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NTSC 1.0801C84A0801DA9B8
NTSC 1.1801C8660801DAB78
NTSC 1.2801C8D60801DB278
PAL 1.0801C64E0801D89F8
PAL 1.1801C6520801D8A38
See also: Ram Map

The game_play struct is a Game State containing a large chunk of the core game engine's variables. Historically, the instance of game_play was referred to as the Global Context, because it is dynamically allocated to a consistent address and many functions pass around either a reference to the game_play struct, or it's inner game struct.


Offset Size Identification Type RAM
Start End NTSC 1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 PAL 1.0 PAL 1.1 N64DD Debug
0000 12518 12518 game_play struct 801C84A0 801E8E50 80212020
0000 00A4 A4 Game Struct struct 801C84A0 801E8E50 80212020
01E0 Camera Context struct 801C8680 801E9030 80212200
1D64 Cutscene Context struct 801CA204 801EABB4 80213D84
103D0 104F0 120 Text Box Context struct 801D8870 801F9220 802223F0
104F0 10760 270 Interface Context struct 801D8990 801F9340 80222510
10760 Subscreen Context struct 801D8C00 801F95B0 80222780
10B20 Link Animation Context struct 801D8FC0 801F9970 80222B40
117A4 11CB8 514 Object Context struct 801D9C44 801FA5F4 802237C4
11CBC Room Context struct 801DA15C 801FAB0C 80223CDC
11D30 Transition Actor Context struct 801DA1D0 801FAB80 80223D50
11E60 Simple Body Collision Group AT 1 struct 801DA300 801FACB0 80223E80
11F2C Simple Body Collision Group AC 2 struct 801DA3CC 801FAD7C 80223F4C
12020 Simple Body Collision Group OT 3 struct 801DA4C0 801FAE70 80224040
12124 Buffer Context struct 801DA5C4 801FAF74 80224144
Offset Type Debug NTSC 1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 PAL 1.0 PAL 1.1 Description
000000 struct 80212020 801C84A0 801C8660 801C8D60 801C64E0 801C6520 Game Struct
0000A4 (u16) 802120C4 801C8544 801C8704 801C8E04 801C6584 801C65C4 Current scene number
0000C0 (u32) 802120E0 801C8560 801C8720 801C8E20 801C65A0 801C65E0 screen top
0000C4 (u32) 802120E4 801C8564 801C8724 801C8E24 801C65A4 801C65E4 screen bottom
0000C8 (u32) 802120E8 801C8568 801C8728 801C8E28 801C65A8 801C65E8 screen left
0000CC (u32) 802120EC 801C856C 801C872C 801C8E2C 801C65AC 801C65EC screen right
0000D0 (f32) 802120F0 801C8570 801C8730 801C8E30 801C65B0 801C65F0 camera distance
0000D4 (f32) 802120F4 801C8574 801C8734 801C8E34 801C65B4 801C65F4 fog distance
0000D8 (f32) 802120F8 801C8578 801C8738 801C8E38 801C65B8 801C65F8 z distance
0000DC (f32) 802120FC 801C857C 801C873C 801C8E3C 801C65BC 801C65FC unknown camera variable - leave at 1.0
000270 (actor*) 80212290 801C8710 801C88D0 801C8FD0 801C6750 801C6790 Actor that camera follows
001C2C u8 80213C4C 801CA0CC 801CA28C 801CA98C 801C810C 801C814C Number of actors loaded
001C30 (actor*)[12][2] 80213C50 801CA0D0 801CA290 801CA990 801C8110 801C8150 List of actors by type. First word is number of actors of that type, second word points to the first of that type.
001CC8 (actor*) 80213CE8 801CA168 801CA328 801CAA28 801C81A8 801C81E8 What actor the z-target arrow is over
001CCC (actor*) 80213CEC 801CA16C 801CA32C 801CAA2C 801C81AC 801C81EC What actor is being z-targeted
001D28 u32 80213D48 801CA1C8 801CA388 801CAA88 801C8208 801C8248 Switch Flags
001D2C u32 80213D4C 801CA1CC 801CA38C 801CAA8C 801C820C 801C824C Temporary Switch Flags
001D38 u32 80213D58 801CA1D8 801CA398 801CAA98 801C8218 801C8258 Chest Flags
001D3C u32 80213D5C 801CA1DC 801CA39C 801CAA9C 801C821C 801C825C Room Clear Flags
001D4C u32 80213D6C 801CA1EC 801CA3AC 801CAAAC 801C822C 801C826C Pointer to Title Card texture
001D56 u8 80213D76 801CA1F6 801CA3B6 801CAAB6 801C8236 801C8276 Title Card Related
001D57 u8 80213D77 801CA1F7 801CA3B7 801CAAB7 801C8237 801C8277 Delay to display title card graphic
001D68 u32 80213D88 801CA208 801CA3C8 801CAAC8 801C8248 801C8288 Cutscene pointer
0117A4 (?) 802237C4 801D9C44 801D9E04 801DA504 801D7C84 801D7CC4 Argument 0 for SpawnObject() (this address, not value at this address)
011CBC (u8) 80223CDC 801DA15C 801DA31C 801DAA1C 801D819C 801D81DC Current Room Number
011CC8 (void*) 80223CE8 801DA168 801DA328 801DAA28 801D81A8 801D81E8 Current Room Pointer
011DE4 u32 80223E04 801DA284 801DA444 801DAB44 801D82C4 801D8304 Number of frames rendered while in normal gameplay (not paused or on file select)
011DE8 u8 80223E08 801DA288 801DA448 801DAB48 801D82C8 801D8308 Sets which Link to load on scene load (0 = adult, 1 = child)
011DEA (u8) 80223E0A 801DA28A 801DA44A 801DAB4A 801D82CA 801D830A Spawn Index for the current scene setup
011DEB (u8) 80223E0B 801DA28B 801DA44B 801DAB4B 801D82CB 801D830B Number of map actors (nulled after actors are spawned iirc)
011DEC u32 80223E0C 801DA28C 801DA44C 801DAB4C 801D82CC 801D830C Number of rooms in the current scene
011DF8 (actor_list*)[] 80223E18 801DA298 801DA458 801DAB58 801D82D8 801D8318 Pointer to map actor list with position/rotation of stuff.
011E04 u32 80223E24 801DA2A4 801DA464 801DAB64 801D82E4 801D8324 Pointer to current scene's exit list
011E1A u16 80223E3A 801DA2BA 801DA47A 801DAB7A 801D82FA 801D833A Next entrance index


002223F0 XXXX - Tells you the number of the message that is displayed on the screen. It is used for the "MESSAGE = XXXX" feature in the Debug ROM. (code to activate this debug feature is: 81211CE4 0001)

002223F4 00XX - Message box selection The values are as follows:

01-Beta(Code: Beta message box always ON - 812223F4 0001)
04-Beta Musicbox (Code: 812223F4 0004) 

00222400 - The actual message text. This can be changed as you please and will appear the way you've modified it.

002224DA 00XX - The transparency of the text that is shown

002224DC XX000000YY - How long the MESSAGE box will stay up before disappearing. XX is how long it should stay up, and YY is just a counter that'll remove the MESSAGE box when it's counted down to 00.

Variables: 00-FE: Will make it count down from the value you provide.

  FF: Will make the MESSAGE box permanent until you press A.

002224FA 00RR00GG00BB000000AA - Color and transparency of the MESSAGE box