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All you need to know about uploading, adding, and formatting images.

Image Guidelines

Wiki-A Bad Image.jpg
TEST: See if you can spot how many rules this image is breaking!


  1. Try to avoid uploading JPEGs.
    • Please take your screenshots using PNG format. Don't try to convert JPEGs to PNGs. This only serves to make the file much larger and has zero impact on image quality.
    • Exception: If a texture or other graphic was originally stored as a JPEG, and you can cleanly extract it from the game, you can upload it in its original format.
  2. Optimize PNGs before uploading them.
    • Large and/or high-color PNGs need to be optimized in order to reduce filesize.
    • Try using PNGCRUSH or IrfanView (via the PNGOUT plugin).
  3. Whenever possible, make sure the image is clean.
    • No watermarks, emulator messages, or other non-game images or text.
  4. Use descriptive filenames.
    • Include an abbreviation for the game's title. This helps make files easier to identify, and prevents future filename conflicts.
      • Example: An Ocarina of Time screenshot should be called OoT-Redead.png, not Redead.png.
  5. Try not to use visibly obvious hacks when taking screenshots.
    • Example: Don't change the appearance of the player character using hacks.
  6. For image comparisons, use the same emulator with the same settings whenever possible.
    • Using different emulators can cause subtle brightness, color, or texturing differences (especially in newer games), which are undesirable in image comparisons.
  7. Tag the image appropriately.
    • Instructions for tagging images can be found here.

Ripped Graphics

  1. Upload textures and graphics at their original resolution.
    • You can resize very small images by using the instructions in the Formatting section.


For more help on this, see Help:Contents/Taking Screenshots.

  1. Try to capture best-quality image possible.
    • A list of native resolutions for various consoles, including instructions on how to take screenshots in various emulators, can be found here.
  2. Don't crop out parts of screenshots.
  3. Don't alter the screenshot unless necessary.
    • This includes adjusting or adding contrast, brightness, filters, or watermarks.
  4. Upload comparison images when possible.

Uploading Images

  1. Click "Upload file" under the Toolbox heading on the left sidebar.
    • You can also click here.
  2. Choose a filename and enter it into the Destination Filename box.
    • Example: OoT-Redead.png
  3. Write a description of what you're uploading in the Summary box.
    • Example: A Redead from Ocarina of Time.
  4. Tag the image appropriately.
    • Example: {{screenshot|The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time}}

Once you've uploaded a file, it will appear on its own page. (Example) Here you can see the file name, the date it was uploaded on, who uploaded it, and which articles link to it.

NOTE: Due to image caching, when uploading a new version of an image, you may need to refresh the page once or twice afterwards in order for it to appear properly. Do not reupload the same file multiple times!

Tagging Images

Images must be tagged with their system and type. Put this information into the Summary box on the Upload File page. Tagging an image will place it into a category. You can use more than one tag.

Fill in the "game" section with the common abbreviation of the game's name. For example: LoZ, AoL, LA, ALttP, LADX, OoT, MM, OoS, OoA, TWW, TP, MC, SS, etc.

Code: Description: Category:
{{conceptart|game}} Concept art images. Concept Art
{{debugscreen|game}} Screenshots of debug modes. Debug Mode Screenshots
{{editorimage|game}} Images taken from game data editors/viewers. Editor Images
{{map|game}} Fully ripped maps of areas or stages. Maps
{{modelrender|game}} Model assets rendered with third-party tools rather than in-game. Model Renders
{{personalimage|username}} Images you are uploading to put on your User Page.
  • Replace username with your username.
Personal Images
{{prereleaseimage|game}} Prerelease images, for use on Prerelease pages. Prerelease Images
{{rippedgraphic|game}} Graphical assets that were ripped directly from the game, or cropped from full-size screenshots.
These can include sprites, backgrounds, models, textures, and fonts.
Ripped Graphics
{{scan|magazine}} Scans of printed material, including pictures from magazines. Scanned Images
{{screenshot|game}} Full-size game screenshots, usually taken directly from an emulator. Screenshots
{{wikiimage}} Internal wiki images. Most users shouldn't need to use this. Wiki Images

Formatting Images

Use this code to add images to your article:

Code: [[File:Filename.png]]




Resize images by adding the desired width in pixels. You can do this with the px tag.

Code: [[File:Filename.png|??px]]




Change the alignment of your image by adding left, right, or center:

Code: [[File:Filename.png|??px|right]]

Spacing Issues

If text isn't wrapping properly around bobs, images, or embedded videos, use a {{clear}} tag to force unrelated content below them. For example, a {{clear}} tag has been added to the end of this section to prevent the text in the Comparisons section below from wrapping around the image on the right.



Compare two different screenshots like this:

Code: {{compare|

| leftt = Heading A
| rightt = Heading B
| left = [[File:Filename.png|??px]]
| right = [[File:Filename.png|??px]]

Japanese Version Other Versions
270px 270px
| leftt  = Japanese Version
| rightt = Other Versions
| left   = [[File:TWW-HyruleWallsJ1.png|270px]]
| right  = [[File:TWW-HyruleWallsU1.png|270px]]


You can create an image gallery using this code:

<gallery widths="64" heights="64" perrow="3">

File:Filename.png|Description of Image A
File:Filename.png|Description Image B
File:Filename.png|Description of Image C
File:Filename.png|Description of Image D
File:Filename.png|Description of Image E
File:Filename.png|Description of Image F

widths: width of images
heights: heights of images
perrow: how many images will appear per row

<gallery widths="64" heights="64" perrow="3">
File:DKCBanana22.png|Description of Image A
File:DKCBanana2C.png|Description of Image B
File:DKCBanana42.png|Description of Image C
File:DKCBanana4A.png|Description of Image D
File:DKCBanana4E.png|Description of Image E
File:DKCBanana5E.png|Description of Image F