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All you need to know about embedding and formatting video.

Video Guidelines

  1. Make sure the video is necessary.
    • Videos should never act as a replacement for a well-written article.
    • Only use a video if a screenshot wouldn't suffice.
  2. Provide a text summary of what is in the video.
    • Remember to indicate what the viewer should be watching for.
  3. Upload an audio file if the video simply documents an unused sound effect or music track.
  4. If you come across a dead video link, replace or remove it.
  5. Ensure that the primary focus of the video is the information in question.

Uploading Videos

At this time, there is no way to upload video directly to the wiki, so you're going to need to put it on YouTube. Let's say we want to add this video to our article. If the video URL is, the code is going to look like this.

Code: <youtube>QzAAGoevlc0</youtube>

Formatting Videos

Of course, perhaps we want to change the size or alignment of our video. Here's a simple example:

Code: <youtube align="left" size="half">QzAAGoevlc0</youtube>

And here are a variety of parameters you can use to modify your video even further.


Code: Result:
size="999" Chooses size of player.
double="yes" Doubles the size of the player.


Code: Result:
align="left" Aligns the player to the left side of the page.
align="default" Aligns the player to the right side of the page.

Height & Width

Code: Result:
width="999" Changes the width to 999, or whatever number you insert.
height="999" Changes the height to 999, or whatever number you insert.*
  • Note: Add 25 to compensate for the size of the selection bar.