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Audiotable possibly contains the raw sound samples used to create the sound effects and music of Ocarina of Time

Moving Audiotable

To move the Audiotable file to another location in ROM, you will need to correct its entry in the file table, update the assembly code used to load sounds from the file, and update the CRC. This can be found at 0xB5A4D4 (Debug ROM) and looks like:

3C05 xxxx 24A5 yyyy

In MIPS assembly:

LUI       $A1,xxxx
ADDIU     $A1,$A1,yyyy
  • x = upper half of address
  • y = lower half of address

Audiotable Pointer Table

code (File)
Audiobank Pointer Table
NTSC 1.01031C000B8A1C0?80114260?
NTSC 1.110338000B8A38000B8A40080114420801144A0
NTSC 1.210323000B8A23000B8A2B08011491080114990
PAL 1.010098000B8998000B89A0080112060801120E0
PAL 1.11009C000B899C000B89A40801120A080112120
JP GC1028E000B888E000B88960801137C080113840
JP MQ1028C000B888C000B88940801137A080113820
USA GC1028C000B888C000B88940801137A080113820
USA MQ1028A000B888A000B889208011378080113800
PAL GC1000B000B880B000B8813080110FB080111030
PAL MQ10009000B8809000B8811080110F9080111010
JP Collection1028C000B888C000B88940801137A080113820


The third byte is an index for a list at 0xBCCD90 which gives the base address to load samples from. What is the purpose of this? Well apparently just to be a pain in the arse, because taking these numbers and adding them to sample pointers will load that sample perfectly if the index is changed to 1, which has a base address of zero and is what most instrument sets use. Only four sets seem to actually do this though, namely the Deku Tree, Jabu-Jabu's belly, Goron City and the Spirit Temple. Super Mario 64 does something similar but it affects every single instrument set in the game.