item00 is stored within code, rather than an overlay, making it trickier to find information related to it.


NTSC 1.0 Debug Purpose
B5D6B0 B8C660 "Data" block start. 0x20 bytes contains the standard actor information
B5D720 B8C6D0 Segment offset to the item drop icons in gameplay_keep. 17 records.
B5D764 B8C714 Randomized item drop table. 15 records, 0x10 bytes long each. 1 byte corresponds to an item it becomes, FF is no item.
B5D854 B8C804 Item multiplier. Spawns self? N number of items. 1 byte for each byte in the table above.
800E7770 Collision Cylinder (At least for 3D hearts)

Item Drop Icons

1.0 Debug Item Icon
04044E50 04042140 Green Rupee
04044E70 04042160 Blue Rupee
04044E90 04042180 Red Rupee
04044ED0 040421C0 Orange Rupee
04044EB0 040421A0 Pink Rupee
04040D80 0403E870 Recovery Heart
0403F580 0403E070 Bomb
0403E580 0403D070 Arrow x1
0403DD80 0403C870 Arrow x2
0403ED80 0403D870 Arrow x3
0403F580 0403E070 Bomb
04042E50 04040140 Deku Nut
04043E50 04041140 Deku Stick
04044650 04041940 Large Magic Jar
04042650 0403F940 Small Magic Jar
04043650 04040940 Deku Seeds
04041E50 0403F140 Small Key

Drop Table Types

ID Purpose
00 Green Rupee
01 Blue Rupee
02 Red Rupee
03 Recovery Heart
04 Bomb
05 Arrow (1)
06 Piece of Heart
07 Heart Container [Early]
08 Deku Seeds or Arrows (5)
09 Deku Seeds (5) or Arrows (10)
0A Deku Seeds (5) or Arrows (30)
0B Bomb (5)
0C Deku Nut
0D Deku Stick
0E Large Magic Jar
0F Small Magic Jar
10 Deku Seeds or Arrows (5)
11 Small Key
12 Flexible Drop
13 Orange Rupee
14 Pink Rupee
15 Deku Shield
16 Hylian Shield
17 Zora Tunic
18 Goron Tunic
19 Bomb (5)

The flexible drop is a special drop that will be converted into an item that you're low on. The rules are as follows:

  • If you have <= 1 heart it becomes a fairy
  • else if 1 < hearts <= 3 it becomes three hearts, or triple green Rupee if at max health
  • else if 3 < hearts <= 5 it becomes a single heart, or green Rupee if at max health
  • if you don't have magic, it skips past the MP check
  • else if you have 0 MP it becomes a Large Magic Jar
  • else if you are child and you have <= 5 seeds it becomes Deku Seeds (5), or nothing without a slingshot
  • else if you are adult and you have <= 5 arrows it becomes a large arrow bundle (10), or nothing without a bow
  • else if you have <= 5 bombs it becomes bombs (5), or nothing without a bomb item
  • else if you have <= 10 Rupees it becomes a red Rupee
  • else it becomes nothing