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This is a sub-page of Gameplay keep.

Some of the content in NTSC 1.0's gameplay_keep is not present in the Debug ROM. Removed entries are indicated by the presence of [Removed] in the Start column.

Start End Type Identification Ref. Notes Type Size
00000000 Texture rgb5a1 16x16
00000200 Texture rgb5a1 16x16
00000400 Texture Hylian Shield rgb5a1 32x64
00001400 Texture Ocarina of Time rgb5a1 32x16
00001800 Texture rgb5a1 16x16
00001A00 Texture Is this actually a texture in Debug? i8 8x8
00001A40 Texture rgb5a1 16x16
00001C40 Texture i8 16x16
00001D40 Texture i8 16x32
00001F40 Texture i8 16x16
000035C0 D. List Debug Triangle [?]
000035F0 Texture Circle i8 16x16
000036F0 Texture Ball i8 16x16
000037F0 Texture Cursor i8 16x16
000038F0 Texture X i8 16x16
000039F0 D. List Debug Arrow
00003C90 D. List Debug Camera
00003FC8 D. List Checkered Floor
00004058 Texture Checkered Floor ia4 32x32
00004290 D. List Blank square. Visible from one side only. Seems to take on environment textures.
00004380 Texture Arrow - Shaft rgb5a1 16x128
00005380 Texture Arrow - Fletching rgb5a1 32x16
00005AA0 D. List Arrow - High-Poly
00005E20 D. List Arrow - Low-Poly
00006020 Texture i8 64x32
00006820 Texture Bomb - Body ia8 64x64
00007860 D. List Bomb - Body
000078F0 Texture Bomb - Cap rgb5a1 8x8
00007A50 D. List Bomb - Cap
00007B10 Texture Bombchu rgb5a1 8x8
00007E10 D. List Bombchu
00007F80 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb & Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
00008780 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb & Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
00008F80 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb & Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
00009780 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb & Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
00009F80 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
0000A780 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
0000AF80 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
0000B780 Texture Effect_Ss_Bomb2 ia16 32x32
0000BF80 D. List Effect_Ss_Bomb & Ss_Bomb2
0000BFE0 D. List Nothing [?]
0000C040 D. List Effect_Ss_Bomb2
0000C0D0 D. List Effect_Ss_Hahen Try blowing up a boulder and see if it results in this. [!]
0000C160 Texture Effect_Ss_Hahen rgb5a1 16x16
0000C690 D. List Nothing [?]
0000C698 D. List Boomerang I
0000C808 D. List Boomerang II What's the difference between these two?
0000C820 D. List Nothing [?]
[Removed] D. List Nothing [?] Textures suggest it's a hookshot chain, but nothing appears...
0000CB70 D. List Indicator Arrow For pointing out things you can interact with.
0000CC80 Texture i8 8x8
0000CD80 D. List Effect_Ss_Hahen Also referenced by Bg_Haka_Tubo.
[Removed] Texture Hookshot Chain ia8 32x32
0000CDC0 Texture Shop -『 Reticule ia4 16x16
0000CE40 Texture Shop - Control Stick Icon ia8 16x16
0000CF40 Texture Shop - Arrow Icon ia8 16x24
0000D240 D. List Goron Rock - Fragment
0000D340 D. List Goron Rock
0000D4E0 Texture Goron Rock I [?] rgb5a1 32x32
0000DCE0 Texture Goron Rock II [?] rgb5a1 32x32
0000EC30 D. List Forest Temple Door - Frame [?]
0000ECB0 D. List Forest Temple Door - Handle on Right
0000EE00 D. List Forest Temple Door - Handle on Left Referenced by En_Door.
0000EF30 Texture Forest Temple Door rgb5a1 32x64
00010050 D. List Effect_Ss_Dust Also referenced by Demo_Kankyo and Object_Kankyo.
00010130 D. List Sparkle Mote I [?]
000101A0 D. List Sparkle Mote II [?]
00010220 Texture i8 64x64
00011230 Texture i8 64x32
00011A30 Texture i8 64x32
00012570 D. List En_M_Thunder I [Freeze]
00012690 D. List En_M_Thunder II [Freeze]
00012AF0 D. List En_M_Thunder III [Freeze]
00012C10 D. List En_M_Thunder IV [Freeze]
00012D30 Texture i8 32x32
00013130 Texture i8 32x32
00013610 D. List En_M_Thunder V [Freeze]
00013700 Texture i8 32x64
00013F00 Texture i8 32x64
000149C0 D. List [Freeze]
00014BC0 Texture Navi Wing i8 32x64
00015400 D. List Navi - Top Wing I
000154C0 D. List Navi - Top Wing II
00015590 D. List Navi - Bottom Wing I
00015650 D. List Navi - Bottom Wing II
00015720 D. List Nothing [?] Referenced by code.
00015760 D. List Blank square that seems to always face the camera. Can't be viewed head-on, can only be seen peripherally. Referenced by code.
00015780 D. List Demo_6K [Freeze]
00015960 Texture Navi Wing [Early] rgb5a1 32x64
00016A50 Texture i4 16x16
00016AD0 Texture i8 16x16
00016BD0 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
000173D0 Texture i8 32x64
00017BD0 Texture i8 32x64
000184B0 D. List Effect_Ss_Fcircle [Freeze] Also referenced by Bg_Haka_Tubo, Bg_Hidan_Curtain, and Boss_Sst.
000188B0 D. List Fish - Tail
00018950 D. List Nothing [?] Texture suggests it's a fish body, but nothing appears...
00018A60 D. List Fish - Back Half
00018B80 Texture Fish - Tail rgb5a1 16x16
00018D80 Texture Fish - Body rgb5a1 32x8
000190B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Blast i8 64x64
0001A0B0 D. List Effect_Ss_Blast Explosion blast ring.
0001A160 D. List Effect_Ss_Bubble, Effect_Ss_Dt_Bubble, Effect_Ss_Sibuki Nothing [?]
0001A220 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001A620 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001AA20 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001AE20 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001B220 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001B620 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001BA20 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001BE20 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
[Removed] Texture Effect_Ss_G_Fire ia8 32x32
0001C220 D. List Effect_Ss_G_Fire
0001C2C0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001C6C0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001CAC0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001CEC0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001D2C0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001D6C0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001DAC0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001DEC0 Texture Effect_Ss_Sibuki2 ia8 32x32
0001E2C0 D. List Nothing [?]
0001E370 Texture i8 64x64
0001F370 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001F4F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001F670 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001F7F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001F970 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001FAF0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001FC70 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001FDF0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
0001FF70 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
000200F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00020270 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
000203F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00020570 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
000206F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark i8 16x24
00020870 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
000209F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00020B70 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00020E70 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00020FF0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00021170 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
000212F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00021470 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
000215F0 Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark i8 16x24
[Removed] Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
[Removed] Texture Effect_Ss_HitMark ia8 16x24
00021770 D. List Effect_Ss_HitMark
00021810 Texture i8 32x64
00022010 Texture i8 32x64
00022810 Texture i8 64x64
00023810 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00023990 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00023B10 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00023C90 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00023E10 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00023F90 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00024110 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00024290 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Magma ia8 16x24
00024410 D. List Effect_Ss_G_Magma
000244B0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Ripple i8 64x64
000254B0 D. List Effect_Ss_G_Ripple Appears as a flat black square with the ripple texture.
00025550 D. List Effect_Ss_G_Spk
000255F0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
00025AF0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
00025FF0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
000264F0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
000269F0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
00026EF0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
000273F0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
000278F0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Splash i8 32x40
00027DF0 D. List Effect_Ss_G_Splash
00027E90 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00028290 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00028690 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00028A90 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00028E90 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00029290 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00029690 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00029A90 Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
[Removed] Texture Effect_Ss_Stone1 ia8 32x32
00029E90 D. List Effect_Ss_Stone1
00029F30 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002A530 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002AB30 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002B130 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002B730 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002BD30 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002C330 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002C930 Texture Effect_Ss_Lightning i8 16x96
0002CF30 D. List Effect_Ss_Lightning Also referenced by Object_Kankyo.
0002CFE0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
0002D7E0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
0002DFE0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
0002E7E0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
0002EFE0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
0002F7E0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
0002FFE0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
000307E0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
00030FE0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
000317E0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dead_Db i8 32x64
00031FE0 D. List Effect_Ss_Dead_Db
00032090 Texture i8 32x32
00032490 Texture i8 32x32
00032890 Texture i8 32x32
00032C90 Texture Effect_Ss_Kakera & Ss_Shard & Ss_En_Ice i8 32x32
00033090 Texture i8 32x32
00033720 D. List Effect_Ss_Kakera & Ss_Shard [Freeze] Effect_Ss_Ice_Piece [?]
00033810 D. List Effect_Ss_En_Ice [Freeze]
00033EE0 D. List Effect_Ss_Kakera & Ss_Shard & Ss_En_Ice [Freeze]
00034210 D. List Insect - Leg
000342B0 D. List Insect - Leg
000342C0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034300 D. List Insect - Leg
000343A0 D. List Insect - Leg
000343B0 D. List Insect - Leg
000343F0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034490 D. List Insect - Leg
000344A0 D. List Insect - Leg
000344E0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034580 D. List Insect - Leg
00034590 D. List Insect - Leg
000345D0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034670 D. List Insect - Leg
00034680 D. List Insect - Leg
000346C0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034760 D. List Insect - Leg
00034770 D. List Insect - Leg
000347B0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034850 D. List Insect - Leg
00034860 D. List Insect - Leg
000348A0 D. List Insect - Leg
00034940 D. List Insect - Leg
00034950 D. List Insect - Leg
00034990 D. List Insect - Body
00034A30 D. List Insect - Body
00034A40 D. List Insect - Body
00034B20 Texture Insect - Body rgb5a1 16x64
00035320 Texture Insect - Leg rgb5a1 8x16
000355E0 D. List Regenerating Grass - Stalk
000356A0 D. List Regenerating Grass - Tip
00035730 Texture Regenerating Grass - Stalk rgb5a1 32x32
00035F30 Texture Regenerating Grass - Tip rgb5a1 32x32
00036730 Texture i4 64x64
00036F30 Texture i4 64x64
00037730 D. List Effect_Ss_Dead_Dd & Ss_Dead_Ds Appears as a flat black square with a white circle texture.
00037790 D. List Appears as a flat black square with a white ring texture.
00037880 D. List Effect_Ss_KiraKira Navi sparkle.
000378E0 Texture Effect_Ss_KiraKira i4 16x16
00037960 Texture i8 16x32
00037B60 Texture i8 16x32
00037E30 D. List [Freeze] Referenced by player_actor.
00037F00 Texture Moon ia16 32x64
00038F00 D. List Moon Blank rectangle with moon texture applied that seems to always face the camera. Can't be viewed head-on, can only be seen peripherally.
00038FB0 Texture i8 32x32
[Removed] D. List [Freeze]
[Removed] D. List Item Drop - Bomb [Early]
[Removed] D. List Item Drop - Recovery Heart [Early]
[Removed] D. List Item Drop - Arrow [Early]
00039660 D. List Grey Rock - Medium Angular
00039890 D. List Grey Rock - Large Vertical Rectangle
00039C00 D. List Grey Rock - Small Vertical Rectangle
00039F70 D. List Grey Rock - Small Horizontal Rectangle
0003A2D0 D. List Grey Rock - Large Horizontal Rectangle
0003A630 D. List Grey Rock - Tiny Cube
0003A9B0 D. List Stump
0003AB80 D. List Grass [Early]
0003AC30 Texture i8 16x16
0003B030 D. List Piece of Heart - Interior [Early]
0003BBA0 D. List Piece of Heart - Exterior [Early]
0003BCD0 D. List Heart Container - Interior [Early]
[Removed] D. List Heart Container - Exterior [Early]
[Removed] D. List Heart Container - Shell [Early]
[Removed] D. List Item Drop - Heart Container [Early]
0003C050 D. List Square Sign Doesn't change its height to suit Child Link when loaded directly.
0003C5B0 D. List Directional Sign
0003C870 Texture Item Drop - Arrow x2 rgb5a1 32x32
0003D070 Texture Item Drop - Arrow x1 rgb5a1 32x32
0003D870 Texture Item Drop - Arrow x3 rgb5a1 32x32
0003E070 Texture Item Drop - Bomb rgb5a1 32x32
[Removed] Item Drop - Bombchu rgb5a1 32x32
[Removed] Item Drop - Bomb Bag rgb5a1 32x32
0003E870 Texture Item Drop - Recovery Heart rgb5a1 32x32
[Removed] Item Drop - Piece of Heart rgb5a1 32x32
0003F070 D. List Nothing [?] Referenced by En_Hintnuts.
0003F140 Texture Item Drop - Small Key rgb5a1 32x32
0003F940 Texture Item Drop - Small Magic Jar rgb5a1 32x32
00040140 Texture Item Drop - Deku Nut rgb5a1 32x32
00040940 Texture Item Drop - Deku Seeds rgb5a1 32x32
00041140 Texture Item Drop - Deku Stick rgb5a1 32x32
00041940 Texture Item Drop - Large Magic Jar rgb5a1 32x32
00042140 Texture Item Drop - Green Rupee rgb5a1 4x4
00042160 Texture Item Drop - Blue Rupee rgb5a1 4x4
00042180 Texture Item Drop - Red Rupee rgb5a1 4x4
000421A0 Texture Item Drop - Pink Rupee rgb5a1 4x4
000421C0 Texture Item Drop - Orange Rupee rgb5a1 4x4
000421E0 Texture Item Drop - Silver Rupee rgb5a1 4x4
00042440 D. List Black Rupee shape.
[Removed] Texture Item Drop - Recovery Heart [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
[Removed] Texture Item Drop - Bomb [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
[Removed] Texture Item Drop - Arrow [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
00042510 Texture Item Drop - Red Rupee [Early] rgb5a1 4x4
[Removed] Texture Item Drop - Green Rupee [Early] rgb5a1 4x4
[Removed] Texture Item Drop - Heart Container [Early] rgb5a1 32x32
[Removed] Texture rgb5a1 32x32
00042530 Texture Grey Stone Block I rgb5a1 32x32
00042D30 Texture Grey Stone Block II rgb5a1 32x32
00043530 Texture Stump - Top rgb5a1 32x32
00043D30 Texture Stump - Side rgb5a1 32x32
00044530 Texture Grass [Early] rgb5a1 64x32
00045530 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
00045D30 Texture rgb5a1 32x32
00046530 Texture Square Sign - Side rgb5a1 32x16
00046930 Texture Square Sign - Top rgb5a1 32x16
00046D30 Texture Square Sign - Post rgb5a1 64x8
00047130 Texture Directional Sign rgb5a1 64x32
00048160 D. List Nothing [?] Referenced by code.
00048180 D. List Teardrop Shadow Nothing [?]
00048210 Texture Teardrop Shadow ia16 32x64
00049210 D. List Circular Shadow
00049290 Texture Circular Shadow ia16 32x32
00049AD0 D. List Horse Shadow
00049B20 Texture Horse Shadow i8 16x64
00049FE0 D. List Dungeon Door Shutter [?] Referenced by Bg_Mori_Hineri.
0004A090 Texture Dungeon Door Bar ia8 32x128
0004B0D0 D. List Dungeon Door Bars
0004B160 Texture Dungeon Door Shutter rgb5a1 32x64
0004C160 Texture Sun I i8 32x64
0004C960 Texture Sun II i8 32x64
0004D160 D. List Nothing [?] Referenced by Object_Kankyo.
0004D1A0 D. List Nothing [?]
0004D1C0 D. List Sun I & Sun II [?] Nothing [?] Referenced by code.
0004D450 D. List Nothing [?] Referenced by code.
0004D4E0 D. List Effect_Ss_Fire_Tail & Ss_En_Fire & Ss_K_Fire [Freeze]
0004D5A0 D. List Effect_Ss_K_Fire [Freeze]
0004D660 Texture Effect_Ss_K_Fire i8 32x128
0004DE60 Texture Effect_Ss_Fire_Tail & Ss_En_Fire & Ss_K_Fire i8 32x64
0004F2B0 D. List Bang Shape I
0004F630 D. List Bang Shape II
000502E0 D. List Cloud Shape I
00050600 D. List Cloud Shape II
00051280 D. List Round Shape I
00051590 D. List Round Shape II
000515B0 Texture ADLEZ i8 64x32
00051DB0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
000521B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
000525B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
000529B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
00052DB0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
000531B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
000535B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
000539B0 Texture Effect_Ss_Dust i8 32x32
00053DB0 Texture i8 32x64
000545B0 Texture i8 32x64
00054DB0 Texture i8 32x64
000555B0 Texture i8 32x64
00055DB0 Texture Effect_Ss_Bubble & Dt_Bubble i8 16x16
00055EB0 Texture Effect_Ss_Bubble & Dt_Bubble i8 16x16
00055FB0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Spk i8 16x32
000561B0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Spk i8 16x32
000563B0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Spk i8 16x32
000565B0 Texture Effect_Ss_G_Spk i8 16x32