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Game Struct
NTSC 1.0801C84A0801C8544
NTSC 1.1801C8660801C8704
NTSC 1.2801C8D60801C8E04
PAL 1.0801C64E0801C6584
PAL 1.1801C6520801C65C4
See also: Ram Map
For documentation of the game_play Game State, historically known as the Global Context, see Game Play Struct.

The Game Struct is a shared struct used by the dynamically allocated Game States. It contains the barebones variables needed to make a custom game state; a reference to the Graphics Context, state variables for initializing/executing/swapping Game States, input, memory allocations, and provides access to number of update cycles. By chance, Game States happen to always be allocated to the same memory address.


Offset Type Debug NTSC 1.0 NTSC 1.1 NTSC 1.2 PAL 1.0 PAL 1.1 Description
00 ptr 80212020 801C84A0 801C8660 801C8D60 801C64E0 801C6520 Graphics Context
04 ptr 80212024 801C84A4 801C8664 801C8D64 801C64E4 801C6524 Game State's "Update" function, called once every frame
08 ptr 80212028 801C84A8 801C8668 801C8D68 801C64E8 801C6528 Game State's "Deconstructor" function, called when the state should run clean-up code
0C ptr 8021202C 801C84AC 801C866C 801C8D6C 801C64EC 801C652C Stores next Game State's "Constructor" when swapping Game States
10 ptr 80212030 801C84B0 801C8670 801C8D70 801C64F0 801C6530 [Game State] struct's size (never read, set to 0 after initialization is complete)
14 input_struct 80212034 801C84B4 801C8674 801C8D74 801C64F4 801C6534 Controller Port 1
2C input_struct 8021204C 801C84CC 801C868C 801C8D8C 801C650C 801C654C Controller Port 2
44 input_struct 80212064 801C84E4 801C86A4 801C8DA4 801C6524 801C6564 Controller Port 3
5C input_struct 8021207C 801C84FC 801C86BC 801C8DBC 801C653C 801C657C Controller Port 4
74 u32 80212094 801C8514 801C86D4 801C8DD4 801C6554 801C6594 Size of Game State's heap
78 ptr 80212098 801C8518 801C86D8 801C8DD8 801C6558 801C6598 Game State's heap pointer
7C ptr 8021209C 801C851C 801C86DC 801C8DDC 801C655C 801C659C Heap Append Start pointer
80 ptr 802120A0 801C8520 801C86E0 801C8DE0 801C6560 801C65A0 Heap Append End pointer
84 ptr 802120A4 801C8524 801C86E4 801C8DE4 801C6564 801C65A4 Pointer to Main Heap node storing the Game State's memory heap
88 ptr 802120A8 801C8528 801C86E8 801C8DE8 801C6568 801C65A8 Pointer to Main Heap node storing the Game State's memory heap
94 ptr 802120B4 801C8534 801C86F4 801C8DF4 801C6574 801C65B4 Pointer to Main Heap node storing the Game State's memory heap
98 s32 802120B8 801C8538 801C86F8 801C8DF8 801C6578 801C65B8 Execute Game State. If zero, swaps game state based on "Constructor" pointer
9C s32 802120BC 801C853C 801C86FC 801C8DFC 801C657C 801C65BC Frames run while current Game State has been alive
A0 s32 802120C0 801C8540 801C8700 801C8E00 801C6580 801C65C0 Unknown

Input Struct

  00: InputInfo InputCurrent;     //Joystick Input is less than InputReleaseEdge?
  06: InputInfo InputLast;        //computed at 60 fps, thus can appear equal to Current
  0C: InputInfo InputPressEdge;   //Joystick info is actually change in position
  12: InputInfo InputReleaseEdge; //Joystick Info is real-time input

InputInfo Struct (0x06 bytes) is as follows:
  00: //short = Buttons
    0001 = C-Right
    0002 = C-Left
    0004 = C-Down
    0008 = C-Up
    0010 = R Button
    0020 = L Button
    0800 = D-Up button
    1000 = Start Button
    2000 = Z Button
    4000 = B Button
    8000 = A Button
  02: sbyte = X axis. right is positive, left is negative
  03: sbyte = Y axis. up is positive, down is negative
  04: ? //N64 Mouse?