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Particle Overlay Table

Code (File)
Particle Effect Overlay Table
J 1.0101C9000C60C9000C610D4801A9330801A9774
J 1.1101F9000C60F9000C613D4801A9570801A99B4
U 1.01089E000C449E000C44E24801AE4A0801AE8E4
PAL 1.010926000D9326000D936A4801AEFC0801AF404
PAL 1.110938000D9338000D937C4801AF360801AF7A4
JP GC106B8000C4BB8000C4BFC4801ACFA0801AD3E4
USA GC106AC000C51AC000C51F04801ACF00801AD344
PAL GC10738000DA038000DA07C4801AD920801ADD64

The particle effect manages the particle effect files (overlays). It defines a particle effect's id, maps the particle's code to a virtual address, and during gameplay is used to find the overlay in ram


xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb
rrrrrrrr pppppppp ????????

  • x y: Start/End Virtual Rom addresses of the particle effect's file
  • a b: Start/End Virtual Ram addresses of the particle effect's file
  • r: Ram address of the overlay, when loaded into ram. Set to 0 in Rom
  • p: ?, possibly a pointer to the initialization routine
  • ?: Unknown, set to 0x01000000 in Rom

Particle Effect List

# Filename Translation Description
0000 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dust Soft Sprite - Dust
0001 ovl_Effect_Ss_Kirakira Soft Sprite - Sparkle
0002 ovl_Effect_Ss_Bomb [OoT] [Deleted]
0003 ovl_Effect_Ss_Bomb2 Soft Sprite - Bomb 2
0004 ovl_Effect_Ss_Blast Soft Sprite - Blast
0005 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Spk Soft Sprite - G Spark
0006 ovl_Effect_Ss_D_Fire Soft Sprite - Dodongo Fire
0007 ovl_Effect_Ss_Bubble Soft Sprite - Bubble
0008 [Deleted]
0009 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Ripple Soft Sprite - G Ripple
000A Effect_Ss_G_Splash Soft Sprite - G Splash
000B ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Magma [OoT] [Deleted]
000C Effect_Ss_G_Fire Soft Sprite - G Fire
000D ovl_Effect_Ss_Lightning Soft Sprite - Lightning
000E ovl_Effect_Ss_Dt_Bubble Soft Sprite - Big Octo Bubble
000F ovl_Effect_Ss_Hahen Soft Sprite - Fragment
0010 ovl_Effect_Ss_Stick Soft Sprite - Stick
0011 ovl_Effect_Ss_Sibuki Soft Sprite - Splash
0012 ovl_Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 [OoT] [Deleted]
0013 ovl_Effect_Ss_G_Magma2 [OoT] [Deleted]
0014 ovl_Effect_Ss_Stone1 Soft Sprite - Stone 1
0015 ovl_Effect_Ss_Hitmark Soft Sprite - Hit Mark
0016 ovl_Effect_Ss_Fhg_Flash Soft Sprite - Phantom Ganon Flash
0017 ovl_Effect_Ss_K_Fire Soft Sprite - Kakariko Fire
0018 ovl_Effect_Ss_Solder_Srch_Ball Soft Sprite - Soldier Search Ball
0019 ovl_Effect_Ss_Kakera Soft Sprite - Shard
001A ovl_Effect_Ss_Ice_Piece Soft Sprite - Ice Piece
001B ovl_Effect_Ss_En_Ice Soft Sprite - Enemy Ice
001C ovl_Effect_Ss_Fire_Tail Soft Sprite - Fire Tail
001D ovl_Effect_Ss_En_Fire Soft Sprite - Enemy Fire
001E ovl_Effect_Ss_Extra Soft Sprite - Extra
001F ovl_Effect_Ss_Fcircle [OoT] [Deleted]
0020 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Db Soft Sprite - Dead Deku Baba
0021 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Dd Soft Sprite - Dead Dodongo
0022 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Ds Soft Sprite - Dead Deku Scrub
0023 ovl_Effect_Ss_Dead_Sound [OoT] [Deleted]
0024 ovl_Effect_Ss_Ice_Smoke Soft Sprite - Ice Smoke
0025 ovl_Effect_En_Ice_Block Entity - Ice Block
0026 ovl_Effect_Ss_Sbn Soft Sprite - Sbn