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The following is a list of files used for the game's various maps.


Contains data for placing chest/boss room icons on the minimap used during game play for scenes 0-9 (the 10 major dungeons). See map_mark_data below for more information on the file's data.


map_grand_static contains the textures for the overworld minimaps. The first 20 textures correspond with scenes 81-100. There are 4 "extra" minimaps that are displayed during specific events:

  • A second Graveyard minimap replaces the original one once the Shadow Temple is discovered
  • Lake Hylia has a different minimap for when the water level is lowered as an Adult
  • Gerudo Valley has a minimap for when the bridge to Gerudo's Fortress is broken
  • A second Gerudo's Fortress replaces the original one once you head up into the Horseback Archery section


map_48x85_static contains the textures for the pause screen dungeon (scenes 0-9) maps. All textures are 48x85, ci4 textures. Two textures are used to create a complete map of a single floor; as such, dungeon floors use a 2 step index (0, 2, 4, etc.). Even indices are used for the left texture of the floor, while odd indices are used for the right texture.

The outline around the dungeon, and each room shown within a floor is assigned it's own unique color. This makes it possible to highlight specific rooms, and hide the border before the player has obtained the map.


map_i_static contains the textures for the dungeon (scenes 0-9) minimaps. Each one is an 96 by 85, i4 texture. There are 239 textures in total. Each minimap is aligned to the bottom right corner of the texture.

Map Data Table

code (File)
NTSC 1.00E623800B6D23800B6D2A8800F72D8800F7348
USA MQ0E58C800B6B8C800B6B938800F67A8800F6818
Off Debug NTSC 1.0 Description
00 80123A70 800F5550 s16[10*8] Dungeon floor index in map_48x85_static for all 8 floors of all dungeons; increases by 2 per floor due to each floor being 2 textures
04 80123B10 800F55F0 Which floor index the boss room is on. Used to place Link on the subscreen while in one
08 80123B20 800F5600 Palette index to use for each of the 32 rooms in all 10 dungeon for the map_48x85_static textures (index 0x0 are blank pixels, index 0xF is outline)
0C 80123DA0 800F5880 Number of palette indexes to use for the rooms (Half) (Set to the highest amount of rooms on a single floor)
10 80123DB4 800F5894 Map palette index 0x1-0xE in table above to their room IDs (Half) (14 entries per floor. 8 floors. 10 dungeons. 0xFF for unused indexes)
14 80124674 800F6154 Dungeon Room Compass X Offsets (half)
18 801249E4 800F64C4 Dungeon Room Compass Y Offsets (half)
1C 80124D54 800F6834 # of Room Minimaps per Dungeon (Byte)
20 80124D60 800F6840 Minimap Room Texture Entry Offsets per Dungeon (Half)
24 80124D74 800F6854 Overworld Minimap Texture Lengths (Half)
28 80124DA4 800F6884 Overworld Minimap Texture Offsets (Half)
2C 80124DD4 800F68B4 Overworld Minimap X Positions (Half)
30 80124E04 800F68E4 Overworld Minimap Y Positions (Half)
34 80124E34 800F6914 Overworld Compass X Scale (Half), Y Scale (Half), X Offset (Half), Y Offset (Half)
38 80124EF4 800F69D4 Dungeon start index in map_48x85_static (Half) (increases by 2 per floor due to each floor being 2 textures)
3C 80124F08 800F69E8 Dungeon Compass X Scale (Half), Y Scale (Half), X Offset (Half), Y Offset
40 80124F58 800F6A38 Overworld Minimap Texture Width (Half)
44 80124F88 800F6A68 Overworld Minimap Texture Height (Half)
48 80124FB8 800F6A98 Overworld Dungeon Entrance X Position (Half)
4C 80124FE8 800F6AC8 Overworld Dungeon Entrance Y Position (Half)
50 80125018 800F6AF8 Dungeon Entrance Flag [?] (Half)
Dungeon Floors
54 80125040 800F6B20 Y Coordinates for All 8 Floors of All Dungeons
58 80125180 800F6C60 Floor Transition Entries per Dungeon (Number of entries for the next 3 tables)
5C 80125194 800F6C74 Room to Go From (Byte)
60 80125394 800F6E74 Floor to Check For (Byte)
64 80125594 800F7074 Room to Go To (Byte)
Dungeon Subscreen
68 80125794 800F7274 Floor ID (1F, BF, B2, Etc.) (Byte)
6C 801257E4 800F72C4 Dungeon Floor Boss Skull Y Offset relative to center of screen (Half)

Dungeon Floor Icon Draw Table

Pause Screen
NTSC 1.0016C2000BC7E00?8082A3E0?
USA MQ?00BB49E0???

In ovl_kaleido_scope, there is an array of 0x1EC byte records that store the dungeon map icon information for scenes 0-9. Each record corresponds to a single floor within the dungeon.

    /* 0x00 */ s16 icon; //Icon Type; 0 = Chest, 1 = Boss
    /* 0x04 */ s32 //?
    /* 0x08 */ Vertex* vertex //icon vertex data
    /* 0x0C */ int numVertices //icon vertices 
    /* 0x10 */ s32 //Number of chests?
    /* 0x14 */ struct 
        /* 0x00 */ s16 //chest flag; -1 for no flag
        /* 0x04 */ f32 //x icon offset
        /* 0x08 */ f32 //y icon offset
    } IconPoint[12]; //0x0C bytes per record
} DungeonFloor[3]; //0xA4 bytes per record, 0x1EC bytes total

Note: In order to index this table, the game uses the map_48x85_static index for the floor, where index 0 is the first floor, index 2 is the second and so on. Thus, the code uses a multiplier of 0xF6 instead of 0x1EC to reach each record.



The overlay only contains data. At the end of the overlay's data section, there is a pointer array to the map mark data for the dungeon minimaps. Each minimap that appears in a dungeon is associated with a 0x72 byte record. The minimaps are indexed in the same order as they appear on file.

    /* 0x00 */ s8 icon; // 0 for the chest icon, 1 for the boss room icon, FF for unused
    /* 0x01 */ u8 count; //number of icons to display. Maximum per group is 12
    /* 0x02 */ struct 
        /* 0x00 */ s8 chestFlag; //if specified chest flag is 0, the icon will be displayed
        /* 0x01 */ u8 x, y; //coordinates to place the icon (top-left corner), relative to the minimap texture.

    } MinimapIconPoint[12]; //0x03 bytes per record

} DungeonMinimapMarks[3]; //0x26 bytes per record, 0x72 bytes total

If icon is 0 or 1, the minimap rendering routine will parse the next set of points. Once an icon set to FF is encountered, the rest of the bytes are 0.

Positioning the Icons

The minimap textures in map_i_static are 96x85 in size. The set coordinate will position the icon from the top-left corner, rather than the center. Since the chest icon is 7x7 in size, to center a chest icon at point 48,50, subtract 4 from both x and y positions (44,46).