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So you want to help document the game. That's great! Here are some helpful tools, guides, and tips.


  1. Memory Viewer/Editor
    • This is normally included with most emulators, for old games. For recent games, try Cheat Engine. This will allow you to edit values in the game's memory, like your health and ammo, but it can be used for much more.
  2. Hex Editor
    • This will also allow you to change memory values in the game, but on the hardcoded stuff, not when the game is running. Though hex editors are mostly used to search for strings.


Here are a few helpful guides that will teach you on how to search for unused levels, hidden comments, debug modes, and more! Of course, not every game is quite the same, so the information here won't always apply to your hunt for content. Nonetheless, perhaps it will be of use!


  • Document everything you find.
  • If you need ideas for things that might be inside the final game and unused, check early screenshots and press information. They may contain elements that were present in an earlier version of the game that go unused in the final version.