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Testing Music Values

For the Debug ROM, enable the GameShark below, replacing xx with the desired music value. Then, enter a new scene.

802436D7 00xx

List of Music Values

Track names sourced from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack.

Two track names have yet to be matched: "Song of Time" & "Missed Event 2".

# Track Name MM3D Filename Notes Used
00 [Nothing] [Nothing] This track is blank in both MM and MM3D.
01 [Nothing] [Nothing] This track is blank in both MM and MM3D.
02 Termina Field 002NA_BGM_FIELD
03 Forest Chase 003NA_BGM_CHASE
04 Majora's Theme 004NA_BGM_STALKID
05 The Clock Tower 005NA_BGM_CLOCK_TOWER
06 Stone Tower Temple 006NA_BGM_RUIN_DUNGEON_FRONT
07 Stone Tower Temple Inverted 007NA_BGM_RUIN_DUNGEON_REVERSE
08 Missed Event 1 008NA_BGM_FAILURE_0
09 Title 009NA_BGM_FAILURE_1
0A Mask Salesman 010NA_BGM_OMENYA
0B Song of Healing 011NA_BGM_DEMO_CURE
0C Southern Swamp 012NA_BGM_DAMP_AREA
0D Ghost Attack 013NA_BGM_UFO
0F Sharp's Curse 015NA_BGM_SHARP
10 Great Bay Coast 016NA_BGM_SEA_AREA
11 Ikana Valley 017NA_BGM_IKANA_AREA
12 Court of the Deku King 018NA_BGM_DEKU_KING
13 Mountain Village 019NA_BGM_SNOW_AREA
14 Pirates' Fortress 020NA_BGM_PIRATE_AREA
15 Clock Town Day 1 021NA_BGM_DUMMY_21 This song's filename is dummied out in MM3D.
16 Clock Town Day 2 022NA_BGM_DUMMY_22 This song's filename is dummied out in MM3D.
17 Clock Town Day 3 023NA_BGM_DUMMY_23 This song's filename is dummied out in MM3D.
18 [File Select] 024NA_BGM_FILE_SELECT This song has no track name, as it's a duplicate of the Fairy's Fountain.
19 Event Clear 025NA_BGM_EVENT_CLEAR
1A Battle 026NA_BGM_ENEMY
1B Boss Battle 027NA_BGM_BOSS00
1C Woodfall Temple 028NA_BGM_JUNGLE_DUNGEON
1D Clock Town Day 1 029NA_BGM_MARKET Duplicate of #15. Interesting filename in MM3D.
1E Forest Ambush 030NA_BGM_OPENING
20 Game Over 032NA_BGM_GAME_OVER
21 Boss Clear 033NA_BGM_BOSS_CLEAR
22 Item Catch 034NA_BGM_ITEM_GET
23 Clock Town Day 2 035NA_BGM_GATE_OPEN Duplicate of #16. In MM3D, it shares its filename with the Door of Time song from OoT.
24 Complete a Heart Piece 036NA_BGM_HEART_GET
25 Playing Minigame 037NA_BGM_MINI_GAME_2
26 Goron Race 038NA_BGM_GORON_RACE
27 Music Box House 039NA_BGM_ORGEL_HOUSE
28 Fairy's Fountain 040NA_BGM_GODESS In MM3D, it shares its filename with the Door of Time song from OoT.
29 Zelda's Lullaby 041NA_BGM_HIME
2A Rosa Sisters' Dance 042NA_BGM_SISTER_DANCER
2B Open Chest 043NA_BGM_OPEN_TRE_BOX
2C Marine Research Laboratory 044NA_BGM_DRUGSTORE
2D The Four Giants 045NA_BGM_KYOJIN_ROOM
2E Guru-Guru's Song 046NA_BGM_FUSHA
2F Romani Ranch 047NA_BGM_RONRON
30 Goron Village 048NA_BGM_GORON
31 Mayor Dotour 049NA_BGM_MEETING
32 Ocarina Epona's Song 050NA_BGM_OCA_EPONA
33 Ocarina Sun's Song 051NA_BGM_OCA_SUN
34 Ocarina Song of Time 052NA_BGM_OCA_TIME_NORMAL
35 Ocarina Song of Storms 053NA_BGM_OCA_STORM
36 Zora Hall 054NA_BGM_ZORA
37 A New Mask 055NA_BGM_MASK_GET
38 Mini Boss 056NA_BGM_MIDDLE_BOSS
39 Small Item Catch 057NA_BGM_S_ITEM_GET
3A Astral Observatory 058NA_BGM_TENMONDAI
3B Clock Town Cavern 059NA_BGM_NORMAL_DUNGEON
3C Milk Bar Latte 060NA_BGM_MILK_BAR
3D Meet Zelda (OoT) 061NA_BGM_APPEAR
3E Woods of Mystery 062NA_BGM_MAYOIMORI
3F Goron Race Goal 063NA_BGM_GORON_GOAL
40 Gorman Race 064NA_BGM_HORSE
41 Race Finish 065NA_BGM_HORSE_GOAL
42 Gorman Bros. 066NA_BGM_INGO
43 Kotake's Potion Shop 067NA_BGM_KOTAKE_KOUME
44 Store 068NA_BGM_SHOP
45 Gaebora's Theme 069NA_BGM_OWL
46 Target Practice 070NA_BGM_MINI_GAME
47 Ocarina Song of Soaring 071NA_BGM_OCA_BIGWING
48 Ocarina Song of Healing 072NA_BGM_OCA_CURE
49 Inverted Song of Time 073NA_BGM_TIME_SPEED
4A Song of Double Time 074NA_BGM_TIME_JUMP
4B Sonata of Awakening 075NA_BGM_DEMO_AWAKING
4C Goron Lullaby 076NA_BGM_DEMO_LULLABY
4D New Wave Bossa Nova 077NA_BGM_DEMO_TIDE
4E Elegy of Emptiness 078NA_BGM_DEMO_SHELL
4F Oath to Order 079NA_BGM_DEMO_PLEDGE
50 Sword Training 080NA_BGM_EXERCISE_HALL
51 Ocarina Goron Lullaby Intro 081NA_BGM_DEMO_LULLABY_HALF
52 New Song 082NA_BGM_OCA_YOUSEI
53 Bremen March 083NA_BGM_FACEMASK
54 Ballad of the Wind Fish 084NA_BGM_QUARTET
55 Song of Soaring 085NA_BGM_WING_WARP
56 Milk Bar Latte 086NA_BGM_MILK_BAR_DUMMY Duplicate.
57 Final Hours 087NA_BGM_TIME_LIMIT
58 Mikau's Tale 088NA_BGM_MIKAU_LIFF
59 089NA_BGM_MIKAU_FIN A single guitar chord.
5A Don Gero's Song 090NA_BGM_FROG_SONG
5B Ocarina Sonata of Awakening 091NA_BGM_OCA_AWAKING
5C Ocarina Goron Lullaby 092NA_BGM_OCA_LULLABY
5D Ocarina New Wave Bossa Nova 093NA_BGM_OCA_TIDE
5E Ocarina Elegy of Emptiness 094NA_BGM_OCA_SHELL
5F Ocarina Oath to Order 095NA_BGM_OCA_PLEDGE
62 Bass and Guitar Session 098NA_BGM_OCA_SESSION
63 Piano Solo 099NA_BGM_DEMO_SESSION
64 The Indigo-Go's Rehearsal 100NA_BGM_ALLPART_SESSION
65 Snowhead Temple 101NA_BGM_SILVER_DUNGEON
66 Great Bay Temple 102NA_BGM_DEEPBLUE_DUNGEON
69 Majora's Wrath 105NA_BGM_MUJURA_1
6A Majora's Incarnation 106NA_BGM_MUJURA_2
6B Majora's Mask Battle 107NA_BGM_MUJURA_3
6C Bass Practice 108NA_BGM_BASS_PLAY
6D Drums Practice 109NA_BGM_DRUMS_PLAY
6E Piano Practice 110NA_BGM_PIANO_PLAY
6F Ikana Castle 111NA_BGM_IKANA_CASTLE
70 Calling the Four Giants 112NA_BGM_GATHERING
71 Kamaro's Dance 113NA_BGM_CAMARO_DANCE
72 Cremia's Carriage 114NA_BGM_DONKEY_CART
73 Keaton 115NA_BGM_QUIZ
74 The End/Credits I 116NA_BGM_END_DEMO
75 Forest Ambush (?) 117NA_BGM_OPENING_LOOP Duplicate.  ?
76 Title Screen 118NA_BGM_TITLE
77 Surfacing of Woodfall 119NA_BGM_DUNGEON_APPEAR
78 Woodfall Clear 120NA_BGM_PURIFICATION_0
79 Snowhead Clear 121NA_BGM_PURIFICATION_1
7A [Nothing] This track is blank.
7B To the Moon 123NA_BGM_INTO_THE_MOON
7D Tatl and Tael 125NA_BGM_CHAT
7E Moon's Destruction 126NA_BGM_MOON_VANISH
7F The End/Credits II 130NA_BGM_STAFFROLL2
(Source: GlitterBerri)