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Thanks to GlitterBerri for doing an extensive amount of testing and translations.

In order to ensure that this list is as accurate as possible, please don't add information to this page unless you have personally been able to verify it by looking into the code, using a model viewer, or testing it in-game. If you update something in the list, don't forget to update any relevant entries in the Object List.

Loading the Actors

Room Data Pointers

MM (E):


MM (J):


MM (U):


The actor data follows this format:

yyyy = Actor Number
aaaa = X Coordinate
aaaa = Y Coordinate
aaaa = Z Coordinate
aaaa = X rotation
aaaa = Y rotation
aaaa = Z rotation
zzzz = Variable

Gameshark Codes

Use these codes to replace the dog in South Clock Town. Not all actors will load. This can happen as a result of them not having the correct group number, but may also be impacted by other factors, such as the actor they are replacing. Assume zzzz is 0000 unless otherwise stated.

xxxx = object
yyyy = actor
zzzz = variable

MM (E):

815456fe xxxx
815457d4 yyyy
815457e2 zzzz

MM (J):

8154387e xxxx
81543954 yyyy
81543962 zzzz

MM (U):

8154e6de xxxx
8154e7b4 yyyy
8154e7c2 zzzz

Actor List

# File Name Object Translation Identification Used
0x0000 unset 0x0000 Player
0x0001 En_Test 0x0001
0x0002 En_GirlA 0x0001
0x0003 En_Part 0x0001
0x0004 En_Light 0x0001 Deku Shrine - Flames of Varying Colours
0x0005 En_Door 0x0001 Wooden Door
0x0006 En_Box 0x000C Chest Treasure Chest
0x0007 En_Pametfrog 0x0128 Gekko & Snapper Miniboss - Gekko
0x0008 En_Okuta 0x0005 Octorok Octorok
0x0009 En_Bom 0x0001 Bomb Bomb
0x000A En_Wallmas 0x0009 Wallmaster Wallmaster
0x000B En_Dodongo 0x000A Dodongo
0x000C En_Firefly 0x000B Keese
0x000D En_Horse 0x0001
0x000E En_Item00 0x0000 Collectable Items
0x000F En_Arrow 0x0001 Small Orange Flame That Fades Away ?
0x0010 En_Elf 0x0001 Tatl
0x0011 En_Niw 0x000F Chicken Cucco
0x0012 En_Tite 0x0012 Tektite Tektite
0x0013 unset 0x0000
0x0014 En_Peehat 0x0014 Peahat Peahat
0x0015 En_Butte 0x0002 Butterfly
0x0016 En_Insect 0x0001 Bug
0x0017 En_Fish 0x0001 Fish
0x0018 En_Holl 0x0001 Hole/Hall Black Room Transition Plane
0x0019 En_Dinofos 0x0017 Dinolfos Dinolfos
0x001A En_Hata 0x005F Flag Red Flag on Post
0x001B En_Zl1 0x0019 Zelda 1 Child Zelda
0x001C En_Viewer 0x0001
0x001D En_Bubble 0x000E Shabom
0x001E Door_Shutter 0x0001 Studded Lifting Door
0x001F unset 0x0000
0x0020 En_Boom 0x0001 Boomerang Zora Fin Returning
0x0021 En_Torch2 0x0001
0x0022 En_Minifrog 0x00BC Frog ?
0x0023 unset 0x0000
0x0024 En_St 0x0020 Skulltula Skulltula
0x0025 unset 0x0000
0x0026 En_A_Obj 0x0000
0x0027 Obj_Wturn 0x0001
0x0028 En_River_Sound 0x0001
0x0029 unset 0x0000
0x002A En_Ossan 0x0001 Middle-Aged Man
0x002B unset 0x0000
0x002C unset 0x0000
0x002D En_Famos 0x001D ? Armos Death Armos
0x002E unset 0x0000
0x002F En_Bombf 0x002A Bombflower Bombflower
0x0030 unset 0x0000
0x0031 unset 0x0000
0x0032 En_Am 0x0030 Armos Armos
0x0033 En_Dekubaba 0x0031 Deku Baba
0x0034 En_M_Fire1 0x0001
0x0035 En_M_Thunder 0x0001
0x0036 Bg_Breakwall 0x0001
0x0037 unset 0x0000
0x0038 Door_Warp1 0x003E Blue Warp
0x0039 Obj_Syokudai 0x0080 Candlestick Golden Torch Stand
0x003A Item_B_Heart 0x0096 Heart Container
0x003B En_Dekunuts 0x0040 Mad Scrub
0x003C En_Bbfall 0x0051 Bubble ? Red Bubble
0x003D Arms_Hook 0x0001 Hookshot
0x003E En_Bb 0x0051 Bubble Blue Bubble
0x003F Bg_Keikoku_Spr 0x017E Canyon - Spring Fountain
0x0040 unset 0x0000
0x0041 En_Wood02 0x0061 Termina Field Tree
0x0042 unset 0x0000
0x0043 En_Death 0x0052 Gomess
0x0044 En_Minideath 0x0052 Bats Surrounding Gomess?
0x0045 unset 0x0000
0x0046 unset 0x0000
0x0047 En_Vm 0x006A Beamos Beamos
0x0048 Demo_Effect 0x0001 Effect
0x0049 Demo_Kankyo 0x0001 Environment
0x004A En_Floormas 0x0009 Floormaster Floormaster
0x004B unset 0x0000
0x004C En_Rd 0x0075 Redead Gibdo
0x004D Bg_F40_Flift 0x005C Stone Tower Temple - Grey Square Stone Elevator
0x004E 0x0000 Golden Gauntlets Rock (JP 1.0 Only)
0x004F Obj_Mure 0x0001 Group
0x0050 En_Sw 0x0020 Skullwalltula Skullwalltula
0x0051 Object_Kankyo 0x0001 Environment
0x0052 unset 0x0000
0x0053 unset 0x0000
0x0054 En_Horse_Link_Child 0x007D Child Epona
0x0055 Door_Ana 0x0002 Hole Hole in Ground Exit
0x0056 unset 0x0000
0x0057 unset 0x0000
0x0058 unset 0x0000
0x0059 unset 0x0000
0x005A unset 0x0000
0x005B En_Encount1 0x0001 Encounter
0x005C Demo_Tre_Lgt 0x000C Treasure Chest - Light Light Radiating From Treasure Chest
0x005D unset 0x0000
0x005E unset 0x0000
0x005F En_Encount2 0x0280 Encounter Astral Observatory - Majora's Mask Balloon
0x0060 En_Fire_Rock 0x0070 Rock With Beam of Light ?
0x0061 Bg_Ctower_Rot 0x0088 Clocktower - Rotating Twisting Path to Clocktower
0x0062 Mir_Ray 0x0087 Mirror Ray Mirror Shield Face & Light Ray ?
0x0063 unset 0x0000
0x0064 En_Sb 0x008E Shellblade Shellblade
0x0065 En_Bigslime 0x0128 Mad Jelly
0x0066 En_Karebaba 0x0031 Wilted Baba Wilted Deku Baba
0x0067 En_In 0x0099 Ingo Gorman Bros.
0x0068 unset 0x0000
0x0069 En_Ru 0x00A2 Ruto Ruto
0x006A En_Bom_Chu 0x0001 Bombchu Bombchu
0x006B En_Horse_Game_Check 0x0191 Arrow, Posts, & Splatter
0x006C En_Rr 0x00AB Like Like Like Like
0x006D unset 0x0000
0x006E unset 0x0000
0x006F unset 0x0000
0x0070 unset 0x0000
0x0071 unset 0x0000
0x0072 unset 0x0000
0x0073 En_Fr 0x0001
0x0074 unset 0x0000
0x0075 unset 0x0000
0x0076 unset 0x0000
0x0077 unset 0x0000
0x0078 unset 0x0000
0x0079 0x0000 Fishing Pond Owner (JP 1.0 Only)
0x007A Obj_Oshihiki 0x0003 Push & Pull Pushable Block
0x007B Eff_Dust 0x0001
0x007C Bg_Umajump 0x0001 Horse Jump
0x007D Arrow_Fire 0x0001 Fire Arrow Fire Arrow
0x007E Arrow_Ice 0x0001 Ice Arrow Ice Arrow
0x007F Arrow_Light 0x0001 Light Arrow Light Arrow
0x0080 Item_Etcetera 0x0001
0x0081 Obj_Kibako 0x0001 Wooden Crate Small Wooden Crate
0x0082 Obj_Tsubo 0x0001 Pot Pot
0x0083 unset 0x0000
0x0084 En_Ik 0x00D8 Iron Knuckle Iron Knuckle
0x0085 unset 0x0000
0x0086 unset 0x0000
0x0087 unset 0x0000
0x0088 unset 0x0000
0x0089 Demo_Shd 0x0153 Cutscene - Shadow
0x008A En_Dns 0x0134 Deku Scrub Salesman Deku Palace - King's Chamber Deku Guard
0x008B Elf_Msg 0x0001 Fairy Message
0x008C En_Honotrap 0x0003 Flame - Trap
0x008D En_Tubo_Trap 0x0003 Pot - Trap
0x008E Obj_Ice_Poly 0x0001
0x008F En_Fz 0x00E4 Freezard Freezard
0x0090 En_Kusa 0x0001 Grass
0x0091 Obj_Bean 0x00EE Floating Bean Plant
0x0092 Obj_Bombiwa 0x012A Bombable Rock Bombable Rock
0x0093 Obj_Switch 0x0003
0x0094 unset 0x0000
0x0095 Obj_Lift 0x00ED Elevator Dampé's Grave - Brown Elevator
0x0096 Obj_Hsblock 0x00EC Hookshot Block Stone Hookshot Target Pillar
0x0097 En_Okarina_Tag 0x0001
0x0098 unset 0x0000
0x0099 En_Goroiwa 0x00EF Rolling Stone Grey Boulder That Rolls Around
0x009A unset 0x0000
0x009B unset 0x0000
0x009C En_Daiku 0x00F1 Carpenter Carpenter
0x009D En_Nwc 0x00F2 Cucco Child Cucco Chick
0x009E Item_Inbox 0x0001 Item - In Chest
0x009F En_Ge1 0x00E6 Gerudo 1 Gerudo Lieutenant
0x00A0 Obj_Blockstop 0x0001
0x00A1 En_Sda 0x0001 Shadow ?
0x00A2 En_Clear_Tag 0x0001 Dissipating Cloud of Black Smoke Following Explosion
0x00A3 unset 0x0000
0x00A4 En_Gm 0x0248 Gorman Gorman
0x00A5 En_Ms 0x00F4 Bean Seller Bean Seller
0x00A6 En_Hs 0x00F5 Grog
0x00A7 Bg_Ingate 0x017F Swamp - Tour Boat
0x00A8 En_Kanban 0x00FC Sign Square Signpost
0x00A9 unset 0x0000
0x00AA En_Attack_Niw 0x000F Attacking Cucco Attacking Cucco
0x00AB unset 0x0000
0x00AC unset 0x0000
0x00AD unset 0x0000
0x00AE En_Mk 0x00FE Marine Researcher Marine Researcher
0x00AF En_Owl 0x00FD Kaepora Gaebora
0x00B0 En_Ishi 0x0001 Rock
0x00B1 Obj_Hana 0x01BA Flower Flower With Glitched Textures
0x00B2 Obj_Lightswitch 0x00F7 Sun Switch
0x00B3 Obj_Mure2 0x0001 Group 2
0x00B4 unset 0x0000
0x00B5 En_Fu 0x0140 Windmill Honey & Darling ?
0x00B6 unset 0x0000
0x00B7 unset 0x0000
0x00B8 En_Stream 0x0106 Water Spout ?
0x00B9 En_Mm 0x0001 Marathon Man
0x00BA unset 0x0000
0x00BB unset 0x0000
0x00BC En_Weather_Tag 0x0001
0x00BD En_Ani 0x00C2 Dude Part-Timer
0x00BE unset 0x0000
0x00BF En_Js 0x0271 Carpet Seller Moon Child
0x00C0 unset 0x0000
0x00C1 unset 0x0000
0x00C2 unset 0x0000
0x00C3 unset 0x0000
0x00C4 En_Okarina_Effect 0x0001
0x00C5 En_Mag 0x0115 Title Logo
0x00C6 Elf_Msg2 0x0001 Message 2
0x00C7 Bg_F40_Swlift 0x005C ? Elevator Stone Tower Temple - Floating Stone Platform
0x00C8 unset 0x0000
0x00C9 unset 0x0000
0x00CA En_Kakasi 0x011D Scarecrow Scarecrow
0x00CB Obj_Makeoshihiki 0x0001 Make Push & Pull
0x00CC Oceff_Spot 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Spot
0x00CD unset 0x0000
0x00CE En_Torch 0x0001
0x00CF unset 0x0000
0x00D0 Shot_Sun 0x0001
0x00D1 unset 0x0000
0x00D2 unset 0x0000
0x00D3 Obj_Roomtimer 0x0001
0x00D4 En_Ssh 0x0127 Cursed Man
0x00D5 unset 0x0000
0x00D6 Oceff_Wipe 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe
0x00D7 Oceff_Storm 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Storm
0x00D8 Obj_Demo 0x0001
0x00D9 En_Minislime 0x0128 Mad Jelly - Jelly Droplets?
0x00DA En_Nutsball 0x0001 Deku Scrub Ball Deku Nut Projectile
0x00DB unset 0x0000
0x00DC unset 0x0000
0x00DD unset 0x0000
0x00DE unset 0x0000
0x00DF Oceff_Wipe2 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe 2
0x00E0 Oceff_Wipe3 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe 3
0x00E1 unset 0x0000
0x00E2 En_Dg 0x0132 Dog Dog
0x00E3 En_Si 0x0020 Gold Skulltula Token
0x00E4 Obj_Comb 0x01B9 Honeycomb Honeycomb
0x00E5 Obj_Kibako2 0x0133 Wooden Crate 2 Normal Wooden Crate
0x00E6 unset 0x0000
0x00E7 En_Hs2 0x0001 Blue Target Spot ?
0x00E8 Obj_Mure3 0x0001 Group 3
0x00E9 En_Tg 0x0140 Target Game Honey & Darling
0x00EA unset 0x0000
0x00EB unset 0x0000
0x00EC En_Wf 0x0141 Wolfos Wolfos
0x00ED En_Skb 0x0142 Stalbaby Stalchild
0x00EE unset 0x0000
0x00EF En_Gs 0x0143 Gossip Stone Gossip Stone
0x00F0 Obj_Sound 0x0001 Termina Field - Fountain Sound Effects
0x00F1 En_Crow 0x0006 Guay
0x00F2 unset 0x0000
0x00F3 En_Cow 0x0146 Cow
0x00F4 unset 0x0000
0x00F5 unset 0x0000
0x00F6 Oceff_Wipe4 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe 4
0x00F7 unset 0x0000
0x00F8 En_Zo 0x00D0 Zora Zora
0x00F9 Obj_Makekinsuta 0x0001 ? Gold Skulltula
0x00FA En_Ge3 0x0130 Gerudo 3 Aveil
0x00FB unset 0x0000
0x00FC Obj_Hamishi 0x0002 Hammer Stone
0x00FD En_Zl4 0x0192 Zelda 4 Skullkid With Flute, OoT, Link Mask, Majora's Mask ?
0x00FE En_Mm2 0x0001 Marathon Man 2 Postman's Letter to Himself
0x00FF unset 0x0000
0x0100 Door_Spiral 0x0001
0x0101 unset 0x0000
0x0102 Obj_Pzlblock 0x0001 Puzzle Block
0x0103 Obj_Toge 0x0064 Thorn Blade Trap
0x0104 unset 0x0000
0x0105 Obj_Armos 0x0030 Armos Armos Statue
0x0106 Obj_Boyo 0x014F Boyoing Green Bumper
0x0107 unset 0x0000
0x0108 unset 0x0000
0x0109 En_Grasshopper 0x014E Dragonfly
0x010A unset 0x0000
0x010B Obj_Grass 0x0002
0x010C Obj_Grass_Carry 0x0002
0x010D Obj_Grass_Unit 0x0002
0x010E unset 0x0000
0x010F unset 0x0000
0x0110 Bg_Fire_Wall 0x0153 Proximity-Activated Firewall ?
0x0111 En_Bu 0x0001
0x0112 En_Encount3 0x023B Encounter 3 Circle of Light ?
0x0113 En_Jso 0x0155 Garo Master
0x0114 Obj_Chikuwa 0x00ED Tube-Shaped Fishpaste Cake Row of Blocks That Collapse on Approach
0x0115 En_Knight 0x0156 Igos du Ikana
0x0116 En_Warp_tag 0x0001
0x0117 En_Aob_01 0x00D7 Mamamu Yan
0x0118 En_Boj_01 0x0001
0x0119 En_Boj_02 0x0001
0x011A En_Boj_03 0x0001
0x011B En_Encount4 0x0001 Encounter 4
0x011C En_Bom_Bowl_Man 0x0110 Bombchu - Bowling - Man Bomber ?
0x011D En_Syateki_Man 0x01AC Shooting Gallery - Man Swamp Shooting Gallery Manager
0x011E unset 0x0000
0x011F Bg_Icicle 0x0157 Blue Icicle
0x0120 En_Syateki_Crow 0x0006 Shooting Gallery - Crow Shooting Gallery - Guay
0x0121 En_Boj_04 0x0001
0x0122 En_Cne_01 0x0001
0x0123 En_Bba_01 0x0001
0x0124 En_Bji_01 0x00DE Shikashi
0x0125 Bg_Spdweb 0x0158 Spiderweb Spiderweb
0x0126 unset 0x0000
0x0127 unset 0x0000
0x0128 En_Mt_tag 0x0001
0x0129 Boss_01 0x015A Odolwa
0x012A Boss_02 0x015B Twinmold
0x012B Boss_03 0x015C Gyorg
0x012C Boss_04 0x015D Wart
0x012D Boss_05 0x015E Bio Deku Baba
0x012E Boss_06 0x0156
0x012F Boss_07 0x0160 Majora
0x0130 Bg_Dy_Yoseizo 0x0008 Great Fairy - Fairy Statue Great Fairy
0x0131 unset 0x0000
0x0132 En_Boj_05 0x0001
0x0133 unset 0x0000
0x0134 unset 0x0000
0x0135 En_Sob1 0x0001
0x0136 unset 0x0000
0x0137 unset 0x0000
0x0138 En_Go 0x00A1 Goron Goron
0x0139 unset 0x0000
0x013A En_Raf 0x0161 Carnivorous Lilypad
0x013B Obj_Funen 0x0162 Incombustibility Plume of Smoke Rising High Into the Sky
0x013C Obj_Raillift 0x0163 Rail Elevator Various Elevators (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) ?
0x013D Bg_Numa_Hana 0x0164 Swamp - Flower Woodfall Temple - Wooden Flower
0x013E Obj_Flowerpot 0x0165 Breakable Pot With Grass
0x013F Obj_Spinyroll 0x0166 Spike-Covered Log
0x0140 Dm_Hina 0x01CC Cutscene - Doll Cutscene - Boss Remains
0x0141 En_Syateki_Wf 0x0141 Shooting Gallery - Wolfos Shooting Gallery - Wolfos
0x0142 Obj_Skateblock 0x0003
0x0143 Obj_Iceblock 0x0167 Ice Block That Appears After Freezing Enemy
0x0144 En_Bigpamet 0x01A6 Gekko & Snapper Miniboss - Snapper
0x0145 En_Syateki_Dekunuts 0x0040 Shooting Gallery - Deku Scrub Shooting Gallery - Deku Scrub
0x0146 Elf_Msg3 0x0001 Elf - Message 3
0x0147 En_Fg 0x00BC Frog Frog ?
0x0148 Dm_Ravine 0x0169 Cutscene - Ravine Link Riding Through Lost Woods Cutscene - Tree Trunk
0x0149 Dm_Sa 0x0192 Cutscene - ? Skullkid With Flute, OoT, Link Mask, Majora's Mask ?
0x014A En_Slime 0x016A Chuchu
0x014B En_Pr 0x016B Pirahna Desbreko
0x014C Obj_Toudai 0x016D Lighthouse Clock Tower Spotlight
0x014D Obj_Entotu 0x016D Stovepipe Chimney Expelling Smoke
0x014E Obj_Bell 0x016C Stock Pot Inn Bell
0x014F En_Syateki_Okuta 0x0005 Shooting Gallery - Octorok Shooting Gallery - Octorok
0x0150 unset 0x0000
0x0151 Obj_Shutter 0x016D
0x0152 Dm_Zl 0x014B Cutscene - Zelda Song of Time Cutscene - Child Zelda
0x0153 En_Elfgrp 0x0001
0x0154 Dm_Tsg 0x019F Cutscene - ? Tatl Left Behind Cutscene - Deku Door/Spotlights ?
0x0155 En_Baguo 0x0171 Nejiron
0x0156 Obj_Vspinyroll 0x0166 Vertical Spiny Roll Vertically-Oriented Rotating Spiked Log
0x0157 Obj_Smork 0x016D Smoke Romani Ranch - Chimney Smoke Plume
0x0158 En_Test2 0x0001
0x0159 En_Test3 0x001C Kafei
0x015A En_Test4 0x0001 Three-Day Timer
0x015B En_Bat 0x0172 Bad Bat
0x015C En_Sekihi 0x0001 Stone Monument
0x015D En_Wiz 0x0178 Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
0x015E En_Wiz_Brock 0x0178 Wizzrobe - Block Wizzrobe - Warp Platform
0x015F En_Wiz_Fire 0x0178 Wizzrobe - Fire Attack
0x0160 Eff_Change 0x0001 Camera Focuses on Link
0x0161 Dm_Statue 0x026C Cutscene - Statue Elegy of Emptiness - Beam of Light When Creating Statue
0x0162 Obj_Fireshield 0x0001 Switch-Deactivated Circle of Flames Surrounding Platforms
0x0163 Bg_Ladder 0x0179 Ladder
0x0164 En_Mkk 0x017A Makkurokurosuke Black Boe
0x0165 Demo_Getitem 0x0001 Get Item
0x0166 unset 0x0000
0x0167 En_Dnb 0x0189 Deku Scrub Ball Deku Nut Projectile
0x0168 En_Dnh 0x0224 Deku ? Blue Target Spot Saying Koume's Boat Cruise Is Closed
0x0169 En_Dnk 0x0001 Deku ?
0x016A En_Dnq 0x018B Deku ? Deku King
0x016B unset 0x0000
0x016C Bg_Keikoku_Saku 0x017E Canyon - Fence Tall Spiked Iron Fence
0x016D Obj_Hugebombiwa 0x012A Huge Bombable Rock Boulder Blocking Goron Racetrack
0x016E En_Firefly2 0x000B Firefly 2 Yellow Target Spot (object_En_Firefly) ?
0x016F En_Rat 0x0181 Real Bombchu
0x0170 En_Water_Effect 0x0182 Water Dripping on Ground
0x0171 En_Kusa2 0x0002 Grass 2
0x0172 Bg_Spout_Fire 0x0153 Proximity-Activated Firewall ?
0x0173 unset 0x0000
0x0174 Bg_Dblue_Movebg 0x0184 Great Bay Temple Gears
0x0175 En_Dy_Extra 0x0008 Great Fairy - Extra Fairy Grants Power Cutscenes - Spiral Beam of Light
0x0176 En_Bal 0x0185 Balloon? Tingle With Balloon
0x0177 En_Ginko_Man 0x00E3 Bank - Man Bank Teller, Sakon, Twin Jugglers
0x0178 En_Warp_Uzu 0x0186 Warp - Whirlpool? Pirates' Fortress - Telescope on Tripod
0x0179 Obj_Driftice 0x0187 Ice Platform That Floats in Water
0x017A En_Look_Nuts 0x0135 Lookout - Deku Scrub Deku Palace - Patrolling Deku Guard
0x017B En_Mushi2 0x0001 Insect 2
0x017C En_Fall 0x0001
0x017D En_Mm3 0x0107 Marathon Man 3 Counting Game Postman
0x017E Bg_Crace_Movebg 0x018A Strange Wooden/Metal Texture ?
0x017F En_Dno 0x01F3 Deku ? Deku Butler
0x0180 En_Pr2 0x016B
0x0181 En_Prz 0x016B Skullfish - Defeated
0x0182 En_Jso2 0x0155 Link Turns & Walks Away on Approach ?
0x0183 Obj_Etcetera 0x0001 Pink & Green Deku Flower
0x0184 En_Egol 0x018D Eyegore Eyegore
0x0185 Obj_Mine 0x00BB Exploding Metal Spike Trap
0x0186 Obj_Purify 0x0001
0x0187 En_Tru 0x018E Twinrova Ume Koume on Broom
0x0188 En_Trt 0x018F Twinrova Take Kotake
0x0189 unset 0x0000
0x018A unset 0x0000
0x018B En_Test5 0x0001
0x018C En_Test6 0x0001
0x018D En_Az 0x0198 Beaver Bros. Big Brother
0x018E En_Estone 0x018D Rubble Blasted by Eyegore
0x018F Bg_Hakugin_Post 0x0190 Snow - Post Snowhead Temple - Central Pillar
0x0190 Dm_Opstage 0x0169 Cutscene - Opening Stage Opening Cutscene - Grass in Lost Woods
0x0191 Dm_Stk 0x0192 Cutscene - Skullkid Skullkid With Flute, OoT, Link Mask, Majora's Mask ?
0x0192 Dm_Char00 0x01C8 Cutscene - Character 00 No Textures, No Display Lists to Render ?
0x0193 Dm_Char01 0x01A2 Cutscene - Character 01 Cutscene - Woodfall Temple Rises From the Mire
0x0194 Dm_Char02 0x01BE Cutscene - Character 02 Clock Tower Roof Cutscene - OoT & Majora's Mask
0x0195 Dm_Char03 0x01A3 Cutscene - Character 03 Cutscene - Happy Mask Salesman
0x0196 Dm_Char04 0x0001 Cutscene - Character 04
0x0197 Dm_Char05 0x0213 Cutscene - Character 05 Healing Pamela's Father Cutscene - Gibdo Mask
0x0198 Dm_Char06 0x01E6 Cutscene - Character 06 Mountain Village Unfreezes Cutscene - Mountain
0x0199 Dm_Char07 0x0212 Cutscene - Character 07 Ending Cutscene - Indigo-Go's Milk Bar Stage
0x019A Dm_Char08 0x0229 Cutscene - Character 08 Turtle Island Cutscene - Turtle
0x019B Dm_Char09 0x01EB Cutscene - Character 09 Beehive Cutscene - Giant Bee
0x019C Obj_Tokeidai 0x018C Clocktower Clock Tower & Light Beam
0x019D unset 0x0000
0x019E En_Mnk 0x0195 Monkey Monkey
0x019F En_Egblock 0x018D Eyegore Block Grey Rectangular Stone Block
0x01A0 En_Guard_Nuts 0x0135 Guard - Deku Deku Palace - Entrance Guard
0x01A1 Bg_Hakugin_Bombwall 0x0190 Snow - Bombable Wall Snowhead Temple - Bombable Wall
0x01A2 Obj_Tokei_Tobira 0x0197 Clock - Gate Clock Tower - Swinging Doors
0x01A3 Bg_Hakugin_Elvpole 0x0190 Snow - Elevate Pole Snowhead Temple - Punchable Central Pole Inserts
0x01A4 En_Ma4 0x00B7 Malon 4 Romani
0x01A5 En_Twig 0x0199 Beaver Dam Twig Texture & Lifesaver Ring
0x01A6 En_Po_Fusen 0x019B Poe - Balloon Romani Ranch - Poe Balloon
0x01A7 En_Door_Etc 0x0001
0x01A8 En_Bigokuta 0x019E Big Octo Big Octo
0x01A9 Bg_Icefloe 0x01E7 Ice Platform Created by Ice Arrow
0x01AA Obj_Ocarinalift 0x0163 Ocarina Elevator Elevator With Triforce Texture
0x01AB En_Time_Tag 0x0001
0x01AC Bg_Open_Shutter 0x019F Tatl Left Behind Cutscene - Wooden Deku Door
0x01AD Bg_Open_Spot 0x019F Taunted by Skullkid Cutscene - Spotlights
0x01AE Bg_Fu_Kaiten 0x01A0 Windmill - Rotating Honey & Darling's Shop - Rotating Platform
0x01AF Obj_Aqua 0x0001 Water Poured Out of Bottle
0x01B0 En_Elforg 0x0001 Stray Fairy
0x01B1 En_Elfbub 0x000E Elf - Bubble Stray Fairy in Bubble
0x01B2 unset 0x0000
0x01B3 En_Fu_Mato 0x01A1 Windmill - Target Honey & Darling's Shop - Target
0x01B4 En_Fu_Kago 0x01A1 Windmill - Basket Honey & Darling's Shop - Basket
0x01B5 En_Osn 0x01A3 Happy Mask Salesman
0x01B6 Bg_Ctower_Gear 0x0088 Clock Tower - Gear Clock Tower - Rotating Wooden Cog
0x01B7 En_Trt2 0x018F Twinrova Take 2 Kotake on Broom
0x01B8 Obj_Tokei_Step 0x01A4 Clock - Step Door to Top of Clock Tower
0x01B9 Bg_Lotus 0x01A5 Lilypad
0x01BA En_Kame 0x01A6 Turtle Snapper
0x01BB Obj_Takaraya_Wall 0x01B4 Treasure Chest Shop - Wall Treasure Chest Game - Proximity-Activated White Wall
0x01BC Bg_Fu_Mizu 0x01A0 Windmill - Water Circle of Water Surrounding Honey & Darling Platform
0x01BD En_Sellnuts 0x01E5 Deku Seller Business Scrub Carrying Bags
0x01BE Bg_Dkjail_Ivy 0x01A7 Deku Jail - Ivy Ivy in Deku Jail
0x01BF unset 0x0000
0x01C0 Obj_Visiblock 0x01A8 Invisible Blue Platforms Seen With Lens of Truth
0x01C1 En_Takaraya 0x0129 Treasure Chest Shop Treasure Chest Game - Employee
0x01C2 En_Tsn 0x01A9 Fisherman Great Bay - Fisherman
0x01C3 En_Ds2n 0x01AA Drug Store 2 Owner Ocarina of Time - Potion Shop Owner
0x01C4 En_Fsn 0x01AB Suspicious Shop Owner Curiosity Shop - Owner
0x01C5 En_Shn 0x01AC Shooting Gallery Owner Swamp Tourist Center - Guide
0x01C6 unset 0x0000
0x01C7 En_Stop_heishi 0x01B6 Stop - Soldier Clock Town - Gate-Blocking Soldier
0x01C8 Obj_Bigicicle 0x01AD Ice Block ?
0x01C9 En_Lift_Nuts 0x01E5 Elevator - Deku Deku Scrub Playground - Employee
0x01CA En_Tk 0x01AF Dampé
0x01CB unset 0x0000
0x01CC Bg_Market_Step 0x01B0 West Clocktown - Stairs
0x01CD Obj_Lupygamelift 0x0163 Rupee Game Elevator Deku Scrub Playground - Rupee Elevator
0x01CE En_Test7 0x0001
0x01CF Obj_Lightblock 0x01B3 Block That Dissolves in Sunlight
0x01D0 Mir_Ray2 0x0087 Mirror - Ray 2 Mirror Shield Face & Light Ray ?
0x01D1 En_Wdhand 0x01B5 Dexihand
0x01D2 En_Gamelupy 0x0001 Game Rupee Deku Scrub Playground - Large Green Rupee
0x01D3 Bg_Danpei_Movebg 0x0001 Dampé - Move Background
0x01D4 En_Snowwd 0x01B7 Snow Wood Snow-Covered Tree
0x01D5 En_Pm 0x0107 Postman Postman Delivering Letters
0x01D6 En_Gakufu 0x0001 Sheet Music Termina Field - 2D Song Buttons Appearing on Wall ?
0x01D7 Elf_Msg4 0x0001
0x01D8 Elf_Msg5 0x0001
0x01D9 En_Col_Man 0x0001
0x01DA En_Talk_Gibud 0x0075 Talk - Gibdo Gibdo Requesting Blue Potion
0x01DB En_Giant 0x01B8 Giant
0x01DC Obj_Snowball 0x00EF Large Snowball
0x01DD Boss_Hakugin 0x01BB Boss - Snow Goht
0x01DE En_Gb2 0x0144 Ghost Buyer 2 Spirit House - Owner
0x01DF En_Onpuman 0x0001 Music Man
0x01E0 Bg_Tobira01 0x01BF Gate 01 Gate to Goron Shrine
0x01E1 En_Tag_Obj 0x0001
0x01E2 Obj_Dhouse 0x01C1 Dampé's House Dampé's House Facade
0x01E3 Obj_Hakaisi 0x01C2 Gravestone Gravestone
0x01E4 Bg_Hakugin_Switch 0x01C7 Snow - Switch Goron Link Switch
0x01E5 unset 0x0000
0x01E6 En_Snowman 0x01C4 Eeno
0x01E7 TG_Sw 0x0001
0x01E8 En_Po_Sisters 0x01C5 Poe - Sisters Poe Sisters
0x01E9 En_Pp 0x01C6 Hiploop
0x01EA En_Hakurock 0x01BB Rocks Kicked Up by Goht
0x01EB En_Hanabi 0x0001 Fireworks
0x01EC Obj_Dowsing 0x0001
0x01ED Obj_Wind 0x0001
0x01EE En_Racedog 0x0132 Racetrack Dog (Arrow Over Head)
0x01EF En_Kendo_Js 0x010F Kendo - Carpet Seller Swordsman
0x01F0 Bg_Botihasira 0x01C9 Graveyard Bridge Captain Keeta Race - Gatepost
0x01F1 En_Fish2 0x01D7 Marine Research Lab Fish
0x01F2 En_Pst 0x01CB Postbox
0x01F3 En_Poh 0x01C3 Poe Poe
0x01F4 Obj_Spidertent 0x01CD Tent-Shaped Spider Web
0x01F5 En_Zoraegg 0x01CE Zora Egg
0x01F6 En_Kbt 0x01CF Zubora
0x01F7 En_Gg 0x01D0 Goron Ghost Darmani's Ghost ?
0x01F8 En_Maruta 0x01D1 Log Swordsman's School - Practice Log
0x01F9 Obj_Snowball2 0x00EF Small Snowball
0x01FA En_Gg2 0x01D0 Goron Ghost 2 Darmani's Ghost ?
0x01FB Obj_Ghaka 0x01D2 Goron Grave Darmani's Gravestone
0x01FC En_Dnp 0x01D4 Deku Princess Deku Princess
0x01FD En_Dai 0x01D5 Big Biggoron
0x01FE Bg_Goron_Oyu 0x01D3 Goron - Hot Water Goron Hot Spring Water
0x01FF En_Kgy 0x01D6 Blacksmith Gabora
0x0200 En_Invadepoh 0x0001 Invading Poe
0x0201 En_Gk 0x01DF Goron Kid Goron Elder's Son
0x0202 En_An 0x00E2 Anju Anju
0x0203 unset 0x0000
0x0204 En_Bee 0x01EB Giant Bee
0x0205 En_Ot 0x01EC Seahorse
0x0206 En_Dragon 0x01ED Deep Python
0x0207 Obj_Dora 0x01EE Gong Swordsman's School - Gong
0x0208 En_Bigpo 0x01F1 Big Poe Big Poe
0x0209 Obj_Kendo_Kanban 0x01EE Kendo - Sign Swordsman's School - Cuttable Board
0x020A Obj_Hariko 0x01F2 Paper Maché Little Cow Statue Head
0x020B En_Sth 0x0001
0x020C Bg_Sinkai_Kabe 0x01F4 Deep Sea - Wall No Textures, No Display Lists to Render ?
0x020D Bg_Haka_Curtain 0x01E0 Grave - Curtain Curtain That Lifts to Reveal Flat's Tomb
0x020E Bg_Kin2_Bombwall 0x01F5 Gold Skulltula 2 - Bombable Wall Ocean Spider House - Bombable Wall
0x020F Bg_Kin2_Fence 0x01F5 Gold Skulltula 2 - Fence Ocean Spider House - Fireplace Grate
0x0210 Bg_Kin2_Picture 0x01F5 Gold Skulltula 2 - Picture Ocean Spider House - Skullkid Painting
0x0211 Bg_Kin2_Shelf 0x01F5 Gold Skulltula 2 - Shelf Ocean Spider House - Drawers
0x0212 En_Rail_Skb 0x0142 ? - Stalchild Ikana Graveyard - Circle of Stalchildren
0x0213 En_Jg 0x01F8 Grandpa Goron Goron Elder
0x0214 En_Tru_Mt 0x018E Twinrova Ume - Target Koume's Target Game - Koume on Broom
0x0215 Obj_Um 0x01FC Cremia's Cart
0x0216 En_Neo_Reeba 0x0201 Neo - Leever Leever
0x0217 Bg_Mbar_Chair 0x0202 Milk Bar - Chair Milk Bar - Chair
0x0218 Bg_Ikana_Block 0x0003 Stone Tower Temple - Rotating Room Pushblock
0x0219 Bg_Ikana_Mirror 0x0203 Stone Tower Temple - Mirror
0x021A Bg_Ikana_Rotaryroom 0x0203 Stone Tower Temple - Rotating Room
0x021B Bg_Dblue_Balance 0x0184 Dull Blue - Balance Great Bay Temple - See-Saw
0x021C Bg_Dblue_Waterfall 0x0184 Dull Blue - Waterfall Great Bay Temple - Freezable Geyser
0x021D En_Kaizoku 0x0204 Pirate Gerudo Pirate
0x021E En_Ge2 0x012E Gerudo 2 Patrolling Pirate Guard
0x021F En_Ma_Yts 0x00B7 Malon - ? Romani
0x0220 En_Ma_Yto 0x00A7 Malon - ? Cremia
0x0221 Obj_Tokei_Turret 0x0205 Clock - Turret South Clock Town - Flags & Carnival Platform
0x0222 Bg_Dblue_Elevator 0x0184 Dull Blue - Elevator Great Bay Temple - Elevator
0x0223 Obj_Warpstone 0x0170 Owl Statue
0x0224 En_Zog 0x0206 Zora Guitarist Mikau
0x0225 Obj_Rotlift 0x0207 Rotating Elevator Deku Moon Dungeon - Spiked Rotating Platforms
0x0226 Obj_Jg_Gakki 0x01F8 Grandpa Goron - Musical Instrument Goron Elder - Drum
0x0227 Bg_Inibs_Movebg 0x020C Ancient Castle Boss - Moving BG Twinmold Arena
0x0228 En_Zot 0x00D0 Great Bay - Zora With Directions to Zora Hall
0x0229 Obj_Tree 0x020D North Clock Town - Tree
0x022A Obj_Y2lift 0x020E Elevator?
0x022B Obj_Y2shutter 0x020E Pirate's Fortress - Interior Door
0x022C Obj_Boat 0x020E Pirate Boat
0x022D Obj_Taru 0x0250 Barrel Wooden Barrel
0x022E Obj_Hunsui 0x023D Water Fountain Switch-Activated Geyser
0x022F En_Jc_Mato 0x018E ? - Target Koume's Target Game - Target
0x0230 Mir_Ray3 0x0087 Mirror - Ray 3 Mirror Shield Face & Light Ray ?
0x0231 En_Zob 0x0211 Zora Bassist Japas
0x0232 Elf_Msg6 0x0001
0x0233 Obj_Nozoki 0x0001 Peer
0x0234 En_Toto 0x023A Toto
0x0235 En_Railgibud 0x0075 ? Gibdo Music Box House - Patrolling Gibdos
0x0236 En_Baba 0x00DF Old Lady Bomb Shop Lady
0x0237 En_Suttari 0x00E3
0x0238 En_Zod 0x0216 Zora Drummer Tijo
0x0239 En_Kujiya 0x0263 Lottery Shop Clock Town - Lottery Shop
0x023A En_Geg 0x00A1 Gero Goron Goron With Don Gero's Mask
0x023B Obj_Kinoko 0x0001 Mushroom
0x023C Obj_Yasi 0x0218 Palm Tree Palm Tree
0x023D En_Tanron1 0x0001
0x023E En_Tanron2 0x015D Bubbles Surrounding Wart?
0x023F En_Tanron3 0x015C Fish Surrounding Gyorg?
0x0240 Obj_Chan 0x021E Goron Village - Chandelier
0x0241 En_Zos 0x0220 Zora Synthesizer Evan
0x0242 En_S_Goro 0x00A1 ? - Goron Goron Complaining About Baby Crying
0x0243 En_Nb 0x0004 Anju's Grandma
0x0244 En_Ja 0x00E3 Juggler
0x0245 Bg_F40_Block 0x005C Stone Tower Temple - Movable Monkey-Faced Blocks
0x0246 Bg_F40_Switch 0x0222 Elegy of Emptiness Switch
0x0247 En_Po_Composer 0x005D Poe Composer Poe Composers
0x0248 En_Guruguru 0x00FF Guru-Guru
0x0249 Oceff_Wipe5 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe 5
0x024A En_Stone_heishi 0x01B6 Stone - Soldier Shiro
0x024B Oceff_Wipe6 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe 6
0x024C En_Scopenuts 0x01E5 Telescope Deku Astral Observatory - Business Scrub in Telescope
0x024D En_Scopecrow 0x0006 Telescope Crow Astral Observatory - Guay in Telescope
0x024E Oceff_Wipe7 0x0001 Ocarina Effect - Wipe 7
0x024F Eff_Kamejima_Wave 0x0229 Effect - Turtle Island - Wave Wave Created by Turtle Awakening
0x0250 En_Hg 0x022A Pamela's Father
0x0251 En_Hgo 0x022A Pamela's Father As a Gibdo
0x0252 En_Zov 0x022B Zora Vocalist Lulu
0x0253 En_Ah 0x0007 Madame Dotour
0x0254 Obj_Hgdoor 0x022C Music Box House - Closet Door
0x0255 Bg_Ikana_Bombwall 0x0203 Ikana - Bombable Wall Stone Tower Temple - Bombable Tan Floor Tile
0x0256 Bg_Ikana_Ray 0x0203 Stone Tower Temple - Light Rays
0x0257 Bg_Ikana_Shutter 0x0203 Stone Tower Temple - Door
0x0258 Bg_Haka_Bombwall 0x01E0 Grave - Bombable Wall Beneath the Grave - Bombable Wall
0x0259 Bg_Haka_Tomb 0x01E0 Grave - Tomb Flat's Tomb
0x025A En_Sc_Ruppe 0x0001 ? - Rupee Large Rotating Green Rupee
0x025B Bg_Iknv_Doukutu 0x0237 Ikana Valley - Cave Sharp's Cave
0x025C Bg_Iknv_Obj 0x0237 Ikana Valley - Object Music Box House - Waterwheel
0x025D En_Pamera 0x0238 Pamela Pamela
0x025E Obj_HsStump 0x0239 Hookshot Stump Ikana Canyon - Hookshotable Tree
0x025F En_Hidden_Nuts 0x012B Hidden - Deku Scrub Swamp Spider House - Sleeping Deku Scrub
0x0260 En_Zow 0x00D0 Zora Water Great Bay - Zora Complaining About Water
0x0261 En_Talk 0x0001 Green Target Spot (Indigo-Go's Poster)
0x0262 En_Al 0x000D Aroma Madame Aroma
0x0263 En_Tab 0x0013 Talon B Mr. Barten
0x0264 En_Nimotsu 0x00E3 Luggage Bomb Shop Bag Stolen by Sakon
0x0265 En_Hit_Tag 0x0001
0x0266 En_Ruppecrow 0x0006 Rupee Crow Guay Circling Clock Town
0x0267 En_Tanron4 0x023F Flock of Seagulls
0x0268 En_Tanron5 0x015B
0x0269 En_Tanron6 0x0240 Flock of Giant Bees
0x026A En_Daiku2 0x00F1 Carpenter 2 Milk Road - Carpenter Hacking at Boulder
0x026B En_Muto 0x00F0 Mutoh Mutoh
0x026C En_Baisen 0x0247 Vissen Vissen
0x026D En_Heishi 0x01B6 Soldier
0x026E En_Demo_heishi 0x01B6 Soldier Title Sequence - Soldier
0x026F En_Dt 0x0241 Dotour Mayor Dotour
0x0270 En_Cha 0x0243 Laundry Pool - Sign With Bell
0x0271 Obj_Dinner 0x0244 Cremia & Romani's 6pm Dinner
0x0272 Eff_Lastday 0x0246 Moon Crashing Into Clocktown Effects
0x0273 Bg_Ikana_Dharma 0x0203 Ikana Castle - Punchable Pillar Segments
0x0274 En_Akindonuts 0x01E5 Deku Salesman Woodfall - Business Scrub
0x0275 Eff_Stk 0x01BE Skullkid Screams to Call Moon Down - Effects
0x0276 En_Ig 0x01D5 Link the Goron
0x0277 En_Rg 0x00A1 Medigoron
0x0278 En_Osk 0x0249 Captain Keeta ?
0x0279 En_Sth2 0x0001
0x027A En_Yb 0x024A Kamaro
0x027B En_Rz 0x024B Rosa Rosa Sister
0x027C En_Scopecoin 0x0001 Telescope Coin
0x027D En_Bjt 0x024F Hand in Toilet
0x027E En_Bomjima 0x0110 Bomber Jim A Bombers - Jim ?
0x027F En_Bomjimb 0x0110 Bomber Jim B Bombers - Jim ?
0x0280 En_Bombers 0x0110 Bombers - Blue-Hatted Bomber
0x0281 En_Bombers2 0x0110 Bombers - Hideout Guard
0x0282 En_Bombal 0x0280 Bombers - Majora Balloon
0x0283 Obj_Moon_Stone 0x01B1 Moon's Tear
0x0284 Obj_Mu_Pict 0x0001
0x0285 Bg_Ikninside 0x0236 Ikana Inside Various Ikana Objects
0x0286 Eff_Zoraband 0x0255 Blue Spotlight Effect
0x0287 Obj_Kepn_Koya 0x0256 ? - Shed Gorman Bros. Buildings
0x0288 Obj_Usiyane 0x0257 Cow Barn Roof Roof of Cow Barn
0x0289 En_Nnh 0x025B Twisted Corpse of Deku Butler's Son
0x028A Obj_Kzsaku 0x0260 ? - Fence Huge Metal Portcullis
0x028B Obj_Milk_Bin 0x0261 Milk - Bottle Cart Delivery Bottle of Chateau Romani
0x028C En_Kitan 0x0264 Keaton Keaton
0x028D Bg_Astr_Bombwall 0x0267 Astral Observatory - Bombable Wall Astral Observatory - Bombable Wall
0x028E Bg_Iknin_Susceil 0x0236 Ikana Inside - Suspended Ceiling Stone Tower Temple - Hot Checkered Ceiling
0x028F En_Bsb 0x0268 Captain Keeta ?
0x0290 En_Recepgirl 0x0129 Receptionist Girl Receptionist
0x0291 En_Thiefbird 0x0022 Takkuri
0x0292 En_Jgame_Tsn 0x01A9 Jumping Game - Fisherman Fisherman's Jumping Game - Fisherman
0x0293 Obj_Jgame_Light 0x0080 Jumping Game - Light Fisherman's Jumping Game - Torch
0x0294 Obj_Yado 0x026E Inn Stockpot Inn - 2nd Floor Window
0x0295 Demo_Syoten 0x026F Cutscene - God Unknown ?
0x0296 Demo_Moonend 0x0270 Moon End Ending Cutscene - Moon Gets Tossed Back Into Sky
0x0297 Bg_Lbfshot 0x027F Colourful Hookshot Target Pillar ?
0x0298 Bg_Last_Bwall 0x0234 Last Dungeon - Bombable Wall Link Moon Dungeon - Bombable, Climbable Wall
0x0299 En_And 0x0015 Anju Cutscene Anju in Wedding Dress ?
0x029A En_Invadepoh_Demo 0x0001 Invader Poe - Cutscene
0x029B Obj_Danpeilift 0x0273 Dampé Elevator Red & Brown Elevator
0x029C En_Fall2 0x0269 Falling Moon
0x029D Dm_Al 0x000D Cutscene - Aroma Ending Cutscene - Madame Aroma at Wedding
0x029E Dm_An 0x00E2 Cutscene - Anju Blue Target Spot ?
0x029F Dm_Ah 0x0007 Cutscene - Anju's Mother Ending Cutscene - Anju's Mother at Wedding
0x02A0 Dm_Nb 0x0004 Cutscene - ? Ending Cutscene - Anju's Grandmother at Wedding
0x02A1 En_Drs 0x0018 Dress Wedding Dress Mannequin
0x02A2 En_Ending_Hero 0x0241 Ending Cutscene - Mayor Dotour at Wedding
0x02A3 Dm_Bal 0x0185 Cutscene - Balloon Ending Cutscene - Tingle at Wedding
0x02A4 En_Paper 0x0185 Ending Cutscene - Confetti at Wedding
0x02A5 En_Hint_Skb 0x0142 Hint - Stalchild Stalchild - Gives Hints
0x02A6 Dm_Tag 0x0001 Cutscene - Tag
0x02A7 En_Bh 0x027A Moon - Brown Bird
0x02A8 En_Ending_Hero2 0x0247 Ending Cutscene - Vissen at Wedding
0x02A9 En_Ending_Hero3 0x00F0 Ending Cutscene - Mutoh at Wedding
0x02AA En_Ending_Hero4 0x01B6 Ending Cutscene - Soldier Cheering Guruguru
0x02AB En_Ending_Hero5 0x00F1 Ending Cutscene - Carpenter Watching Indigo-Go's
0x02AC En_Ending_Hero6 0x0001
0x02AD Dm_Gm 0x00E2 Cutscene - Gorman Blue Target Spot ?
0x02AE Obj_Swprize 0x0001
0x02AF En_Invisible_Ruppe 0x0001 Invisible - Rupee
0x02B0 Obj_Ending 0x0281 Ending Ending Cutscene - Stump With Skullkid's Doodle
0x02B1 En_Rsn Ending Cutscene - Bomb Shop Owner