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Shops are created through the use of three actors.

  • ovl_En_Ossan (003D, Shopkeeper) contains the shopkeepers and the shop layouts
  • ovl_En_GirlA (0004, Shop Items) contains the items obtained from shops
  • ovl_player_actor (0000, Link), Link's actor. In this context, Link's actor contains data for obtaining/holding up items with the Get Items table.

Creating Custom Shops

Start by checking out the shop items defined in ovl_En_GirlA. If you need a custom item, you'll have to modify one of the records within the list (remember that changing one item in ovl_En_GirlA will change the item in all shops that use it).

Then, edit a shop record in ovl_En_Ossan. Remember that there are two unused shops that are great for creating a custom shop.

Lastly, add the ovl_En_Ossan actor into your scene. Make sure that the object files for the shop items are loaded by the shop scene (for object numbers, check Get Items.

Legacy Credits

Information provided by Wareya and Cendamos. All get item model info is 100% straight from a list by Cendamos.