Door Shutter

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Actor 0x002E
Version VRom VRam Size
Debug 00D4F8E0 00D51C60 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 2380
NTSC 1.0 00C55C10 00C57E90 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 2280
PAL MQ 00CFA350 00CFC610 {{{ram-start}}} {{{ram-end}}} 22C0

ovl_Door_Shutter is the Lifting Dungeon Door Actor.

General Notes

When a Lifting Dungeon Door is created, it needs the object it depends on to render.
To get this object, it looks up its type (Variable & 0x03C0) in the Design Table.
If the Design Table value is 80+ (usually FF), the Scene Table is used to choose an object from the Object Table.
If the Design Table value is lower than 80, it will use that value to choose an object from the Object Table directly.

Design Table

NTSC 1.0 Debug Type Type Description Value
C57B74 D51864 0000 Lifting FF (Scene Table)
C57B75 D51865 0040 Front Room Clear FF (Scene Table)
C57B76 D51866 0080 Front Switch FF (Scene Table)
C57B77 D51867 00C0 Back Permanently Locked FF (Scene Table)
C57B78 D51868 0100 Phantom Ganon Bars 00 (Object Table)
C57B79 D51869 0140 Boss Door 06 (Object Table)
C57B7A D5186A 0180 Falling Gohma Door 01 (Object Table)
C57B7B D5186B 01C0 Front Switch, Back Room Clear FF (Scene Table)
C57B7C D5186C 0200 Lifting 00 (Object Table)
C57B7D D5186D 0240 Lifting FF (Scene Table)
C57B7E D5186E 0280 Lifting FF (Scene Table)
C57B7F D5186F 02C0 Small Key Locked FF (Scene Table)

Scene Table

NTSC 1.0 Debug Scene ID (Name) Value (Object Table)
C57B90 D51880 0000 (Deku Tree) 02
C57B94 D51884 0001 (Dodongo's Cavern) 03
C57B98 D51888 0012 (King Dodongo's Lair) 03
C57B9C D5188C 0002 (Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly) 04
C57BA0 D51890 0003 (Forest Temple) 05
C57BA4 D51894 0004 (Fire Temple) 08
C57BA8 D51898 000A (Ganon's Tower) 09
C57BAC D5189C 0019 (Ganondorf's Lair) 09
C57BB0 D518A0 0006 (Spirit Temple) 0A
C57BB4 D518A4 0017 (Twinrova/Nabooru) 0A
C57BB8 D518A8 0005 (Water Temple) 0B
C57BBC D518AC 0007 (Shadow Temple) 0C
C57BC0 D518B0 0008 (Bottom of the Well) 0C
C57BC4 D518B4 0009 (Ice Cavern) 0D
C57BC8 D518B8 000B (Gerudo Training Ground) 0E
C57BCC D518BC 000D (Inside Ganon's Castle) 0F
C57BD0 D518C0 0041 (Royal Family's Tomb) 10

If an object is being swapped for another, its Markers must be swapped as well.

Object Table

NTSC 1.0 Debug Value Object ID Markers File (Name)
C57A40 D51730 00 0037 04 04 object_gnd (Phantom Ganon)
C57A44 D51734 01 001C 05 05 object_goma (Gohma)
C57A48 D51738 02 0036 00 01 object_ydan_objects (Inside the Deku Tree Objects)
C57A4C D5173C 03 002B 02 02 object_ddan_objects (Dodongo's Cavern Objects)
C57A50 D51740 04 0096 03 03 object_bdan_objects (Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Objects)
C57A54 D51744 05 0001 08 08 gameplay_keep (Global Gameplay Objects)
C57A58 D51748 06 00B0 07 07 object_bdoor (Boss Doors)
C57A5C D5174C 07 0001 08 08 gameplay_keep (Global Gameplay Objects)
C57A60 D51750 08 002C 09 0A object_hidan_objects (Fire Temple Objects)
C57A64 D51754 09 0139 0B 0B object_ganon_objects (Ganon's Tower Objects)
C57A68 D51758 0A 016D 06 06 object_jya_door (Spirit Temple Door & Iron Bars)
C57A6C D5175C 0B 0059 0C 0D object_mizu_objects (Water Temple Objects)
C57A70 D51760 0C 0187 0E 0F object_haka_door (Shadow Temple Door & Shutter)
C57A74 D51764 0D 006B 10 10 object_ice_objects (Ice Cavern Objects)
C57A78 D51768 0E 004D 11 11 object_menkuri_objects (Gerudo Training Ground Objects)
C57A7C D5176C 0F 0179 12 12 object_demo_kekkai (Inside Ganon's Castle Objects)
C57A80 D51770 10 018F 13 13 object_ouke_haka (Royal Family's Tomb Door)