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This is a listing of the source code of Ocarina of Time, as found in the Debug ROM. (Most of these snippets are in the retail ROMs as well.)

Source File Deciphered Name Purpose Notes
/idle.c Idle
/z_std_dma.c Standard Direct Memory Access dmamgr?
/z_locale.c Locale Handles the region selection.
/z_en_a_keep.c Entity - A - Keep The actor file En_A_Keep.
/z_en_item00.c Entity - Item 00 The actor file En_Item00.
/z_eff_blure.c Effect - Blur Handles a blur effect for [?].
/z_eff_shield_particle.c Effect - Shield Particle Handles shield particles.
/z_eff_spark.c Effect - Spark Handles the spark effect in gameplay_keep.
/z_eff_ss_dead.c Effect - Soft Sprite - Dead
/z_effect_soft_sprite.c Effect - Soft Sprite Handles particle overlays.
/z_effect_soft_sprite_old_init.c Effect - Soft Sprite - Old Initializer
/flg_set.c Flag Set Handles story/event/dialogue flags.
/z_DLF.c Dynamically Linked File ACTOR_DLF_MAX is a constant.
/z_actor.c Actor Constructs, destructs, allocates, and monitors actors.
/z_cheap_proc.c Cheap Process
/z_bgcheck.c Background Check Constructs, destructs, allocates, and monitors backgrounds.
/z_camera.c Camera Handles and monitors the player camera.
/z_collision_check.c Collision Check Handles actor collision checks.
/z_debug.c Debug Handles the Static Context.
/z_debug_display.c Debug Display Handles the Debug ROM's debug display.
/z_demo.c Cutscene Handles cutscenes.
/z_draw.c Draw
/z_elf_message.c Fairy Message Handles Navi's elf_message files.
/z_fcurve_data_skelanime.c F Curve Data - Skeleton Animation
/z_horse.c Horse Handles Epona spawning and horseback riding.
/z_jpeg.c JPEG Handles the JPEG backgrounds.
/z_kanfont.c Kanji Font Handles the kanji font.
/z_kankyo.c Environment Handles the movement of the sun & moon, the passage of time, terrain palettes, and dynamic background music.
/z_lifemeter.c Life Meter Handles Link's health.
/z_lights.c Lights Handles environment lighting.
/z_map_mark.c Map Marker Handles the pause menu map markers.
/z_moji.c Text Character Handles text characters.
/z_onepointdemo.c Explanatory Cutscene Handles mini-cutscenes.
/z_map_exp.c Map EXP Handles the mini-map.
/z_parameter.c Parameter Handles the HUD.
/z_player_lib.c Player Library Handles the player library. Referenced in pause screen stuff.
/z_prenmi.c Pre-Non-Maskable Interrupt
/z_rcp.c Reality Co-Processor Handles the N64's RCP. Rendering/managing RCP tasks?
/z_room.c Room Handles the drawing and allocation of rooms, as well as their backgrounds.
/z_sample.c Sample
/z_scene.c Scene Handles which scene setup is loaded based on aspects such as Link's age and the time of day, as well as the transition between gameplay and cutscenes.
/z_scene_table.c Scene Table Handles the scene table.
/z_skelanime.c Skeleton Animation Handles the allocation and animation of Link's skeleton.
/z_skin.c Skin Handles animated actor textures...?
/z_skin_awb.c Skin AWB
/z_sram.c Save RAM Handles the creation and management of save files.
/z_view.c View Handles the 3D viewing area. VIEW struct?
/z_vimode.c View Mode
/z_vismono.c Visible Monochrome May be related to the Lens of Truth.
/z_vr_box.c Virtual Reality Box Handles the [?] of skyboxes.
/z_vr_box_draw.c Virtual Reality Box Draw Handles the drawing of skyboxes.
/z_fbdemo.c Cutscene Frame Buffer
/db_camera.c Debug Camera Handles the debug free-view camera and cutscene creator.
/z_kaleido_manager.c Kaleido Manager Handles pause screen allocation and data storage.
/z_kaleido_scope_call.c Kaleido Scope Call Handles the construction and destruction of the pause screen and its transitions between sections.
/z_play.c Play Handles normal gameplay (as opposed to cutscenes or the pause screen).
/PreRender.c Prerender Handles the camera in scenes with prerendered backgrounds.
/game.c Game Handles the construction, destruction, and monitoring of the game world.
/gamealloc.c Game Allocation Handles the allocation of the game world.
/graph.c Graph Handles the graph thread.
/listalloc.c List Allocation Handles graph allocation.
/main.c Main Handles the main thread.
/padmgr.c Control Pad Manager Handles the controller thread "padmgr".
/sched.c Scheduler Handles the scheduler thread "sched".
/speed_meter.c Speed Meter Handles the speed at which the game runs.
/sys_cfb.c System Color Frame Buffer
/sys_matrix.c System Matrix Handles the system matrix/float matrix buffer
/irqmgr.c Interrupt Request Manager
/loadfragments2.c Load Fragments 2 Handles loading the Game State Overlays
/mtxuty-cvt.c Matrix Utility Converter
/z_message_PAL.c Message (PAL) Handles text boxes, Link's high scores, and ocarina performances.
/z_construct.c Constructor Initializes Static Context Referenced when loading some texture.
/z_title.c Title Handles the system logo and game title screens.
/z_select.c Select Handles map select.
/z_file_nameset_PAL.c File Name Select (PAL) Handles the player name select screen.
/z_file_choose.c File Select Handles the file select screen.
/z_kaleido_collect.c Kaleido - Collection Screen Handles the quest status screen.
/z_kaleido_debug.c Kaleido - Debug Handles the debug inventory editor screen.
/z_kaleido_equipment.c Kaleido - Equipment Screen Handles the equipment screen.
/z_kaleido_item.c Kaleido - Item Screen Handles the inventory screen.
/z_kaleido_map_PAL.c Kaleido - Map (PAL) Handles the overworld map screen.
/z_kaleido_scope_PAL.c Kaleido - Scope (PAL) Handles pause screen display parameters.
/z_lmap_mark.c L Map Marker Handles the minimap markers.
Source File Corresponding Actor Description Notes
/z_player.c Player
/z_en_test.c En_Test
/z_arms_hook.c Arms_Hook
/z_arrow_fire.c Arrow_Fire
/z_arrow_ice.c Arrow_Ice
/z_arrow_light.c Arrow_Light
/z_bg_bdan_switch.c Bg_Bdan_Switch
/z_bg_bombwall.c Bg_Bombwall
/z_bg_bowl_wall.c Bg_Bowl_Wall
/z_bg_breakwall.c Bg_Breakwall
/z_bg_dodoago.c Bg_Dodoago
/z_bg_dy_yoseizo.c Bg_Dy_Yoseizo
/z_bg_ganon_otyuka.c Bg_Ganon_Otyuka
/z_bg_gate_shutter.c Bg_Gate_Shutter
/z_bg_gjyo_bridge.c Bg_Gjyo_Bridge
/z_bg_gnd_darkmeiro.c Bg_Gnd_Darkmeiro
/z_bg_gnd_firemeiro.c Bg_Gnd_Firemeiro
/z_bg_gnd_iceblock.c Bg_Gnd_Iceblock
/z_bg_gnd_soulmeiro.c Bg_Gnd_Soulmeiro
/z_bg_haka.c Bg_Haka
/z_bg_haka_gate.c Bg_Haka_Gate
/z_bg_haka_ship.c Bg_Haka_Ship
/z_bg_haka_tubo.c Bg_Haka_Tubo
/z_bg_haka_water.c Bg_Haka_Water
/z_bg_heavy_block.c Bg_Heavy_Block
/z_bg_hidan_curtain.c Bg_Hidan_Curtain
/z_bg_hidan_firewall.c Bg_Hidan_Firewall
/z_bg_hidan_fwbig.c Bg_Hidan_Fwbig
/z_bg_hidan_hamstep.c Bg_Hidan_Hamstep
/z_bg_hidan_kousi.c Bg_Hidan_Kousi
/z_bg_hidan_kowarerukabe.c Bg_Hidan_Kowarerukabe
/z_bg_hidan_rock.c Bg_Hidan_Rock
/z_bg_hidan_rsekizou.c Bg_Hidan_Rsekizou
/z_bg_hidan_sekizou.c Bg_Hidan_Sekizou
/z_bg_hidan_sima.c Bg_Hidan_Sima
/z_bg_ice_shelter.c Bg_Ice_Shelter
/z_bg_ingate.c Bg_Ingate
/z_bg_jya_1flift.c Bg_Jya_1flift
/z_bg_jya_amishutter.c Bg_Jya_Amishutter
/z_bg_jya_bigmirror.c Bg_Jya_Bigmirror
/z_bg_jya_block.c Bg_Jya_Block
/z_bg_jya_bombchuiwa.c Bg_Jya_Bombchuiwa
/z_bg_jya_bombiwa.c Bg_Jya_Bombiwa
/z_bg_jya_cobra.c Bg_Jya_Cobra
/z_bg_jya_ironobj.c Bg_Jya_Ironobj
/z_bg_jya_kanaami.c Bg_Jya_Kanaami
/z_bg_jya_megami.c Bg_Jya_Megami
/z_bg_jya_zurerukabe.c Bg_Jya_Zurerukabe
/z_bg_menkuri_eye.c Bg_Menkuri_Eye
/z_bg_mizu_bwall.c Bg_Mizu_Bwall
/z_bg_mizu_movebg.c Bg_Mizu_Movebg
/z_bg_mizu_shutter.c Bg_Mizu_Shutter
/z_bg_mizu_water.c Bg_Mizu_Water
/z_bg_mjin.c Bg_Mjin
/z_bg_mori_bigst.c Bg_Mori_Bigst
/z_bg_mori_elevator.c Bg_Mori_Elevator
/z_bg_mori_hashigo.c Bg_Mori_Hashigo
/z_bg_mori_hashira4.c Bg_Mori_Hashira4
/z_bg_mori_hineri.c Bg_Mori_Hineri
/z_bg_mori_idomizu.c Bg_Mori_Idomizu
/z_bg_mori_kaitenkabe.c Bg_Mori_Kaitenkabe
/z_bg_mori_rakkatenjo.c Bg_Mori_Rakkatenjo
/z_bg_po_event.c Bg_Po_Event
/z_bg_po_syokudai.c Bg_Po_Syokudai
/z_bg_pushbox.c Bg_Pushbox
/z_bg_spot00_hanebasi.c Bg_Spot00_Hanebasi
/z_bg_spot01_fusya.c Bg_Spot01_Fusya
/z_bg_spot01_idohashira.c Bg_Spot01_Idohashira
/z_bg_spot01_idomizu.c Bg_Spot01_Idomizu
/z_bg_spot01_idosoko.c Bg_Spot01_Idosoko
/z_bg_spot02_objects.c Bg_Spot02_Objects
/z_bg_spot03_taki.c Bg_Spot03_Taki
/z_bg_spot06_objects.c Bg_Spot06_Objects
/z_bg_spot07_taki.c Bg_Spot07_Taki
/z_bg_spot08_iceblock.c Bg_Spot08_Iceblock
/z_bg_spot09_obj.c Bg_Spot09_Obj
/z_bg_spot11_oasis.c Bg_Spot11_Oasis
/z_bg_spot12_gate.c Bg_Spot12_Gate
/z_bg_spot12_saku.c Bg_Spot12_Saku
/z_bg_spot15_rrbox.c Bg_Spot15_Rrbox
/z_bg_spot15_saku.c Bg_Spot15_Saku
/z_bg_spot16_bombstone.c Bg_Spot16_Bombstone
/z_bg_spot16_doughnut.c Bg_Spot16_Doughnut
/z_bg_spot17_bakudankabe.c Bg_Spot17_Bakudankabe
/z_bg_spot17_funen.c Bg_Spot17_Funen
/z_bg_spot18_basket.c Bg_Spot18_Basket
/z_bg_spot18_obj.c Bg_Spot18_Obj
/z_bg_sst_floor.c Bg_Sst_Floor
/z_bg_toki_hikari.c Bg_Toki_Hikari
/z_bg_toki_swd.c Bg_Toki_Swd
/z_bg_treemouth.c Bg_Treemouth
/z_bg_vb_sima.c Bg_Vb_Sima
/z_bg_ydan_hasi.c Bg_Ydan_Hasi
/z_bg_ydan_sp.c Bg_Ydan_Sp
/z_bg_zg.c Bg_Zg
/z_boss_dodongo.c Boss_Dodongo
/z_boss_fd.c Boss_Fd
/z_boss_fd2.c Boss_Fd2
/z_boss_ganon.c Boss_Ganon
/z_boss_ganon2.c Boss_Ganon2
/z_boss_ganondrof.c Boss_Ganondrof
/z_boss_goma.c Boss_Goma
/z_boss_mo.c Boss_Mo
/z_boss_sst.c Boss_Sst
/z_boss_tw.c Boss_Tw
/z_boss_va.c Boss_Va
/z_demo_6k.c Demo_6K
/z_demo_du.c Demo_Du
/z_demo_ec.c Demo_Ec
/z_demo_effect.c Demo_Effect
/z_demo_ext.c Demo_Ext
/z_demo_geff.c Demo_Geff
/z_demo_gj.c Demo_Gj
/z_demo_go.c Demo_Go
/z_demo_gt_part1.c Demo_Gt
/z_demo_ik_inArmer.c Demo_Ik
/z_demo_im_inKenjyanomaDemo02.c Demo_Im
/z_demo_kankyo.c Demo_Kankyo
/z_demo_kekkai.c Demo_Kekkai
/z_demo_sa_inKenjyanomaDemo02.c Demo_Sa
/z_demo_shd.c Demo_Shd
/z_demo_tre_lgt.c Demo_Tre_Lgt
/z_door_ana.c Door_Ana
/z_door_gerudo.c Door_Gerudo
/z_door_killer.c Door_Killer
/z_door_shutter.c Door_Shutter
/z_door_warp1.c Door_Warp1
/z_efc_erupc.c Efc_Erupc
/z_eff_dust.c Eff_Dust
/z_eff_ss_blast.c Effect_Ss_Blast
/z_eff_ss_bomb.c Effect_Ss_Bomb
/z_eff_ss_bomb2.c Effect_Ss_Bomb2
/z_eff_ss_bubble.c Effect_Ss_Bubble
/z_eff_ss_d_fire.c Effect_Ss_D_Fire
/z_eff_ss_dead_db.c Effect_Ss_Dead_Db
/z_eff_ss_dead_dd.c Effect_Ss_Dead_Dd
/z_eff_ss_dead_ds.c Effect_Ss_Dead_Ds
/z_eff_ss_dt_bubble.c Effect_Ss_Dt_Bubble
/z_eff_ss_dust.c Effect_Ss_Dust
/z_eff_en_fire.c Effect_Ss_En_Fire
/z_eff_en_ice.c Effect_Ss_En_Ice
/z_eff_ss_extra.c Effect_Ss_Extra
/z_eff_fcircle.c Effect_Ss_Fcircle
/z_eff_fhg_flash.c Effect_Ss_Fhg_Flash
/z_eff_fire_tail.c Effect_Ss_Fire_Tail
/z_eff_ss_g_magma2.c Effect_Ss_G_Magma2
/z_eff_ss_g_ripple.c Effect_Ss_G_Ripple
/z_eff_ss_g_spk.c Effect_Ss_G_Spk
/z_eff_hahen.c Effect_Ss_Hahen
/z_eff_ss_hitmark.c Effect_Ss_HitMark
/z_eff_ice_piece.c Effect_Ss_Ice_Piece
/z_eff_ss_ice_smoke.c Effect_Ss_Ice_Smoke
/z_eff_k_fire.c Effect_Ss_K_Fire
/z_eff_kakera.c Effect_Ss_Kakera
/z_eff_ss_kirakira.c Effect_Ss_KiraKira
/z_eff_ss_lightning.c Effect_Ss_Lightning
/z_eff_ss_sibuki.c Effect_Ss_Sibuki
/z_eff_ss_sibuki2.c Effect_Ss_Sibuki2
/z_eff_ss_stick.c Effect_Ss_Stick
/z_eff_ss_stone1.c Effect_Ss_Stone1
/z_elf_msg.c Elf_Msg
/z_elf_msg2.c Elf_Msg2
/z_en_am.c En_Am
/z_en_ani.c En_Ani
/z_en_anubice.c En_Anubice
/z_en_anubice_fire.c En_Anubice_Fire
/z_en_arrow.c En_Arrow
/z_en_ba.c En_Ba
/z_en_bb.c En_Bb
/z_en_bdfire.c En_Bdfire
/z_en_bigokuta.c En_Bigokuta
/z_en_bili.c En_Bili
/z_en_blkobj.c En_Blkobj
/z_en_bom.c En_Bom
/z_en_bom_bowl_man.c En_Bom_Bowl_Man
/z_en_bom_chu.c En_Bom_Chu
/z_en_bombf.c En_Bombf
/z_en_boom.c En_Boom
/z_en_box.c En_Box
/z_en_bubble.c En_Bubble
/z_en_choo.c En_Butte Source file name and actor name differ. "Chou" is Japanese for "butterfly".
/z_en_bw.c En_Bw
/z_en_bx.c En_Bx
/z_en_clear_tag.c En_Clear_Tag
/z_en_cs.c En_Cs
/z_en_daiku.c En_Daiku
/z_en_daiku_kakariko.c En_Daiku_Kakariko
/z_en_dekubaba.c En_Dekubaba
/z_en_dh.c En_Dh
/z_en_diving_game.c En_Diving_Game
/z_en_dnt_jiji.c En_Dnt_Jiji
/z_en_dnt_nomal.c En_Dnt_Nomal
/z_en_dog.c En_Dog
/z_en_door.c En_Door
/z_en_du.c En_Du
/z_en_dy_extra.c En_Dy_Extra
/z_en_eiyer.c En_Eiyer
/z_en_elf.c En_Elf
/z_en_encount2.c En_Encount2
/z_en_ex_item.c En_Ex_Item
/z_en_ex_ruppy.c En_Ex_Ruppy
/z_en_fd.c En_Fd
/z_en_fd_fire.c En_Fd_Fire
/z_en_fhg_fire.c En_Fhg_Fire
/z_en_fire_rock.c En_Fire_Rock
/z_en_firefly.c En_Firefly
/z_en_sakana.c En_Fish Source file name and actor name differ. "Sakana" is Japanese for "fish".
/z_en_floormas.c En_Floormas
/z_en_fr.c En_Fr
/z_en_fu.c En_Fu
/z_en_fw.c En_Fw
/z_en_fz.c En_Fz
/z_en_g_switch.c En_G_Switch
/z_en_ganon_mant.c En_Ganon_Mant
/z_en_ganon_organ.c En_Ganon_Organ
/z_en_gb.c En_Gb
/z_en_ge1.c En_Ge1
/z_en_ge2.c En_Ge2
/z_en_ge3.c En_Ge3
/z_en_geldB.c En_GeldB
/z_en_girlA.c En_GirlA
/z_en_gm.c En_Gm
/z_en_go.c En_Go
/z_en_go2_eff.c En_Go2 En_Go2 might include /z_en_go2_eff.c and /z_en_go2.c, but the latter isn't mentioned.
/z_en_goma.c En_Goma
/z_en_gr.c En_Goroiwa Source file name and actor name differ. "GR" is likely short for "Goro rock", which means "rolling rock". The "iwa" of the actor file name is Japanese for "rock".
/z_en_gs.c En_Gs
/z_en_guest.c En_Guest
/z_en_heishi2.c En_Heishi2
/z_en_holl.c En_Holl
/z_en_honotrap.c En_Honotrap
/z_en_horse.c En_Horse
/z_en_horse_game_check.c En_Horse_Game_Check
/z_en_horse_link_child.c En_Horse_Link_Child
/z_en_horse_normal.c En_Horse_Normal
/z_en_hy.c En_Hy
/z_en_ice_hono.c En_Ice_Hono
/z_en_ik_inFight.c En_Ik
/z_en_in.c En_In
/z_en_mushi.c En_Insect Source file name and actor name differ. "Mushi" is Japanese for "insect".
/z_en_ishi.c En_Ishi
/z_en_jj.c En_Jj
/z_en_jsjutan.c En_Jsjutan
/z_en_kanban.c En_Kanban
/z_en_karebaba.c En_Karebaba
/z_en_ko.c En_Ko
/z_en_kusa.c En_Kusa
/z_en_kz.c En_Kz
/z_en_light.c En_Light
/z_en_m_thunder.c En_M_Thunder
/z_en_ma1.c En_Ma1
/z_en_ma2.c En_Ma2
/z_en_ma3.c En_Ma3
/z_en_mag.c En_Mag
/z_en_md.c En_Md
/z_en_mm.c En_Mm
/z_en_mm2.c En_Mm2
/z_en_mu.c En_Mu
/z_en_nb_inKenjyanomaDemo02.c En_Nb
/z_en_nb_inEnding.c speculated source file, but not confirmed in rom
/z_en_niw.c En_Niw
/z_en_niw_girl.c En_Niw_Girl
/z_en_niw_lady.c En_Niw_Lady
/z_en_nutsball.c En_Nutsball
/z_en_nwc.c En_Nwc
/z_en_ny.c En_Ny
/z_en_okuta.c En_Okuta
/z_en_oB1.c En_Ossan Source file name and actor name differ. "oB1" seems to be an older name for the Ossan actor. An unused file called object_oB1 contains an earlier version of this shopkeeper.
/z_en_owl.c En_Owl
/z_en_part.c En_Part
/z_en_peehat.c En_Peehat
/z_en_po_desert.c En_Po_Desert
/z_en_po_field.c En_Po_Field
/z_en_po_relay.c En_Po_Relay
/z_en_po_sisters.c En_Po_Sisters
/z_en_poh.c En_Poh
/z_en_rd.c En_Rd
/z_en_reeba.c En_Reeba
/z_en_rl_inKenjyanomaDemo02.c En_Rl
/z_en_rr.c En_Rr
/z_en_ru1.c En_Ru1
/z_en_ru2_inKenjyanomaDemo02.c En_Ru2
/z_en_sa.c En_Sa
/z_en_scene_change.c En_Scene_Change
/z_en_sda.c En_Sda
/z_en_shopnuts.c En_Shopnuts
/z_en_siofuki.c En_Siofuki
/z_en_skb.c En_Skb
/z_en_skj.c En_Skj
/z_en_skj_needle.c En_Skjneedle
/z_en_ssh.c En_Ssh
/z_en_st.c En_St
/z_en_sth.c En_Sth
/z_en_stream.c En_Stream
/z_en_sw.c En_Sw
/z_en_syateki_niw.c En_Syateki_Niw
/z_en_ta.c En_Ta
/z_en_takara_man.c En_Takara_Man
/z_en_tana.c En_Tana
/z_en_tg.c En_Tg
/z_en_tite.c En_Tite
/z_en_tk_eff.c En_Tk
/z_en_torch2.c En_Torch2
/z_en_tp.c En_Tp
/z_en_tr.c En_Tr
/z_en_vali.c En_Vali
/z_en_vb_ball.c En_Vb_Ball
/z_en_viewer.c En_Viewer
/z_en_vm.c En_Vm
/z_en_wallmas.c En_Wallmas
/z_en_weiyer.c En_Weiyer
/z_en_wf.c En_Wf
/z_en_wood02.c En_Wood02
/z_en_oA2_inSpot05.c En_Xc
/z_en_yukabyun.c En_Yukabyun
/z_en_zf.c En_Zf
/z_en_girlB.c En_Zl1 Source file name and actor name differ. "girlB" seems to be an older name for the Child Zelda actor. This can be contrasted with the actor En_GirlA, which currently contains code related to determining shop inventories, but may formerly have contained a female NPC in a white dress seen in early screenshots.
/z_en_zl2.c En_Zl2
/z_en_zl3.c En_Zl3
/z_en_zl4.c En_Zl4
/z_en_zo_eff.c En_Zo
/z_en_fhg.c En_fHG
/z_end_title.c End_Title
/z_fishing.c Fishing
/z_item_b_heart.c Item_B_Heart
/z_item_etcetera.c Item_Etcetera
/z_item_ocarina.c Item_Ocarina
/z_item_shield.c Item_Shield
/z_magic_dark.c Magic_Dark
/z_magic_fire.c Magic_Fire
/z_magic_wind.c Magic_Wind
/z_mir_ray.c Mir_Ray
/z_obj_bean.c Obj_Bean
/z_obj_comb.c Obj_Comb
/z_obj_dekujr.c Obj_Dekujr
/z_obj_elevator.c Obj_Elevator
/z_obj_hamishi.c Obj_Hamishi
/z_obj_hsblock.c Obj_Hsblock
/z_obj_ice_poly.c Obj_Ice_Poly
/z_obj_lift.c Obj_Lift
/z_obj_lightswitch.c Obj_Lightswitch
/z_obj_makekinsuta.c Obj_Makekinsuta
/z_obj_makeoshihiki.c Obj_Makeoshihiki
/z_obj_mure.c Obj_Mure
/z_obj_mure2.c Obj_Mure2
/z_obj_oshihiki.c Obj_Oshihiki
/z_obj_switch.c Obj_Switch
/z_obj_syokudai.c Obj_Syokudai
/z_obj_timeblock.c Obj_Timeblock
/z_obj_tsubo.c Obj_Tsubo
/z_obj_warp2block.c Obj_Warp2block
/z_object_kankyo.c Object_Kankyo
/z_oceff_spot.c Oceff_Spot
/z_oceff_storm.c Oceff_Storm
/z_oceff_wipe.c Oceff_Wipe
/z_oceff_wipe2.c Oceff_Wipe2
/z_oceff_wipe3.c Oceff_Wipe3
/z_oceff_wipe4.c Oceff_Wipe4
Source File Deciphered Name Purpose Notes
/z_n64dd.c N64 DD Only appears in commercial releases.