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Pause Screen
Item Usability/Highlight Table
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Item Slot Equipability

Sets whether an item can be equipped to the C-Buttons or in the gear screen. Each record is one byte in size.

00 = Adult Only
01 = Child Only
09 = Both

The Bullet Bag / Quiver and Strength Upgrade slots are special cases and do not use their entries.

The Bullet Bag and Quiver slot is always enabled for child link. For adult link it is usable if it contains any item except a bullet bag.

The Strength Upgrade slot is enabled for child link if it contains the Goron Bracelet. For adult link it is the opposite. The slot is enabled if it contains any other item.

Offset Item Slot
00 Deku Sticks
01 Deku Nuts
02 Bombs
03 Bow
04 Fire Arrows
05 Din's Fire
06 Slingshot
07 Ocarina
08 Bombchus
09 Hookshot/Longshot
0A Ice Arrows
0B Farore's Wind
0C Boomerang
0D Lens of Truth
0E Magic Beans
0F Megaton Hammer
10 Light Arrows
11 Nayru's Love
12 Bottle 1
13 Bottle 2
14 Bottle 3
15 Bottle 4
16 Adult Trade Slot
17 Child Trade Slot
18 Unused (Bullet Bag / Quiver)
19 Kokiri Sword
1A Master Sword
1B Big Goron Sword
1C Bomb Bag
1D Deku Shield
1E Hylian Shield
1F Mirror Shield
20 Unused (Strength Upgrade)
21 Kokiri Tunic
22 Goron Tunic
23 Zora Tunic
24 Scale
25 Kokiri Boots
26 Iron Boots
27 Hover Boots

Item Highlight Table

Sets the appearance (grayed out/colored) of an item icon on a per item rather than per slot basis. Each record is again one byte in size.

00 = Adult Only
01 = Child Only
09 = Both

Offset Item
28 Deku Sticks
29 Deku Nuts
2A Bombs
2B Bow
2C Fire Arrows
2D Din's Fire
2E Slingshot
2F Fairy Ocarina
30 Ocarina of Time
31 Bombchus
32 Hookshot
33 Longshot
34 Ice Arrows
35 Farore's Wind
36 Boomerang
37 Lens of Truth
38 Magic Beans
39 Megaton Hammer
3A Light Arrows
3B Nayru's Love
3C Empty Bottle
3D Red Potion
3E Green Potion
3F Blue Potion
40 Fairy
41 Fish
42 Milk
43 Letter in a Bottle
44 Blue Fire
45 Bug
46 Big Poe
47 Lon-Lon Milk (Half)
48 Poe
49 Weird Egg
4A Chicken
4B Zelda's Letter
4C Keaton Mask
4D Skull Mask
4E Spooky Mask
4F Bunny Hood
50 Goron Mask
51 Zora Mask
52 Gerudo Mask
53 Mask of Truth
55 Pocket Egg
56 Pocket Cucco
57 Cojiro
58 Odd Mushroom
59 Odd Potion
5A Poacher's Saw
5B Goron's Sword (Broken)
5C Prescription
5D Eyeball Frog
5E Eye Drops
5F Claim Check
63 Kokiri Sword
64 Master Sword
65 Big Goron Sword
66 Deku Shield
67 Hylian Shield
68 Mirror Shield
69 Kokiri Tunic
6A Goron Tunic
6B Zora Tunic
6C Kokiri Boots
6D Iron Boots
6E Hover Boots
6F Bullet Bag 30
70 Bullet Bag 40
71 Bullet Bag 50
72 Quiver 30
73 Quiver 40
74 Quiver 50
75 Bomb Bag 20
76 Bomb Bag 30
77 Bomb Bag 40
78 Goron Bracelet
79 Silver Gauntlets
7A Golden Gauntlets
7B Silver Scale
7C Golden Scale
7D Unused
7E Unused
7F Unused