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Link has 672 animations in Majora's Mask.


Inputting the code 817790FE xxxx into the Debug ROM will replace Link's shielding animation. To view an animation using the code, replace x with a value from the table below, and hold the R button. Combining it with the two-line code 80245A43 0006 + 80461B21 0006 will also hide the shield during the animation.


0x00461C1A (0x2BA bytes ahead of Link's actor address) is the start of two bytes representing Link's current animation. Jumping ahead by 0xA and 0xE bytes gives the ending time and the running time (starting at 3F80) of the ongoing animation. The running time (0x00461C28) can be "skipped" forward or backward to another point within the same animation by editing the value at that address. It can also be slowed-down or fast-forwarded by altering the timing factor 0x4 bytes ahead. When the running time reaches the ending time, a new (or perhaps the same) animation gets (re-)selected, a new ending time is estimated, and the timer restarts back at 3F80.

If the animation number is changed manually mid-play, the new one adopts the old timer position (hence, you'll see the new animation played "from the middle"), yet the ending time doesn't compensate for the new selection, so either the animation will terminate prematurely as the timer hits the ending time, or the game will crash. In general, the game freezes completely if an animation is allowed to finish before the running time hits the predetermined ending time. Rather than modify animations abruptly, it's better to watch 0x00461C1A to learn the relevant numbers before searching for them in memory. Around 0x00778ED8 is where the game references those specific values before using them to prepare timings, orientations, and so on before the animation starts.

Animation Table

Offset is relative to the start of gameplay_keep.

Credit goes to Dark_link-77 for finding the code that modifies the animations, and for mapping out the variable list.

D000 - Bowing
D008 - Little bow
D010 - Shuffle Feet
D018 - Link hugs himself than spreads arms and legs
D020 - Link spreads arms and legs
D028 - Link falling
D030 - Shielding face
D038 - Shielding face longer
D040 - Scratching back of head
D048 - Push up
D050 - Link reachs behind back, closing eyes and jumps
D058 - Asleep standing
D060 - On epona looking around
D068 - On epona with hands on crouch 
D070 - Link does a curtsey? Deku Link shrug
D078 - Link acting like a girl
D080 - Fallen, gets back up
D088 - Hands on knees, gets back up
D090 - Croachs and looks at both sides
D098 - Link spreads legs and jumps up
D0A0 - Trying to grab skullkid from opening scene
D0A8 - Links chest goes missing and left arm moves up
D0B0 - Bobs head down
D0B8 - Holding head down while running Opening cutscene
D0C0 - Looking side to side, then turning around and running away
D0C8 - Putting on a mask than transforming
D0D0 - Quickly looks up
D0D8 - Waving
D0E0 - Link trying to catch skull kid, than looking back
D0E8 - Jumping up onto epona and mounting Left side
D0F0 - Jumping up onto epona and mounting Right Side
D0F8 - On epona looking up
D100 - Link with legs spread floating, epona most likely
D108 - Link getting on epona
D110 - Link on epona looking right/back
D118 - Link on epona looking right and than forward
D120 - Link on epona
D128 - Opening up chest
D130 - Link getting knocked out and falling over
D138 - Link crouching and than sitting down on floor
D140 - Looks like link opening a door and walking into a dark room feeling around to find his way
D148 - Link walking through a door
D150 - Link falling over
D158 - Link kneeling with hands out as if waiting for something like a dog (OoT/beta?)
D160 - Link kneeling with hands out and lifting something up (OoT/beta?)
D168 - Link kneeling and dropping what he has and in his hands (OoT/beta?)
D170 - Link positioning himself and lifting up the master sword (OoT/beta?)
D178 - Link kneeling moving back
D180 - Link kneeling and trying to grab a sword (OoT/beta?)
D188 - Link kneeling
D190 - Link looking to the left
D198 - Link looking around frantically
D1A0 - Falling on butt and getting up
D1A8 - Kneeling with hand by side
D1B0 - Kneeling with hands on glass ?
D1B8 - Letting go of master sword (OoT/beta?) 
D1C0 - Sitting down, getting up and dusting self off
D1C8 - Sitting down on the floor
D1D0 - Stance to hold shield and save up sword beam
D1D8 - Climbing off latter
D1E0 - Climbing off latter
D1E8 - Top of latter climbing onto ledge
D1F0 - Top of latter claiming onto ledge
D1F8 - Climbing onto latter 
D200 - getting onto latter from top and climbing down
D208 - Climbing up latter
D210 - Climbing up rest of latter
D218 - Curling up 
D220 - Playing Ocarina while walking? (OoT/beta?)
D228 - Playing Ocarina while walking? (OoT/beta?)
D230 - Sleeping on bed and turning head while opening up eyes 
D238 - Waking up rubbing eyes and sitting on bed (from ocarina of time when navi wakes you up) (OoT/beta?)
D240 - Nodding head, getting up and walking 
D248 - Sleeping (nightmare?) (OoT/beta?)
D250 - Sleeping head in pillow (OoT/beta?)
D258 - Sitting  (OoT/beta?)
D260 - Looking up, than away
D268 - Looking up and both ways and takes half step back
D270 - Looking up and around
D278 - Crouchs, moves right arm a little up, and left over lap (beta?)
D280 - Crouchs, moves right arm a little up , and left over lap (beta?)
D288  - Crouchs, spreads arms downward and out and hand tilt back with head up (beta?)
D290 - Crouchs,  spreads arms downward and out and hand tilt back with head up (beta?)
D298 - rotates, and stands still with hands at side 
D2A0 - rotates, holds hand out as if touching something, rotates hand looks at it and puts it back by his side (beta?)
D2A8 - rotates, looks at hand and than holds it out as if touching something (Beta?)
D2B0 - Rotates, hand held out
D2B8 - Rolls over, and gets up than looks up
D2C0 - Looking up
D2C8 - Rolls over and stays on the ground
D2D0 - Rolls over
D2D8 - Sitting on something dangling legs
D2E0 - Siiting on something dangling legs and looking around
D2E8 - Sitting on something dangling legs and waving
D2F0 - Sitting on something dangling legs and holding out arms
D2F8 - Sitting and shaking with arms around head ?
D300 - Laying on ground
D308 - Crouch and get up
D310 - Crouch playing ocarina, pulls hands away and looks over
D318 - Looking over
D320 - Laying down, and than looking up
D328 - Crouching holding something in arms
D330 - Jumping and grabbing/hugging something (OoT/beta?)
D338 - Jumping and grabbing/huging something (OoT/beta?)
D340 - Jumping and hugging, than pulling close (OoT/beta?)
D348 - Hugging  (OoT/beta?)
D350 - hugging (OoT/beta?)
D358 - Kneeling and holding hand out? (OoT/beta?)
D360 - Kneeling and holding hand out? (OoT/beta?)
D368 - Kneeling and holding hands together praying? (OoT/beta?)
D370 - Crouchs, looks back and forth quickly
D378 - Steps back and holds hands together like yielding sword 
D380 - Steps back, grabs something, stands back yielding (OoT/beta?)
D388 - Stance with some type of sword
D390 - Grabs a big sword? and goes into battle stance
D398 - Pulling something out, from leg?
D3A0 - Stance with sword
D3A8 - Getting into stance with sword
D3B0 - Getting into stance grabbing sword
D3B8 - Stance again with some type of sword
D3C0 - Taking a step back
D3C8 - Stepping? Jumping? not sure
D3D0 - Step back bring hand by chest
D3D8 - Lundging forward?
D3E0 - Getting into stance, pulling out sword still in stance
D3E8 - jumping forward?
D3F0 - Getting hit from behind
D3F8 - Jumping backward
D400 - Putting right hand infront by mouth and left behind
D408 - Putting hands infront together, up infront of body
D410 - Putting hands together pretending there is a sword in hand and tilted sideways a little
D418 - Hit or something, causing link to close eyes and flinch back
D420 - Landing on feet
D428 - Trying to grab something?
D430 - Stance
D438 - throwing left hand up in the air
D440 - pulling on something
D448 - walking Z targetted with shield up to the left
D450 - walking Z targetting with shield up to the right
D458 - Moving hand infront of chest quickly
D460 - Hnads quickly infront of face
D468 - Z target stance on enemy
D470 - flinch
D478 - Hand movement
D480 - walking Z targetting with shield up to the left
D488 - walking Z targeted with hand waiting on sword
D490 - walking Z targeted with hand waiting on sword
D498 - opening something and releasing it into the air? (OoT/beta?)
D4A0 - Scooping with bottle
D4A8 - Opening bottle with fairy in it
D4B0 - Drinking and wiping mouth
D4B8 - Grabbing something off of a counter and drinking it??? (OoT/beta?)
D4C0 - Drinking
D4C8 - Cathcing something, bottling and lifting up
D4D0 - Scooping something on the ground
D4D8 - Dumping and pouring on the ground
D4E0 - Opening bottle and placing something in hand
D4E8 - Opening bottle 
D4F0 - Holding and pulling back bow/slingshot
D4F8 - Hand out to side
D500 - HOlding and pulling back bow/slingshot
D508 - Holding the bow back
D510 - Kneeling holding crouch
D518 - Kneeling with hands crossed on knees
D520 - Holding pulled back bow/slingshot will walking
D528 - Walking back a little with bow pulled back being held
D530 - Crawling and getting up
D538 - Crawling and getting up
D540 - Opening chest and looking inside
D548 - Looking at the master sword and stabbing it back into pedestal (OoT/beta?)
D550 - Link looks shocked
D558 - Link looking around nervously
D560 - Down a little and comes up looking surprised
D568 - Link looks shocked
D570 - Opening door and going inside left
D578 - Opening door and going inside left
D580 - Opening door and going inside right
D588 - Opening door and going inside right
D590 - Link turning around
D598 - Link spins around
D5A0 - Link turns around scared (like when he sees ganon) (OoT/beta?)
D5A8 - Link turns around holding something up
D5B0 - Link holds something up
D5B8 - Link turns aruond and looks like when a door slams behind him
D5C0 - Shaking and holds hand up
D5C8 - Shaking and holds hand up
D5D0 - Link looks at hands
D5D8 - Link jumps and pushs hands against something
D5E0 - Link puts hands on something looks around and bangs hands on what ever they are on (possibly princess zelda crystal) (OoT/beta?)
D5E8 - Link takes hands off and looks up
D5F0 - Link looking up with hands open
D5F8 - Link's hands on something
D600 - Link moves hand by head
D608 - Link covers head
D610 - Link moves hand and opens mouth
D618 - Link has hand out and looks at other hand
D620 - Link has hand out and move the other hand while looking away
D628 - Link random movement
D630 - Link has hand out as if holding to something for balance
D638 - Link caught by guards
D640 - Link looks up than at his hand (when he recieves triforce) (OoT/beta?)
D648 - Link looking at back of hand
D650 - Link taking a small step cautiously, like when the rainbow bridge is made by the sages
D658 - Link looking down with foot out
D660 - Link holding swords up than slicing it back and forth than behind him (adult link animation) (OoT/beta?)
D668 - Link holding right hand up and looking down
D670 - Link step back and looking surprized
D678 - Looking surprized stepped back
D680 - Link getting lifted up (when you defeat boss)
D688 - Link surprized looking behind him 
D690 - Link lookign behind him
D698 - Link getting extremely hurt and falling to his knees and than laying down, than getting back up in pain still? (OoT/beta?)
D6A0 - Putting arm over chest and other behind him
D6A8 - grabbing something and putting in hand
D6B0 - Slashing?
D6B8 - Grabing something and putting in hand
D6C0 - Slashing/grabbing soemthing
D6C8 - Holding a sword or something with two hands
D6D0 - Link moving arm across chest and one behind back
D6D8 - Moving arms slowly into position
D6E0 - Moving down
D6E8 - Grabbing sword?
D6F0 - Shovelling soemthing?
D6F8 - Grabbing sword again?
D700 - Link trying to grab something
D708 - Grabbing something and holding a sword  
D710 - Grabbing something and lifting it up
D718 - Sword grabbing
D720 - Z target slash
D728 - Finishing the slash
D730 - Finishing the slash
D738 - Fencing position with Z target? (OoT/beta?)
D740 - Slowly getting into fencing position in z target (OoT/beta?)
D748 - Fencing position 
D750 - Getting out of fencing position
D758 - fencing positon while holding z and moving (OoT/beta?)
D760 - Two handed spin strike
D768 - letting go of sword
D770 - Supposed to be jumping to the side
D778 - Stepping back
D780 - Holding right hand up
D788 - Moving left hand across front
D790 - Just moving a little
D798 - Left handed slash
D7A0 - left hadned stab?
D7A8 - Jump to the right
D7B0 - little move to right
D7B8 - little move to left
D7C0 - left handed stab?
D7C8 - Flinch
D7D0 - Jumping forward and getting ready to take out sword
D7D8 - Jump forward than quickly stop
D7E0 - Spin attack from ssb? (OoT/beta?)
D7E8 - little movment to the right
D7F0 - Back flip 
D7F8 - Was on one knee getting up
D800 - Hand by right side
D808 - Running hurt holding stomach
D810 - Running hurt holding stomach
D818 - Crouched with hand by head 
D820 - Taking out sword and holding with two hands
D828 - Jump motion
D830 - Link reaching to the ground and coming up with right hand up
D838 - Link reaching to the ground and coming up with right hand up
D840 - Crouched
D848 - Flinching and step back
D850 - Front flip holding on to sword (OoT/beta?)
D858 - Roll on the ground
D860 - Pulling out sword holding sheild
D868  - Punching the ground with mouth open? (OoT/beta?)
D870 - Stance
D878 - just moving a little
D880 - Looks like the motion of link grabbing his sword and striking
D888 - Moving hand from left hand side and right hand side at chest
D890 - Putting hand out
D898 - Putting hand out
D8A0 - Upslash
D8A8 - Little step back
D8B0 - Getting up from ground
D8B8 - Charging spin attack while moving
D8C0 - Getting into stance grabbing sword
D8C8 - Getting into stance grabbing sword
D8D0 - Charging stance
D8D8 - Getting out of stance
D8E0 - Charging stance while moving
D8E8 - About to grab sword but gets hurt
D8F0 - About to grab sword but gets hurt
D8F8 - About to slash but gets hurt, holding with both hands
D900 - About to slash but gets hurt, holding with both hands
D908 - Spin strike 
D910 - Little movement
D918 - Running with shield and sword
D920 - Running with big sword, both hands on sword
D928 - Z targetting with big sword in hands to the left
D930 - Z targetting with big sword in hansd to the right
D938 - both hands on sword moving slowly
D940 - Holding sword, shortly rotating counter clock wise a bit?
D948 - flinch
D950 - Spin splash half away around and very quick
D958 - Flinch
D960 - HOlding big sword
D968 - Holding big sword
D970 - Stance for big sword with hands up
D978 - Holding big sword
D980 - Holding big sword moving to the left
D989 - Goes under ground cannot see
D990 - Holding big sword
D998 - holding big sword
D9A0 - Holding sword walking slowly
D9A8 - Hands together than pulls apart
D9B0 - Hands up, than gripping big sword
D9B8 - Rolling shoulder back and grabbing big sword
D9C0 - Link frantically looking around
D9C8 - Holding onto Epona from opening scene?
D9D0 - Holding onto Epona from opening scene?
D9D8 - Right hand out
D9E0 - Holding out right hand with body turned
D9E8 - Holding out right hand with body turned
D9F0 - Saluting
D9F8 - Saluting animation where he moves slowly and stomps his foot
DA00 - final finishing move for killing Ganondorf (OoT/beta?)
DA08 - Finishing the attack
DA10 - Nayrus Love animation? (OoT/beta?)
DA18 - Head on floor
DA20 - Head on floor getting up
DA28 - Feores Wind animation? (OoT/beta?)
DA30 - Hand out
DA38 - Finish casting feores wind
DA40 - Din's Fire animation
DA48 - Still performing dins fire
DA50 - Finishing and getting up
DA58 - starting dins fire move
DA60 - Falls through ground and gets back up
DA68 - Fall into the ground and get back up?
DA70 - Jumping up with arms up
DA78 - Right hand up to side
DA80 - Feet twitch
DA88 - Looks like falling, catching himself and pulling himself up on Vines
DA90 - Going side ways on Vines
DA98 - Going side ways on Vines
DAA0 - Starting to climb up vines
DAA8 - Getting off ledge and starting to climb down
DAB0 - Climbing slowly
DAB8 - Continueing to climb slowly
DAC0 - Back step leading into a kneel
DAC8 - Step back, arm in sheild holding position, and gets back up
DAD0 - Weird fall with arm out
DAD8 - Rag Doll fall
DAE0 - Fallen and getting up
DAE8 - Getting hit
DAF0 - Holding shield kind of running backwards
DAF8 - Head butting?
DB00 - More stupid head movement
DB08 - Slowly moving backwards with shield
DB10 - Step back ? Beta possibly? Ackward looking?
DB18 - Kicking something, almost looks like a soccer ball? Beta?
DB20 - Picking up something like a pot
DB28 - Weird body spazm than picks something up
DB30 - Holding something above head
DB38 - Crouching and wiping mouth Beta?
DB40 - Little flinch
DB48 - Little step back flinch
DB50 - Crouch and wiping mouth Beta?
DB58 - Crouching
DB60 - Crouching
DB68 - Tippy Toeing with arms slightly out (beta?)
DB70 - Climbing down stepping off
DB78 - Climbng down stepping off
DB80 - Climbing up the latter
DB88 - Climbing up the latter
DB90 - Climbing up the latter
DB98 - Turning around getting on and climbing down latter
DBA0 - Climbing up the latter
DBA8 - Climbing up the latter
DBB0 - Walking Crouched (BETA)
DBB8 - Running Hurt
DBC0 - Getting up from kneeling with the shield
DBC8 - Flinch
DBD0 - Flinch
DBD8 - Crouching without shield in hand, on back
DBE0 - Crouching with shield in hand
DBE8 - Crouching with shield in hand
DBF0 - Crouching with shield in hand extended
DBF8 - Crouching with shield on back
DC00 - Touching the ground motion
DC08 - Lundge?
DC10 - Lundge?
DC18 - Lundge into holding big sword
DC20 - Getting shocked?
DC28 - Fainting and falling
DC30 - Falling and catching self on ledge
DC38 - Falling and catching self on ledge, then pulling self up
DC40 - Falling and catching self on ledge, then pulling self up
DC48 - Hanging from ledge
DC50 - Putting sword away
DC58 - Taking something out and lifting it above head
DC60 - Taking out/Putting away sword (does not look like it is from MM though)
DC68 - Putting something away with left hand behind back (never seen)
DC70 - Putting something away with right hand behind back 
DC78 - Eyes closed (angry/hurt) and link tilts back in mid air
DC80 - Falls on back, on the ground with right arm out and left hand by head (possibly from getting hit by Iron Knuckle)
DC88 - Getting up from being hit and shakes head
DC90 - Flinch from being hit by deku nut
DC98 - Flinch from being hit
DCA0 - Getting hit by something
DCA8 - Reaching into shirt to get something to show someone
DCB0 - Link getting choked by someone and holding their arm to push away (beta? could be happy mask man choking him)
DCB8 - Falling on butt after rolling into something 
DCC0 - Falling on butt after rolling into something
DCC8 - Falling on butt after rolling into something than getting up and holding a big sword
DCD0 - Sneeze?
DCD8 - Jump (levitate) animation, one arm out, the other partially out, and one leg semi down
DCE0 - Falling and holding on with both hands
DCE8 - Hanging there (looks to be slightly shaking)
DCF0 - Hanging there and now getting back up (looks a little different)
DCF8 - Getting up 
DD00 - Hanging there again
DD08 - Hanging there again
DD10 - Falling and landing on feet
DD18 - Falling and landing on feet
DD20 - Slow motion roll
DD28 - Slower roll
DD30 - falling (levitation animation)
DD38 - Throwing deku nut
DD40 - Throwing deku nut
DD48 - Using both hands to grab something at side and lift it up
DD50 - Frong flip from when your jumping
DD58 - getting ready to jump
DD60 - Summer sault from jumping
DD68 - Partially landing the summer sault? (look really weird)
DD70 - Setting bomb on ground?
DD78 - Slight top end movement downward
DD80 - Top end of link goes completely nuts (weird)
DD88 - Link takes something out with one hand, holding same side with the other and lifting over head
DD90 - Putting away sword
DD98 - Taking out big sword and holding 
DDA0 - Rolling right shoulder and partially lifting left hand? (weird/beta/I dunno)
DDA8 - Link puts both hands by his side
DDB0 - Pulling out Ocarina and putting to mouth and taking position
DDB8 - Holding Ocarina and waiting to play/ or already playing
DDC0 - Weird holding right hand by chest and almost blocking with the left hand (beta?)
DDC8 - Link getting ready to pull something
DDD0 - Link possibly pulling something light with both hands
DDD8 - Like the ones above, I cannot tell what these animations are, maybe he is pulling something like a block by the feet movement (beta)?
DDE0 - Confirms the that link is defiantely pulling something, but he is pulling with one hand! (beta)
DDE8 - Pulling with both hands
DDF0 - Pushing leaning in with right arm (not sure if this is the original way)
DDF8 - Pushing with to hands? (is this beta? how does he normally push because I have too here)
DE00 - Begining to push
DE08 - Stopping and moving away from the push
DE10 - Pushing really really hard with two hands
DE18 - Putting whatever is above head, down
DE20 - Putting down/picking up something
DE28 - Shielding self from getting hurt with hands??? beta?
DE30 - Shielding self from getting hurt with hands? getting hurt? not sure beta?
DE38 - Holding shield and running
DE40 - Running
DE48 - Running than jump
DE50 - Falling and landing on feet
DE58 - Jumping off water fall?
DE60 - Falling after jumping off water fall?
DE68 - Landing on feet lightly
DE70 - Landing on feet lightly
DE78 - Running Left sideways while holding Z target
DE80 - Running Right sideways while holding Z target
DE88 - Slowly moving right with shield tip toeing with z target
DE90 - Slowing moving left with no shield and z target
DE98 - Pulling something out of shirt and lifting it up
DEA0 - Hand on hip with arm at side than back down
DEA8 - Hand on hip with arm at side and staying like that
DEB0 - Swing both hands infront of himself down his sides
DEB8 - Swing both hands infront of himself down his sides
DEC0 - weird stance?
DEC8 - Kind of a step back
DED0 - Kind of a stance?
DED8 - Kind of a stance than holding sword
DEE0 - Holding shield
DEE8 - Standing with feet kind of together looking around
DEF0 - Link hot or tired wiping face
DEF8 - Link cold, rubbing arms to warm up
DF00 - Rolling right shoulder back
DF08 - Battle stance with no sword or shield held, to the right
DF10 - Flinch with shield hand up
DF18 - Battle stance with no sword or shield held, to the left
DF20 - Shield hand up
DF28 - Regular stnading, waiting until player moves
DF30 - Link looking around
DF38 - Link hot/tired wiping face
DF40 - Link cold
DF48 - Walking with shield
DF50 - Holding up shield
DF58 - flinch
DF60 - Holding up shield
DF68 - Shuffle of feet kind of
DF70 - Walking slowly
DF78 - Falling and landing gently
DF80 - Laying on back, and getting up
DF88 - On one knee touching something (beta?)
DF90 - Link cracking knuckles and lifting up something really really heavy (oot?)
DF98 - Holding the really raelly heavy thing and throwing it
DFA0 - Holding up the raelly really heavy thing and holding it 
DFA8 - Swimming ontop of water to the left
DFB0 - Swimming ontop of water to the right
DFB8 - Link swimming backwards? (oot?/beta?)
DFC0 - Link landing into water
DFC8 - Link climbing out of water
DFD0 - Link swimming in the water
DFD8 - Link coming up for air
DFE0 - Link diving into water and swimming below
DFE8 - Link drowning
DFF0 - Link lifting something up?
DFF8 - Link falling/ floating?
E000- Link floating
E008 - Link floating
E010 - Link riding epona
E018 - Link slapping epona
E020 - Link moving upper body on epona
E028 - Link moving upper body on epona
E030 - Link riding epona
E038 - Link reaching back on epona
E040 - Link looking foward while riding epona
E048 - Link riding epona faster
E050 - Link riding epona
E058 - Link riding epona and moving right hand
E060 - Link dismounting from Epona left side
E068 - Link climbing and mounting on Epona left side
E070 - Link jumping off of Epona right side 
E078 - Link climbing on epona right side
E080 - Link moving legs on epona
E088 - Link looking at epona and patting her
E090 - Link looking behind him on epona
E098 - Link looking forward on epona
E0A0 - Link tired and holding knees 
E0A8 - Link tired and holding knees and breathing hard
E0B0 - Link looking at himself and then adjusting belt
E0B8 - Link looking down at feet and than shuffling them hitting the ground with the toes
E0C0 - Link tired and stretches arms out
E0C8 - Link tired and holds his right hand on knee, his left to the side hard panting
E0D0 - Link tired and holds his right hand on knee, his left to the side and hard panting
E0D8 - Link checking out his ass, and shuffling belt
E0E0 - Link looking down shuffling his feet
E0E8 - Link looking at shield, rotating arm and shaking it
E0F0 - Link slashing and putting someone at sword point???? (BETA)
E0F8 - Link lifts up a big sword, than takes a hard slash to the his left (BETA)
E100 - Link putting hands behind head, than stretches
E108 - Link holds up sword arm
E110 - Link holding onto epona's leg than getting through off and rolls (opening cutscene)
E118 - Link looking at the skull kid as he jumps on epona, then jumps at eponas leg and holds on (opening cutscene)
E120 - Link holding onto eponas leg as she runs (opening cutscene)
E128 - Link crouching and holds something in hands?
E130 - Link was holding something?
E138 - Link learning a song on his Ocarina and looks at it
E140 - Link getting kicked over by the skull kid when he fell off epona (opening cutscene)
E148 - Link getting up shortly after getting kicked over (opening cutscene)
E150 - Link getting up and looking at the skull kid (opening cutscene)
E158 - Link looking at the skull kid angry/ cockeyed (opening cutscene)
E160 - Link looking at ocarina while crouched?
E168 - Link playing ocarina and learning new song crouched??
E170 - Link opening chest crouched and hold item and looking at it? (beta?)
E178 - Link climbing down from something (could be a latter)
E180 - Link climbing down from something (could be a latter)
E188 - Link climbing up a latter? Latter looks as if extends past ledge
E190 - Link climbing up latter? Again looks as if it extends past the ledge
E198 - Link startin to climb up this latter
E1A0 - Link slides down part of a latter than catches himself (beta???)
E1A8 - Climbing latter
E1B0 - Still climbing the latter
E1B8 - Opening and walking into door crouched left
E1C0 - Opening and walking into door crouched right
E1C8 - Link taps drum with right
E1D0 - Link taps drum harder with right 
E1D8 - Link taps drum harder with the right
E1E0 - Link taps drum with left
E1E8 - Link taps drum harder with left
E1F0 - Link is playing the drums fast
E1F8 - Link takes his drums out
E200 - Link waiting to beat on drums
E208 - Link curls up like goron
E210 - Link puts a mask on
E218 - Link punchs like goron link
E220 - Link jumps back with arms out
E228 - Link jumps back with arms out
E230 - Link does Goron super upper cut
E238 - Link jumps forward and punches?
E240 - Link jumps forward (goron jump)
E248 - Link does goron hip check
E250 - going to do hip check than stops
E258 - Going to do hip check than stops
E260 - Shield flips over and link looks both ways slowly
E268 - Really weird animation, link jumps up looks down and around, jumps down courching, then does a bunny hope up??? (beta?)
E270 - Link lifts leg like deku
E278 - Link jumps up with arms straight up and kicks legs, I believe the deku does this when it explodes out of the flower
E280 - REALLY weird, link looks like he jumps onto a car and drives, then gets off and opens a door
E288 - Link jumps like the deku to reach door knob and walks in
E290 - Link holds something straight and bends knees
E298 - Link moves abit, holding left arm out, than moves right arm in a conductor motion then puts away
E2A0 - Link holding something in left hand, than puts both hands together as if both holding something then lifts up
E2A8 - Link puts both hands up infront
E2B0 - Link jumps and puts both hands up infront
E2B8 - Link turns around holding somethign in hands, then lifts right hand up in air
E2C0 - Link holds something in both hands than lifts the right in the air
E2C8 - Link crouches
E2D0 - Link jumps up and holds arms out and feet down, (look like he has been curcified) (beta?)
E2D8 - Link jumps up and holds arms out and feet down, (looks like he has been curcified) (beta?)
E2E0 - Link holds hands up to remove mask
E2E8 - Link crouches and shield flips
E2F0 - Link takes a step back
E2F8 - Link takes a quick step back
E300 - Link opens chest, looks inside picks up item
E308 - Link slaps? hits? or slices? or slashes with left hand
E310 - Flinch
E318 - moving left hand and coming forward a little
E320 - Link doing zoras twist slash
E328 - Link slides forward and slides back
E330 - Link does zora right arm slash
E338 - Link does Zora karate kick
E340 - link slides forward
E348 - Link slides forward and moves arm
E350 - Link stands straight
E358 - Link climbing down latter
E360 - Link climbing off latter
E368 - Link up top of latter 
E370 - Link up top of latter
E378 - Link onto latter
E380 - Getting onto latter from top and climbing down
E388 - Climbing up latter
E390 - Climbing up latter
E398 - Link throws his arms behind him at the same time
E3A0 - Shield flips around
E3A8 - either link trying to grab skullkid, or zora link shooting weapon
E3B0 - Link sliding shooting zora link weapon
E3B8 - Link sliding forward uncrosses arms (after shooting zora link weapon) and slides back
E3C0 - Link has arms crossed (save up zora link weapon??)
E3C8 - Link opening door to his right
E3D0 - Link opening door to his left
E3D8 - Link swimming like zora link
E3E0 - Link playing guitar
E3E8 - Link pulling out guitar
E3F0 - Zora link flip
E3F8 - Zora link fall into water/ stop in water
E400 - Link taking off mask
E408 - Zora link getting hit in water
E410 - Link completely straight
E418 - Link flips and swims like Zora link
E420 - Link tries to balance but falls into log (opening cutscene)
E428 - Lnik gets thrown from Epona? (opening cutscene)
E430 - Falls on butt gets up
E438 - Link crouched
E440 - Link covers face while crouched and uncovers
E448 - Link crouching with hand by head as if blocking sun? (new?)
E450 - Absolutely nothing just breathing
E458 - Link crawling and than getting up
E460 - Link crouched kind of moving around, unsure? (beta?)
E468 - Deku link getting hit by tatl (opening)
E470 - Looks behind as door closes
E478 - Looks forward after looking back
E480 - Looks shoked
E488 - gets hit and moves back
E490 - Looks link pushing out of way?? Unsure?
E498 - Looking behind, almost looks scared
E4A0 - Stiff with right arm at chest level
E4A8 - Link looks behind him again
E4B0 - random movement
E4B8 - Looking at ocarina
E4C0 - look up and then down, than step back
E4C8 - Link looks as if he is pushing through, or protecting something (oot when he blocks the princess maybe?)
E4D0 - Link looking to his right and just stares
E4D8 - Link looks upwards
E4E0 - Looks to the side then back and puts arms at side (I've never seen possibly beta?)
E4E8 - Slides forward a little and has arms apart a little (like in oot intro when he sees ganondorf)
E4F0 - Looking up at the sky
E4F8 - Freeze