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This long sought after relic, buried within the catacombs of OoT's Yaz blocks, was thought to be impossible to enable. Luckily, it was enabled by default in the debug ROM.

Using Map Select, players can navigate Ocarina of Time's locations without having to travel to them on foot. It also allows users to set the cutscene, time of day, and Link's age.

Most map select entries are written in Japanese. A translation by GlitterBerri and Playtendo is available below. It is also possible to use Cooliscool's Zelda Edit tool to alter a ROM so its map select is permanently written in English.


Debug ROM

The Debug ROM features 10 additional maps, which likely existed only in testing builds during development. These maps are listed below.

To access Map Select in the Debug ROM, open the first file on the File Select screen. Alternatively, press L + R + Z at any point during the game.

Other Versions

To enable Map Select in other versions of the game, a code is required. See Cheat:Map Select.


Buttons Effect
D Pad Up Scroll back through maps.
D Pad Down Scroll forward through maps.
A Select destination.
B Change Link's age.
Z Scroll forward through Stage options.
R Scroll back through Stage options.
C Up Decrease OPT.
C Down Increase OPT.

Stage Options

Japanese English Effect
おひる ジャラ Day-jara Loads Day version of map.
よる ゴロン Night-goron Loads Night version of map.
デモXX Cutscene XX Loads cutscene.

Players can select Cutscenes 00 to 0A for each map. Invalid cutscenes will generally freeze the game.

Jara is a phrase used by the Kokiri.

Age Options

Japanese English Effect
5(わかすぎ) 5 (Too Young) Loads Child version of map.
17 (わかもの) 17 (Youth) Loads Adult version of map.

Map Select List

# Name Location Translation Notes
title Title Screen
1 Spot 00 Hyrule Field
2 Spot 01 Kakariko Village
3 Spot 02 Graveyard
4 Spot 03 Zora's River
5 Spot 04 Kokiri Forest
6 Spot 05 Sacred Forest Meadow
7 Spot 06 Lake Hylia
8 Spot 07 Zora's Domain
9 Spot 08 Zora's Fountain
10 Spot 09 Gerudo Valley
11 Spot 10 Lost Woods
12 Spot 11 Desert Colossus
13 Spot 12 Gerudo's Fortress
14 Spot 13 Haunted Wasteland
15 Spot 15 Hyrule Castle Spot 14 is missing.
16 Spot 16 Death Mountain Trail
17 Spot 17 Death Mountain Crater
18 Spot 18 Goron City
19 Spot 20 Lon Lon Ranch Spot 19 is missing.
20 ときのま Temple Of Time Chamber of Time
21 けんじゃのま Chamber of Sages Chamber of Sages
22 しゃてきじょう Shooting Gallery Target Range
23 ハイラルにわゲーム Castle Courtyard Game Hyrule Garden Game
24 はかしたとびこみあな Grave 1 Grave Dive Hole
25 はかしたとびこみあな2 Grave 2 Grave Dive Hole 2
26 おうけ の はかあな Royal Family's Tomb Royal Family's Grave
27 だいようせいのいずみ Great Fairy's Fountain (Din) Great Fairy's Fountain
28 とびこみ ようせいあな Great Fairy's Fountain (Farore) Fairy Dive Hole
29 まほうせき ようせいのいずみ Great Fairy's Fountain (Nayru) Magic Stone Fairy's Fountain
30 ガノンさいしゅうせん Ganon's Tower - Collapsing Final Battle With Ganon
31 ハイラルなかにわ Castle Courtyard Hyrule Inner Garden
32 つりぼり Fishing Pond Fishing
33 ボムチュウボーリング Bombchu Bowling Alley Bombchu Bowling
34 ロンロンぼくじょう そうこ1 Lon Lon Ranch House Lon Lon Ranch Storehouse 1
35 ロンロンぼくじょう そうこ2 Lon Lon Ranch Silo Lon Lon Ranch Storehouse 2
36 みはり ごや Guard House Lookout Hut
37 まほう の くすりや Potion Shop Magic Potion Shop
38 たからばこや Treasure Chest Game Treasure Chest Shop
39 きん スタルチュラハウス House Of Skulltula Gold Skulltula House
40 じょうかまち いりぐち Entrance to Market Castle Town - Entrance
41 じょうかまち Market Castle Town
42 つらろじ Back Alley Back Alley
43 ときのしんでん まえ Temple of Time Exterior In Front of the Temple of Time
44 りんくのいえ Link's House Link's House
45 カカリコむらのながや Kakariko House 1 Kakariko Village Row House
46 つらろじの いえ Back Alley House 1 Back Alley House
47 こきりのむら ものしりきょうだいのいえ House of the Know-it-All Brothers Kokiri Village - Know-It-All Brothers' House
48 こきりのむら ふたごのいえ House of Twins Kokiri Village - House of Twins
49 こきりのむら ミドのいえ Mido's House Kokiri Village - Mido's House
50 こきりのむら サリアのいえ Saria's House Kokiri Village - Saria's House
51 うまごや Stable Stable
52 はかもりのいえ Grave Keeper's Hut Grave Keeper's House
53 つらろじ いぬおばさんのいえ Dog Lady's House Back Alley - Dog Lady's House
54 かかりこむら インパのいえ Impa's House Kakariko Village - Impa's House
55 ハイリア けんきゅうじょ Lakeside Laboratory Hylia Laboratory
56 テント Running Man's Tent Tent
57 たてのみせ Bazaar Shield Shop
58 こきりぞくのみせ Kokiri Shop Kokiri Shop
59 ゴロンのみせ Goron Shop Goron Shop
60 ゾーラのみせ Zora Shop Zora Shop
61 カカリコむら くすりや Closed Shop Kakariko Village - Pharmacy
62 じょうかまち くすりや Potion Shop Castle Town - Pharmacy
63 つらろじ よるのみせ Bombchu Shop (Back Alley) Back Alley Night Shop
64 おめんや Happy Mask Shop Mask Shop
65 ゲルドのしゅうれんじょう Gerudo Training Ground Gerudo Training Area
66 ようせいのきの ダンジョン Inside the Deku Tree Fairy Tree Dungeon
67 ようせいのきの ダンジョン ボス Gohma's Lair Fairy Tree Dungeon - Boss
68 ドドンゴ ダンジョン Dodongo's Cavern Dodongo Dungeon
69 ドドンゴ ダンジョン ボス King Dodongo's Lair Dodongo Dungeon - Boss
70 きょうだいぎょ ダンジョン Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Giant Fish Dungeon
71 きょうだいぎょ ダンジョン ボス Barinade's Lair Giant Fish Dungeon - Boss
72 もりのしんでん Forest Temple Forest Temple
73 もりのしんでん ボス Phantom Ganon's Lair Forest Temple - Boss
74 いどした ダンジョン Bottom of the Well Below the Well Dungeon
75 はかした ダンジョン Shadow Temple Beneath the Grave Dungeon
76 はかした ダンジョン ボス Bongo Bongo's Lair Beneath the Grave Dungeon - Boss
77 ひのしんでん Fire Temple Fire Temple
78 ひのしんでん ボス Volvagia's Lair Fire Temple - Boss
79 みずのしんでん Water Temple Water Temple
80 みずのしんでん ボス Morpha's Lair Water Temple - Boss
81 じゃしんぞう ダンジョン Spirit Temple Evil Goddess Statue Dungeon
82 じゃしんぞう ダンジョン アイアンナック Iron Knuckle's Lair Evil Goddess Statue Dungeon - Iron Knuckle
83 じゃしんぞう ダンジョン ボス Twinrova's Lair Evil Goddess Statue Dungeon - Boss
84 ガノンのとう Stairs to Ganondorf's Lair Ganon's Tower
85 ガノンのとう ボス Ganondorf's Lair Ganon's Tower - Boss
86 こおりのどうくつ Ice Cavern Ice Cavern
87 はかしたリレー Dampé Grave Relay Game Relay Beneath the Grave
88 ガノンちか ダンジョン Inside Ganon's Castle Ganon's Basement Dungeon
89 ガノンさいしゅうせん デモ & バトル Ganon's Lair Final Battle With Ganon - Cutscene & Battle
90 ガノンのとう そのご 1 Escaping Ganon's Castle 1 After Ganon's Tower 1
91 ガノンのとう そのご 2 Escaping Ganon's Castle 2 After Ganon's Tower 2
92 ガノンのとう そのご 3 Escaping Ganon's Castle 3 After Ganon's Tower 3
93 ガノンのとう そのご 4 Escaping Ganon's Castle 4 After Ganon's Tower 4
94 ガノンちか そのご Escaping Ganon's Castle 5 After Ganon's Basement
95 ゲルドつうろ 1−2 Thieves' Hideout 1 Gerudo Passage 1-2
96 ゲルドつうろ 3−4 9−10 Thieves' Hideout 2 Gerudo Passage 3-4 9-10
97 ゲルドつうろ 5−6 Thieves' Hideout 3 Gerudo Passage 5-6
98 ゲルドつうろ 7−8 Thieves' Hideout 4 Gerudo Passage 7-8
99 ゲルドつうろ 11−12 Thieves' Hideout 5 Gerudo Passage 11-12
100 ゲルドつうろ 13 Thieves' Hideout 6 Gerudo Passage 13
101 かくしとびこみあな 0 Grotto 1 Hidden Dive Hole 0
102 かくしとびこみあな 1 Grotto 2 Hidden Dive Hole 1
103 かくしとびこみあな 2 Grotto 3 Hidden Dive Hole 2
104 かくしとびこみあな 3 Grotto 4 Hidden Dive Hole 3
105 かくしとびこみあな 4 Grotto 5 Hidden Dive Hole 4
106 かくしとびこみあな 5 Grotto 6 Hidden Dive Hole 5
107 かくしとびこみあな 6 Grotto 7 Hidden Dive Hole 6
108 かくしとびこみあな 7 Grotto 8 Hidden Dive Hole 7
109 かくしとびこみあな 8 Grotto 9 Hidden Dive Hole 8
110 かくしとびこみあな 9 Grotto 10 Hidden Dive Hole 9
111 かくしとびこみあな 10 Grotto 11 Hidden Dive Hole 10
112 かくしとびこみあな 11 Grotto 12 Hidden Dive Hole 11
113 かくしとびこみあな 12 Grotto 13 Hidden Dive Hole 12
114 かくしとびこみあな 13 Grotto 14 Hidden Dive Hole 13
115 ハイラル デモ Goddess Cutscene Environment Hyrule Demo
The following entries are only present in the Debug ROM.
116 べっしつ (たからばこワープ) Treasure Chest Warp Special Room (Treasure Chest Warp) A room with moving textures on the walls that was used to test the battle with Ganondorf. Name mixed up with 119.
117 ささテスト SRD Map Grass Test A flat plane with objects that change depending on Link's age and the time of day. Name owes to its use in testing ground sound effects.
118 テストマップ Test Map Test Map A terrain test map with platforms of varying elevations.
119 テストルーム Test Room Test Room Name switched with map 116. A series of rooms filled with treasure chests that contain all the items in the game.
120 ちゅうスタルフォスべや Stalfos Miniboss Room Stalfos Miniboss Room Name owes to the fact that it originally showcased a fight with two Stalfos in prerelease shots.
121 ボススタルフォスべや Stalfos Boss Room Boss Stalfos Room Name owes to the fact that it originally showcased a giant Stalfos fight in prerelease shots.
122 Sutaru Dark Link Room Stal Name owes to the fact that it originally showcased a Stalfos battle in prerelease shots.
123 jikkenjyou Shooting Gallery Duplicate Test Area
124 depthテスト Depth Test Depth Test Link falls past a panel of nine squares.
125 ハイラルにわゲーム2 Hyrule Garden Game (Test Version) Hyrule Garden Game 2 An earlier version of the Hyrule garden game.