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All you need to know about uploading, embedding, and formatting audio.

Audio Guidelines

  1. Upload files in .ogg format.
    • This can be done using the "Export As Ogg Vorbis" command in Audacity.
  2. Use descriptive filenames.
    • Please include an abbreviation of the game's title. This helps prevent future filename conflicts, and makes it easier to identify orphaned files.
    • For example, OoT-Unused_Battle_Music.ogg is an acceptable filename; Unused_Battle_Music.ogg is not.
  3. Provide a text summary of what is in the audio file.
    • Remember to describe its significance, if known.
  4. Ensure that the primary focus of the audio file is the sound or music track in question.

Uploading Audio

  1. Click "Upload file" under the Toolbox heading on the left sidebar. (Or click here.)
  2. Choose a filename and write a description of what you're uploading in the summary box.
  3. Choose an appropriate tag that describes what platform the game is for, and include it in the description box.
    • Use the format {{soundfile|system}}. (Replace system with the proper name of the platform, for example: {{soundfile|PlayStation}}
    • Check out existing categories here.

Formatting Audio

Add the audio file to your wiki page with the following code.

Code: [[File:Name.ogg|300px]]

An audio player will then appear on the page:


Let's add a title to the audio player using the following code:

Code: '''Title'''<br />


If we replace "Title" with "E3 Title Theme", this is what the result will look like:

E3 Title Theme

Changing the value of 300px to a higher or lower value will change the length of the player. For example, 400px will look like:

Code: '''E3 Title Theme'''<br />


E3 Title Theme