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Because neither the original releases of Majora's Mask nor the Debug ROM include object file names, the file names below were sourced from Majora's Mask 3D and applied retroactively.

In order to ensure that this list is as accurate as possible, please don't add information to this page unless you have personally been able to verify it by looking into the code, using a model viewer, or testing it in-game. If you update something in the list, don't forget to update any relevant entries in the Actor List.

Object List

# File Name Translation Identification Used
0000 unset
0001 gameplay_keep Gameplay - Keep Various Gameplay Objects
0002 gameplay_field_keep Gameplay - Field - Keep Various Field Objects
0003 gameplay_dangeon_keep Gameplay - Dungeon - Keep Various Dungeon Objects
0004 object_nb Nabooru Anju's Grandmother
0005 object_okuta Octorok Octorok
0006 object_crow Crow Guay
0007 object_ah Anju's Mother Anju's Mother
0008 object_dy_obj Great Fairy - Objects Great Fairy & Healing Beam
0009 object_wallmaster Wallmaster Wallmaster & Floormaster
000A object_dodongo Dodongo Dodongo
000B object_firefly Firefly Keese
000C object_box Box Treasure Chest & Glow
000D object_al Aroma Madame Aroma
000E object_bubble Bubble Shabom
000F object_niw Chicken Cucco
0010 object_link_boy Link - Boy Fierce Deity Link
0011 object_link_child Link - Child Child Link
0012 object_tite Tektite Tektite
0013 object_tab Talon B Mr. Barten
0014 object_ph Peahat Peahat
0015 object_and Anju (Dress) Anju (Wedding Dress)
0016 object_msmo Mask (Moon) Moon Mask
0017 object_dinofos Dinolfos Dinolfos
0018 object_drs Dress Wedding Dress Mannequin
0019 object_zl1 Zelda 1 Child Zelda (OoT)
001A object_an4 Anju 4  ?
001B unset
001C object_test3 Test 3 Kafei
001D object_famos [?] Armos Death Armos
001E unset
001F unset
0020 object_st Skulltula Skulltula / Skullwalltula / Gold Skulltula Token
0021 unset
0022 object_thiefbird Thief Bird Takkuri
0023 unset
0024 unset
0025 unset
0026 unset
0027 unset
0028 unset
0029 unset
002A object_bombf Bomb Flower Bomb Flower
002B unset
002C unset
002D unset
002E unset
002F unset
0030 object_am Armos Armos & Armos Statue
0031 object_dekubaba Deku Baba Deku Baba / Wilted Deku Baba / Mini Baba
0032 unset
0033 unset
0034 unset
0035 unset
0036 unset
0037 unset
0038 unset
0039 unset
003A unset
003B unset
003C unset
003D unset
003E object_warp1 Warp 1 Blue Warp
003F object_b_heart Boss - Heart
0040 object_dekunuts Deku Scrub Mad Scrub
0041 unset
0042 unset
0043 unset
0044 unset
0045 unset
0046 unset
0047 unset
0048 unset
0049 unset
004A unset
004B unset
004C unset
004D unset
004E unset
004F unset
0050 unset
0051 object_bb Bubble Red & Blue Bubble
0052 object_death Death Gomess & Bat
0053 unset
0054 unset
0055 unset
0056 unset
0057 unset
0058 unset
0059 unset
005A unset
005B unset
005C object_f40_obj Field 40 - Objects Stone Tower Temple Shifting Blocks & Elevators
005D object_po_composer Poe - Composer Composer Brothers
005E unset
005F object_hata Flag Flagpole
0060 unset
0061 object_wood02 Wood 02 Trees & Bushes
0062 unset
0063 unset
0064 object_trap Trap Blade Trap
0065 unset
0066 unset
0067 unset
0068 unset
0069 unset
006A object_vm Beamos Beamos
006B unset
006C unset
006D unset
006E unset
006F unset
0070 object_efc_star_field Effect - Star - Field Rock & Beam of Light
0071 unset
0072 unset
0073 unset
0074 unset
0075 object_rd Redead Redead & Gibdo
0076 object_yukimura_obj Snow Village - Objects Mountain Village Ladder / Chimney Smoke / Embers  ?
0077 object_heavy_object Heavy - Object Golden Gauntlets Rock
0078 unset
0079 unset
007A unset
007B unset
007C unset
007D object_horse_link_child Horse - Link - Child Child Epona
007E unset
007F unset
0080 object_syokudai Torch Stand Torch Stand
0081 unset
0082 unset
0083 unset
0084 object_efc_tw Effect - Twinrova  ?
0085 unset
0086 object_gi_key Get Item - Key Small Key (Get Item)
0087 object_mir_ray Mirror - Ray Mirror Shield Light Ray  ?
0088 object_ctower_rot Clock Tower - Rotary Clock Tower Gear & Helix Path
0089 unset
008A object_bdoor Boss Door Boss Doors
008B unset
008C unset
008D unset
008E object_sb Shellblade Shellblade
008F object_gi_melody Get Item - Melody Music Notes (Get Item)
0090 object_gi_heart Get Item - Heart Recovery Heart (Get Item)
0091 object_gi_compass Get Item - Compass Compass (Get Item)
0092 object_gi_bosskey Get Item - Boss Key Boss Key (Get Item)
0093 unset
0094 object_gi_nuts Get Item - Nuts Deku Nuts (Get Item)
0095 unset
0096 object_gi_hearts Get Item - Hearts Heart Container (Boss Lairs)
0097 object_gi_arrowcase Get Item - Arrow Case Quivers (Get Item)
0098 object_gi_bombpouch Get Item - Bomb Pouch Bomb Bags (Get Item)
0099 object_in Ingo Gorman Bros.
009A unset
009B unset
009C unset
009D object_os_anime Mask Seller - Animations  ?
009E object_gi_bottle Get Item - Bottle Empty Bottle (Get Item)
009F object_gi_stick Get Item - Stick Deku Stick (Get Item)
00A0 object_gi_map Get Item - Map Dungeon Map & Stone of Agony (Get Item)
00A1 object_oF1d_map Object F1 Dungeon - Map Goron / Medigoron / Powder Keg Shop Goron / Don Gero
00A2 object_ru2 Ruto 2 Ruto
00A3 unset
00A4 object_gi_magicpot Get Item - Magic Pot Magic Jars (Get Item)
00A5 object_gi_bomb_1 Get Item - Bomb - 1 Bomb (Get Item)
00A6 unset
00A7 object_ma2 Malon 2 Cremia
00A8 object_gi_purse Get Item - Purse Wallets (Get Item)
00A9 unset
00AA unset
00AB object_rr Like Like Like Like
00AC unset
00AD unset
00AE unset
00AF object_gi_arrow Get Item - Arrow Arrow Bundles (Get Item)
00B0 object_gi_bomb_2 Get Item - Bomb - 2 Bombchu (Get Item)
00B1 unset
00B2 unset
00B3 object_gi_shield_2 Get Item - Shield - 2 Hero's Shield (Get Item)
00B4 object_gi_hookshot Get Item - Hookshot Hookshot (Get Item)
00B5 object_gi_ocarina Get Item - Ocarina Ocarina of Time (Get Item)
00B6 object_gi_milk Get Item - Milk Milk (Get Item)
00B7 object_ma1 Malon 1 Romani
00B8 unset
00B9 unset
00BA unset
00BB object_ny New Spiked Metal Mine
00BC object_fr Frog Frog
00BD unset
00BE unset
00BF object_gi_bow Get Item - Bow Hero's Bow (Get Item)
00C0 object_gi_glasses Get Item - Glasses Lens of Truth (Get Item)
00C1 object_gi_liquid Get Item - Liquid Red / Blue/ Green Potion (Get Item)
00C2 object_ani Ani Part-Timer
00C3 object_gi_shield_3 Get Item - Shield - 3 Mirror Shield (Get Item)
00C4 unset
00C5 unset
00C6 object_gi_bean Get Item - Bean Magic Bean (Get Item)
00C7 object_gi_fish Get Item - Fish Fish (Get Item)
00C8 unset
00C9 unset
00CA unset
00CB object_gi_longsword Get Item - Longsword Biggoron's Sword (Get Item)
00CC unset
00CD unset
00CE unset
00CF unset
00D0 object_zo Zora Zora
00D1 unset
00D2 object_umajump Horse Jump Horse Jumping Fence  ?
00D3 unset
00D4 unset
00D5 object_mastergolon Goron Proprietor  ?
00D6 object_masterzoora Zora Proprietor  ?
00D7 object_aob A Lady Mamamu Yan
00D8 object_ik Iron Knuckle Iron Knuckle
00D9 object_ahg A Beard Bearded Man (OoT)
00DA object_cne C Young Lady Thin Woman in Blue Dress (OoT)
00DB unset
00DC unset
00DD object_an3 Anju 3 Anju's Broom
00DE object_bji B Old Man Shikashi
00DF object_bba B Old Woman Bomb Shop Proprietor's Mother
00E0 object_an2 Anju 2 Anju's Umbrella
00E1 unset
00E2 object_an1 Anju 1 Anju
00E3 object_boj B Man Bank Teller / Juggler / Sakon / Bomb Shop Bag
00E4 object_fz Freezard Freezard
00E5 object_bob B Lady Carpenter Boss's Wife (OoT)
00E6 object_ge1 Gerudo 1 Pirate Lieutenant
00E7 object_yabusame_point Horseback Archery - Point Mini-Game Point Textures
00E8 unset
00E9 unset
00EA unset
00EB unset
00EC object_d_hsblock Dungeon - Hookshot Block Stone Hookshot Pillar
00ED object_d_lift Dungeon - Lift Dampé's House Elevator & Falling Block Row
00EE object_mamenoki Bean Plant Magic Bean Plant
00EF object_goroiwa Rolling Stone Snowball & Rolling Boulder
00F0 object_toryo Boss Mutoh
00F1 object_daiku Carpenter Carpenter
00F2 object_nwc Chick Cucco Chick
00F3 object_gm Goron (Medium) [Empty]
00F4 object_ms Bean Seller Magic Bean Seller
00F5 object_hs Head's Son Grog
00F6 unset
00F7 object_lightswitch Light Switch Sun Switch
00F8 object_kusa Grass Grass
00F9 object_tsubo Pot Pot
00FA unset
00FB unset
00FC object_kanban Sign Square Sign
00FD object_owl Owl Owl
00FE object_mk Lake Researcher Marine Scientist
00FF object_fu Windmill Guru-Guru
0100 object_gi_ki_tan_mask Get Item - Ki-tan - Mask Keaton Mask (Get Item)
0101 unset
0102 object_gi_mask18 Get Item - Mask 18 Captain's Hat (Get Item)
0103 object_gi_rabit_mask Get Item - Rabbit - Mask Bunny Hood (Get Item)
0104 object_gi_truth_mask Get Item - Truth - Mask Mask of Truth (Get Item)
0105 unset
0106 object_stream Stream Water Spout
0107 object_mm Marathon Man Postman
0108 unset
0109 unset
010A unset
010B unset
010C unset
010D unset
010E unset
010F object_js Carpet Seller Swordsman
0110 object_cs Child Stalker Bombers & Jim
0111 unset
0112 unset
0113 object_gi_soldout Get Item - Sold Out SOLD OUT (Get Item)
0114 unset
0115 object_mag [?] Title Logo
0116 unset
0117 unset
0118 unset
0119 object_gi_golonmask Get Item - Goron Mask Goron Mask (Get Item)
011A object_gi_zoramask Get Item - Zora Mask Zora Mask (Get Item)
011B unset
011C unset
011D object_ka Scarecrow Pierre
011E unset
011F object_zg Zelda Gate Ganon's Tower Gate (OoT)
0120 unset
0121 object_gi_m_arrow Get Item - Magic - Arrow Fire / Ice / Light Arrows (Get Item)
0122 object_ds2 Drug Seller 2 Potion Shop Proprietor (OoT)
0123 unset
0124 object_fish Fish Fishing Pond & Proprietor
0125 object_gi_sutaru Get Item - Skulltula Gold Skulltula Token (Get Item)
0126 unset
0127 object_ssh [?] Cursed Skulltula Man
0128 object_bigslime Big Slime Gekko (Mini-Boss) / Mad Jelly / Jelly Droplets
0129 object_bg Bowling Girl Treasure Chest Game Employee & Mayor's Receptionist
012A object_bombiwa Bomb Stone Bombable Rock & Powder Keg Boulder
012B object_hintnuts Hint Scrub Sleeping Deku Scrub
012C object_rs Restaurant Seller Bomb Shop Proprietor
012D unset
012E object_gla Gerudo A Patrolling Pirate Guard
012F unset
0130 object_geldb Gerudo B Aveil
0131 unset
0132 object_dog Dog Dog
0133 object_kibako2 Crate 2 Large Wooden Crate
0134 object_dns Deku Scrub Soldier Deku Palace Chamber Guard
0135 object_dnk Deku Scrub King Deku Palace Gardens Guard
0136 unset
0137 object_gi_insect Get Item - Insect Bug (Get Item)
0138 unset
0139 object_gi_ghost Get Item - Ghost Poe Soul (Get Item)
013A object_gi_soul Get Item - Soul Fairy's Spirit (Get Item)
013B unset
013C unset
013D unset
013E unset
013F object_gi_rupy Get Item - Rupee Rupees (Get Item)
0140 object_mu Townspeople Honey & Darling
0141 object_wf Wolfos Wolfos
0142 object_skb Skeleton Baby Stalchild
0143 object_gs Gossip Stone Gossip Stone
0144 object_ps Poe Seller Ghost Hut Proprietor
0145 object_omoya_obj Main Building - Objects Cow Barn Roof (Interior)  ?
0146 object_cow Cow Cow
0147 unset
0148 object_gi_sword_1 Get Item - Sword - 1 Kokiri Sword (Get Item)
0149 unset
014A unset
014B object_zl4 Zelda 4 Child Zelda (Cutscenes)
014C object_link_goron Link - Goron Goron Link
014D object_link_zora Link - Zora Zora Link
014E object_grasshopper Grasshopper Dragonfly
014F object_boyo Boing Bumper
0150 unset
0151 unset
0152 unset
0153 object_fwall Fire Wall Proximity-Activated Fire Wall
0154 object_link_nuts Link - Scrub Deku Link
0155 object_jso Jason Garo Master
0156 object_knight Knight Igos du Ikana & Henchmen
0157 object_icicle Icicle Blue Icicle
0158 object_spdweb Spiderweb Spiderweb
0159 unset
015A object_boss01 Boss 01 Odolwa
015B object_boss02 Boss 02 Twinmold
015C object_boss03 Boss 03 Gyorg
015D object_boss04 Boss 04 Wart
015E object_boss05 Boss 05 Bio Deku Baba
015F object_boss06 Boss 06 [Removed]
0160 object_boss07 Boss 07 Majora
0161 object_raf Raft Carnivorous Lilypad
0162 object_funen Inflammable Stone Tower Smoke Plume (Early)
0163 object_raillift Rail Lift
0164 object_numa_obj Swamp - Objects Wooden Woodfall Flower
0165 object_flowerpot Flower Pot Potted Plant
0166 object_spinyroll Spiny Roll Spiked Log
0167 object_ice_block Ice - Block Frozen Enemy Ice Block
0168 unset
0169 object_keikoku_demo Ravine - Cutscene Opening Cutscene Objects  ?
016A object_slime Slime Chuchu
016B object_pr Piranha Desbreko & Skullfish
016C object_f52_obj Field 52 - Objects Stock Pot Inn Bell
016D object_f53_obj Field 53 - Objects Clock Tower Spotlight / Chimney Smoke / 2D Chimney Backdrop / Bank Shutter
016E unset
016F object_kibako Crate Small Wooden Crate
0170 object_sek Stone Statue Owl Statue
0171 object_gmo Goron Mimic [?] Nejiron
0172 object_bat Bat Bad Bat
0173 object_sekihil Stone Statue (Link) Triforce Song Pedestal
0174 object_sekihig Stone Statue (Goron) Goron Song Pedestal
0175 object_sekihin Stone Statue (Deku) Kokiri Song Pedestal
0176 object_sekihiz Stone Statue (Zora) Song of Soaring Pedestal
0177 unset
0178 object_wiz Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
0179 object_ladder Ladder Ladder
017A object_mkk Makkuro Kurosuke Boes
017B unset
017C unset
017D unset
017E object_keikoku_obj Ravine - Objects Termina Field Fountain Water / Spiked Fence / Woodfall Volcano Backdrop
017F object_sichitai_obj Wetland - Objects Swamp Cruise Boat
0180 object_dekucity_ana_obj Deku City - Hole - Objects
0181 object_rat Rat Real Bombchu
0182 object_water_effect Water - Effect Dripping Water
0183 unset
0184 object_dblue_object Dull Blue - Objects Great Bay Temple Objects
0185 object_bal Bal Tingle
0186 object_warp_uzu Warp - Whirlpool Pirates' Fortress Telescope
0187 object_driftice Drift Ice Drifting Ice Platform
0188 object_fall Fall Falling Moon
0189 object_hanareyama_obj Lone Peak - Objects
018A object_crace_object [?] Race - Objects Deku Shrine Door Shutters
018B object_dnq Deku Scrub Queen Deku King
018C object_obj_tokeidai Objects - Clock Tower Clock Tower & Light Beam
018D object_eg Eyegore Eyegore / Rubble / Block
018E object_tru Twinrova (Ume) Koume
018F object_trt Twinrova (Take) Kotake
0190 object_hakugin_obj Snow - Objects Snowhead Temple Central Pillar / Bombable Wall / Pole Insert
0191 object_horse_game_check Horse - Game - Check
0192 object_stk Skull Kid Skull Kid / Flute / Ocarina / Link Mask / Majora's Mask
0193 unset
0194 unset
0195 object_mnk Monkey Monkey
0196 object_gi_bottle_red Get Item - Bottle - Red Bottled Red Potion (Get Item)
0197 object_tokei_tobira Clock - Door Clock Tower Swinging Doors
0198 object_az [?] Beaver Brothers
0199 object_twig Twig Beaver Race Ring
019A object_dekucity_obj Deku City - Objects Deku Palace Water & Woodfall Volcano Backdrop
019B object_po_fusen Poe - Balloon Poe Balloon
019C object_racetsubo Race Jar Goron Race Magic Pot
019D object_ha Horse (Ass) Donkey
019E object_bigokuta Big Octo Big Octo
019F object_open_obj Opening - Objects Deku Emblem Door & Skull Kid Spotlights
01A0 object_fu_kaiten Windmill - Rotary Honey & Darling's Shop Rotating Platform & Moat
01A1 object_fu_mato Windmill - Target Honey & Darling's Shop Targets & Baskets
01A2 object_mtoride Jungle Fortress Woodfall Temple Rises Cutscene Objects
01A3 object_osn Mask Seller (New) Happy Mask Salesman
01A4 object_tokei_step Clock - Step Clock Tower Roof Door
01A5 object_lotus Lotus Lilypad
01A6 object_tl Turtle Snapper
01A7 object_dkjail_obj Deku Jail - Objects Woodfall Prison Ivy
01A8 object_visiblock Invisible Block Lens of Truth Platform
01A9 object_tsn Treasure Seller (New) Fisherman
01AA object_ds2n Drug Seller 2 (New) Updated Potion Shop Proprietor (OoT)
01AB object_fsn Fish Seller (New) Curiosity Shop Proprietor
01AC object_shn Shooting Gallery (New) Swamp Tourist Center Guide & Shooting Gallery Manager
01AD object_bigicicle Big Icicle Ice Block
01AE object_gi_bottle_15 Get Item - Bottle - 15 Bottled Zora Egg (Get Item)
01AF object_tk [?] Dampé
01B0 object_market_obj Market - Objects West Clock Town Steps
01B1 object_gi_reserve00 Get Item - Reservation 00 Moon's Tear (Get Item)
01B2 object_gi_reserve01 Get Item - Reservation 01 Title Deeds (Get Item)
01B3 object_lightblock Light Block Dissolvable Light Block
01B4 object_takaraya_objects Treasure Chest Shop - Objects Treasure Chest Game's Proximity-Activated Walls
01B5 object_wdhand Water Dexihand Dexihand
01B6 object_sdn Soldier (New) Soldier
01B7 object_snowwd Snow Wood Snow-Covered Tree
01B8 object_giant Giant Giant
01B9 object_comb Comb Beehive
01BA object_hana Hana Orange Graveyard Flower
01BB object_boss_hakugin Boss - Snow Goht & Debris
01BC object_meganeana_obj Lens Grotto - Objects Ladder & Stone Wall
01BD object_gi_nutsmask Get Item - Scrub mask Deku Mask (Get Item)
01BE object_stk2 Skull Kid 2  ?
01BF object_spot11_obj Spot 11 - Objects Goron Shrine Gate
01C0 object_danpei_object Dampé - Objects Dampé's House Stairs  ?
01C1 object_dhouse Dampé's House Dampé's House Facade  ?
01C2 object_hakaisi Gravestone Gravestone
01C3 object_po Poe Poe
01C4 object_snowman Snowman Eeno
01C5 object_po_sisters Poe - Sisters Poe Sisters
01C6 object_pp [?] Hiploop
01C7 object_goronswitch Goron Switch Goron Switch
01C8 object_delf Cutscene Elf Tatl & Tael (Cutscenes)
01C9 object_botihasira Graveyard Pillar Captain Keeta Race Gatepost
01CA object_gi_bigbomb Get Item - Big Bomb Powder Keg (Get Item)
01CB object_pst Post Postbox
01CC object_bsmask Boss Mask Boss Remains
01CD object_spidertent Spider Tent Tent-Shaped Spider Web
01CE object_zoraegg Zora Egg Zora Egg
01CF object_kbt Blacksmith (Part-Timer) Zubora
01D0 object_gg Goron Ghost Darmani's Ghost
01D1 object_maruta Log Swordsman's School Practice Log
01D2 object_ghaka Goron Grave Darmani's Gravestone
01D3 object_oyu Hot Water Hot Spring Water
01D4 object_dnp Deku Scrub Princess Deku Princess
01D5 object_dai Big Biggoron & Link the Goron
01D6 object_kgy Blacksmith (Giant) Gabora
01D7 object_fb Fish (Big) Marine Research Lab Fish
01D8 object_taisou Calisthenics  ?
01D9 object_mask_bu_san Mask - Pig-san Mask of Scents Field Model
01DA object_mask_ki_tan Mask - Ki-tan Keaton Mask Field Model
01DB object_mask_rabit Mask - Rabbit Bunny Hood Field Model
01DC object_mask_skj Mask - Skeleton Jr. Captain's Hat Field Model
01DD object_mask_bakuretu Mask - Blast Blast Mask Field Model
01DE object_mask_truth Mask - Truth Mask of Truth Field Model
01DF object_gk Goron Kid Goron Elder's Son
01E0 object_haka_obj Grave - Objects Beneath the Grave Objects
01E1 object_mask_goron Mask - Goron Goron Transformation Assets
01E2 object_mask_zora Mask - Zora Zora Transformation Assets
01E3 object_mask_nuts Mask - Scrub Deku Transformation Assets
01E4 object_mask_boy Mask - Boy Fierce Deity Transformation Assets
01E5 object_dnt Deku Scrub Test Business Scrub & Deku Scrub Playground Employee
01E6 object_yukiyama Snow Peak  ?
01E7 object_icefloe Ice Floe Ice Arrow Platform
01E8 object_gi_gold_dust Get Item - Gold - Dust Gold Dust (Get Item)
01E9 object_gi_bottle_16 Get Item - Bottle - 16 Bottled Gold Dust (Get Item)
01EA object_gi_bottle_22 Get Item - Bottle - 22 Bottled Hylian Loach (Get Item)
01EB object_bee Bee Giant Bee
01EC object_ot Seahorse Seahorse
01ED object_utubo Moray Deep Python
01EE object_dora Gong Swordsman's School Gong & Wooden Board
01EF object_gi_loach Get Item - Loach Hylian Loach (Get Item)
01F0 object_gi_seahorse Get Item - Seahorse Seahorse (Get Item)
01F1 object_bigpo Big Poe Big Poe
01F2 object_hariko Paper Mâché Cow Figurine
01F3 object_dno Deku Scrub Prince Deku Butler
01F4 object_sinkai_kabe Deep Sea - Wall  ?
01F5 object_kin2_obj Gold 2 - Objects Oceanside Spider House Objects
01F6 object_ishi Rock Rock
01F7 object_hakugin_demo Snow - Cutscene  ?
01F8 object_jg Old Goron Goron Elder & Drum
01F9 object_gi_sword_2 Get Item - Sword - 2 Razor Sword (Get Item)
01FA object_gi_sword_3 Get Item - Sword - 3 Gilded Sword (Get Item)
01FB object_gi_sword_4 Get Item - Sword - 4 Great Fairy's Sword (Get Item)
01FC object_um Horse Cremia's Cart
01FD object_mask_gibudo Mask - Gibdo Gibdo Mask Field Model
01FE object_mask_json Mask - Jason Garo's Mask Field Model
01FF object_mask_kerfay Mask - Kafei Kafei's Mask Field Model
0200 object_mask_bigelf Mask - Big Elf Great Fairy Mask Field Model
0201 object_rb Leever Leever
0202 object_mbar_obj Milk Bar - Objects Milk Bar Chair
0203 object_ikana_obj Ikana - Objects Ancient Castle of Ikana & Stone Tower Temple Objects
0204 object_kz Pirate  ?
0205 object_tokei_turret Clock - Turret String of Flags & Carnival Platform
0206 object_zog Zora Guitarist Mikau / Guitar / Grave
0207 object_rotlift Rotary Lift Deku Moon Trial Spiked Rotating Platform
0208 object_posthouse_obj Post House - Objects Postman's Hat / Bag / Closet Curtain
0209 object_gi_mask09 Get Item - Mask 09 Garo's Mask (Get Item)
020A object_gi_mask14 Get Item - Mask 14 Great Fairy Mask (Get Item)
020B object_gi_mask15 Get Item - Mask 15 Gibdo Mask (Get Item)
020C object_inibs_object Ancient Boss - Objects Twinmold's Lair Objects  ?
020D object_tree Tree Fork-Branched Tree
020E object_kaizoku_obj Pirate - Objects Pirates' Fortress Objects
020F object_gi_reserve_b_00 Get Item - Reservation - B - 00 Room Key (Get Item)
0210 object_gi_reserve_c_00 Get Item - Reservation - C - 00 Letter to Kafei (Get Item)
0211 object_zob Zora Bassist Japas
0212 object_milkbar Milk Bar Indigo-Go's Milk Bar Stage
0213 object_dmask Cutscene Masks Masks (Cutscenes)
0214 object_mask_kyojin Mask - Giant Giant's Mask Field Model
0215 object_gi_reserve_c_01 Get Item - Reservation - C - 01 Pendant of Memories (Get Item)
0216 object_zod Zora Drummer Tijo
0217 object_kumo30 Cloud 30 Great Bay Whirlwind
0218 object_obj_yasi Object - Palm Palm Tree
0219 object_mask_romerny Mask - Romani Romani's Mask Field Model
021A object_tanron1 [?] 1 [Empty]
021B object_tanron2 [?] 2  ?
021C object_tanron3 [?] 3  ?
021D object_gi_magicmushroom Get Item - Magic Mushroom Magic Mushroom (Get Item)
021E object_obj_chan Obj - Chandelier Goron Village Chandelier
021F object_gi_mask10 Get Item - Mask 10 Romani's Mask (Get Item)
0220 object_zos Zora Synthesizer Evan
0221 object_mask_posthat Mask - Posthat Postman's Hat Field Model
0222 object_f40_switch Field 40 - Switch Elegy Statue Switch
0223 object_lodmoon LOD Moon Moon
0224 object_tro Twinrova [?] Boat Cruise Target Spot
0225 object_gi_mask12 Get Item - Mask 12 Postman's Hat (Get Item)
0226 object_gi_mask23 Get Item - Mask 23 Giant's Mask (Get Item)
0227 object_gi_bottle_21 Get Item - Bottle - 21 Bottled Chateau Romani (Get Item)
0228 object_gi_camera Get Item - Camera Pictograph Box (Get Item)
0229 object_kamejima Turtle Island Turtle & Tsunami
022A object_harfgibud Half Gibdo Pamela's Father
022B object_zov Zora Vocalist Lulu
022C object_hgdoor Half Gibdo Door Music Box House Cupboard Doors
022D unset
022E unset
022F unset
0230 object_dor01 Door 01 Astral Observatory & Marine Research Lab Door
0231 object_dor02 Door 02 Zora Hall Interior Door
0232 object_dor03 Door 03 Swamp Tourist Center & Swamp Shooting Gallery Door
0233 object_dor04 Door 04 Magic Hags' Potion Shop Door
0234 object_last_obj Last - Objects Link Moon Trial Bombable Wall / Climbable Wall / Door
0235 object_redead_obj Redead - Objects Beneath the Well Interior Door
0236 object_ikninside_obj Ikana Interior - Objects Ancient Castle of Ikana Objects
0237 object_iknv_obj Ikana Valley - Objects Sharp's Cave & Ikana Canyon Objects
0238 object_pamera Pamela Pamela
0239 object_hsstump Hookshot Stump Hookshot Stump
023A object_zm Zora Manager Toto
023B object_big_fwall Big - Fire Wall  ?
023C object_secom_obj Secom - Objects Sakon's Hideout Objects
023D object_hunsui Geyser Geyser
023E object_uch Alien Ghost Alien
023F object_tanron4 [?] 4 Flock of Seagulls
0240 object_tanron5 [?] 5 Swarm of Giant Bees  ?
0241 object_dt Dotour Mayor Dotour
0242 object_gi_mask03 Get Item - Mask 03 Fierce Deity Mask (Get Item)
0243 object_cha Chime Laundry Pool Sign & Bell
0244 object_obj_dinner Object - Dinner Cremia & Romani's Dinner
0245 object_gi_reserve_b_01 Get Item - Reservation - B - 01 Letter to Mama (Get Item)
0246 object_lastday Last Day Moon Fall Effects
0247 object_bai Viscen Viscen
0248 object_in2 Ingo 2 Gorman
0249 object_ikn_demo Ikana - Cutscenes Igos du Ikana & Henchmen's Heads
024A object_yb Ghost [?] Kamaro
024B object_rz Rosa Rosa Sisters
024C object_mask_zacho Mask - Troop Leader Circus Leader's Mask Field Model
024D object_gi_fieldmap Get Item - Field Map Tingle's Map (Get Item)
024E object_mask_stone Mask - Stone Stone Mask Field Model
024F object_bjt Toilet Hand Hand in Toilet
0250 object_taru Barrel Barrel
0251 object_moonston Moon Stone  ?
0252 object_mask_bree Mask - Bremen Bremen Mask Field Model
0253 object_gi_schedule Get Item - Schedule Bomber's Notebook (Get Item)
0254 object_gi_stonemask Get Item - Stone Mask Stone Mask (Get Item)
0255 object_zoraband Zora Band Blue Spotlight Effect
0256 object_kepn_koya [?] - Shack Gorman Track Buildings
0257 object_obj_usiyane Object - Cow Roof Cow Barn Roof (Exterior)  ?
0258 object_gi_mask05 Get Item - Mask 05 Kafei's Mask (Get Item)
0259 object_gi_mask11 Get Item - Mask 11 Circus Leader's Mask (Get Item)
025A object_gi_mask20 Get Item - Mask 20 Bremen Mask (Get Item)
025B object_nnh Scrub Soldier Husk Deku Butler's Son
025C object_mask_gero Mask - Gero Don Gero's Mask Field Model
025D object_mask_yofukasi Mask - All-Night All-Night Mask Field Model
025E object_mask_meoto Mask - Couple Couple's Mask Field Model
025F object_mask_dancer Mask - Dancer Kamaro's Mask Field Model
0260 object_kzsaku Pirate Fence Metal Portcullis
0261 object_obj_milk_bin Object - Milk - Bottle Chateau Romani Delivery Bottle
0262 object_random_obj Random - Objects Secret Shrine Interior Door
0263 object_kujiya Lottery Shop Lottery Shop Kiosk
0264 object_kitan Ki-tan Keaton
0265 object_gi_mask06 Get Item - Mask 06 All-Night Mask (Get Item)
0266 object_gi_mask16 Get Item - Mask 16 Don Gero's Mask (Get Item)
0267 object_astr_obj Astral - Objects Astral Observatory Bombable Wall
0268 object_bsb Big Stal Baby Captain Keeta
0269 object_fall2 Fall 2 Falling Moon
026A object_sth [?]  ?
026B object_gi_mssa Get Item - Mask (Sun) Sun Mask (Get Item)
026C object_smtower [?] Tower  ?
026D object_gi_mask21 Get Item - Mask 21 Blast Mask (Get Item)
026E object_yado_obj Inn - Objects Stockpot Inn 2nd Floor Window
026F object_syoten Ascension Ikana Canyon Curse Lifted Effects
0270 object_moonend Moon (Ending) Moon (Ending Cutscene)
0271 object_ob Mask Boy Moon Child
0272 object_gi_bottle_04 Get Item - Bottle - 04 Bottled Fairy (Get Item)
0273 object_obj_danpeilift Object - Dampé Lift  ?
0274 object_wdor01 Wood Door 01 Lottery Shop / Curiosity Shop / Mayor's House Door
0275 object_wdor02 Wood Door 02 Trading Post & Post Office Door
0276 object_wdor03 Wood Door 03 Stockpot Inn & Swordsman's School Door
0277 object_stk3 Skull Kid 3  ?
0278 object_kinsta1_obj Gold Skulltula 1 - Objects Swamp Spider House Interior Door
0279 object_kinsta2_obj Gold Skulltula 2 - Objects Oceanside Spider House Interior Door
027A object_bh Bird (Lark) Brown Bird
027B object_wdor04 Wood Door 04 Milk Bar Door
027C object_wdor05 Wood Door 05 Music Box House Door
027D object_gi_mask17 Get Item - Mask 17 Kamaro's Mask (Get Item)
027E object_gi_mask22 Get Item - Mask 22 Mask of Scents (Get Item)
027F object_lbfshot Rainbow Hookshot Rainbow Hookshot Pillar
0280 object_fusen Balloon Majora Balloon
0281 object_ending_obj Ending - Objects Epilogue Cutscene Objects
0282 object_gi_mask13 Get Item - Mask 13 Couple's Mask (Get Item)